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Under The Influence…

Stocked up with all of our new favorites from Trader Joes.  Love the tea tree tingle shower wash and my new favorite is the stir-fry frozen veggie mix!

Stocked up with all of our new favorites from Trader Joes. Love the tea tree tingle shower wash and my new favorite is the stir-fry frozen veggie mix!

My husband made it home last week, with a slight deviation from where he should have landed.  Regardless, he was happy to be home!  We picked up his vehicle (2 hours away) a few days later.

An excuse to go to “the city” and refill our food stock was in the plan… as was a trip to Chick-fil-a for the kids.

I know, fast food isn’t good for us.  It doesn’t matter if it’s salad, and fruit… and the waffle fries… wow.  They’re really good.  Chick-fil-a is usually really great about not cross contaminating our food.

I usually order a salad, but because I can’t have dairy – they custom make it, from scratch.

Well, my salad was brought to me and it was the wrong salad.  No big deal, they would get the right one.

Then they brought me the right salad type, but with cheese… again I reminded the server (who appeared to be management on duty, though I had never seen him at this one before), and he said, “No problem”.

What my sons heard him say, and what I missed him saying was…”We’ll just take that cheese off of there.”

BIG mistake.

I’m not sure who made this salad, or who took the cheese off – but I got glutenated in a big way.

Unfortunately I also had to drive home as the increasingly debilitating effects kicked in.

First we had to drive to the airport – and I fell asleep on the way there.  It’s never a good sign you fall asleep immediately after a meal…

I took some tumeric when we got to the airport – this usually helps me, but the “slight dusting” seemed to have the head shaking qualities of a major effect… I was ready to drive.

Things went from bad to worse pretty rapidly, and I focused on staying awake, and being able to see.

Haloing of the headlights coming towards me, headache and eye swelling were among the first effects.  I was just. so sleepy.

I turned my AC down… and then again… and then again.  I was holding steady at 63 degrees in the car, and lots of talking to my kids to keep me on task.

I shook my head a lot in desperate attempt to refocus and stay awake.

After 2 hours we arrived at home and I just hurt everywhere.

The joint pain, brain fog and eye swelling pain continues 4 days later, although I know it’s getting better.  My digestive system completely stopped working as if someone poured cement into my stomach.

I countered this with fresh juices, warm Braggs and lemon water, spinach smoothies and Kombucha.  I needed this out of my system – as I could tell it wasn’t moving on its own!

How soon do you think I’ll be eating at Chick-fil-a again?  This is why eating out can be so dangerous.

This server’s “quick fix” made my body drop down a few notches.

I know.  I shouldn’t have been driving in that condition.

I knew we needed our vehicle home – and I had 2 children with me.  My husband, in our big van, had the other 6.  Options were nonexistent and I knew freaking anyone out wasn’t going to get us home faster.

I was more than upset when we returned home, and emotionally exhausted.  Everything hurt.

Frustrated with the server, with people who “forget” that this is a major issue… not a fad.  For my body – which is at this point, can have reactions like that, which last like they do.

In my quiet time with God that night … He spoke to me with a reminder that MY inadequacy presents me with a continual choice – to depend on Him, or live in despair.

I choose to depend on Him.

A grateful heart is what protects us from negative thinking.  I need to be thankful for this opportunity for constant dependence on God, and His plans in all things.

I have to keep doing all I can to share with others, who are willing to listen, why gluten is so dangerous and why protecting the health for your gut is essential!

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Colossians 4:2

Happy Pancake Mornin’

One of my favorite places to grab some gluten-free groceries from is Trader Joes.  If you don’t know about Trader Joes – check it out, their prices are awesome.  I left the store with a whole cart full of meats, produce and some gluten-free things for $120 (including tax!)  Love that!

One of our favorite things from there are their pancakes.  they sell 4 packages of 3 pancakes, 12 in each box.  They are gluten and dairy free, and deliciousness!  The kids love them for a treat – when we want pancakes, but are in a hurry.  In our area, they’re only $2 a box – even better!

It’s been a tough week, trying to get caught up and back on track after vacation – too many late nights.  I’m trying so hard to get to bed earlier, but so far, it just isn’t happening!  I always think of “one more thing” to do … and the next thing you know – it’s 1 am when I’m showering and starting my bedtime routine.

Last night after my son’s breathing treatment, I literally cashed out on the floor.  While the floor didn’t feel good – sleeping did …  I feel MUCH more rested and ready to conquer today our weekend of work.

If having a cleaning person didn’t rise my anxiety levels beyond belief – I’d be all over that this week!  Fortunately, I’ve gotten some great workouts in – and that has helped my spirit and my body a ton!  Praise be to God for a body that moves!  I need to be ready – today might be the day of Christ’s return!  Wouldn’t THAT be nice?

“Be on guard.  Stand firm in the faith.  Be courageous. Be strong.   And do everything with love. “

1 Corinthians 16:13

** an update on Mike’s surgery – it went well, and he is in ICU until Tuesday.  Please pray for his comfort, and healing – and for the strength and peace of his wife and family as they await all of the information from the surgery reports.

My NEW Hobby…

Well, ONE of my new hobbies – I guess you could say.

I have this new-found love for checking out grocery stores.  I love searching out new whole foods and organic stores when we travel outside of our area… just to see what goodness they have to offer, that I can’t get at home.

Here is SPROUTS that we visited in Dallas. Fun stores – tons of great produce, and a nice whole foods store.

It’s been fun to check out the gluten-free sections (obviously), but it’s more than that… there are loads of products I’ve just never heard of and it’s just plain FUN to me.

It’s also super encouraging to see so many other people my age – and all ages for that matter, taking back our health in this country.

While I’m sure if you people watch much, the trend for the older people is… “Oh it’s too late, why bother changing now?”  and sometimes the younger people have the attitude that they’re young and going to live it up… so they don’t bother either?  Whatever the thought process is, there is a majority of over weight people in this country who needs information, and encouragement.  I was one of them.

Personally, I don’t look down at over weight people and think… wow, that’s awful.  I think wow… they could feel so much better, I WISH I could help them!!  (But we have to be careful poking out heads in areas we’re not wanted!)  Look for ways to encourage!

I’m here to remind you that it doesn’t matter WHAT age you are, the time to be healthy is NOW.  Why would you want to feel poorly, when there is opportunity to feel well?  Why would you want to ignore God’s call to take care of the very temple that holds His Spirit?

Exactly.  You wouldn’t!

Trader Joes has some great GF pancakes I couldn’t find anywhere else! Hurray! Lots of great prices on house brand items!

So, let me motivate you today with my recent struggle…

I had a procedure a few weeks ago, and I’ve been struggling to NOT work out.  I’ve been trying to keep things light, and be at peace with not over doing it… but it’s been tough!  I miss my daily release of stress and sweating it out!

TODAY was the first day that I was able to bust out and do an hour-long BOB workout again!  I did Super Strength!  Yea!!!  I am so happy!

After the first 10 minutes, I was thinking… maybe I shouldn’t have chosen this one!  Not because I was over doing it, just because I knew it was going to be tough, and sometimes I have this “oh no, I know what’s coming…”  moment.  (And actually my daughter chose it, she was working out with me)  But the last 20-30 minutes, I was really glad that we stuck it out – and did it!

I know you feel great after you get that workout in… so GET AFTER IT! 🙂  Move more, eat less!

Love this saying – posted at Chick-Fil-A restaurants! SO true! Make the best choices you can – no matter where you are.



“Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly. 

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”  

1 Tim 4:7-8

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