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Kind of a BIG DEAL…


Well hello!  Glad to see you spring!

I totally forgot how busy spring is… whoa.  In the middle of this craziness, apparently God decided He would use me.  A good friend of mine was setting up a support group in her area for people who wanted to learn about gluten-free/Paleo lifestyle.  I thought that was a grand idea, and wanted to do something “like that” locally too.

So I sent out some feelers to see who might be interested in is.  As providence has it, lots of people were interested.  (Lots to me is over 20).  I think that’s a great start, and could serve as some great encouragement.  Some of the topics we’ll cover at our meetings will be how to get started, tips and tricks and recipes we love/want to share.  My group is more geared towards Paleo/AIP and why and how that works, but I’m very excited – we meet this week!

Another exciting announcements is I’m helping moderate a brand new support community that the Paleo Mom has put together to add more support for people who are using the Paleo Approach to regain their health.  Find it here.  There are tons of new boards within the community, so definitely check it out!  You might even see me moderating there as time allows!

I’m super excited about more information getting out there to the right people.  On a recent YOUTUBE I watched on sleep and Vitamin D, the neurologist shared that most people are on 3-4 meds by the time they are 30.  That is simply nuts.  This isn’t health, and we need to step it up and take responsibility in our lives and for our families.  I’m sad for parents who say their kids are picky – and then doing nothing about it.  We all make choices.

We are the future – do you want health for your children and yourself?  Then dig in… and own up!  God has made loads of foods for us – and no, it isn’t “easy” to change with the way our world has directed us to get JUNK… but if He can allow me to do it for our family of 10 – I’m certain, He can do the same for you and your family!

If you’re feeling like things are a little crazy this spring… hold fast.  God will only allow you to do what He desires you to do.  Don’t be frustrated if you can’t do more… maybe He doesn’t want you to do more.  His peace is in the quiet times.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

Psalm 46:1

Twenty-One Tips To a Healthier You

Here is my plate, next to my husband's dinner plate.  As you can see, I've successfully added in some avocado. (yay!)  I also have added in some sweet potato (plain).  This evening we had fish casserole that I make, and I just pulled mine out before putting theirs together.  They also had sweet potato cakes and fruit.

Here is my plate, next to my husband’s dinner plate. As you can see, I’ve successfully added in some avocado. (yay!) I also have added in some sweet potato (plain). This evening we had fish casserole that I make, and I just pulled mine out before putting theirs together. They also had sweet potato cakes and fruit.

A good friend of mine recently went to a lunch and lecture at the clinic I go to.  As we discussed some of the main talking points, it got me thinking again about the issue many teens have with acne, well… not just teens (right moms in our 30s?)… but yes, a lot of them are teens.

Now that I know a little bit about WHY people get acne, when I see a face covered in acne I think two things:

#1. Leaky Gut

#2. Zinc deficient diet.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is well known for being depleted of most nutrients, but zinc is a major one during puberty, because it helps you grow taller, and it helps you not have major break-outs.  My son is on 90 mg a day, my daughter is on 60 mg – as are my husband and I.  The other children take 30 mg a day.  So spread the word – in a kind way of course, when you can help a brother out.  You know that most people are treating their acne  the wrong way – just like any skin issue.


The reason why that never does much… except cause more issues in scaring and thinning of skin, and often more irritation… is because the inflammation is from the inside.  Sure you can wash your face well, and take care of things as best you can – but ultimately, when you have leaky gut?  You’re never going to get to the root of those issues with acne, until you address the gut issues – with diet, probiotics, fish oil and giving your body what it needs to be well.

A good e-book on the issue I recently heard about from the paleo world is also is called SKINTERVENTION, by Liz Wolfe.  Worth checking into also.  She recently released “EAT THE YOLKS”, which I’ve heard is super entertaining and informative!

So, as I step off of my soapbox on the ZINC topic. I will share with you the other 21 questions and answers from the lunch and lecture on nutrients.  Some great stuff here – read carefully!


1. How long does vitamin C from your meal stay in your blood. (4-6 hours)

2. Which mineral nutrient helps to regulate blood sugar, energy levels, and also acts as an antidepressant?  (Chromium.  Broccoli, tomatoes, and green beans are great sources – it’s often low due to too much sugar intake)

3. What commonly deficient mineral used to be found in abundance in hard water?  (Magnesium)

4. What vitamin is the prime regulator of inflammation? (after Vitamin C, it’s Vitamin D – it’s the body’s sunshine vitamin)

5. What mineral deficiency manifests as little white spots on your fingernails?  (Zinc)

6. What common disease is now being called Type 3 Diabetes?  (Alzheimer’s)

7. What B Vitamin enhances cellular energy production, and happens to turn your urine bright yellow? (B2 – Riboflavin)

8. Which nutrient, if optimal in your blood, can help to reverse congestive heart failure? (Co-Q10, age dependant but generally 100-200 mg, I take 200 mg a day)

9. Which mineral is necessary for the optimal functioning of glutathione, and for which 76,000 medical references exist? (Selenium, I take 200 mg a day for cellular energy and thyroid function)

10. Not everyone can use Folic Acid, an important B vitamin.  Why?  (Mutated genetics of the liver – MTHFR, this is where methylated folate, B12 and B6 are essential!)

11.  Older people are commonly low in this B vitamin because they lack intrinsic Factor in their stomachs. (B12)

12. What is the most important vitamin? (The one you are lowest in!)

13. True or False?  All you really need to do is take a good multivitamin for nutritional health.  (False!)

14. Macular degeneration can be prevented if you have adequate  ___________?  (Lutine)

15. How many ‘colors’ do you need on your plate each day for optimal health?  (9-10)

16. Which mineral do we now know you can get too much of?  (Calcium)  Which vitamin helps to reduce the toxicity of this excess?  (K2, often supplements have them with D3)

17. Which fat soluble vitamin COMPETES with vitamin D for cellular receptor sites?  (Vitamin A)

18. Which omega ratio regulates inflammation?  (Omega 6  / Omega 3)

19. Which sugar causes liver damage?  (Fructose, here is a food informative chart, if you’re curious.)

20. True or False?  Eating a balanced diet is all you need to maintain good health. (False, if you’re not absorbing the right nutrients, it doesn’t matter how great you eat)

21.  True or False?  A gas gauge is not really necessary.  Just fill up your tank often… and hope you don’t run out!  (False.  It’s important to know your nutrient levels, and make sure they are at optimal levels regularly before you have a break down!)

“The person who knows my commandments and keeps them, that’s who loves me.  

And the person who loves me will be loved by my Father,

and I will love him and make myself plain to him.”
John 14:21


Sick People Get Sick

Important news about labeling and Gluten-Free foods.  A perfect example why there needs to be an across the board standard. :)

Important news about labeling and Gluten-Free foods. A perfect example why there needs to be an across the board standard. 🙂

This time of year I read a lot of sharing of people who are sick and tired or being SICK and tired.

I remember always being sick…

Oh boy do I remember those years before I got the auto immune effects this year. We had bouts of chronic pink eye, strep throat that would never go away, and sinus infection after sinus infection… colds and bad allergies were a given, and croup popped up uninvited regularly. Lots and lots of antibiotics and over the counter medications (that’s a WHOLE other topic).


I felt like most of those parents/people…

“Well, it’s cold and flu season… every body gets sick.”


Food allergies, environmental allergies, chronic sinus infections, and respiratory issues – hereditary right?

The more I’ve learned about our bodies and immune system, I strongly disagree.

Sick people get sick. THAT is who gets sick. Something is going on in your body when you get sick over and over like that – and your body is speaking.

Believe me – WE were a sick family… and little did we know, that is WHY we were always sick! Realizing NOW and how that could have been prevented or decreased dramatically is heart wrenching for me. But at the same time – I’m SO grateful to know now, and be able to encourage others who struggle and have an opportunity for my children to rebuild their immune systems.

Our bodies are designed to heal and repair on their own… IF our body is being fed what it needs through proper nutrition (and I’m NOT talking about the Standard American Diet, S.A.D. for short), and if it’s able to process everyday toxins (without being over loaded) through proper rest and destressing. Being SICK shouldn’t be the epidemic that it seems to be.

When I’ve read testimony after testimony of patients being cured (symptom free) of auto immune diseases, and things like asthma – it TOTALLY makes sense.

When you heal the whole body – health is restored! Just. Like. That.

Does that mean people never catch a virus? No. But it does mean that when a body truly heals, it cannot heal selectively; all problems seem to disappear. Many people that start out going gluten-free see benefits 6-12 months after ahearing to the new lifestyle – things they had no idea were tied to gluten destruction in their gut.  As your gut heals and repairs, your body is also able to fight to heal and repair OTHER ailments they “normally” wouldn’t have a chance against, and medicines are no longer overused!

Before all of this happened, I had no clue that people could choose to do nautral options to treat diseases, like cancer. Because the number one treatment of cancer is chemotherapy, I just assumed that was the best choice.  After all, it’s what all of this “search for the cure” funding goes to right?

I didn’t know that it actually destoyed the entire body/immune system and further more CAUSES cancer until I saw some Dr. Oz. special where they had a visual of a man taking a sledge hammer to a doll house – in an attempt to shut off one light in one of the rooms. There by destroying the ENTIRE house i nthe process. It was truly shocking.

Why do you think so many people with breast cancer, later end up with brain cancer? So within a few years of chemo, their body is completely throwing in the rope. To think, there are actually people who DENY chemo and treat their bodies to Gerson Therapy or holistic treatment of Vit. C infusion with an organic diet – would have been TOO far out for me before. But there are multiple examples of 10, 20… 30 years later – THOSE people still manage or cure their cancer (depending on the stage that it in) and the survival rate of other cancer patients is much lower… and yet we consider it “risky”  and embrace chemo as the educated choice?

The facts are, we all have cancer cells within our bodies… they’re just waiting for the right environment to explode into action on. Don’t give them a reason to breed! Don’t be a sick person and purposefully make 50% or your food real, LIVE food (not from a box, and perferably organic). Keep striving to live healthier for Him.

With that said, I need some rest and restore. I hope you have had a low stress weekend as we SPRING ahead together. Thanks for His peace. God bless!

“He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams.”

Psalm 23:2

Little Things, Big Effects!


I thought I might peel back the layers of my health onion in the past few months. I wanted to take a look at how each piece of my health puzzle has weighed in on making me so sick. After all, things DON’T just happen over-night, and they don’t fix themselves with one magic pill either.

So where did I go wrong?

I was eating healthy. I was exercising 4-6 days a week. I had taken out gluten and dairy – as my body couldn’t process either one. How did my body continue to take such a hit each time I was cross contaminated and why was it missed?


Remember how I had taken out coffee (which I dearly loved, but recognized something about it made me sick – like gluten?) Well, it seemed anything from that roasting type process was an inflammatory to me – personally, but it causes problems in many people with auto immune disease. Normally it’s a fabulous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory… but for me, it just isn’t safe. After 6 months off of coffee… I decided I would try some again at the end of September.

Within a week. I had uveitis.

On steroid eye drops and dilation drops, and realizing coffee could have played a part… I gave up coffee right away. Within 3-4 weeks my uveitis improved. By the time I met with the uveitis specialist, he said it couldn’t be uveitis, because it went away too quickly… he claimed it was scleritis. My eye doctor said it wasn’t. You see where this got me.

“People have it for months, sometimes years,” the specialist said.

“But I’m fairly certain of what triggered mine, couldn’t that make it go away more quickly?” I questioned.

“There have been no studies tying it to diet,” he touted.

Now of course there are no studies that would tied coffee specifically TO uveitis… because for some, it’s probably not an inflammatory. I also predict MOST people with uveitis and auto immune disease in general aren’t making the gluten/gut permeability connection – to know that other foods could potentially be seeping into their blood stream and causing more symptoms.

BUT, if you’re as in tune with what is setting off your body as much as I have had to be …. you just might.

As well – YOU should. YOU are an expert of you. No one else.

Personally, I was shocked to realize how many foods I consumed on a regular basis, were making me sick – but I call that being aware, and taking responsibility for my health by avoiding those foods, vs. continuing to make my auto immune disease issues worsen, and broaden.

When I had my food cytotoxin report done, it confirmed that same thing – coffee was highly inflammatory to my body – and was breaking down my white blood cells. Tea was also in the category. I didn’t notice the SAME effects from tea as I did from coffee. Other things like rice, and almonds were in there – which most know that even gluten-free grains are usually loaded with rice flour.



As I removed those foods recommended from that blood test… I saw an improvement in my health. The only two things I had changed that first month, while doing my other homework of tests… was removing foods on the list and changing to a higher quality fish oil. Both things contributed to an improvement – but I was still … so tired. Clearly my immune system and thyroid were just not making progress on their own.


So after that, I added in Thyroid Energy, and was making more progress… I was hopeful. The systemic pain had gone down significantly – but was still random. The energy was improved, but I didn’t feel “like myself” yet.

As I’ve made more changes I kept coming back to my Starbucks tea, and knowing I just didn’t feel that super after having it. Usually not immediate – I just felt… foggy, and more tired. Not the effect I was looking for from caffeine.

“I wonder what else can help me improve?” I considered. I started taking that CoQ10 enzyme and L-Glutathione, as well as Milk Thistle for liver support as more toxins left my body.

CoQ10 and L-Glutathione ADDED IN

After my second meeting with my naturopath – and going over most of my results… I started on a half of a grain of natural Armour and a few other vitamin supplements. It took about a week, and I really started feeling – more and more improvements.

ARMOUR THYROID ADDED & A LOADED PROBIOTIC at 256 billion (yes, even more powerful than my daily dose of 50 billion!)

Because I have eliminated so much from my diet – it’s pretty easy to figure out when something doesn’t agree with me. While seemingly strange to most – it’s my reality – and the reality of most people with auto immune disease issues.

A week later a thoughtful friend brought me some organic white tea leaves to try making her favorite tea, since I had success with an organic green/ginger tea. I read everything I could about their brand of tea, the leaves, etc. I had two cups one night – smooth, delicious.

The next day I regretted it. I hurt all over, and was so foggy all day…

It just shows me that once you have gut permeability issues from gluten or yeast damage… it can be completely random what sets your system off – things that SEEM like they should be good for you.

The damage may be the unthinkable, or unimaginable – but it’s very real and sometimes crazy frustrating.

So now I’m on the auto immune disease protocol diet. While I hate “labels” – it’s the best way to explain partly how I eat “works”… It’s a modified Paleo diet. No grains, dairy, yeast or soy. Some organic meat, eggs, organic fruits and veggies, juices, and supplements.

When people say, “What CAN you eat?” The answer is – plenty. I eat LIVE premium foods and am making efforts each day to remove toxins from our house and our family’s lives. When you know better, you do better. I just didn’t realize how each “little” decision I made impacted my health so GREATLY.

I’m feeling strong and wonderful right now and I’m so thankful for my health! I used to take my health for granted. It’s true that you don’t often know what you have, until it’s gone! Now I protect my health, and I work at it every day as I try to live not as a patient, but as a person!

My husband I were counting our blessings this weekend and I stated, “I really thought I was dying.” He said, “You were dying.” and agreed he thought I was going to continue to worsen. What a helpless feeling, as a spouse. Thanks be to God, the Restorer of my health. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance to make the best choices and choose health.

“The Lord sustains them on their sickbed
and restores them from their bed of illness.”

Psalm 41:3

Thank You, May I Have Another?

Even though I don't eat the cookies, it doesn't stop me from making them for my kids!  These are chocolate chip with a bit of cinnamon... Mmm!

Even though I don’t eat the cookies, it doesn’t stop me from making them for my kids! These are chocolate chip with a bit of cinnamon… Mmm!

After my hopeful trip to the naturopath Dr. K last Monday, I had a follow-up appt with the eye specialist in another city 2 days later.

I honestly didn’t want to go… clearly I hadn’t flared up with uveitis again.  But, I did need to keep the contact, in the event it came back – or went chronic.  {I don’t think that will happen since I cut out coffee and haven’t been cross contaminated… but…}

Ironically, that day was highly over cast, and while I looked forward to a day “alone” with my husband…  the day started off and continued with a major migraine and fatigue. I did get a nice rest to our appointment and back, but it was very difficult to enjoy our day together when I felt so rotten.

I was grateful my husband could actually come to the appointment. In the past, he’s usually dropping me off – and listens (second-hand) about what my appointments entail.  It’s good to have a second set of eyes and ears at appointments.  Especially for me on a bad day…

With a migraine, comes major light sensitivity for me.

Exactly what you want in your eyes…  a bunch of bright lights and prodding.

The doctor arrives in about 30 minutes late to my appointment and then proceeds to sit down at the computer for about 20 minutes without even saying 2 words to my husband or I…   {at least this time he wasn’t grinding his teeth off from his computer data stress that he mentioned last time!}

He looks over my records, asks me a few questions and then basically looks at me as if to say, “Why are you here?”  It was clear he had no further ideas on where to go.  He seemed relieved that Dr. E was also sending me on to an immunologist…

“Oh, she’s a ‘good one’… maybe she can help you,” he said.

When I inquired about a Sjogren’s test for eye moisture, he commented… “Your eyes ARE really dry.”

Thank you.  I know this.

No.  He didn’t have a way to measure that… and again, no suggestions on how to manage it either.

{Thankfully my mom clued me in on some OTC “Systane” drops that I could get at Target or Walmart, they work wonders.}

Again he commented on my notes from Dr. E. and noted my “significantly elevated ANA.”  He assured me that he didn’t think I had Lupus…  He thought I had issues of a connective tissue disorder… and the inflammation that follows with that.  Something like Sjogrens was highly likely.  He noted my blood vessels were larger than normal – but didn’t want be to go back to the steroid if I could avoid it.

We agreed, at least.

Then he said something I found hysterical.  “Well, I’m sorry you have to wait another month for help… it feels like socialized medicine.”  I appreciated him recognizing this has been very trying… all of the waiting and fruitless appointments… but I already knew his stance on what is going on the direction the medical world is going.  {He didn’t need to preach to the choir.}

My husband felt the same way I did when we left…  wasted time, and no closer to answers on this front.  He also had a better idea of why I felt so frustrated.  When I handed the Dr. a study on uveitis, and celiac disease {that he had requested from our first conversation} …. he read through it, tossed it aside, then flippantly asked if I was Swedish!!!  Apparently studies outside of the U.S. aren’t valid.  I kindly let him know that the University of Chicago was holding a symposium on celiac disease next fall – with doctors from all over the world, including a large chunk from Sweden.  I digress…

In the meantime, I’m still working on my “home work” for Dr. K… and I received my blood tests back regarding my foods that cause inflammation.  I can’t wait to tell you about that next!

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you

to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

1 Peter 3:15

Here We Go Again…

Lovely flowers from an encouraging friend to help brighten my weekend. Praise God for my sisters in Christ!

I won’t assume you were sitting on the edge of your seat, but if you were… please forgive me.

It’s been a rough week.

After a super encouraging two weeks ago, this past week…

left a lot to be desired.

While most people had lots of emotions about the election…

I’ve had my own personal-upset going on and frustration continued.

Tuesday I visited with the eye specialist, who seemed to think my uveitis might be slceritis instead.  Not that huge of a difference, other than what we’re looking for with auto immune disease.

He was VERY nice, but highly distracted, and didn’t listen to me much until almost the end of the 2 hour appointment.  After the entering of records that took forever, and a 10 page questionaire I had to complete… like he was literally INSIDE my eye-ball with as many devices he could test me with.

No, seriously.  It felt like it.

Short of REMOVING the eyeball itself, I felt we had a very in-depth investigation… with light brighter than the sun that was blinding, if was indeed – not already, blind.

Since the specialist was tied with the office of my encouraging endocrinologist, Dr. E… he was able to pull up my files from last week.  Unfortunately none of them contained any information regarding blood work of my chest x-ray from last week.  He requested to see me again, after I had results back…

His first opening?

Was Dec. 19th…

Provided I didn’t have another flare up with “whatever” is going on in my eye…  then I was to call him right away…

Dec. 19th.  Well over another month away…

I still had hope that Dr. E would be calling with more information, so I wouldn’t have to wait another month with no direction.

On the way home from my appointment, I tried to discern the differences between the two eye inflammations.  I was certain it was  uveitis I had… but Thursday I would talk to my local eye Dr, and I knew he would have some insight into what HE actually saw going on… to be able to report to the specialist.

Wednesday I finally received a call from Dr. E’s office.

It wasn’t the call I was hoping for.

It was her nurse… She called to share my reports with me… that nothing signficant stood out with vitamin deficiencies… (praise!  Verified that I am eating well, and apparently now absorbing vitamins) and that my chest X-ray didn’t appear to show signs of sarcoidosis, but we’d need to talk/test further…

RIGHT AFTER I meet with the eye Dr. again…

*Excuse me?*

While I tried to make sense of things with her nurse, my heart was ripping into two.

I’m not even sure the rest of the conversation… other than she was going to have the Dr. call me, and review with her what I had done so far…  and never gave me a time frame.

When I hung up the phone my head fell into my hands and I wailed… until my chest hurt and I couldn’t cry any more.

I couldn’t even believe this.

I had been so exhausted every morning this week – most days were becoming a challenge to even get through daylight hours, and now this?

“God, I can barely function…  I need you,” I cried.  “Please, TELL me what to do.”

He led me to email Dr. E.  I prayed over the words I sent – not with anger, but with purpose.  I needed help.  I wanted HER help – and I couldn’t wait until mid-December.

It was a long day of feeling sorry for myself.  I knew that untreated celiac leads to a host of auto immune issues, but chronic inflammation due to your body attacking itself leads to cancer….  I prayed for peace, and rest – and energy to get my work for the week completed.

I had my closest friends praying, for a miracle… and I felt like one came that night.

Dr. E wrote me back.

From vacation!!?!??!

Yes.  She. Did.

She explained she was having her nurse call and would be calling me Monday to discuss things.  She was kind and caring… and everything I loved about her…  and I was *so* grateful.

In the mean time I’ve gone back to searching the chance of it not being sarcoidosis, further tests, other symptoms I’ve had, etc – trying to remember it is probably several auto immune diseases over lapping – and that is why this is not some “24 piece puzzle”… but rather a 5,000 piece design of the ocean with a missing piece that will never be found.

So there you have it.  My weekly update on lack of answers … and a continued worsening feeling.

The eye Dr. asked me when I started noticing I felt sick… and I honestly don’t remember a specific time/date.  I know a year ago April was the stomach issues kicking back in, and then in January when the gluten issues ramped up – so I was losing weight, and sick most of the time. In April I had no energy to do the children’s clothing sale I so desperately needed to do – as children’s clothing seems to over-take our home each season…  and by May I was physically and emotionally exhausted and didn’t even feel like going on vacation – but I know I’ve continued pushing through since then…

Let me rephrase that.

God has filled me up – and kept me going … on His strength…  I suppose that’s how He designed me to survive this challenge.

As a rule, I haven’t been overly sad about things, nor depressed – but I have felt very defensive when people want to know what I’m not better, and I don’t have an answer.  Not because I want to know for them, but for our family.  I know that celiac is probably the tip of the iceberg, and undetected celiac leads to many other auto immune diseases – so we could be searching for multiple issues…  and I’m honestly FINE with that.  I just want to know.  You know?

As I study other auto immune diseases, and symptoms – it helps me to narrow our search.  Many different things you have can cue a specialist in, on what you could have.  The eye Dr. took specific interest that I had chronic pink eye, sinusitis, dry mouth, yeast infections in college and lymph node issues for years…   Feet falling asleep, hands/feet that fall asleep often, muscle spasms, varicose veins, DVT (deep vein thrombosis), and low BP are other cues… that can help them know what to test.

As the eye Dr said – celiac is probably the cause of all of this.  While we know gluten can worsen many auto immune diseases, celiac is known for being one of MANY auto immune diseases that you have issues with.


But I truly am thankful to have people who do want to help!!

I’m also thankful for the people God has put into my life to encourage me – you all know who you are.  Someone recently wrote me about the fatigue of auto immune disease…   and it almost made me cry.  Just to know someone else “got that.”

It’s truly something you can’t explain – it’s awful.  Insanely awful – and SO frustrating.  No amount of sleep fixes it, no naps, no resting… nothing.  It can hit out of no where… most often when you’re REALLY needing energy.

I’ll tell you what.  This teaches me a lot of empathy…   for those suffering from diseases which they also have no control over, that we can’t see….  they’re not trying to complain when their bodies hurt, they don’t mean to be anti-social when they can’t eat your food.  They’re not faking it on some days… They’re truly ill.  Be an encourager and pray for them, it will do wonders for their spirit.

“Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into the harvest field.”

Matthew 9:37-38

Off to the Doctor…

My folder gets thicker and thicker, and I feel more and more prepare to explain myself.

Today I travel to another long-awaited appointment… and I am filled with hope. Pray for answers for me!

I thought I’d update you on my eye. Wednesday will be 3 weeks with uveitis… I’m down to steroid drops 3x a day. It’s definitely not gone, and probably aches the same, but visually – the redness looks better. It’s the swelling inside, that we can’t see that is concerning – they say. From what I’ve studied on the matter, it seems most people have flare ups from discontinuing treatment too soon – and it comes back worse, and sometimes won’t leave.

I am willing to be patient.

Each morning I wake up and can feel this “haze” over my eye…. like someone has been scratching it with sand paper. The entire eyeball aches, and it appears a red filter clouds me from seeing true color from it also – but is definitely improved over all. I thought I’d share the progress with you. Warning, the image after the first week is freaky – only because my eye is dilated.

(and I’m not wearing make-up! Gasp!) Hey, you were warned!

You can definitely see less red on my most recent picture… however the swelling is about the same. It doesn’t hurt to the touch, and I can tolerate a lot more light in my eye for limited amounts of time. That’s huge progress in a short time. I know that raw apple cider vinegar has been helping!!

Several times I’ve felt as though I was getting it in the other eye as well… so far, so good. Just achy, and fatigued. I’m sure it’s just part of the empathy the other eye experiences. It’s definitely a blessing NOT having the eye dilated… it’s amazing how that tires your eyes and letting that much light in causes chronic headaches. Praise be to God for the progress made!

Patience, patience, patience. (repeat) All in His time.

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world;

and this is the victory that has over the world – our faith.

Who is the one who overcomes the world,

but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?”
1 John 5:4-5

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