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No More Shots!

This delicious protein drink powder is the only one I've found that I can tolerate.  Without rice, soy, gluten, diary, or sugar.  AND it actually tastes good.  For real.  See the label at the bottom of the page!

This delicious protein drink powder is the only one I’ve found that I can tolerate. Without rice, soy, gluten, diary, or sugar. AND it actually tastes good. For real. See the label at the bottom of the page!

Recently the facility that our family doctor works for let go of their privileges at our local hospital.  What that meant was, if my children needed to have their doctor see them at the hospital – it couldn’t happen.  While we don’t PLAN to be at the doctor often – sometimes, accidents and events happen that we DON’T plan and the hospital is a necessity.

And for those times.  We wanted to be ready.

So, recently – we switched to a different family doctor.

One we knew that would respect our “less than conventional” way of doing things.

With that, we needed to do “well child visits” to get acquainted with the new office and their practices.  (Ironically, a few days later my son ended up sick – one BIG reason I despise well visit checks!)

At this visit – the children were measured, and weighed and the “medical protocol” was fulfilled with the Obama-care slew of questions that allows for 85% typing and about 15% really listening to the patient.

And then the records were reviewed…  and the vaccination reports were reviewed.  Several of the kids were due for shots.

We declined them all.  15 month shots, we were behind on, the 4-5 year shots before school?  No thanks.  Boosters for the DTaP? or tetanus?  Nope.

To preface this, I will say – I was a big believer in vaccinations.  Our kids always got the most necessary shots, for the most part – on time.

I didn’t question the system.

I heard of people like Jenny McCarthy, who is a huge advocate for autism awareness, and her speculation that vaccinations might have something to do with the rise in autism in this country.  (I thought she was a kook – you know, a quack!)

I ignored it…

My kids didn’t have autism.  (Except a few of them are on the spectrum, and do have social and behavioral disorders)

We were healthy…

No actually.  We were sick most of the time.  Depite having the flu shot every year – we had gotten the flu the past 4 years.

What went wrong?

Vaccinations were important.  I mean come on, the government REQUIRED them to enter school for “our safety”… RIGHT?

Then, I realized I was sick last year…

Then I realized the system is broken… and at best VERY crooked.

The more I learned about the system, and studies, and statistics…

The more I questioned, the more I learned…

Could vaccines be more harmful than helpful… and why?

The answer is yes, and here is why…

Vaccines are meant to create antibodies in our systems – if they create an antibody response, they are considered “effective”.  Unfortunately, as I’ve learned – antibodies don’t always do what they’re supposed to (hence, auto immune responses), and having antibodies from a vaccine doesn’t equal an immunity to a virus or disease, like the medical field promotes.

If that were the case, if vaccines created immunity – we would never need a booster shot.  Right?

That is called – a business.

These vaccines are preserved in solutions which contain many toxins.  They are given to all people – regardless of age, preexisting health conditions or inability to rid their body of toxins.  The range of effects that the preservatives alone can have on a person – are too numerous to count.

You read your food labels – RIGHT?  At least I hope you do.  Can you read a shot label before it’s injected into your child?  You’d be sickened at what is in them.

I considered my own family, and extended family.  I had a niece who began having blood in her stool a week after her MMR shot.  The doctors swore it couldn’t have been from the shot – but there is nothing else it could have been.  Her parents were told it was possibly leukemia, but thankfully later she was diagnosed with ITP instead, which was still serious, but a better diagnosis.  Still the stress was insurmountable for her parents, and the questions ensued for me.

Our 7th child got a second H1N1 shot and had a serious reaction within 15 minutes.

Ever want to feel helpless?  Agree to put a shot into your child, and then realize you can’t get it out – and they’re fading in front of your eyes.  A 12 hour fever of 104+ that wouldn’t budge with any OTC meds was our nightmare.  Truly horrific, and never forgotten.

Then there is our 3rd child who always seemed more lazy than the others.  She was late to stand, late to walk (19 months) and late to talk.  Socially she was different too,  she stopped nursing what seemed like over night – at 9 months… she didn’t understand discipline cues nor simple directions that one might consider common sense.   She didn’t tell me she loved me until age 5, with lots of prompting.  When she was in our local Parents As Teachers program, she met most of her milestones, but Aspergers was discussed.  High functioning autism.

I didn’t want to label my child.  I knew she was smart.

But I also knew, she was different – and we were going to have to work on some coping mechanisms for her future.

Then my next son had similar issues – but different.  Socially he was radically observant, but behavioral he was often short lipped without thinking and out of control with his level of noise and sound making – constantly.  Often unable to control his outbursts.

I noticed early on they comforted one another.  They both enjoyed “spinning” in a movable chair, or just freely in a circle and my husband and I joked…”Spin therapy is soothing to them.”  Neither liked change in plans, and freaked out something was out-of-order in a daily schedule.  Later, when I read on Aspergers, these are all classic signs.

As they’ve aged, and we’ve watched them develop, the differences have been more clear.  While BOTH are very bright – they both clearly have autism spectrum disorders. Removing gluten and dairy has helped them dramatically.  From rashes, to the “head shaking” feeling they said they felt – diet has made a difference, but there are more toxins built up in their systems that we are working on getting OUT through various methods – and we are praying for more improvements for them as well.

As questions swirl about why there is such a rise in autism, and auto immune disease, learning disabilities and cancer in this country… I can’t help but realize that SO many vaccinations given recklessly have played a huge role in this medical nightmare.

Demanding babies are given multiple shots before they leave the hospital, and the amount their given before age 2?  More than the healthiest person could handle.

How about the yearly “flu shot scare” that the media and drug companies promote?  It should be illegal.

True immunity comes from your body actually fighting off something itself.  You’re much better off building your immune system, instead of letting the toxins in a vaccine break your system down.

There is a separate court system just for vaccinations.  Yes.  This is true.  The drug manufacturers also have immunity from lawsuits caused from harm or even DEATH from vaccinations.  Do your research.

If you want to truly think through vaccinations – check out this video.  It’s one of the many that helped educate us about our decision to STOP giving our children shots and work on their immune systems instead.  This site offers books to read on the matter also.

Could you or someone you love have heavy metal poisoning?  Read here.

“But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am too young.’

You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you.

Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.”

Jeremiah 1:7-8


Mercury and Metals – Toxic?

Interesting blurb from Jan. 2013, WORLD magazine.

Interesting blurb from Jan. 2013, WORLD magazine.


We know they’re everywhere…

But to what extent are they harming our health…  and should we really consider them when our health is failing?


I recently watched a video from a health conference held last fall.  The conference had several experts, who talked about several toxins… metal toxins were just part of the equation.  I just had no idea the seriousness of the matter – and if you don’t either, or think this doesn’t apply to you.  LISTEN UP.

It was quite a reality check for me…  and the more I thought about it – I really felt sick.  Now granted, I’m not letting it consume me, as I’m still in God’s hands.  But I’m on track to do what I can to help get these metals OUT of my body – and be more considerate of my children as well.

Imagine this – the blurb above talks about the threat of mercury (cased in a thermometer mind you) – putting a school on LOCK DOWN… because they government knows of the dangers of this very serious metal causing very drastic destruction.  It’s extremely unhealthy.  In fact, studies show that the only toxin that recreated Alzheimer’s to occur in brain cells … was, in fact – mercury.

Dangerous?  For sure.

Well, the M.D. in the video I watched talked about how special precautions must be taken to remove a mercury filling from your mouth… how even breathing in the mercury can be very damaging, and how the government would come in an arrest the dentist if he just put that in the trash.  SPECIAL precautions must be taken to ensure it’s properly disposed of…  And yet… it’s supposedly “ok” to have those fillings in your mouth?

I have 8 of these fillings in my mouth.  One was redone about 3 years ago … but I never remember special precautions being taken.

So, toxic to be in the open air, but no longer toxic to be IN my head – right by my brain?

Here was another realization for me…

Does the word thimerosal ring a bell?  It’s a mercury-containing organic compound.  A “preservative” that is used in many drug products…  and again, the FDA states that it’s safe.

I remember the big hub-bub about it … as we’ve immunized our children for their shots “on-time”… and I remember when they removed it from most brands of immunizations – but I didn’t realize, they then put this in the flu vaccine.

I’d like to think that we didn’t have any adverse reactions from thimerosal…  But then – as the speaker was talking about the autism connection, and behavior spectrum disorders – I began to think of my two children, who clearly have behavior spectrum disorders.  I began considering my one daughter specifically – and her friend, who is very similar to her – in “odd” ways – that we’ve often joked they are sisters.

What do they have in common really…. besides birthdays??

Oh, only that it’s highly likely they received the SAME dose/batch of vaccines around the same times.  My son, just 13 months younger… again – different symptoms, but similar issues… also has a peer around the same age – with similar behavior spectrum struggles…  again – what did they have in common?  Vaccines.


You can see why I suddenly felt sick.

The idea that I had possibly “done” something in effort to keep my child well – made me ill.  Mainly because the struggles we still have today might have been prevented, if this “FDA approved” thimerosal wasn’t given to them.

The good news is – it’s not in most infant/toddler vaccines now.

The bad news?  It’s in most of the flu shots given today (not the flu-mist, it’s never been in that)… and as you’ve noticed – there has been an extra big push the last few years for getting the flu shot for everyone – ages 6 months and up…. even making it FREE, or a panic situation to get one!

Well, this is the first year we haven’t gotten it.  We have had one for the past 13 years… making sure we’re all covered of course.  The last 3 years – we still all got the flu…. which after discovering we had low IgA – made sense.  The shot was actually doing nothing helpful – it was actually MORE harmful to us.

If you want to check out what the FDA says about the “safety” of this mercury preservative… you can read about it.  I don’t write this to scare you – but I certainly was glad to know.  Trace amounts, or not – you’re putting it directly into your blood stream…

Why on earth would this be considered a good practice in the name of health – and exactly HOW do they measure effects on infants who can’t talk?  By the time most parents know what has happened – they’re told it’s genetics, or that they have “no idea” or “no way” to track what could have caused things.  I don’t know about you – but I don’t think that’s good enough.

I remember specifically when it seemed my daughter changed… and I never knew why my son was so angry – for realizing it was behavior spectrum issues.  Autism has been on the rise in the past 30 years.  Just one in 10,000 in 1970…  now 1 in 88.  Check the stats here.

Is that only because we’re better at diagnosing??

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been anti-vaccine, other than having some issues with my niece getting ITP from her MMR at age 1… and my son having a serious reaction from the H1n1 vaccine… My kids have gotten their shots – for the most part, on time.  I think it’s a different story – when it happens to YOUR child.  But if you’re in the minority, and your doctor tells you – it’s a non-issue, most likely – you’ll believe him/her.

I did.

“Our fathers disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, that we may share in his holiness. No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”
Hebrews 12:10-11
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