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Overloaded Sinuses


I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. It’s really not you, it’s me.  As much as I cut out of my life to prepare for this crazy busy soccer season and preparation to build a new home, blogging just had to take a back seat.

I wanted to update you all on my first round of Fluconazole, how my son’s sinus surgery went, as well as how our Myofunctional Therapy is going along!  It’s been a busy end of summer at our house!

First off, the Fluconazole did help.  Not enough for me to eat raw veggies… but enough to notice a change in distention after eating.  MUCH improved.  We’re talking about round two starting soon, but I definitely want to try it again.  I’ve been more consistent daily with my juices to start my day, and keeping my meat portions in check.  More recently I’ve gone back to keeping all raw fiber out of gut, so only cooked veggies, avocado (1 a day total) and well cooked meats – mainly salmon, chicken, and turkey – with some red meat (Grass fed and finished beef).  I’ve also been studying some on parasites, and cleanses with that.  I ordered SA Wilson’s coffee for this.

My son’s surgery went fabulous, as did this healing period.  The only issues we had were with recovery in the surgical center.  The medical reports (yes, we got them!)  said that the surgery went well and he woke up and went to recovery.   We ended up waiting almost an hour following surgery, to get to see him.  He had to be put on oxygen for about 4 hours because the nurses had drugged him with Demerol, an old drug they used to use in the 70s.  Not cool.  Especially considering we talked in length with the anesthesiologist about his adrenal issues, inability to methylate narcotics, etc.  She totally understood.  She actually came in following surgery and said… “mom was riiiiight.”  So we’re fairly certain it wasn’t her that gave the orders for that.  Meanwhile, we he also had an allergic reaction to one of the other medicines they gave him…  Still we have yet to get the paperwork on this situation to figure out what we need to be aware of.  THAT has been frustrating and is just one of my many beefs with the whole western medicine bullying that can occur.  Clearly you have a right to the records and information – you are the patient.  Especially on an allergic reaction, you need those records to be informed for your health future.

Our family Skype classes start Wednesday with our therapist.  I’m excited.  We got our kits with all of the toys for class, we took all of the “before” essential pictures, and we got our binkis to start doing our muscle therapy during “zone out time” at home.  Our orthodontist still doesn’t seem quite sure what to think… but as the therapist said, some people you just have to “show” for them to get it.  (One of the suggested books is: Close Your Mouth)

I’ve managed to have a sinus attack with our weed pollen counts through the roof in Kansas, followed by some type of virus that went through our family.  Pertussis has been pretty thick throughout the county, so it could very well be that…  you know us though, definitely NOT afraid of the promoted and highly exaggerated “big, bad wolf.”  The kids keep asking when they are going to start coughing.  We’re wondering if with supplements and our diets – if this just won’t be an issue.  The mucous is super thick – but with high levels of Vitamin C, increased probiotics, vitamin D and fish oil – we seem to be faring well.

Some info on treating whooping cough naturally for a 30 year immunity, vs a 3 year (maybe) with the vaccine.

Anyway, for us, so far, so good.

That’s about it for me.  Our trip did do me in, as traveling and all of that jazz always does.  I’ve struggled to get back on track with juicing and having issues with “C” that leave me throwing up because I’m so full.  I really hate that part…

This time when I left, I found myself missing “home” and family even more.  There is something about being with people who just get you, who are a support system,  they encourage and love you.  When I said good-bye to my mother she held on long and cried deep.  I wondered in my heart what it must feel like to know you’d never just “hang out” with your daughter again… how afternoons together, grabbing a movie or a meal wouldn’t be possible because they simply lived too far away.

Not just for a season, but forever.

My acupuncture read out said that I was struggling with stress, and “a broken heart.”  Couldn’t have been more spot on.

Thanks be to God for the burdens and heartache He carries when we can’t.

 “The Lord is close to the brokehearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
Psalm 34:18


I’ve Lost It

Nature’s “Energy Bar”… eat more fruit!

I’ve gone bananas.  Yes, it’s true.

I’m officially a gluten-intolerance crazed person.

Not a news flash you say?

Well if it’s possible, I’ve taken it to a new level.

I am now, not above talking to complete strangers about gluten intolerance.

Uh oh.

Yep.  I know…

We went to the pool this weekend, and during our normal “everyone goes potty before we step foot into the pool area…” I see this mother, with her child…

and the rash on her elbows was UNmistakable.

My heart sank…

“I wonder if she knows….”  I thought.

She walked out, and I gathered my 4 bathing beauties and headed out to relax and have fun.

I settled into my chair… minutes went by… then an hour.  I saw that lady… again, and again.

The Holy Spirit kept tugging on me.

Sara… what if she has a gluten intolerance and has no idea?

Sara…  what if you’re the person who needs to talk to her?

Sara… are you going to just NOT say anything… and let her struggle… when you could maybe help point her in that direction?

Do you ever wonder where that button is to shut off that conversation in your head?  Well, we don’t really want to shut off the Holy Spirit, but sometimes we do try to avoid the conversation.

When it’s something I don’t like doing (like talking to complete strangers…)…  I really would have rather NOT spoken up, and that’s how I know – it’s not of me.  I would have stayed in my chair.

I’ll never see that woman again… I reasoned.

But I knew, God knew…

How could I NOT say anything?

Sara… I’m here with you…

OK.  We can do this.

As I got up, and walked over to this woman…I prayed… “Lord, help me have the words to say – to just mention this… Lord please help this woman to seek more answers for her health.  In Jesus name, Amen.”

“Excuse me,” I said.

“Yes….” the woman turned around.

“I couldn’t help but notice that rash on your elbows…” I started.

“Oh the psoriasis?” she answered, then crossing her arms in defense.

“Well, I noticed it, because my son had that… and well… we found out it’s more than that, and it’s from a gluten intolerance, and often goes with psoriasis,” I studdered to get the information out.

“Is it bothering you?” she touted back, still with her arms crossed.

“Oh no…no, it’s not bothering me.  Not in the least.  Like I said, my son had that… and several of our children actually… ” I comforted.  “We had been treating it topically and searching for an answer as to what was causing it, and some other problems.  It never seemed to go away.”

“What did you say it was again?” she inquired.

“Dermatitis herpatiformis,” I repeated.  “It’s very itchy, and gets worse when stressed, and the ingestion of gluten is the cause.”

She nodded.

I continued to tell her about other symptoms caused and related… and she patiently listened, as did her husband, as he also nodded – wide eyed.  She started to share other symptoms she had in line with the things I spoke of.

She shared that only one time the bumps had gone away, when her doctor put painful shots in them.  But within a month, they were back.  She also said that her doctor just recently ordered another, more powerful drug for her to get rid of it… that nothing was helping, but she was “so sick” in so many ways.

I share with her that my children’s rashes, AND my husband’s psoriasis went away after we went gluten-free.  As in, gone.

She just stared at me in amazement… “So what did you say the medicine was again?”

“No medicine,” I restated.  “Just avoiding gluten in all food, products and medicines…”

“Wow,” she said, standing in shock and turning to her husband.  “Wouldn’t THAT be something, if this was all caused by gluten.”

“Just look into it,” I prodded her.  “It might be worth your time.”

“I will…” she said.  “I definitely will… thank you.”

I apologized for interrupting her day, but I felt at peace knowing I did the right thing.  She seemed genuinely appreciative.  I’ve been praying for answers for her – and for an open-minded doctor who will listen, and truly help her get lasting help.

I’ve been telling my husband that I need a card for weeks (and no, NOT for my blog… ) But something I can give people to point them in the right direction when it comes up in conversation… because amazingly it seems to keep “finding me” – and I want to be prepared.  I don’t believe that’s chance.

The best part of the conversation was when she looked down while I was talking and mid-sentence said, “I like your necklace.”

(It was the necklace I usually wear… a brushed silver rectangluar shaped charm with a cross shape cut out of the rectangle.)

I just pray God will use this situation in a way that brings Himself glory.

Did I mention I can’t believe I did that?  Oh wait… it’s because I didn’t.

Thank you God for the strength to do the impossible.  Not my will but Yours.

“Everyone who believes that  Jesus is the Christ has been born of God, and  everyone who loves the Father loves whoever has been born of Him.   By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and obey his commandments.   For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments.  And His commandments are not burdensome.   For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world.  And this is the victory that has overcome the world— our faith.   Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?”

1 John 1-5

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