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Vacation Hang-Over



I think my body was trying to run on full-force the past week.  My goals were to get through the prep of another trip, following our vacation… and just survive.

How much can I fit into one weekend?

A home school conference, and research for 2 children starting high school in a few short months.

Squeeze in a last minute family portrait session with a mad-talented friend who I attribute to God using to reset my health-course and helped to save our family.

A Christ-centered wedding and reception – probably one of the richest events my kids have gotten to witness.  (more on that in a minute)

Add in running to the store each day, planning meals, trying to be one step ahead of what we were doing, and a cat on its death bed at home…

I’m beat.

I knew I was beat last night…  when we arrived home, dinner-less and I just wanted to crawl into bed.  I went ahead and threw some veggies (Cabbage, carrots, celery and radishes)  in a pot with olive oil and salami, cut up pears for a side and called it good.

It’s a good thing I did that.  They gobbled it all up.
Oh wait. I made bacon too.

Bacon makes everything better.

Well.  Not everything.  Since I can’t tolerate pork, or the sugar that it’s often included in it.

Still, I had a nibble last night.  First time in … over 6 months I’m sure?  (and when I say nibble, I mean the last section of my pinky-sized nibble.)

So I wake up this morning…. way after everyone does today, and I feel like I’m moving slowly.

Maybe I’m just tired.

Only everything hurts, and it feels too familiar.

I get the kids their supplements, start some laundry and curl back into fetal position on the couch.

By 10 am the mountains of laundry are making me feel a bit sick, so I wonder if it’s just the fact that we did so much this weekend… or that I really shouldn’t have eaten that bacon nibble.

Maybe it’s the stress, and the lack of rest.

Maybe it’s the fact I feel a bit depressed every time I leave Iowa and my heart aches for family, and fellowship and feeling of “home”.

I don’t know…  but I feel horrid.  Like I could sleep the week away…

It’s a good thing I have lots of children who need me, and that isn’t an option.  Right?

Just. Keep. Moving.

Ok, back to that wedding…

The vows the couple wrote to each other included him promising to the spiritual leader of the family, and hers included her promise of submitting to his leadership.  That’s the first time I’ve heard that spoken – in vows, but it was beautiful… and simple, and perfect.  The reception was food, slide shows and cake cutting… for which they had cupcakes. Very cute.  Other than “their first dance”, there was no dancing.  Later it made sense… no dancing,  no alcohol…  just a celebration of their lives joining as one, thankfulness for their strong family bonds, and fellowship.

I asked my kids what they took away from that.

“I don’t want dancing at my wedding,” D2 said.  “I don’t like the idea of everyone staring at me.”  She is SO her mother.

“I noticed they got along with their siblings, they really loved their family,” D1 gave his input.  This brought up some other good discussion… and made me very encouraged for how we raise our family.

“I want cupcakes at my wedding,” said D7…. “Only not poisonous ones!”  Since we sat right next to the cake table, my husband said we totally should have brought literature on inflammation and grains.  Hah.

Only one woman was brave enough to ask why we weren’t eating the cupcakes, so she got a lesson in alternative options for disease. 🙂  We brought the kids chocolate and fruit strips as a treat.

All in all, I think the message they also received was the importance of choosing a spouse who loves the Lord, and desires to follow Him, and that made it worth it for us to miss soccer championships for our 6 of our 8 soccer players.

An eternal life-lesson is worth more than soccer, any day.

I’m going to continue pushing fluids and taking it easy today.  It’s definitely the most frustrating part of auto immune disease… that you can’t push your body like you used to (not that you should every anyway!).

It’s probably another blessing in disguise that God gives me as a reminder I need Him, and for that – I am grateful.

Keeping me humble.  Healthy for Him.

Oh, and here is a great video of a “chuck box” idea – to tote the things you need while traveling and feeding your family while avoiding eating out.  We travel similarly, and it’s such a help! 🙂  Enjoy!

The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Exodus 33:14

Kind of a BIG DEAL…


Well hello!  Glad to see you spring!

I totally forgot how busy spring is… whoa.  In the middle of this craziness, apparently God decided He would use me.  A good friend of mine was setting up a support group in her area for people who wanted to learn about gluten-free/Paleo lifestyle.  I thought that was a grand idea, and wanted to do something “like that” locally too.

So I sent out some feelers to see who might be interested in is.  As providence has it, lots of people were interested.  (Lots to me is over 20).  I think that’s a great start, and could serve as some great encouragement.  Some of the topics we’ll cover at our meetings will be how to get started, tips and tricks and recipes we love/want to share.  My group is more geared towards Paleo/AIP and why and how that works, but I’m very excited – we meet this week!

Another exciting announcements is I’m helping moderate a brand new support community that the Paleo Mom has put together to add more support for people who are using the Paleo Approach to regain their health.  Find it here.  There are tons of new boards within the community, so definitely check it out!  You might even see me moderating there as time allows!

I’m super excited about more information getting out there to the right people.  On a recent YOUTUBE I watched on sleep and Vitamin D, the neurologist shared that most people are on 3-4 meds by the time they are 30.  That is simply nuts.  This isn’t health, and we need to step it up and take responsibility in our lives and for our families.  I’m sad for parents who say their kids are picky – and then doing nothing about it.  We all make choices.

We are the future – do you want health for your children and yourself?  Then dig in… and own up!  God has made loads of foods for us – and no, it isn’t “easy” to change with the way our world has directed us to get JUNK… but if He can allow me to do it for our family of 10 – I’m certain, He can do the same for you and your family!

If you’re feeling like things are a little crazy this spring… hold fast.  God will only allow you to do what He desires you to do.  Don’t be frustrated if you can’t do more… maybe He doesn’t want you to do more.  His peace is in the quiet times.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

Psalm 46:1

A Little Hope Goes A Long Way!


I like jewelry with meaning.  Special pieces that speak a reminder to me each day.  I got a necklace a couple of years ago that had Cor. 12:9 imprinted on it:

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

It encouraged me each day that even though things were going as I had hoped,  God was using that situation to grow me closer to Him.

Then last year I got the “BE STILL” necklace, which I love.  It encouraged me when I didn’t know the answers as to WHY I was feeling so horrible, why I hurt all over, and why I was falling asleep each time I sat down.  God knew what He was doing…  I just needed to be still, trust Him and stop pushing for my way.  (There is definitely something to be said for slowing down, and learning about things, vs. rushing into things in health and disease.)

This year I ordered a necklace charm with my word of the year: HOPE.
It was my Hope in Him that got me to my naturopath, and helped me to be open to natural healing.

My hope is in the Lord.
My hope isn’t in my strength, wisdom or perfection in eating, despite the importance of all 3 to keeping me functioning.  IT definitely wasn’t in doctors or their medicine they offered.

Ultimately,  I’m not in control.  God is.  My job is to do all I can on earth to take care of the body He has blessed me with.

I also have hope of things to come, besides my eternal Hope.

My hope isn’t that at some point I can stop eating “like this”, and eat like a majority of people do.  My hope is for others to understand what food is doing to them, especially the current state of our food sources – and that they might make positive changes, before they experience it the hard way – when it’s no longer an option.

Chris Beat Cancer had some great words of wisdom last week about educating others on natural healing.  There are those who want to know, and listen eagerly and make huge strides in health, there are those who don’t know, but want to know… and then there are those who simply don’t want to know and don’t want any responsibility.

He said he doesn’t bother trying to help or change the minds of group #3.  I totally get that.  I know plenty of people who soak up the knowledge like a sponge and put it into action, others who try to make simple changes in the right direction, and still others who cling onto natural healing is a myth or something only “quacks” do.  I know it’s ignorance, but knowing I was there once before too – I can’t help but try to reach those people also!

Personally I’ve heard and read countless cases or numerous auto immune diseases and cancers or inflammation reversed or healed through natural support and nutrition.  I’m not talking “CURE” as in “going back to the way things were” – because that word really is pointless by the time you’re living with disease.  I’m talking about living in a way that promotes health for your future and reversal on much of the damage, allowing your own body to heal itself, the way God designed.  Unfortunately, there is such a large majority of people who don’t “get it” that it’s down right scary for some people to go against the grain, especially within the medical system where every patient = lots of money.  (Listen to an interview of what this Amish girl had to do to decline chemo!)  I have to remind myself of which country we live in.  It’s INSANE.
Back to natural healing – It’s totally possible.  WE just have to take accountability and DIG for what is causing our illness (and no, it’s not just food!) – and in this day and age, that’s asking a lot of people.  A majority of people would rather pass the buck or have someone else tell them what to do.  It’s much easier to “blame genetics”, keep doing testing for a diagnosis, or simply take a pill vs. take responsibility and change your lifestyle.  It’s easier to do what everyone else does in the name of “I’m just too busy.”  It’s easier to say, “I can’t afford these changes…” but at the same time how many times do we eat out a month?  Get snacks at the gas station?  Drink a latte from coffee shop?  Spend money on junk food or other needless items?

Yes it takes some sacrifice… and some desire to change – but I have no doubt that our heavenly Father provides a way when there is a will… and He will show you that way.  Each small change adds up.  We need to all do what we can to be Healthy for Him.  Until our final breath.

It might not be easy, but He never promised easy.  If you’re too busy, you might be…  TOO busy.

“A time is coming and in fact has come when you will be scattered, each to your own home.

You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:32-33


The Simple, Complicated, Truth

Always great info on eating yourself well from The Farmacy on facebook.  Live Probiotics are essential for daily health.  Watch the short video at the end of the blog to find out why!

Always great info on eating yourself well from The Farmacy on facebook. Live Probiotics are essential for daily health. Watch the short video at the end of the blog to find out why!

It took me a long road to get here.

But God lead me each step of the way.

This place of realizing how complicated, yet how simple our bodies are designed.

Complicated, in that each of us are different – the way something may cause affects to one person, versus another, in a malfunction sort of way.

Simple, in that healing the body – seems to come back to the same method – when you’re dealing with disease.

Why is that doctors have come up with so many different names of disease with a different type of pill or intervention for each one?

They’ve specialized and focused in on their “area” of study…

While I used to think this was a good thing – specialists focusing on one area – it’s actually proving the complete opposite.

Your body is a system. It works together… you don’t fix “one part” and ignore the rest in disease. Disease is systemic. Yet why do we focus on one part at a time vs. the whole system?

Chronic inflammation causes cancer. It’s the last stage in toxicity overload in our system but it doesn’t just spring up without a long term – on-going problem.

Do you think doing chemo or surgery to “remove” the cancer is going to solve the reason it’s there in the first place?


Inflammation starts in our gut, whether we feel it or not, and can be brought to any number of areas throughout our bodies.

Our joints, our arms (carpel tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow etc), our digestive system (GERD, celiac, crohns, diverticulitis), our gall bladder, kidney stones, appendicitis, migraines, fibromyalsia… Name it what you want, based on where it is.

Doctors have come up with countless names for diease and attempts to shut them up through masking-medicines.

But they keep. ignoring. THE CAUSE.

They keep duck taping it – and it keeps showing up, somewhere else. The ROOT of the problem is still there.

It’s why people have multiple auto immune diseases, and why they have cancer show up MULTIPLE TIMES even after they “beat it” (why chemo is not the answer is a whole other blog!)

The biggest “farce” of a disease (to me) is celiac disease. Yes. I said it.

Yep. Celiac disease is one of the worst “made-up” diseases there is.

I have it, and I still believe it to be true.

Not because the destruction isn’t very real – it is… It’s because damage to the gut/ or leaky gut – is the cause of EVERY auto immune disease and cancer. It’s just impossible to test and find the damage on everyone at any given point of “treating” their other ailments. Because celiac is difficult to diagnose in and of itself, it would be even MORE rare that they would back track and look for celiac, once one would have a diagnosis of something like Parkinson’s, or cancer.

Diseases don’t just “show up” in an area of the body.

The part they show up in, is the weakest part of you genetically – but it’s destroying all of you slowly – be sure of that.

The “CURE” for this made up disease called celiac – is eating grain free, possible even a GAPS diet or Simple Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), some call it revised Paleo or an auto immune disease protocol. At any rate, a purposeful focus on gut healing through diet – is essential.

It’s NOT a prescription drug.

Yet… doctors still tell those with celiac to go “just go gluten-free” and be well. It’s not always that easy. Most people still have problems – systemic inflammation because all grains have some type of protein – some type of gluten. It depends on how long you’ve had celiac disease – and where it is, and how much damage there is… and where that damage has lead to other problems.

For me – it’s caused multiple auto immune issues, some symptoms which are now – no longer reversible…

Waiting until someone is to the point where they can’t absorb any nutrition or have cancer and THEN calling THAT a problem – is a problem.

It’s a problem – LONG before that. But for some strange reason – the “doctors” seem to have this standard of complete destruction before action… and the band aids in the meantime are always some strange intervention. From prescription drugs, to daily Aleve, to taking out random organs… gall bladder? appendix? womanly parts? Again, never getting to the root of the problem.

Hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, diabetes (type 1 or 2), obesity, PCOS, the list goes on and on – the solution, is the same.

It’s diet.

Could it BE that easy?

YES. It can. (and it IS!) But the choice is yours to make for yourself and or your family. Be sick, and take medicine and get sicker… or eat well, and be Healthy for Him.

I leave you with two important tips – quality fish oil and live probiotics are SO important to a healthy gut. Here’s the reason why…

Enjoy this video on poop. (Yes, I went there – but this is really important information because it deals with your GUT health. Plus, my friend told me there is NO such thing as TMI after pregnancy and having children. #truth)

Oh and one last thing. April 17th was my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of being gluten free. My family went gluten-free shortly after that, and they eat limited grains. I went Paleo late last year, and refined Paleo for auto immune disease (no nuts, nightshades, sugar or chocolate) just this year to get my MS symptoms calmed down and prevent further progression – I noticed HUGE changes in my pain levels, less cramping in me feet and legs, better digestion, less inflammation in my head and eyes and I can’t remember the last time I had an MS hug. FINALLY a REAL solution to my systemic inflammation – was that refined diet through removing the food sensitivites my body didn’t like! All glory to God.

The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,
for the ears of the wise seek it out.”

Proverbs 18:15

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