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Liver Glitch, and MSM

Don't have fresh juice on hand?  This Very Berry Wheatgrass juice is SO yummy, and only 9 grams of sugars.  (The lowest one RAAW makes!)  Wheatgrass IS gluten-free... I know, it sounds crazy but it's SO good for you.

Don’t have fresh juice on hand? This Very Berry Wheatgrass juice is SO yummy, and only 9 grams of sugars. (The lowest one RAAW makes!) Wheatgrass IS gluten-free… I know, it sounds crazy but it’s SO good for you.

Don’t you just love it when some thing just “clicks” in your mind – and you suddenly have a clear picture and understanding?
It’s like convictions that God brings down on you…. I especially remember this happening when I was a new believer, and my eyes had been opened to my own sin.

Suddenly, I couldn’t believe the things I had thought were acceptable – once I knew God’s standard. I felt sick with myself, and realize how I needed a Savior!

Well, at my most recent doctor’s visit – we were talking about my hiccup with eating the chocolate on my birthday, etc… and how people with auto immune disorders, cancer, autism, etc often have digestive issues, etc. – and how their “liver glitch” also contributes to their lack of ability to RID their body of toxins.

Well, I knew that people with auto immune disease, cancer, autism “hung onto” toxins more than other people – and I understood the triggers that caused their system to misfire within their gut – I hadn’t really thought about how that all affects the liver, or what role a POOR FUNCTIONING liver played in the scheme of things.

However, for me and my digestion – it didn’t know what was going on before, and most of the time it doesn’t know. Even with a super basic diet or organic chicken, pastured eggs and mostly veggies – some fruit … MY gut is super picky… Stray from the basics, or get a little too much stress under the belt – and my digestive system comes to a screeching halt.

Obviously a stalled digestive system isn’t good for your liver, and that’s a normal liver. What about one that isn’t good at detoxing itself?

Yes, what happens if your liver isn’t filtering toxins at the rate it needs to for you to be healthy?

Your body begins hanging onto more than it can handle… and you can see how this quickly leads to various problems systemically.

Add in repeated bogging down of your system – over most people’s life-span – and this equates into big troubles for your body by itself. It simply can’t do what it was designed to do…

Between a leaky gut issue, and a liver with a glitch – MY body is unable to fight the way it was designed by God – and it’s in over load – fighting with itself, attacking itself… causing chronic inflammation (fabulous article here about chronic inflammation caused by DIET and how a healthy FATS diet like Paleo is the way to go).

So how can we HELP our liver if we’re in this cycle of chronic inflammation? Obviously eat Paleo, or auto immune protocol so you’re not ingesting foods that cause inflammation, and help your liver detox regularly.

In walks MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

MSM what? (read a little of what it helps with here)

Well, my doctor brings up MSM at my last appointment, and I hadn’t ever heard of it. You can bet I see it everywhere now – and in lots of supplements. There have been numerous studies on how it helps with inflammation and digestive issues by freeing up those toxins stored in your liver. Those with auto immune disease, cancer, autism, etc – can benefit greatly from it. It helps your digestive tract function more normally. Again, it must be done in conjunction with a proper diet – so you’re not sabotaging yourself… but so far, I’m way more regular, and appreciating the results.

I did have to baby step into it – I use the powder in my warm BRAGGS and lemon in the evening. The dosing started at 1/4 tsp for 3 days, then 1/2 tsp for 3 days… and 3/4 tsp for 3 days… all the way up until you get to 2 tsp a day. If I noticed any strong effects from detoxifying too quickly, I was to let her know – but so far, so great! I will be on it for 3 months, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Stand firm, then,

and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

Galatians 5:1

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