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Have You Been “Doctored”?


Early on in my journey for seeking answers on my health issues, I Googled a lot, and read a lot.  (Who am I kidding?  I still read a lot!) 🙂

I used to be slightly offended when people would say, “Oh, did you just read that some where?”  (As if this indicated it was in your head, not verified by a western medicine doctor or bloodwork.)  Unfortunately, as I found out – there are countless limitations to western medical testing and blood testing.

While searching, I often came across things called “quack reports” from a site called “QUACK WATCH”.  I assume these were informational pages to help people from making foolish decisions, and to keep the masses from doing unnecessary procedures, or listening to “quacks”.

I for one, was a bit leery about doing some of the testing I did with my naturopath – because it was listed on quack watch and some of Web MD and Wikipedia as … for lack of better word – bunk.

No one wants to be played a fool.

Clearly medical doctors follow science – and so, they must have the leg up on some of these more natural ways of doing things…  right?  I mean, they’re doctors.

Well, as my mother-in-law once said – they’re PRACTICING medicine, so that is what they know.  Medicine.  Not healing your body inside out.  They’re obviously not God, and they don’t have all of the answers.

If fluoride were dangerous why is it in our toothpaste and water supply?  (Great question – because it’s dangerous!)  If metals are dangerous, why is a 50% mercury amalgam filling allowed in someone’s head and why do they put thirmosal in flu vaccines? (Great question because it’s the most toxic metal on earth!) If all of these vaccines weren’t safe for newborns and babies why do they get SO many shots from first breath to  age 5? (why again is ADHD, food sensitivities and Autism on the rise – could these two things be related?) Why are women put on Synthroid for thyroid issues, and still having major problems?  (When natural options that have T3 and T4 are available and cost so much less with no side effects?)   If alternative medicine were the right way to fight disease –  if it was THAT effective, medical doctors would have already been doing it – right?

Oh my.  I could have never been more wrong.

Turns out the “quacks” aren’t so nuts after all.

Well, let’s start with what IS a quack and who came up with “quack watch”?  What is really their motive and why in the world wouldn’t we have figured out the truth by now?

If you’ve seen the Beautiful Truth, or The Gerson Miracle, than you know some about this.  It’s the AMA who set up a committee in the 60s to label and repeat the term “quacks” for any type of chiropractor, holistic doctor or treatment to steer people away from natural healing practices – ensuring their own ability to make money.  You know, doctors can’t make enough money if people eat  well and live a healthy lifestyle.  I’m guessing they thought if they repeated the word “QUACK” enough, people would steer clear of these helps, and true cures, and assume medical doctors were the ultimate authority on health and well being.

For many people – it’s worked.  In fact, unless you’ve really been challenged in the western medicine format – you’re probably content to go right along with the crowd – taking out organs and taking pills to mask the disease.  Partly for fear (and they LOVE thrusting us into a cycle of fear – don’t they?  Just ask Chris Wark from and partly just due to time – you wouldn’t research something – you don’t question.

BUT, if you’re like me – and so many countless others – who didn’t fit their mold, and didn’t want what they were selling… perhaps you took another route – and discovered… there’s a whole lot of lying and selling going on.  All for the sake of money, and pride and the cost is YOUR health and future.

The movie Doctored explains in great depth how the whole scandal came about, and it’s rather sickening for any intelligent person to realize – they’ve been HAD.  Not just a little bit – but basically your whole life.

From what we learn in school regarding diet and nutrition (how many servings of whole grains again??), to what is required to even get into school (how many shots and what is in them?)  It’s all based on a profit margin, and your health is NOT the focus.  Races for a cure, researching things like rare cancers and diseases – all could be SO much less, it’s insane.

The FDA and USDA present food that they know makes people sick, and yet – labels and regulations are manipulated to get by.

Due to our own daily attack on our bodies – through horrific,  poor diets, high amounts of stress, and poor quality sleep…  disease and the selling of pharmaceuticals seems to be the norm.

It’s expected, in fact.  

Doctors tell us everything is genetic, and we believe that too… and we fall into the same traps our parents did, only we’re sicker younger…  and we get on drugs sooner – for longer… and we expect this?

So when you’re wondering just who is telling the truth, when you read anything from quack watch – watch DOCTORED the movie (and friend them on Facebook, they’re working on a new video called UNDOCTORED as well), and be prepared to see things in a whole new light.  You will see various issues from several families and patients that will be enough to make you realize the truth.

Thanks to technology – a lot of people are waking up to the reality of what has happened and continuing to happen – unless we make some serious changes.

It’s an unfortunate day when a medical doctor degrades a patient for being knowledgable about their body, symptoms and situation.  Many times, now a days, patients know more about their disease and symptoms before a general practitioner does – because they have an invested interested in learning and a specific disease they’re showing symptoms for.  Licensed holistic doctors encourage patients to co-learn and be responsible for their health.  (and we should be responsible – it’s our life on the line)

In both cases – a doctor can only say so much… it has to be the patient who acts.  In the case of alternative medicine – you have an option to change your life to be healthy – as your whole body works as one amazing machine.  In western medicine, you continue masking each symptom of the source of your problems until the weakest part breaks down first – and you die.

Such a pleasant thought.  Which path do you want to be on?

** A small disclaimer that there are plenty of doctors who do not realize what they are doing – and their intent isn’t to harm people… they are simply practicing as they were taught to.  They were only required to take about 6 credit hours of time focus on nutrition.  Information on auto immunity and cancers being all tied to toxicity, food stress and sleep weren’t as clear as they are today – and essentially they have been sold a bill of goods as well.  I forgive them, and extend grace to them, just as God extends His grace to me.

“The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor.  And the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty, while our presentable parts need no special treatment. But God has put the body together, giving greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.  If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

1 Cor. 12:21-27

Little Things, Big Effects!


I thought I might peel back the layers of my health onion in the past few months. I wanted to take a look at how each piece of my health puzzle has weighed in on making me so sick. After all, things DON’T just happen over-night, and they don’t fix themselves with one magic pill either.

So where did I go wrong?

I was eating healthy. I was exercising 4-6 days a week. I had taken out gluten and dairy – as my body couldn’t process either one. How did my body continue to take such a hit each time I was cross contaminated and why was it missed?


Remember how I had taken out coffee (which I dearly loved, but recognized something about it made me sick – like gluten?) Well, it seemed anything from that roasting type process was an inflammatory to me – personally, but it causes problems in many people with auto immune disease. Normally it’s a fabulous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory… but for me, it just isn’t safe. After 6 months off of coffee… I decided I would try some again at the end of September.

Within a week. I had uveitis.

On steroid eye drops and dilation drops, and realizing coffee could have played a part… I gave up coffee right away. Within 3-4 weeks my uveitis improved. By the time I met with the uveitis specialist, he said it couldn’t be uveitis, because it went away too quickly… he claimed it was scleritis. My eye doctor said it wasn’t. You see where this got me.

“People have it for months, sometimes years,” the specialist said.

“But I’m fairly certain of what triggered mine, couldn’t that make it go away more quickly?” I questioned.

“There have been no studies tying it to diet,” he touted.

Now of course there are no studies that would tied coffee specifically TO uveitis… because for some, it’s probably not an inflammatory. I also predict MOST people with uveitis and auto immune disease in general aren’t making the gluten/gut permeability connection – to know that other foods could potentially be seeping into their blood stream and causing more symptoms.

BUT, if you’re as in tune with what is setting off your body as much as I have had to be …. you just might.

As well – YOU should. YOU are an expert of you. No one else.

Personally, I was shocked to realize how many foods I consumed on a regular basis, were making me sick – but I call that being aware, and taking responsibility for my health by avoiding those foods, vs. continuing to make my auto immune disease issues worsen, and broaden.

When I had my food cytotoxin report done, it confirmed that same thing – coffee was highly inflammatory to my body – and was breaking down my white blood cells. Tea was also in the category. I didn’t notice the SAME effects from tea as I did from coffee. Other things like rice, and almonds were in there – which most know that even gluten-free grains are usually loaded with rice flour.



As I removed those foods recommended from that blood test… I saw an improvement in my health. The only two things I had changed that first month, while doing my other homework of tests… was removing foods on the list and changing to a higher quality fish oil. Both things contributed to an improvement – but I was still … so tired. Clearly my immune system and thyroid were just not making progress on their own.


So after that, I added in Thyroid Energy, and was making more progress… I was hopeful. The systemic pain had gone down significantly – but was still random. The energy was improved, but I didn’t feel “like myself” yet.

As I’ve made more changes I kept coming back to my Starbucks tea, and knowing I just didn’t feel that super after having it. Usually not immediate – I just felt… foggy, and more tired. Not the effect I was looking for from caffeine.

“I wonder what else can help me improve?” I considered. I started taking that CoQ10 enzyme and L-Glutathione, as well as Milk Thistle for liver support as more toxins left my body.

CoQ10 and L-Glutathione ADDED IN

After my second meeting with my naturopath – and going over most of my results… I started on a half of a grain of natural Armour and a few other vitamin supplements. It took about a week, and I really started feeling – more and more improvements.

ARMOUR THYROID ADDED & A LOADED PROBIOTIC at 256 billion (yes, even more powerful than my daily dose of 50 billion!)

Because I have eliminated so much from my diet – it’s pretty easy to figure out when something doesn’t agree with me. While seemingly strange to most – it’s my reality – and the reality of most people with auto immune disease issues.

A week later a thoughtful friend brought me some organic white tea leaves to try making her favorite tea, since I had success with an organic green/ginger tea. I read everything I could about their brand of tea, the leaves, etc. I had two cups one night – smooth, delicious.

The next day I regretted it. I hurt all over, and was so foggy all day…

It just shows me that once you have gut permeability issues from gluten or yeast damage… it can be completely random what sets your system off – things that SEEM like they should be good for you.

The damage may be the unthinkable, or unimaginable – but it’s very real and sometimes crazy frustrating.

So now I’m on the auto immune disease protocol diet. While I hate “labels” – it’s the best way to explain partly how I eat “works”… It’s a modified Paleo diet. No grains, dairy, yeast or soy. Some organic meat, eggs, organic fruits and veggies, juices, and supplements.

When people say, “What CAN you eat?” The answer is – plenty. I eat LIVE premium foods and am making efforts each day to remove toxins from our house and our family’s lives. When you know better, you do better. I just didn’t realize how each “little” decision I made impacted my health so GREATLY.

I’m feeling strong and wonderful right now and I’m so thankful for my health! I used to take my health for granted. It’s true that you don’t often know what you have, until it’s gone! Now I protect my health, and I work at it every day as I try to live not as a patient, but as a person!

My husband I were counting our blessings this weekend and I stated, “I really thought I was dying.” He said, “You were dying.” and agreed he thought I was going to continue to worsen. What a helpless feeling, as a spouse. Thanks be to God, the Restorer of my health. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance to make the best choices and choose health.

“The Lord sustains them on their sickbed
and restores them from their bed of illness.”

Psalm 41:3

Cause and Cure?

Hands down, the best book I've been reading recently.  Think there isn't a cure or  reason for auto immune disease?  Study after study in this book show enzymes your body is missing which triggers certain auto immune and degenerative diseases.  Why would you be missing those key enzymes, vitamins and minerals?  Allow me to explain...

Hands down, the best book I’ve been reading recently. Think there isn’t a cure or reason for auto immune disease? Study after study in this book show enzymes, vitamins and minerals your body is missing which trigger specific auto immune and degenerative diseases. Why would you be missing those key enzymes, vitamins and minerals? Allow me to explain…

As I’ve studied gluten the past (almost) year, I’ve gone from thinking gluten was the poison for celiac disease… Gluten is also a poison for those who are gluten intolerant/sensitive/allergic, to understanding gluten is a poison to anyone with chronic disease… to realizing that gluten is just plain BAD NEWS.

But, HOW bad?

When I read that your over all health deterioration “starts in your gut” – I didn’t quite understand what that meant. For a celiac, I knew that gluten could break down your gut lining – and essentially widened pores allowed “leaking” of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to your body… but what I hadn’t considered is how ALL disease works (auto immune disease, cancer, thyroid and hormone issues) – and how your gut health is tied to this much more closely than I once considered.

When your food is leaked into your blood stream – it causes mutations in your cells, DNA and your immune system. When your gut is overloaded with toxins – it bogs down your liver and kidneys. It can create some crazy issues with your cells.

Your body can’t function as it was designed.

Suddenly your body is fighting itself… and unable to fight other intruders. Essential enzymes aren’t able to form or function – and then next thing you know… you have cancer… or MS… or Sjogrens, or Parkinson’s… the list is endless, but the main area where it originated is the same.

So, what role do genes play? They are significant… but the ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS are the triggers. Books and doctors say they are “unknown” – or they have suspects. However, the bottom line is – it starts in your gut… the physical, mental and biochemistry aspects – ALL play a role and interact with one another and it starts there.

It leads me to believe that WAY more people have “celiac disease” (or damaged guts) than they’re thinking… only they’re not able to CALL it “celiac disease” unless – they do a blood test and you’re showing one specific antibody (out of 5) for ONE specific gluten protein (out of hundreds), OR they MIGHT find it if they purposefully do an endoscopy with multiple biopsies for that damage…

OR you might purposefully go in for that biopsy – and they could miss it. For years…

I would wager that anyone who has any auto immune disease, or a compromised immune system of ANY KIND – has gut damage from stress, diet, and toxins and that’s why the body has turned against itself. Cancer? Gut damage. Degenerative disease? Yes… gut damage.

What can you DO??

Is gluten “that bad”??

Yes. I’m sorry. I believe that it is. I used to think it wasn’t… and that it was only bad for some … but as I continue to grow and learn – I simply think SOME PEOPLE who the signs earlier of how bad it is – and others end up with asthma, thyroid issues, cancer or some other disease. Gluten being a cause – is NEVER addressed because it’s such a part of our food system and “food products”. Patients are given medicines to mask the symptoms that are at that source of the damage – and yet, the source is continually fed.

How is it fed? Simply stated – your body can’t process gluten like other fruits, vegetables, and organic protein… and stress worsens the scenario – so it sits. It coats and clogs up your digestive system – you begin absorbing stool instead of releasing it as you should (nice thought, I know…) and you can then have a built up of bad yeast in your stomach as well (which can cause systemic candida), that is also being fed by grains (carbs) and refined sugars.

If it’s not “bad enough” that gluten can cause systemic inflammation – than the gut issue is just one more reason to kick gluten to the curb… because it’s a START in reversing the cell damage and function of your body.

There IS a reason integral medicine, functional medicine, and holistic nutritionists #1 dietary suggestion is removing gluten from your diet. It’s destructive to our health… and they know it – because they’ve dealt with the nutritional ins and outs of disease.

So what about gluten-free foods? I feel similarly. They’re “safer” – but should be used very sparingly, preferably not at all. Many of them are SUPER high in calories, and absent of nutrition. I think they’re way over used and promoted as “safe”- but it can be a really bad idea to just switch your old ways of eating – into thinking that buying “gluten-free” products is safe enough. There is a reason why some 40-60% of “celiacs” don’t get well on a gluten-free diet… and why SO many people are embracing ways like the Paleo lifestyle.

So what should be the steps to healing your gut? Diagnosed “celiac”, gluten sensitive, or what EVER health ailment you have…

* find a licensed holistic doctor who practices functional medicine (great youtube – worth watching on how the triangle of health works, and how functional medicine is different from the norm.) They will also take a look at your current medications and help address the sources of your health issues – providing a more natural option that has the least amount of side effects.

* do blood work to check for many vitamin/mineral levels, and enzyme deficiencies (which are shown time and time again to be the cause of chronic disease and auto immune disease) as well as any other foods your body might be fighting.

* check hormones levels for underlying thyroid issues or other hormone deficiencies.

* check toxin levels (this is important – your body can be struggling to filter toxins, so they spill out everywhere they shouldn’t be in the body!) You can be full of metals or yeast – and have no idea how that is breaking down your health.

When I realized that gluten was major issue for me, I suppose I assumed that my GP or my GI doctor would do a certain amount of tests to see where my vitamin/mineral and enzyme levels were (?) Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with nutritional fixes – most medical doctors are not going to test things they can’t medicate to “treat” you for. Furthermore, most insurance companies also won’t pay for those tests either.

But the good news is? We have choices. We can be empowered to not be another medical statistic – but to make choices that will help us be naturally healthy for Him. You can increase your possible life expectancy – like just a few generations ago… before all of these processed foods, and products became our normal way to feed our bodies. YOU CAN live without eating out multiple times a week. It’s true. (You actually don’t HAVE to eat out at all!!) Yes, it might take some time and planning – but I think your health and future are worth it. Don’t you?

KNOW what you’re putting into your body. Eat to LIVE, don’t live to eat…

“Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

John 8:32

Let’s Chat About Thyroid Issues…

I've been working on my work calendar, planning for the new year.  I don't know the last time I was able to plan ahead!  That new Synergy flavor is awesome too!  "Passionberry Bliss" YUM.

I’ve been working on my work calendar, planning for the new year. I don’t know the last time I was able to plan ahead! That new Synergy flavor is awesome too! “Passionberry Bliss” YUM.

I have friends with thyroid imbalances… but never had mine tested before this year.

Why would there be a need to?  I’ve never felt sluggish… or “off” after a pregnancy… I really never felt off until I stopped nursing our last child.  Oh wait, my body never really had a break from nursing or pregnancy, 12 years prior to that.  Pregnancy WAS my normal.

My maternal grandmother had thyroid cancer… my maternal grandfather had Graves disease… but I never realized this.  Apparently BOTH major markers of me having mine checked on a regular basis.

I remember when I was pregnant with our 7th, I had every hypo-thyroid symptom in the book…  but I just “knew” it was pregnancy… after all, I didn’t have problems with my thyroid.

Or so I thought.

After everything that happened last year, and my motivation took a nose dive…  I assumed it was all related to everything I was trying to tackle – not my thyroid working against me.

Then I continued getting worse… and more tired, and less motivated.  I thought it was the Sjogrens symptoms, and fibromyalsia… chronic fatigue.  Check, check and check – those were all dead on.  My vitamin level (lows) all prove to be tied to these symptoms… but again, how many doctors are truly skilled on nutritional needs of the body?

I went to an endocrinologist – one I really loved… and she looked for my (non-fasting) TSH my PCP ran a month prior – and said I was fine.  She ran tests for auto immune thyroid disease (which checks for IgA for those diseases), and not surprisingly… I didn’t show positive for that.  Remember, I barely make IgA – so none of those tests can be trusted…  I’m unsure WHY they run those, knowing that.

My symptoms have been ignored as normal:

Low body temp

Low BP

Low energy/motivation

Troubles swallowing/breathing sometimes (thyroid sonogram showed nothing, attributed this to Sjogrens)

Cold Hands/Feet

Hair falling out/Dry Hair

Constipation/Hard Stools

Low Sex Drive


Dry Skin

Brain Fog

Gaining weight despite eating at a deficit


Crabby?  Who me?

and on and on and on… I guess these are all classic signs.  But my thyroid checked out ok – with my TSH just below a 3, and no auto immune disease blood results – I was sent on my way.




Several months ago, I had a fellow like-minded health-aware mom tell me that IF my thyroid was a problem, make sure I went to a functional medicine Dr.,  preferably a woman… because the last thing I would want to go on – having celiac, was SYNTHROID.

Hmm…  I remember that conversation in the back of my mind now… but I never really “got it” until most recently.

Almost everyone I know, who has thyroid imbalance… is ON Synthroid.

Is it bad?  Well, apparently it shuts down your thyroid so you have to be on it…. for life.

Sounds like a pretty good deal.

For drug companies.

So much that some doctors won’t take patients that refuse it.  They bad mouth other, more natural options, as “old-fashioned” – even if patients feel better on it.  Some are even ignored, who don’t feel better on it…  What a hopeless feeling that must be.

READ MORE ABOUT issues with Synthroid and unheard thyroid issues here.  There are gobs of natural healing websites that discuss healthier options that don’t include Synthroid as the treatment.

When my latest thyroid numbers came back, alongside my cortisol test that tested my saliva 4x throughout the day… a notation was made. “May need thyroid therapy.” 

My reverse T3 was through the roof…  and apparently my body knew it was stressed, because the numbers that were showing up for my T3 and T4 were low, and they weren’t accurate on their own – as those other elements were adding into why I felt so horrible.  On this path – my adrenals would be burning out.  Exactly what I suspected was happening – and asked the endocrinologist about last October.  Apparently your ratio of Free T3 to RT3 should be above 20.  Mine was 9.3.

Originally, my TSH and Free T3 and Free T4 weren’t checked with my RT3.  They really still look at that one number… and not HOW your body is getting that number.  Since your thyroid fluctuates… it’s not some “snap shot” answer.  If symptoms are there, something needs to be looked into.  Many people still don’t feel well on T4 only treatment – and feel like they don’t have any other options at health.

Can I tell you how thankful I am for my naturopath Dr?  Very.

I’m not sure where things will go from here… but after studying some, I did start a “NOW” brand “Thyroid Energy”… and am taking that once a day around noon – to avoid my drop out in the afternoon/evening… as I await my appoint with my naturopath in a few weeks.  I can tell a difference, but I’m not sure if it’s enough – for now, it’s a positive I need.

Knowing we’re continuing on the right path – to health, is a HUGE blessing to me.  It’s that HOPE for this year, that has made all of the difference.

I think part of it, for me, is realizing I am a partner with my doctor – and they encourage you to learn to be well.  It’s not a doctor offended that you’re trying to learn about what is going on inside your body, out of a power-trip they that know more about a speciality than you do, due to scientific case studies which don’t include the right here and now of YOU – it truly is a partnership, where you feel heard – and helped.

YOU are the expert of your body.  You live in your body, and you know how you feel.  Something that is normal for you, might not be an abnormal level to someone else.

I spent 12 months explaining how I was continuing to go downhill…  with blood results that wouldn’t match up with the truth of what was going on.  It reached a point – I didn’t even feel like talking about it anymore.  I guessed this was just how I was going to be… forever.

I was beginning to see why many women just end up on antidepressants and anxiety medications.

Praise God for how much improvement I have made in just a month!  I truly can’t even believe it myself.  Each day in the right direction is a huge encouragement.  For anyone out there suffering from similar symptoms – such as fibromyalsia, low IgA or chronic fatigue, or any other “auto immune disease” issue…  if you have hypo-thryoid symptoms but your TSH looks “within range”… then save yourself some major time and pain.  Find a licensed doctor in functional medicine and find the reality you CAN be well again.

You’ll be glad you did.

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.”

Hebrews 12:28-29

Homework – Complete!


I finished the last of my homework today.

It was a simple 6 hour urine collection test called the DMSA Challenge test for heavy metal poisoning… They’re looking for mercury obviously.  The metals bind to the substance, and it comes out through your urine.  We’ll see what they say.  I have an appointment with my naturopath in 2 weeks.

Ironically, in the time that I wrote to you about metals, and vaccines – we took our son, who had low IgA, IgM and borderline IgG to the immunologist specialist.  It was a super nice facility – clean, and everyone was friendly, as it was child specific.  The check in person was the only one who faced the computer… the usual questions with a new normal one this year, “what pharmacy would you like us to use?”


Of course I’m thinking I’m not going to be leaving with a prescription… so that question throws me, but I answer it accordingly and move on.

The doctor was very informative, and friendly.  He interacted greatly with my child.  Friendly – kind and warm.  He never touched the computer.  He did wash his hands VERY well, twice, and I was quite impressed with him.

He could tell I was skeptical, and not the run of the mill parent looking to medicate their child for asthma immediately.  After all, we had actually tried him on Singular for about a week – before realizing it turned him into 50 shades of evil.  (Honestly, even after dealing with him on steroids for croup – that was nothing compared to this!)  Asthma was mentioned several times… and several times, I reminded him of his marketed improvement since May…  It’s not as if this child is monthly on an inhaler.  This must be their catch-all answer for kids with respiratory issues.

So after my decline on that, his thoughts were, we could draw blood – check and see if his body made antibodies for the vaccines he had as a child… specific ones.  He said, if he has antibodies for them – he made just have a weak immune system.  {He called this “bad luck” – not realizing I’m not a believer in things like that… but anyway.}  (I’m ok with working on that with a naturopath really…)  If he doesn’t have any antibodies, that we have something else on our hands.  I’m going to assume the first part.

It would make sense that his immune system wasn’t ever that stellar – considering he got croup at 4 months old…  and has struggled with breathing issues and sleep up until about May.

When I was pregnant with him I had classic thyroid issues – freezing cold, sleepy, vertigo from low BP, and the worst bout of celiac in between him and my previous son.  He probably has some major yeast issues as well – as the boy CRAVES sugar and carbs… and is a little tank.

Oh… one other thing he mentioned?  About him having a severe reaction to the H1N1 vaccine?  “It was probably his immune system doing it’s job, and we should try it again until doctor supervision.”

Let me tell you this… after you have a severe reaction like that with YOUR child, the LAST thing you want to do – is try that again.  Once you put a shot in… there is NO TAKING IT OUT.  It was an extremely HELPLESS feeling… to feel like you “did that” to your child.  I would much rather prepare and build his immune system… then EVER try that again.

But I smiled… and listened…  and thought he was a crazy man.

In 3 weeks we should know if he recommends more testing – but I’m going go with what we’re working on is already benefiting him.  He’s not had a major bout or hospitalization since MAY, when we went gluten-free/dairy-free.

Call me crazy…  they MIGHT be connected.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

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