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Overuse of Antibiotics?

Yep, it’s cold and flu season, just around the corner… actually quite a bit of flu and colds have been around these parts lately.
My husband and I were recently talking about the last time we used antibiotics.  It’s been well over a year… praise God!  That’s pretty much unheard of, in our family of 10.
My daughter dropped a plate on her foot, and had a complete blow out of her toe on the first month of this year.  The doctor on call gave her antibiotics.  We filled the prescription… but decided against giving them to her, unless she showed sign of needing it.  Instead, we kept it cleaned daily with hydrogen peroxide, and wrapped it up for at least a month, and she was fine.  Five months later the toenail fell off, and a new one was appearing.

Things like sinus infections and ear infections have been avoided by using tools like our neti-pot and a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and apple cider vinegar (with the mother) in each ear for a 5 minute soak 3x a day.

Even when we do get something – it doesn’t linger on forever like it used to.

I call that major progress in this household, and a credit to better gut health!

Now I’m not always against antibiotics, it’s just NOT my first line of defense or second… or… I want to do what I can naturally, before going down that route.

So when DO we need antibiotics?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal had a handy chart that listed out some times when antibiotics were effective, and when they weren’t.

If you read through the list, many of these things can be avoided in other ways by drinking lots of water, getting plenty of rest, taking vitamins, eating clean, and taking care of your immune system with probiotics and things like cod liver fish oil.

But what do we do when and if we DO get sick?  How do you combat the monster to attempt avoiding antibiotics?
Here is a little list of things we have/do to help things turn around quickly:

1) Drink lots of room temp. lemon water

2) Take zinc and extra vitamin c – up to 500mg an hour (a non-GMO powder form is also good for smoothies for sore throats!), and Sambucol (that has black elderberry and safe for ages 2+ up to adults) or Black Elderberry syrup.

3) Use the Netipot to help clear nasal passages from bacteria/germs and help them dry out.

4) Coconut Oil rub with the following essential oils mixed in (oregano, peppermint and lavender) on the neck, back and chest

5) Bone broth soup from pastured chickens or grass fed meats

6) Oil pushing/swishing in the morning is great to get additional bacteria out of your mouth/throat.  Put a spoonful in your mouth and swish around for 15 minutes, and then spit into the trash can.  (It also helps whiten teeth!)

7) Local raw honey and cinnamon 3x a day

8) Baths for fevers to keep body temperatures down and cotton PJs (Actually I just learned how fire retardant clothing is not good for you – so this winter I’m only buying breathable cotton PJs!)

9) Exercise and sunshine, as you can.  One thing that is great about being sick this time of year – is going outside IS an option.  Extra Vitamin D and sweating out toxins helps!

10)  Good rest.  (One of the reasons I struggle a lot with my issues – is I’m such a POOR sleeper!  Naps and plenty of rest at night is so important to restoration and repair.)

We let fevers run during the day, and give motrin at night for comfort if need be.  A low dose of melatonin is also safe to help kids rest when they are sick, or coughing.   We set up a croup tent as needed for our younger children (under a cardboard table, with a sheet open on one side, when my child needs help to rest through coughing fits.

A special concoction a friend shared with me is going to be added to our list of “treatments” – not to mention it sounds heavenly for winter time.  Enjoy this “tea” recipe.

If you do have to have ANTIibiotics (which kill ALL of the bacteria in your system), make sure you up your PRObiotics, to help replenish the GOOD bacteria in your gut, following the dosing regimen.  You should be taking 8-15 billion a day as an adult, so bump it up to 20-50 billion after antibiotic use, if you’re normally a healthy adult.  If you’re like me, who normally takes 50 billion, bumping it up to 100-200 billion might be a better idea.

If you don’t have any of these products on hand, perhaps now is the time to get them so you’re stocked and ready!  (No one likes to find these things when they’re already not feeling well!)

And…  If you’re wondering some reasons on WHY over use of antibiotics is getting such a bad rap?  This information might help fill you in.

Your gut health is SO important to your immune system, and ultimately your brain and organ function. We need to take good care of it to be Healthy for Him!

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

James 4:7

The Simple, Complicated, Truth

Always great info on eating yourself well from The Farmacy on facebook.  Live Probiotics are essential for daily health.  Watch the short video at the end of the blog to find out why!

Always great info on eating yourself well from The Farmacy on facebook. Live Probiotics are essential for daily health. Watch the short video at the end of the blog to find out why!

It took me a long road to get here.

But God lead me each step of the way.

This place of realizing how complicated, yet how simple our bodies are designed.

Complicated, in that each of us are different – the way something may cause affects to one person, versus another, in a malfunction sort of way.

Simple, in that healing the body – seems to come back to the same method – when you’re dealing with disease.

Why is that doctors have come up with so many different names of disease with a different type of pill or intervention for each one?

They’ve specialized and focused in on their “area” of study…

While I used to think this was a good thing – specialists focusing on one area – it’s actually proving the complete opposite.

Your body is a system. It works together… you don’t fix “one part” and ignore the rest in disease. Disease is systemic. Yet why do we focus on one part at a time vs. the whole system?

Chronic inflammation causes cancer. It’s the last stage in toxicity overload in our system but it doesn’t just spring up without a long term – on-going problem.

Do you think doing chemo or surgery to “remove” the cancer is going to solve the reason it’s there in the first place?


Inflammation starts in our gut, whether we feel it or not, and can be brought to any number of areas throughout our bodies.

Our joints, our arms (carpel tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow etc), our digestive system (GERD, celiac, crohns, diverticulitis), our gall bladder, kidney stones, appendicitis, migraines, fibromyalsia… Name it what you want, based on where it is.

Doctors have come up with countless names for diease and attempts to shut them up through masking-medicines.

But they keep. ignoring. THE CAUSE.

They keep duck taping it – and it keeps showing up, somewhere else. The ROOT of the problem is still there.

It’s why people have multiple auto immune diseases, and why they have cancer show up MULTIPLE TIMES even after they “beat it” (why chemo is not the answer is a whole other blog!)

The biggest “farce” of a disease (to me) is celiac disease. Yes. I said it.

Yep. Celiac disease is one of the worst “made-up” diseases there is.

I have it, and I still believe it to be true.

Not because the destruction isn’t very real – it is… It’s because damage to the gut/ or leaky gut – is the cause of EVERY auto immune disease and cancer. It’s just impossible to test and find the damage on everyone at any given point of “treating” their other ailments. Because celiac is difficult to diagnose in and of itself, it would be even MORE rare that they would back track and look for celiac, once one would have a diagnosis of something like Parkinson’s, or cancer.

Diseases don’t just “show up” in an area of the body.

The part they show up in, is the weakest part of you genetically – but it’s destroying all of you slowly – be sure of that.

The “CURE” for this made up disease called celiac – is eating grain free, possible even a GAPS diet or Simple Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), some call it revised Paleo or an auto immune disease protocol. At any rate, a purposeful focus on gut healing through diet – is essential.

It’s NOT a prescription drug.

Yet… doctors still tell those with celiac to go “just go gluten-free” and be well. It’s not always that easy. Most people still have problems – systemic inflammation because all grains have some type of protein – some type of gluten. It depends on how long you’ve had celiac disease – and where it is, and how much damage there is… and where that damage has lead to other problems.

For me – it’s caused multiple auto immune issues, some symptoms which are now – no longer reversible…

Waiting until someone is to the point where they can’t absorb any nutrition or have cancer and THEN calling THAT a problem – is a problem.

It’s a problem – LONG before that. But for some strange reason – the “doctors” seem to have this standard of complete destruction before action… and the band aids in the meantime are always some strange intervention. From prescription drugs, to daily Aleve, to taking out random organs… gall bladder? appendix? womanly parts? Again, never getting to the root of the problem.

Hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, diabetes (type 1 or 2), obesity, PCOS, the list goes on and on – the solution, is the same.

It’s diet.

Could it BE that easy?

YES. It can. (and it IS!) But the choice is yours to make for yourself and or your family. Be sick, and take medicine and get sicker… or eat well, and be Healthy for Him.

I leave you with two important tips – quality fish oil and live probiotics are SO important to a healthy gut. Here’s the reason why…

Enjoy this video on poop. (Yes, I went there – but this is really important information because it deals with your GUT health. Plus, my friend told me there is NO such thing as TMI after pregnancy and having children. #truth)

Oh and one last thing. April 17th was my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of being gluten free. My family went gluten-free shortly after that, and they eat limited grains. I went Paleo late last year, and refined Paleo for auto immune disease (no nuts, nightshades, sugar or chocolate) just this year to get my MS symptoms calmed down and prevent further progression – I noticed HUGE changes in my pain levels, less cramping in me feet and legs, better digestion, less inflammation in my head and eyes and I can’t remember the last time I had an MS hug. FINALLY a REAL solution to my systemic inflammation – was that refined diet through removing the food sensitivites my body didn’t like! All glory to God.

The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,
for the ears of the wise seek it out.”

Proverbs 18:15

Probiotics – When, Why and How Much?

YUM.  Here is some Guava Juice and recently started drinking.  I found it at HyVee in the health food area, or in our local food co-op store.  There are multiple flavors, but I've only tried two.  The others didn't appeal to me.

YUM. Here is some Guava Juice and recently started drinking. I found it at HyVee in the health food area, or in our local food co-op store. There are multiple flavors, but I’ve only tried two. The others didn’t appeal to me, this was hands down my favorite.  Naturally fizzy, great probiotic and antioxidant drink that is low in calories too!

It’s been said for thousands of years – that all disease starts in the gut.  I would believe that.  The health of our guts – are extremely important.  I’ve learned the hard way what leaky gut leads to… vitamin malabsorption, auto immune disease, thyroid issues, blood sugar issues, cancer, fibroids, headaches… the lists are endless.

When we had just 4 children, we seemed to have the stomach flu often.  It was awful.  Four children, ages 4 and under – you know what that means… rarely a toilet hit.

A good friend then shared with me that eating more yogurt daily would help keep the good bacteria from being over-run by the bad invaders…including YEAST which is fed by sugar.   So we tried it – seven years ago we started.  Truly, we have had FAR less stomach issues, {and even fewer when we realized some of the stomach issue were gluten related.}, and strep.   However, I’m not sure the quality of the yogurt was doing much to stop the yeast over growth in my children’s guts and probably was a main factor in why our immune systems are completely shot.Yes, I’m certain the sugar in the yogurt wasn’t helping much at all.

The problem can be … the quality of the yogurt… or kefir {click link to learn about KEE-FUR}, or acidophilus supplement.

A few keys are… it needs to be LIVE.

… so if you’re getting a supplement off of the shelf… and it’s not COLD – it’s not live.  You need to get something out of a cooler case.  If you have an organic or whole foods type of store – they will be able to point you in the right direction.

The next is the AMOUNT of live bacteria.  Billion sounds like a HIGH number, but 1 billion is on the extremely LOW end of what most people need. {those who are trying to heal a leaky gut, and or rebalance a gut after yeast over growth or antibiotic consumption – like ME}  So if you’re eating a yogurt a day, and hoping that’s going to fix it … think again.  We’re talking 50-200 billion a day for people needing to heal – which might take several months.  After that, they can drop it back to 15-50, but might need that indefinitely.  Most people who just took antibiotics now and then will need the 15-50 billion a day, and could settle back to a 1-15 billion on a day-to-day basis after things get turned around.

I know for me, being on TONS of antibiotics for multiple breast , ear and sinus infections didn’t help my gut matters… then my cross contamination issues – I know a high dose is necessary for me to get healing and rebalanced.

Currently, I’m trying 32-35 billion a day… and I believe that’s too low.  I can tell a difference, which is awesome – but I’m ready to step it up.  No more Mrs. Nice Girl…  I want a healthy GI tract for 2013… and I believe I’m on the way.


Recently we had started having some of our children drink kefir daily.  The key here is making sure we get an organic, gluten-free, dairy-free (although it’s from dairy, so that’s impossible…)  ours is 99% lactose free and from our food co-op store.  We mix a flavor with an original to lower the sugar content.  So that said – make SURE you watch your sugars in anything like kefir or any probiotic or drink and look for the word RAW, or unpasturized.

I giggled recently at a “healthy” mainstream juice that touted it had just a “tad of sugar”…  Oh… 28 grams of sugar.  Holy Moly!  Yikes!  Pass.  I still try to shoot for at or around 10 – max.

Probiotics boost immunity, can help your repair your immune system – lessening allergies/asthma, and aid in digestion as well {sluggish colon – give this a try!}…  it’s definitely an area worth taking a look at when detoxing your system.  Be prepared to spend $25 – $60 for something like this … but remember – once again, this IS your medicine.  Only it’s not DESTROYING your body, and causing additional problems.  It’s rebuilding your system.

40 calories, and only 7 gms of sugar.  Not bad.  Buying tip - my husband always says - when trying something new, go for what has sold the most - it's indicitive of what is the best choice.

40 calories, and only 7 gms of sugar. Not bad. Buying tip – my husband always says – when trying something new, go for what has sold the most – it’s indicative of what is the best choice.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Proverbs 18:21

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