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Why I Eat Meat


Yes.  I’ve read the China Study.

…and then I read the book “WHOLE”

I read “The Body Ecology Diet”…  and I’ve studied the Gerson Therapy and watched the Gerson Miracle, and Beautiful Truth.

I’ve watched Knives Of Forks


Well, let me just say that I understand why an organic, vegetarian diet would be done in the short-term – to rid the body of things like cancer, which is caused from inflammation, and focused on healing the body through detoxing.

Why do I say “short-term”?

Because being vegetarian long-term actually increases issues with auto immune disease.  {I’ll get to that in a minute.}

Why the Paleo Diet instead?

Isn’t that just a meat based diet?  Isn’t that TOO much meat?

Actually, no.  It’s neither.

To me, the Paleo Diet is a whole foods diet approach that focuses on high-quality nutrition, while resolving inflammation through proper digestion as well as balancing hormones through proper sleep, stress management and exercise.

It’s not a “diet” to achieve a short-term goal and then stop.  It’s a lifestyle of eating what makes you feel best, and is sustainable over the long-term.

The Paleo diet is not necessarily a “high protein” diet, it’s very much a plant-based diet.  Protein can range from 10%-25% of your daily calories, depending on your individual needs.  Many people only eat fish, shellfish, eggs or white meat, such as chicken or turkey, and skip the red meat.

We eat red meat once a week or more, and our source is grass-fed/grass finished beef – that we all enjoy.

Personally, I feel poorly when I can’t have red meat at least once a week.  I eat chicken or salmon almost everyday.  Because I eat large amounts of fats, I’m able to handle and process more carbs (veggies) as well.  Right now, on auto-immune protocol, I would say my diet is 70% veggies, 5% fruit and 10% meat and 10% fat.  I feel really good – my skin looks really good… and I’m working my way up to organ meats, as I know those are really important as well.

I think for me, I’ve read/heard enough other information from people who have attempted vegetarian longer term, and it caused some major issues with auto immune disease – because their body was missing some key things, it needs to prevent disease.  Dr. Amy Myers is one who shared her story of becoming a vegetarian at age 14, and why she eats Paleo now.

I needed all of the help I could get… it has already been years of my body not absorbing what it needed to thrive!  I’m lean, I feel strong, and I know my body is healing.

What more could I hope for?

If Paleo is a FAD, I’d love to know what one might consider all of the sugar filled, flour laden, industrial seed oil filled foods are that most consume while eating the Standard American Diet??  Seems like a REAL FOOD approach is just what our country needs!


“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,

do all to the glory of God.”

1 Cor. 10:31


Kind of a BIG DEAL…


Well hello!  Glad to see you spring!

I totally forgot how busy spring is… whoa.  In the middle of this craziness, apparently God decided He would use me.  A good friend of mine was setting up a support group in her area for people who wanted to learn about gluten-free/Paleo lifestyle.  I thought that was a grand idea, and wanted to do something “like that” locally too.

So I sent out some feelers to see who might be interested in is.  As providence has it, lots of people were interested.  (Lots to me is over 20).  I think that’s a great start, and could serve as some great encouragement.  Some of the topics we’ll cover at our meetings will be how to get started, tips and tricks and recipes we love/want to share.  My group is more geared towards Paleo/AIP and why and how that works, but I’m very excited – we meet this week!

Another exciting announcements is I’m helping moderate a brand new support community that the Paleo Mom has put together to add more support for people who are using the Paleo Approach to regain their health.  Find it here.  There are tons of new boards within the community, so definitely check it out!  You might even see me moderating there as time allows!

I’m super excited about more information getting out there to the right people.  On a recent YOUTUBE I watched on sleep and Vitamin D, the neurologist shared that most people are on 3-4 meds by the time they are 30.  That is simply nuts.  This isn’t health, and we need to step it up and take responsibility in our lives and for our families.  I’m sad for parents who say their kids are picky – and then doing nothing about it.  We all make choices.

We are the future – do you want health for your children and yourself?  Then dig in… and own up!  God has made loads of foods for us – and no, it isn’t “easy” to change with the way our world has directed us to get JUNK… but if He can allow me to do it for our family of 10 – I’m certain, He can do the same for you and your family!

If you’re feeling like things are a little crazy this spring… hold fast.  God will only allow you to do what He desires you to do.  Don’t be frustrated if you can’t do more… maybe He doesn’t want you to do more.  His peace is in the quiet times.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

Psalm 46:1

Recovering Our Children (Part III)


It’s been 2.5 weeks since we started the elimination diet on the kids we’re recovering from autism spectrum.  The diet is going … really well.  It’s hard work – but so far, it’s been very much worth it.

If anyone doesn’t think food affects you.  They should have been here the day following a cross contamination of my son with canned coconut milk.  Honestly, I’ve had several “slips” where my kids kindly remind me.  “Mom, I can’t have sweet potatoes.”  or “Mom, I can’t have chicken…”  But this particular day – I made sorbet… and I just completely forgot.  (I don’t make this mistake again!)

My joyful, thoughtful son, turned into a monster for a 24 hour period.  It reminded me of my self on nightshades.  Grouchy, ugly, unable to focus, and just a real turd – for a lack of a better word.  It wasn’t until my daughter said… “Mom, the sorbet… didn’t it have coconut?”


UGH.   Dairy, gluten and processed sugars are no-brainers because they ruin the gut lining, but now that THAT has happened… it gets a little tricky with foods that are normally GOOD for you.  We’re not talking soda-pop, just cold-pressed, unrefined, organic coconut.  No coconut oil, no coconut milk, no flour or shredded coconut.

I also made that birthday cake (or actually two options) for my daughter’s 4th birthday, and both of those turned out great.  I avoided coconut, and almonds and eggs… and came up with two really yummy options that were well received.  The major “offender” that day was the honey – but I really felt like they did well, and probably minimally they will do ok with it.  IT’s the over use and abuse of it that causes problems… especially with what we’re trying to deal with.

Speaking of that.  We got to meet with our doctor this past week, and we went over all of our blood and urine testing so far.

First off, all of the kids were super high in manganese.  This contributes to many neurological issues – and disease, including Parkinson’s.  Their suspect is our rural water, but it can also be in well water.  Thankfully we got a Berkey water filter, just a short while after we sent off the kid’s samples, so they will be retested in 6 months just to see if that has helped.  In the mean time, we’re considering having our water tested.

Secondly, yeast over growth and malnutrition.  Two huge ones that go together.

They tested for many types of yeast, so several of the kids had various specific ones that were high.  When any yeast over growth occurs whacky things can happen – like the yeast can take essential amino acids and turn them into things like aspirin in your stomach!


Yes.  That was happening.

So things like lacking Tyrosine (an essential amino acid), that you need to avoid things like OCD, proper thyroid function and anxiety… aren’t existent, no matter how much good food you’re eating.  This explains the extra weird “jerking” movements, and things that look like a tic of sorts, and issues with things like a change of the schedule, or not knowing what to do in new situations without an emotional shut down.  Then there is the oxalate imbalance it causes – very common with kids who have autism (and who have had severe reactions to mercury in vaccinations) as well.  Read about that here.

With some yeast over growth (candida over growth) you might never feel satiated while eating.  Your body will feed off of extra protein and sugars that you eat and make more yeast, making you think you’re STILL hungry – until you get a strong probiotic to get that monster under control.  This can lead to being over weight and feeling out of control.

The kids are now on a powerful 25 Billion probiotic daily.  We have dealt with some die-off issues, and have also done some detox baths (with Epsom salts and Apple Cider Vinegar) to help with the headaches.

With the malnutrition, it’s not just the amino acids, and not gaining weight, or height/development in areas – its vital vitamins for their immune system that are low too.  We have been taking extra of all of these things – but they’re not enough.  So, we’re taking “therapy levels” of these things to get them up to par.

Zinc – 30 mg

D3 + K drops (5-10 drops)

GMO Free Vit. C (1 tsp full = 1000 mg)

Probiotics (25 billion)

Fish Oil (1500 mg)

Vit. B

Eskaloft – (amino acid mix, 2 capsules a day)

Other than the fish oil, I can break the capsules and just put them in their morning smoothie.  Again, time-consuming – but worth it as we work through supporting and rebalancing their guts.

There are other things we need to address, including some low dopamine, and serotonin, as well as some neurotransmitter issues, detoxing issues and a need for glutathione.  This is where we are starting (with the food adjustments, supplements and exercises).

When I bought up MY gut during pregnancy being partly the blame for the issues at hand she reminded me that it was probably more like MY grandmother, and my own mother’s gut health for why the kids were at the level they were, as well the current toxin level in our country  – especially in regards to vaccines, and over use of medicines.  The good news (and I’d say this is great news) that while the kids will have to be very careful with their diets for the rest of their lives, and toxin loads … THEIR own children will have a better chance at a strong immune system and healthy gut, and avoiding auto immune diseases.  So the investment for our kids and their kids and so on – is totally worth it for us. 

We feel really good about things and the direction they’re going now.  The kids are progressing well on their exercises, which help them over come some reflex issues that were not fully developed at birth.  IF your child was on antibiotics that first year of life, or had any other toxin trauma or illness, it’s a great thing to check out.  It can affect their coordination, hand writing, their ability to learn may things and just how they process things.  There are several exercises the kids do – including the starfish (shown here), snow angel, figure eights, deep breathing, knee tapping/marching.  If you look up ADHD and Autism exercises, you’re bound to find a lot of info.  These are also discussed in the book “Disconnected Kids”.

The next two kids in line finished their OATS testing today, and we’ll be sending that in tomorrow.  Five of the kids will be seen at the next 2 month appointment.

OATS (Organic Acids Testing) check for yeast and fungal markers, Malabsorption and Bacterial Markers, Metabolites, Oxidation levels, nutritional markers, Detoxification issues, and amino acid metabolites.  Lots of great stuff in there needed to rebalance your gut – so you can absorb that great food you’re eating!!

Thankful to God for our productive week and all that God has planned through this process.  Healthy for Him!

“So then, brothers,we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh.  For if you live according to the flesh you will die,

but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.  

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sonsof God.  For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear,

but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!”   

The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, 

and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ,

provided we suffer with Him in order that we may also be glorified with Him.”

Romans 8:12-17



Big Deal.


We hosted our very first “Paleo” Thanksgiving this year.  The year before, we were “just” gluten-free, so it was still pretty easy to have many things to purchase, vs. making it all from scratch.  Personally, I think many of the nut flours smell so much better than just empty calorie “rice flour” and GMO corn, which is what most of the processed gluten-free items are.

We made 4 pumpkin pies, 1 pecan pie, 1 apple pie, and 1 chocolate cream pie.  We also made persimmons cookies, pumpkin rolls, zucchini bread, World’s Famous Bread (by Against All Grain), 2 pastured turkeys from Tropical Traditions (around 12lbs a piece), 2 pans of sweet potato casserole, cauliflower mash (with 4 heads of cauliflower), a huge bowl of organic fruit, and a very large organic salad with golden beets, cucumbers and radishes, and rainbow carrots (which were beautiful!).  For condiments, we made cranberry sauce and pan gravy (which was SO good… and I don’t even like gravy!)

We had left overs for several days…  but with all of that baking, it’s not a wonder that you go through bags and bags of nut flours!  I had been buying the Honeyville 5 lb bags of flour for $35, but when the price bumped up to $50 a bag before Thanksgiving, I nearly croaked!  I started searching for plan B – and found a BOX of finely ground GF flour for $150 on Amazon.  Granted, the box didn’t seem super easy to work with – but when you go through LOTS of nut flours… 25 lbs is nice to have on hand!  Also, it’s cold enough to store it in our mudroom vs. the fridge.


Speaking of cold.  We were grateful it was cold the weekend of Thanksgiving, because we were able to store our pies and much of our food in the trunk of the car in the garage.  We totally ran out of fridge space!!

We had much to be Thankful for.  While I was greatly missing my family in Iowa, being busy making the entire dinner offered me some therapy.  My Mother-In-Law did all of the clean up after the meal, and that worked out great (for me) too.


“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,

since as members of one body you were called to peace.

And be thankful.”

Colossians 3:15

Recovering Our Children (Part One)

Not just my children.  Our children.

There is another generation of children coming up… and the environmental factors are thick.

We’ve started a process with our children… it’s a recovery process, to help them reach optimal health.

It seems to be the next logical step in our health journey, maybe not to some, but to us.

We’re starting with the most obvious kids.  The ones that clear fall on the autism spectrum.  A term I wasn’t comfortable with when our P.A.T. educator mentioned it.

A word: Aspergers. 

“I won’t label my children.  They’re just unique,” I thought.  We homeschool.  I don’t need a label.

Some similarities like their father, I could easily excuse them as … “Normal for them.”
It was wasn’t until this process … of learning about our bodies that God so creatively designed, that I began to embrace.  There is more there.

There is much more, I knew. 

For my daughter, a sudden turn of events that I recall most vividly at 9 months old.  Tipping her back to nurse her, as she bit me and stared angrily.  Not like the baby I had been nursing the past 8 months.  An easy to please child, good sleeper and well natured.  Suddenly very lazy, refusing to walk and often crying for no reason for long periods of time.

Walking finally at 19 months, she seemed to never understand discipline.  Again, a blank stare, as if to never comprehend my simple words of instruction.    A sensitive head to the touch, and specific textures might push her over the edge.  She didn’t say, “I love you” to me, until 5 years-old, when prompted again and again.  I thought she lacked “common sense”, yet she met all of the “mile markers” in learning.  Clearly she could read, work with numbers… and was intelligent.  Listening was a struggle, as was big picture comprehension.  Why did she seem to defy me?  I knew hearing wasn’t a problem.  Was it listening?

As I learned more about this process… it is now clear to me how things went wrong, and how I had contributed to her well-being from pregnancy until now.  Apparently your odds go up after you have a child with autism.  1 in 5 will could have it.  Unless the  health of the mother is improved, the genetic effects are increasingly possible.  If those stats are anything like the celiac statistics, all of my younger 6 children are on the spectrum, and my guess is – to some degree, yes.

The recovery process started last week when we visited the holistic clinic I patient with.  Screening in a series of “games” played out, and much talking for over an hour to break down just what clues we have into where on the spectrum they fall, what makes them tick, and how to recover them.  A series of testing, for metals, food sensitivities (food cytotoxins) and missing amino acids was on the list.  The questions that I filled out prior to the appointment and the doctors’ questions also, helped me realize I was on the right track.

“Does she shrug their shoulders a lot?” she asked.

I nodded.

She loves to spin, and peels her skin… a creative child that can play the piano backwards with her hands behind her.  She loves animals, baking and crafts.  Making up stories and words…  She is certainly, unique…

She kept prompting her with questions and compliments that would be a normal lead in for a child to respond with a smile, or a “thank you.”  My daughter stares ahead.

“Was your pregnancy stressful?  Do you remember anything specific?”  the doctor asked.

“We were building our house,” I answered.  “I also had two other children ages 2 and 1.  I don’t remember anything specific.”

I could have been exposed to a number of things.  Stress though…. yes.

We talked about how important is that first year of life… what was hers like?   Had she been on antibiotics, which shots she was given? …her flu shot, of course.  We never used to miss a flu shot.

I mentioned the shots, the turn of events I could remember and how I didn’t know what was personality to “let be” and what I could truly help her with, empathy, love and emotions.  To help her left brain connect more with her right brain so she could get those common sense cues she seemed to be missing.

She gave her a series of exercises to work through each day, they take about 5 minutes total, and they will change every few weeks.  She gave her an adjustment, and we talked about the energy of the body and how stress effects them as well.  She even mentioned how her thyroid could be off, just due to the break down that happened in her diet from then on.

I’ve said it before, but we tend to look at the straw that broke the camels back.  But it’s never just “one straw” … nor is it one thing.  I believe our kids are poor methalytors of toxins, just like myself.  I think those toxins come in all forms in our environments, some more profound than others.  Cleaners, food additives, vaccines, food and then there are the things that break down the gut and don’t allow good elimination of toxins – antibiotics, stress, lack of sleep/exercise…  The bombardment of assaults on our kids in this day and age is … horrific.

We treat it, and accept it as normal.

Because we hadn’t fasted before our appointment mid-morning, we are doing our fasting blood workfree, I have high hopes that this will be one more step in the direction of being healthy for Him.

Praise and glory to God, for the doctors who desire true healing for these kids.  I pray for more parents to know the truth about the gut/brain connection, and those contributors that can devastatingly alter our children.  There IS hope.

Some might wonder… do I feel guilty for feeling like a contributed to the problems within our children?  I really don’t.  I can’t.  I know this has all been a learning process, and we can’t do better, until we know better.  God has used this entire struggle for His glory and honor, and we are greatly blessed by that.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good,
    for His steadfast love endures forever.”

Psalm 136:1

Is Luke Warm Ok?

I made these Paleo mini key-lime pies for our family last week.  They were a HUGE hit with the kids.  They were super impressed, and kept saying how much they loved them.  See the link for the recipe below!

I made these Paleo mini key-lime pies for our family last week. They were a HUGE hit with the kids. They were super impressed, and kept saying how much they loved them. See the link for the recipe below!

God says being luke warm about your faith in Him is NOT good… He would rather you be COLD, than luke warm.  I’d say He feels pretty strongly about it!

However, there are some things in life where a luke warm temperature IS a good idea.

Take drinking water for instance…

My husband never liked ice water, and I remember thinking – what is wrong with this guy?  Who drinks their water WARM?  Ick, right?

Turns out, he was probably following a cue from his body that room temp water is SO much better for our digestion!

I’ve read several articles and information that drinking a room temperature glass of water in the morning (with your supplements) before breakfast is a great idea.

We’re usually a bit low on fluids upon waking, so a full glass is a great idea to sip on while you’re making breakfast and taking your daily dose for your immune system!
Each night before bed, I prepare myself two drinks:

1)  A mug with warm/hot water with 1-2 T of BRAGGS apple cider vinegar and a lemon wedge in it.  I also add my MSM to this, and stir.  I drink this to take my 400 mg of Magnesium before bed, and my 1 mg melatonin as well.

2) A 32 oz glass of water with a lemon wedge and MSM to drink upon waking with my Armour thyroid medicine.

These two things tremendously help my digestion and aid in keeping my belly and body happy!

So, I guess sometimes “luke warm” is great idea!


“I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot.  I wish you were either one or the other! 

So because you are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold — I am about to spit you out of my mouth. 

You say, “I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.” 

But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.”

Revelation 3:15-17

Forever Changed


The world we live in is, in some ways, unfortunately predictable.

We assume that the government looks out for our best interest, that people with degrees in their fields are the experts we can rely on.

Through my blog I’m able to see places my blog is mentioned or linked to.  Recently I saw it linked to a Weight Watchers site message board… so I decided to click on the link and read a little bit about why someone had referred some one else to my blog.

Well low and behold it was a thread about MS.  The person who started the thread was venting about how someone tried to suggest looking to gluten intolerance and other sensitivities for the root source of the MS.

The said person was clearly upset that this helpful, loving person had made this claim – suggesting that something could be done, when she stated that it was “tough enough” having this disease and how insensitive this person was.

To give this fellow MS person some credit – doctors claim that no one knows what specifically causes MS, and they’re simply following what the doctor ordered.

But fill me in, when was it that we became VICTIMS in this society?  Why do we think that everything is genetic, or inevitable, or should be blamed on someone else?  Is it because we’ve heard it enough times?  Is it because taking out organs seems more reasonable that stopping the source of inflammation.

Think about it.  Back surgery, sinus surgery, eye surgery, taking out a gall bladder, an appendix, part of your colon… the list is endless.  All in the name of chronic inflammation!

While each person is so very different, we  DO know toxicity causes malfunction in the body, and the biggest toxicity we encounter daily (if we’re not purposeful)- is FOOD.  Gluten (with his huge genetically modified proteins) is such a common inflammatory for the gut and encourages leaky gut, and celiac disease – of COURSE it’s a major contributor as to why the body is malfunctioning in the case of ANY auto immune disease, cancer, behavioral issues and beyond.  We know countless other major toxins – from fluoride, to vaccinations, antibiotics, to mercury fillings and cleaners!   Once our guts are damaged – enter in countless food and environmental sensitivities, allergies and asthma. We are bombarded – daily.  (And this is NORMAL to us, why?)

What concerned me most about the thread… was there was only one other person who stood up for the helpful, loving person who tried to help.  They referred them to my blog about it being “all in your head” – because clearly gluten causes major neurological issues for some people (me, and those with MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and so on).  Meanwhile, others were encouraging this person to get their employer involved, and how that was crossing the line.

ONE person even stated how “these crazy people” who think disease is tied to food, claim you can treat cancer that way…

It literally broke my heart to read it.  (and because it was a closed discussion, I couldn’t post – or believe me, I would have chimed in with encouragement for her to read more of my blog , share other blogs and see a naturopath soon!)  Apparently that is the world we live in.  The one that wants a pill to fix everything, who believes chemo kills cancer but doesn’t harm their body, causing more cancer and killing the very immune system they need to battle cancer?

WAKE UP WORLD!!!   It’s true! You CAN treat all of these ailments with FOOD and natural supplements…  in fact, that’s the BEST first option there is to healing your body – but you need direction.  Especially if you’re eating a “Standard American Diet” – (SAD) – it’s going to be quite a change, but believe me – your health is worth it!

The quote on the picture above reminds me of the gospel message and Truth.  Once you know – you can’t NOT know... you’re accountable to God.

The same applies to health, and healing toxicity by feeding our bodies real, life food.  Now that I know… I can’t ignore the information God has blessed me with and make the choices I did before… or I will never be well.

How do we really think we get sick in the first place?  Do we honestly think everything is “just” genetic without triggers and environmental factors?

I had someone tell me today they were on a medication they had been on for 10 years, and that it was genetic, and no big deal.  The big deal is – the drug causes heart disease.  They simply thought walking more and eating more veggies would “fix it”…

Isn’t that a lofty thought?

I wish that because I worked out about an hour 5-6 days a week, and was fit and healthy and eat well – low carbs, low-fat… that some how *I TOO* would have been healthy.  We are SO far away from healthy in our country, we don’t even comprehend it.  For those people – who aren’t seeking… I often don’t know where to even begin.

Similarly to the gospel message to an unbeliever when their foundation is unbelievably different.

When God presents the opportunity.  I don’t stay quiet – I plant a seed.  I mention what I know… and PRAY for their desire to seek and learn more.  *similar to witnessing, right?!  What a blessing and a lovely opportunity to share the gospel and to explain what God created for us in food… for HIS best!

He is so good, and I am forever changed – again, and again.  Praise be to God.

 For those who choose not to listen and remain ignorant?  We pray for you – I was there once too.  He didn’t give up on me.

Here’s a recent study on gluten sensitivity and MRI findings.  Just for those with MS who are seeking real answers.

“But now, Lord, what do I look for?
    My hope is in you.”

Psalm 39:7

Little Things, Big Effects!


I thought I might peel back the layers of my health onion in the past few months. I wanted to take a look at how each piece of my health puzzle has weighed in on making me so sick. After all, things DON’T just happen over-night, and they don’t fix themselves with one magic pill either.

So where did I go wrong?

I was eating healthy. I was exercising 4-6 days a week. I had taken out gluten and dairy – as my body couldn’t process either one. How did my body continue to take such a hit each time I was cross contaminated and why was it missed?


Remember how I had taken out coffee (which I dearly loved, but recognized something about it made me sick – like gluten?) Well, it seemed anything from that roasting type process was an inflammatory to me – personally, but it causes problems in many people with auto immune disease. Normally it’s a fabulous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory… but for me, it just isn’t safe. After 6 months off of coffee… I decided I would try some again at the end of September.

Within a week. I had uveitis.

On steroid eye drops and dilation drops, and realizing coffee could have played a part… I gave up coffee right away. Within 3-4 weeks my uveitis improved. By the time I met with the uveitis specialist, he said it couldn’t be uveitis, because it went away too quickly… he claimed it was scleritis. My eye doctor said it wasn’t. You see where this got me.

“People have it for months, sometimes years,” the specialist said.

“But I’m fairly certain of what triggered mine, couldn’t that make it go away more quickly?” I questioned.

“There have been no studies tying it to diet,” he touted.

Now of course there are no studies that would tied coffee specifically TO uveitis… because for some, it’s probably not an inflammatory. I also predict MOST people with uveitis and auto immune disease in general aren’t making the gluten/gut permeability connection – to know that other foods could potentially be seeping into their blood stream and causing more symptoms.

BUT, if you’re as in tune with what is setting off your body as much as I have had to be …. you just might.

As well – YOU should. YOU are an expert of you. No one else.

Personally, I was shocked to realize how many foods I consumed on a regular basis, were making me sick – but I call that being aware, and taking responsibility for my health by avoiding those foods, vs. continuing to make my auto immune disease issues worsen, and broaden.

When I had my food cytotoxin report done, it confirmed that same thing – coffee was highly inflammatory to my body – and was breaking down my white blood cells. Tea was also in the category. I didn’t notice the SAME effects from tea as I did from coffee. Other things like rice, and almonds were in there – which most know that even gluten-free grains are usually loaded with rice flour.



As I removed those foods recommended from that blood test… I saw an improvement in my health. The only two things I had changed that first month, while doing my other homework of tests… was removing foods on the list and changing to a higher quality fish oil. Both things contributed to an improvement – but I was still … so tired. Clearly my immune system and thyroid were just not making progress on their own.


So after that, I added in Thyroid Energy, and was making more progress… I was hopeful. The systemic pain had gone down significantly – but was still random. The energy was improved, but I didn’t feel “like myself” yet.

As I’ve made more changes I kept coming back to my Starbucks tea, and knowing I just didn’t feel that super after having it. Usually not immediate – I just felt… foggy, and more tired. Not the effect I was looking for from caffeine.

“I wonder what else can help me improve?” I considered. I started taking that CoQ10 enzyme and L-Glutathione, as well as Milk Thistle for liver support as more toxins left my body.

CoQ10 and L-Glutathione ADDED IN

After my second meeting with my naturopath – and going over most of my results… I started on a half of a grain of natural Armour and a few other vitamin supplements. It took about a week, and I really started feeling – more and more improvements.

ARMOUR THYROID ADDED & A LOADED PROBIOTIC at 256 billion (yes, even more powerful than my daily dose of 50 billion!)

Because I have eliminated so much from my diet – it’s pretty easy to figure out when something doesn’t agree with me. While seemingly strange to most – it’s my reality – and the reality of most people with auto immune disease issues.

A week later a thoughtful friend brought me some organic white tea leaves to try making her favorite tea, since I had success with an organic green/ginger tea. I read everything I could about their brand of tea, the leaves, etc. I had two cups one night – smooth, delicious.

The next day I regretted it. I hurt all over, and was so foggy all day…

It just shows me that once you have gut permeability issues from gluten or yeast damage… it can be completely random what sets your system off – things that SEEM like they should be good for you.

The damage may be the unthinkable, or unimaginable – but it’s very real and sometimes crazy frustrating.

So now I’m on the auto immune disease protocol diet. While I hate “labels” – it’s the best way to explain partly how I eat “works”… It’s a modified Paleo diet. No grains, dairy, yeast or soy. Some organic meat, eggs, organic fruits and veggies, juices, and supplements.

When people say, “What CAN you eat?” The answer is – plenty. I eat LIVE premium foods and am making efforts each day to remove toxins from our house and our family’s lives. When you know better, you do better. I just didn’t realize how each “little” decision I made impacted my health so GREATLY.

I’m feeling strong and wonderful right now and I’m so thankful for my health! I used to take my health for granted. It’s true that you don’t often know what you have, until it’s gone! Now I protect my health, and I work at it every day as I try to live not as a patient, but as a person!

My husband I were counting our blessings this weekend and I stated, “I really thought I was dying.” He said, “You were dying.” and agreed he thought I was going to continue to worsen. What a helpless feeling, as a spouse. Thanks be to God, the Restorer of my health. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance to make the best choices and choose health.

“The Lord sustains them on their sickbed
and restores them from their bed of illness.”

Psalm 41:3

Auto-Immune Protocol

Taken from the book "Practical Paleo" - just WHO should be on an auto immune disease diet?  Check it out. #1 rule on the list?  REMOVE GLUTEN from your diet.

Taken from the book “Practical Paleo” – just WHO should be on an auto immune disease diet? Check it out. #1 rule on the list? REMOVE GLUTEN from your diet.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?
 I suppose I skimmed over some pages in a few of my Paleo and Auto Immune Disease books as I was one of the few who didn’t have multiple auto immune diseases.  RIGHT?

Bad idea.

Well the reason so many auto immune diseases are tied together – is because of leaky gut, and an impaired immune system through inability to absorb necessary vitamins and minerals.

So what is the AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE PROTOCOL?  It’s basically a revised Paleo Diet, but can vary as everyone has different inflammatories, based on where your gut damage is, and how you are uniquely made.

NO GRAINS (only nut based flours – coconut, almond, hazelnut meal)

NO EGGS (I can eat these, but they are a problem for most because they are inflammatory)

NO NUTS (I can’t eat peanuts or almonds, therefore almond flour is out)

NO SEEDS (including cocoa, coffee and seed based spices) – this rings true for me, although I do eat chia seeds without problems.

NO NIGHTSHADES (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, sweet and hot peppers)


NO NSAIDS (which ironically are what the “specialists” told me to take!  But they are bad for your gut)

Then there is the possibility that other foods are causing you issues through gluten cross-reactivity which require a food cytotoxin blood test to sort out.

Sounds miserable?  It’s NOT.  There is plenty I can eat, and I feel fabulous.  (Which is of UTMOST importance!)  I eat to live.

Lots of vegetables, grass-fed meat, bacon, chicken and fish!  God is good.  He is restoring me – and I’m so thankful.

Will I ever be ‘cured’ of my auto immune diseases?  The answer is no.

I need to eat to live – and improve my health – for the rest of my life.

That means – eat organic, get rid of as many chemicals as I can from my body, exercise regularly, keep my stress level lowered – and sleep well every night!

I’m still vulnerable to illness and having flares if I get accidentally cross contaminated, or my stress level overloads.  Anyone with auto immune disease is in a constant battle for their health – and much of it depends on choices they make.  Someone with AI disease shouldn’t ever consume gluten again – the systemic damage will pick right back up, even though many effects can slowed down, or reversed – depending on how severe the damage has gotten.  (Anyone who has the HLA genes shouldn’t sit around like a ticking time bomb – waiting for your auto immune disease or cancer to appear.  If these types of auto immune diseases are in your family – chances are, you have those dominant genes.  It just makes sense to remove gluten as a start.)

I, however, am not my auto immune diseases, and through continued health and detoxing – our family doesn’t plan to add any new auto immune disease to our lists!  We are grateful to have this opportunity to take responsibility of our health as best we can.  We encourage you to do the same.

He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters,
He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
    for His name’s sake.

Psalm 23:2-3

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