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Erroneous Theories


My husband and I were talking about all of the ways God has transformed our lives in the past year.  A lot has happened.  We compared it to our erroneous theories of parenting, before we had children.

You have lots of children… and no more theories.

I suppose I had a lot of ignorant theories about different ways people lived! Experience is the best teacher!

Here are just my top 8 things I had my eyes opened to on health topics this past year.

1. People that eat organic foods… are… well…. strange or snobbish.

I couldn’t figure out why someone would want to spend “more money” for ugly fruit, or smaller vegetables?  It didn’t make sense.  Either they were just ignorant, or liked wasting their money.  Pesticides-smeshticides.

It never occurred to me that perhaps that is their best choice for their health, due to their diseased state, and inability to handle toxins.  I didn’t get that GMOs meant larger proteins and cross reactivity in the gut and was changing our DNA.

2. Health food stores smell funny.

They all sort of had that same… strange smell.  Right?  Well, ironically now… I really enjoy that smell.  It’s calming and comforting to me.  You know the smell I can’t stand?  Wal-Mart.  All I think when I’m in there (and it’s RARE I’m in there) is … “How much plastic and toxins are in this one building?” It’s not a holier than thou attitude, but rather one of sadness of the state of our country, and that the majority of people consume so many toxic products from there!

3. Doctors try to help you be well.

Wow.  I was really far off on this one.  Most western medicine doctors try to help you treat your symptoms when it comes to disease.  Pain medications, steroids, antidepressants, etc.  They do not wish to help you figure out why there is breakdown in your body.  The easy answer seems to always be. “We just don’t know what causes __________” (fill in the blank).  Ironically, functional medicine doctors teach you the ways the body breaks down, and they offer real solutions for YOU to work to rebuild your health.  Who knew there would be accountability in health, vs. blaming genetics, and counting on drugs?

4. Cancer is the worst possible diagnosis, most often, a death sentence.

Before I understood toxicity, and how that body heals, I really used to believe this.  I couldn’t imagine that there would be ways to combat something as scary as cancer!  Now I just see it as a sign your body is really in an unhealthy state and you need to make radical changes to allow it to heal.  Chemo on  the other hand, causes more cancer…  and now when I see people going through chemo without addressing what caused the cancer in the first place, I feel saddened… because I’m wondering just where the cancer is going to pop up next.  Eg. Most breast cancer patients that undergo chemo and don’t change their lifestyle?  End up with brain cancer.

5. If I get breast cancer, I will just take my breast tissue out and get implants!

Putting a foreign object in our body, that causes our body to fight against (think auto immune state)  isn’t the best idea for someone who is trying to restore health and it’s really NOT a good idea for anyone.  Again, it saddens me greatly that this is the push in our society, and I fell prey to this idea as well.  I applaud Suzanne Somers who has made it possible to do stem-cell breast augmentation (with your OWN breast tissue, grow a new breast).  If I did something with my breast tissue, this would be the route I would go.  But an unnecessary surgery doesn’t appeal to me.  Thankfully my current fibroids have shrunk and changed dramatically since changing my lifestyle.  Praise God!  It’s amazing what the body can do, when it has the ability to do it!

6. Eating less gluten is helpful, vs. drastically going gluten-free or Paleo.

Actually, gluten isn’t digestible by any human.  No one should be eating it.  Even if you don’t feel reactions yet from it, you shouldn’t be eating it, because it’s breaking down our bodies.  A microscopic amount can cause damage for several months simply because our bodies cannot digest it.  If you’re not ready to go gluten-free…  then gluten-lite is a huge waste of your time, money and energy.  It does nothing to benefit you or stop systemic damage.  I wish that wasn’t the case…but, it’s true.

7. Going gluten-free/dairy-free/Paleo is a fad.

I didn’t understand it.  I again, thought similarly to the organic foods…  waste. of. money.  Not to mention the common stereo-types surrounding the gluten-free junk foods: gross, tasteless, overpriced.  Gluten-free isn’t a buzz word – nor is Paleo.  Most people live this way because they realize they are sick, and this is the only way they feel well or can function.  I certainly didn’t radically change how our family of 10 eats to make some political statement, because I love spending hours upon hours in the kitchen, or because I love socially never being able to eat out, go to friend’s houses, etc.  We do this, because we noticeably feel SICK from eating gluten, grains and dairy.

8. Gluten can effect _________.

This is endless.  I didn’t realize that cutting out gluten could take away the fungus on my husband’s toenail bed, that he’s had for years.  I didn’t know my kids who weren’t growing would see huge growth spurts.  I didn’t realize that the changes in their behavior would be so drastic!  I didn’t realize that the inflammation from gluten and other food sensitivities could cause effects of inflammation in my varicose veins, in my child’s issues with asthma, with my child’s issues with bed wetting, with my FILs Parkinson’s symptoms, with my MS symptoms….I know people who it’s completely reversed their RA, or their thyroid problems, or their seizures, or their acne, their blood pressure issues, or diabetes, or their anxiety and depression, and the lists go on and on and on.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.

A man reaps what he sows.”

Galatians 6:7

Why It Works!

A typical salad for me, on the auto immune disease protocol diet.  Carrots, radishes, pastured eggs, organic chicken, beats, greesn and pickles (Bubbies brand).  YUM.

A typical salad for me, on the auto immune disease protocol diet. Carrots, radishes, pastured eggs, organic chicken, beats, greesn and pickles (Bubbies brand). YUM.

Happy July!!!  I hope this finds you well, and ready to celebrate much this week!

I recently bumped into a nutritionist at a local grocery store.  She asked me about my health and I explained to her the large strides I’ve made in being well, since switching to the auto immune disease way of eating.

“It’s like Paleo… but without nuts, seeds, chocolate, nightshades, coffee…,” I answered.

Her shocked expression led to believe she had never heard of the Auto Immune Disease protocol diet (AIP), “What CAN you eat then?  That doesn’t leave much!” she touted.

She’s right.  It doesn’t leave much…

But it works! (here is some information if you want to know what you can eat/buy when you go shopping)

But WHY does it work?  How does it work to help stop auto immune disease symptoms?

Why can it work across the board for so many different auto immune diseases?

Well, in 2009 a study showed that leaky gut – or gut permeability leads to auto immune disease.  It’s not my opinion – it was a study (apparently not well-known) that showed that.

But obviously that is why any holistic or natural dietician will recommend cutting out gluten first and foremost  It IS the main trigger, and environmental cause.

To me that says…  EVERYONE who has auto immune issues.. whether it’s hypothyroidism (yes, that’s an auto immune disease), or asthma, allergies (food or environmental), MS, Parkinson’s, Lupus, RA…. the list is endless…HAS a leaky gut, or celiac disease.

This idea that celiac disease is “rare” is simply NOT true.  

It’s not rare.  It’s more likely RARE that they find it, before it completely takes on a mind of its own.

They seem to have “specialized” so many of these auto immune diseases into specific categories – so they can treat each individual symptoms with a completely different drug regimen.  But in all honesty – do they go and check someone, who they’ve diagnosed with MS – to see if they have CELIAC disease?


Because they would focus on those specific symptoms – and how to mask those specific symptoms with their plethora of drugs.  Not to mention the testing of blood “needed” to get to the next test of an endoscopy (that MOST family doctors would do to rule out something that is killing someone slowly) …  Do we really believe with such an inaccurate standard of testing, we are going to be able to find the damage needed to prove celiac/leaky gut?  Enough that we’re willing to put our lives, and our family’s lives on the line until they start being honest, or get this figured out?

Most who get this figured out – aren’t.  Their proof in what happens in their lives, trumps any medical testing or diagnosis search.  (Many times that, in and of itself, is a very expensive game – that costs time and money people don’t have to spend on searching -only to be served with drugs as a Band-Aid solution!)

Are you curious as to WHY they can’t find the celiac and why 97% of people walk around not realizing they have it (or more do, the specialists just haven’t labeled them, and they’re healing themselves!)  It’s because they’re testing doesn’t work for many who struggle with gluten issues, and the others aren’t being tested!  If you have chronic inflammation ANYWAY – remove gluten – just try it as a start.

 Case after case of people with lupus, MS, RA, Parkinson’s – reversed through a change in the diet.

The diet works, because God designed our bodies to heal – and when we remove the triggers and toxins… IT CAN.  Glory and honor to God!

** That said, food mistakes still trump, and while I’ve been making huge strides in detoxing my body – I’m still suffering chronic fatigue issues from my brownie mishap 2 weeks ago.  While it’s out of my system, it just doesn’t immediately stop the systemic effects.  Most of the affects are in my legs currently – from pain, and irrational burning sensations on the soles of my feet, to feeling like things are crawling on my legs – all nerve related.  Any guesses on when I’ll try another brownie???

“Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

Galatians 1:10

All Sorts Of Wrong


This is the top portion of a sign that a local business was promoting an “ALL YOU CAN EAT” BBQ BUFFET to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease.

You might imagine what happened, when I saw this pull up on my news feed this week.

Yep. I flipped.

Now let me just say, I know in my heart these people are only wanting to HELP. Which I commend – however, it makes this all the more sad. They’re going about it – ALL WRONG.

Most fund-raisers that involve healthcare causes in general – are NOT beneficial because they’re lacking nutritional education as THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY to healing and they’re claim is often a search for a cure.

People often think they’re raising money for “cures” – which is purely assisting the drug companies in their attempt to create another medicine that they can turn around and sell BACK to you. Not to mention, do they REALLY want to cure these diseases that bring them so much money? If they did – they would have cued in to healing nutrition and natural supplements a long time ago.

But the fact is – they would make NO money.

So while I’m picking on this ad specifically, this is one of MANY I see regularly.

It’s NOT right.

Let me share the top two reasons why this specifically is all wrong:

1. All you can eat buffet. What is this promoting towards someone who is struggling with an auto immune disease?

2. BBQ sauce – one of the top offenders for gluten, and MSG – BOTH toxic for anyones diet, let alone Parkinson’s Disease

So… low and behold – I posted this in their comments:

“Are your products gluten and MSG free?”

No comment.

The reply later given, was an apology that they would be serving “sliders” instead and they no longer mentioned a buffet.

I’m not sure how THAT was better (?) But perhaps they are made without their sauce or something? I’m not sure.

I’m just hoping it made SOME ONE think – something about “Pig Out For Parkinson’s” was wrong.

Diet should ALWAYS be considered first and foremost as THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect in healing the body – {in ANY health/disease/injury from inflammation/mental/ hormonal/cancer/etc. issue going on}.

I used to struggle with a heart attitude of being right for the sake of being RIGHT. I was RIGHTEOUS in my right-ness.


That is, until God convicted me that being RIGHT with Him, was more important than being “right”… just for the sake of “being right”.


So now I struggle…

Share what I KNOW is right? Or keep it in not to offend people?

The question came down to – would I want someone to tell ME the truth?

I care about people. A lot.

We are each created with a purpose, and designed with an eternal soul… so we SHOULD care about one another.

I know if people can avoid what I’m experiencing, if they head off their toxicity level before it creates some irreversible problems, or be knowledgable about their options regarding choices in healthcare and options in medicine – they too, can be healthy for Him.

So, know that it is through Him, that I share with you what I’ve learned, and what I struggle with. It’s not to brag, to promote myself or to gain anything really – it’s to simple share with you – so that you might be able to gain some health benefit with the information. If you choose to do nothing with it – that’s fine too – but my heart is lighter, knowing I at least shared what I know to be true.

Enjoy this clip from He has an amazing blog and story of how he over came stage 3 colon cancer through diet, and detox – refusing chemotherapy. Truly inspirational and right on the mark. My favorite comment from him – is about the hospital foods following his surgery – because it’s SO true. It’s CRAZY that in a place you go “to be made well” – their emphasis on nutrition is non-existent. Sick.

“The LORD sustains them on their sickbed

and restores them from their bed of illness.”

Psalm 41:3

Food Trumps – Everytime

Check out this new bread from HyVee!  Gluten-free, soy free, GMO free, corn syrup free and only 90 calories a slice!! My kids are so excited to try it tomorrow!  Let me know if you had this before!!  (They make ccokies too from chia seed flour with the same standards as the bread!)  Hurray!! :)

Check out this new bread from HyVee! Gluten-free, soy free, GMO free, corn syrup free and only 90 calories a slice!! My kids are so excited to try it tomorrow! Let me know if you had this before!! (They make ccokies too from chia seed flour with the same standards as the bread!) Hurray!! 🙂

I know people think I’ve gone, perhaps a little… quacky.  Maybe I have.  What others “think of me” may have bothered me, even a few months ago – totally doesn’t now.


Because I know…  (and I don’t want to say I know I’m RIGHT, because this isn’t about *me*, it’s about God, and His design of us.)   I can say, I firmly know what truly works… and it’s not “just works for me”…  It can totally work for YOU.

I’ve seen it now – over and over again… and I feel badly for people who still continue to CHOOSE to suffer and add-on more medicines, and additional auto immune diseases, even cancer.  It’s sadly predictable.

If you have auto immune disease or cancer, or you KNOW you have the genes in your family for asthma, thyroid disease, fibromyalsia, psoriasis chronic infection, sinusitis, allergies, lupus, celiac, cancer, type I or II diabetes etc … or you are on medication for either… listen up!

Removing gluten from your diet for life – is your first step towards health.


Because the main glutens of the most popular grains (which is a majority of what glutens are in foods, and spices, and sauces, and meat fillers, etc)  are GMO products… with a HUGE PROTEIN that is destroying our guts.  While I understand the point of why GMOs were created, and I’m confident that an extra-large protein that is too difficult for our bodies to digest, wasn’t even on the radar for the seed companies – believe me, they DO realize it now – and are attempting to change it.  (quietly)  It’s going to take at least 10 years to turn this freight train around, and in the mean time – we are getting sicker, and sicker.

I can tell you how it’s affected each of my kids differently, my mother and father, my brothers, niece and nephew… I can explain how people with RA, Thyroid problems, Parkinson’s… on and on – have felt MAJOR changes just by starting with STEP ONE – REMOVING gluten from their diets – completely.

Please.  I beg of you, to TRY IT for 30 days.

What do you REALLY have to lose?   (and what do *I* personally have to gain?)

It’s truly not about me, it’s about letting other people know before they get so sick they have permanent effects – like I do.  SO many auto immune disease symptoms can be reversed or eliminated if they are cut off at the source.

In a curious exploration, I visited a RA board on Facebook to see what they were talking about.  I was deeply saddened that the entire page was talking about what drugs they were on, and how long they had been on them.  Most had multiple auto immune disease issues… and NO ONE – not ONE talked about the TRUTH that this all resides in your GUT HEALTH.

It makes my heart so sad – because I KNOW a majority of the reason why they don’t know – is because their doctor doesn’t know.  If their doctor instructed them to go gluten-free – they would do it.  If their doctor tells them “this pill is what you need” – they will take that instead.  We want someone else to tell us how to be healthy, vs. thinking for ourselves.

I’ll be honest, I had no clue how awesome designed our bodies – to rebuild and repair. 

I can tell you that in just a few months off of gluten – my son started growing like crazy.  He’s been growing a half an inch to an inch every month, and gained 25 lbs this year.  No more bumps on his arms, elbows or knees…  healthy as a lark.  I’m so thankful we realized this before missing his grow spurt time!!  Praise be to God.

The latest excitement came this week… when someone I know with Parkinson’s completed their first week gluten-free – only to realize… their tremors?  Stopped.


Yes.  Incredible isn’t it?  I cried I’m so grateful.

Yet, I’m NOT surprised – I knew if they would give it a chance – they would SEE how much of an impact it will have.

The reason I know removing gluten can be SO powerful is because I know any amount of gluten in MY system – will trump everything positive I’m doing with supplements, and rest and recovering my body in a reverse manner. 

My food sensitivities are crazy powerful – and can knock me down for a week or more and shut off my digestion processes in a matter of hours.  Each time I’ve gotten accidentally glutenated has presented more auto immune symptoms that drag on and on – and they’re down right scary.  So why WAIT?

Once you remove gluten, you’re also able to see what other food sensitivities you might have – as well as begin to heal and repair your gut from the damage that has led to the auto immunity or cancer.

Would you then go BACK to the very things that made you sick?

Gluten is the first issues at hand, processed dairy is the next…  and then basically anything processed or with MSG (restaurants use a lot of this), as you get cleaner and cleaner – you’ll realize how poorly you had felt before!  It’s not a trend, or a key to buying a bunch of GF products or to live eating grain free – it’s about eating REAL food, and making foods from nut flour – from scratch, so you KNOW what is in it and you can maximize your health! 

To go gluten-free – you really must pay attention to what you’re feeding your body – it could be making you very sick and creating a whole host of problems that is killing you – noticably or secretly.  Seeing a holistic or integrative facility will help you get to the SOURCE of your health issues and vitamin deficiencies, will get you back on track to health!

There is so much great information out there on turning off your sickness through revamping your gut health, and I’d be happy to help you in anyway I can by sharing what worked for me.  Dr. Mark Hyman has some great info out there – check out his website, and tips on how to “EAT YOUR MEDICINE“.  These 7 keys to wellness were spot on for me.

God Bless!  He answers our prayers – we must be listening and willing to ACT!  Healthy for him.

“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
    your faithfulness to the skies.
Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,
    your justice like the great deep.
    You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.”

Psalm 36:5-6

Just One Little…K.I.S.S.

Dig out the root of the problem!

Dig out the root of the problem!

Oh the things we retain from college!  My public relations professor was unforgettable in so many ways.  His personality, his quirks… this sayings!

He was always encouraging us to write with the K.I.S.S. method – keep it simple stupid!  Which essentially made it easy to really keep the MOST important news at the forefront of any standout press release.  (although, we don’t say the “s” word at this house!)

I’ve used this method when home schooling my children.  Some times, as adults – we just make things VERY complicated.

I’m totally guilty.

Obviously when you’ve learned something well, and it makes complete sense to you – you expect it to be easy for others also.  But most often, it’s not.

We all learn so differently – and our 8 children, from the two same parents, are a great testimony of God’s diverse plan in originality.

Because of all of the change our diets, we do spend a quite a bit of time reviewing just what is going on in our bodies – and why what is happening to mommy, we DON’T want to happen to them.  We want our children to have a solid understanding of just what food is and what it’s for, and what CAN happen!

Early on my children were teaching ME just how easy it was to go without food and goodies that we once thought were necessary, earned or expected!

After recently watching this fabulous video on how gluten effects EVERYONE, and how it triggers auto immune disease in HLA-genotypes specifically – my girls were discussing a few points and then drew the above picture.

“Why do people keep cutting off the top of the plant and covering up their symptoms with drugs?” they asked.  “Don’t they realize you have to dig out the WHOLE root to remove the problem at the source?”

Great question.

I told them I think most people don’t realize that all disease begins in the gut – because most doctors don’t understand nutrition themselves.   Many don’t focus on natural ways to keep toxins out of your body.  They treat symptoms – with drugs – that have other side effects, many unknown.

However my kids cut to the chase and said they think it’s more about money and treating symptoms vs. truly making someone well.  They said it seems like the drug companies want people to keep treating symptoms, and worsening their health for job security – vs. the easier change of diet.   I would hate to assume that.  My assumption is easier for me to accept and retain hope for our healthcare system.

My husband’s toe and psoriasis skin issues are a fabulous example of what is going on IN your body that you often can’t see.  Most people keep treating the rashes, or unsightly fungus with topical treatments, or in the case of his toe nail issues – a high power drug that could have damaged his liver or kidneys. (after a one month round  several years ago – he no longer took it, and of course it came right back – thankfully that drug was pulled off the market relatively quickly.  Some people aren’t so blessed – and have lasting consequences from these drugs, including death!) 

My husband has been gluten-free and mostly dairy-free for 10 months, and his toe has grown out almost perfectly within that time!  His body no longer is fighting this chronic poison of gluten damaging his gut and slowly breaking down his body until something major finally shows up.  Once we eliminated the main problem – it’s amazing that the goes back to healing itself – as it was intended.

Please.  If you have issues with thyroid, depression, cancer, auto immune disease, asthma, chronic inflammation, sinusitus, allergies – do you struggle with fatigue or migraine headaches?  Have trouble with brain fog?  Do you not absorb vitamins?  Are you iron, potassium or magnesium deficient?  Do you have a hormone imbalance, rashes or light sensitivity?  Trouble losing weight or getting pregnant?   The list goes on and on and on – but you have signs in your genetics that gluten IS a problem and it’s possibly destroying your body.  There is no reason to have a celiac diagnosis to remove it from diet.  There are so many foods God made that you can enjoy – and regain your health and your life before it’s too late!

Rip out the problem at the ROOT system!

Personally – my favorite part of the video above, is the fact that our bodies should be viewed as a bagel.  The inside “hole” of the bagel is still the outside.  Our digestive system IS the outside of our body – and the food and drinks we put in should NOT pass to the inside of our body’s system.  When they do – that is what creates havoc!  Spend the 20 minutes watching it – you’ll be glad you did.  The last 5 minutes is the best!

“For I am the Lord your God
    who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
    I will help you.”

Isaiah 41:13

Auto-Immune Protocol

Taken from the book "Practical Paleo" - just WHO should be on an auto immune disease diet?  Check it out. #1 rule on the list?  REMOVE GLUTEN from your diet.

Taken from the book “Practical Paleo” – just WHO should be on an auto immune disease diet? Check it out. #1 rule on the list? REMOVE GLUTEN from your diet.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?
 I suppose I skimmed over some pages in a few of my Paleo and Auto Immune Disease books as I was one of the few who didn’t have multiple auto immune diseases.  RIGHT?

Bad idea.

Well the reason so many auto immune diseases are tied together – is because of leaky gut, and an impaired immune system through inability to absorb necessary vitamins and minerals.

So what is the AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE PROTOCOL?  It’s basically a revised Paleo Diet, but can vary as everyone has different inflammatories, based on where your gut damage is, and how you are uniquely made.

NO GRAINS (only nut based flours – coconut, almond, hazelnut meal)

NO EGGS (I can eat these, but they are a problem for most because they are inflammatory)

NO NUTS (I can’t eat peanuts or almonds, therefore almond flour is out)

NO SEEDS (including cocoa, coffee and seed based spices) – this rings true for me, although I do eat chia seeds without problems.

NO NIGHTSHADES (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, sweet and hot peppers)


NO NSAIDS (which ironically are what the “specialists” told me to take!  But they are bad for your gut)

Then there is the possibility that other foods are causing you issues through gluten cross-reactivity which require a food cytotoxin blood test to sort out.

Sounds miserable?  It’s NOT.  There is plenty I can eat, and I feel fabulous.  (Which is of UTMOST importance!)  I eat to live.

Lots of vegetables, grass-fed meat, bacon, chicken and fish!  God is good.  He is restoring me – and I’m so thankful.

Will I ever be ‘cured’ of my auto immune diseases?  The answer is no.

I need to eat to live – and improve my health – for the rest of my life.

That means – eat organic, get rid of as many chemicals as I can from my body, exercise regularly, keep my stress level lowered – and sleep well every night!

I’m still vulnerable to illness and having flares if I get accidentally cross contaminated, or my stress level overloads.  Anyone with auto immune disease is in a constant battle for their health – and much of it depends on choices they make.  Someone with AI disease shouldn’t ever consume gluten again – the systemic damage will pick right back up, even though many effects can slowed down, or reversed – depending on how severe the damage has gotten.  (Anyone who has the HLA genes shouldn’t sit around like a ticking time bomb – waiting for your auto immune disease or cancer to appear.  If these types of auto immune diseases are in your family – chances are, you have those dominant genes.  It just makes sense to remove gluten as a start.)

I, however, am not my auto immune diseases, and through continued health and detoxing – our family doesn’t plan to add any new auto immune disease to our lists!  We are grateful to have this opportunity to take responsibility of our health as best we can.  We encourage you to do the same.

He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters,
He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
    for His name’s sake.

Psalm 23:2-3

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