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Fully Educated. Not Full of Fear.

Delicious organic apples - apples are one of the dirties on the list of pesticide filled fruits!  We always buy organic and then soak them in a sink of cold water and 1/4 of white vinegar for 20 minutes.  A perfect ready to go snack!

Delicious organic apples – apples are one of the dirties on the list of pesticide filled fruits! We always buy organic and then soak them in a sink of cold water and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar for 20 minutes. A perfect ready to go snack!

One thing I don’t like about some documentaries, are their scare tactic approach.  I know, its often serious business, the information presented … and the dramatic music really adds to the mood of the piece…

But really?  I just don’t care for it.

Cut to the chase.

Give me some studies to look up.  Site other information for me to read further on myself.  I simply won’t read one book, article or watch one documentary and believe it at face value.

The bottom line is, anyone can say anything – on the internet or otherwise…  but one wants to know – is it TRUE?  Or WHO is telling the truth.

It doesn’t take anyone very long to figure out I don’t trust western medicine like I once did.

Fearful?  No.  Educated and experienced.  It’s amazing the peace those two things bring… IF God-led.

Now, there certain is a time and a place for life saving and reconstruction surgeries as well as pain medications.  But unfortunately, like the bad sell of “a majority” … A majority of appointments, procedures, testing and prescriptions written in western medicine when it comes to disease.  It simply isn’t neccesary, nor does it get to the root of the issues.  What is the body lacking?  Why is it malfunctioning?  Get to the source!  The Root!

I can’t tell you how many people with disease were made to feel like their symptoms were made up, for attention, or in their head.  While I’m sure there are patients like that, somewhere… with time and money to burn.  For the people who are legitimately seeking… it’s VERY degrading, and adds loads of external stress to an already compromised immune system.

Our children have been along this ride with us.  Some might say they’re brain washed – and that’s their opinion, however, they’ve experienced plenty themselves, and they understand the difference.  They “get” what it’s like to be sick almost all of the time and where this dramatic inflammation, and compromised immunity comes from… and now we are blessed to rarely have a cold!

Even my son, while doing his school today, said, “Mom, listen to this… it’s the modern Hippocratic Oath… have you heard it?”  The condensed version, yes – I had read it.  So he read it to me, in full.  Then he stated, “Wow, sounds like the HYPOCRITCAL Oath to me!”

No joke.

My smile was from ear to ear.  My boy gets it – be educated, know the “routines” – and know how God made his body to heal!  Understand your choices and consequences – don’t believe everything is for your benefit or health.  If you understand that – the peace of God, will transcend all understanding.  There is no possible way you could absorb fear-tatics.

With that said, I have a doozy to share with you tomorrow… or … soon anyway, tomorrow is a crazy-insane type of day.  So very SOON!  {It said it was not for “rookies” – and I soaked it all up!!} It might stretch your thoughts a bit about this history of vaccines, what is in current concoctions, causes of cancer, disease, and WHY your gut health is of the utmost importance daily – because of what is rolling around in YOUR body, and your kids’ bodies too.  It made complete sense to me – and it’s set me on an even more determined path to learn all about helping my body heal to the next level.

For those who don’t know me.  I am not some self-soul worshipper.  I don’t think I’m divinely created to live forever, and that’s NOT why I’m trying to be well.  If Jesus was coming back tomorrow – that would be great with me!  I do what I do, because it’s survival to be the wife, and mother God created me to be – despite the bad choices, and ignorant choices I made in the past to lead me to celiac disease, and MS.

Learning to uncover the truth in this disaster we call our medical system, and I lovely call our disease care system is what I’m into.  For me, I truly believe in healing inside out – just the way God designed my body to heal and it has been HIM who has led me on this journey.  I feel like it’s definitely important to share what I learn.  It’s not a perfect road – but it’s one of detoxing all parts of my body, protecting my gut health by eating as clean and chemically free as possible – every. day. – in a way that agrees with my system .  There is no cure for MS, but if I can live symptom-FREE and avoid progressing these diseases in our children by building their immune systems – then WHY on earth wouldn’t we?

Chat again soon!

One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question:

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart

and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

This is the first and greatest commandment.  

And the second is like it:

‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 

All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Matthew 22:35-41

Flooded With Nutrition


According to the American diet, I was eating healthy when I got sick.  I was working out 5-7 times a week.  I had been feeling great.

YUM!  My lunch yesterday.  Lots of steamed veggies!

YUM! My lunch yesterday. Lots of steamed veggies!

So why did I get sick?

Great question, and I have the answer I had to come to terms with.

It wasn’t an overnight process… it was years of toxins and gut issues bogging down my system – storing up and disrupting my cells.  Undiagnosed celiac for years and at least 5 years of MS symptoms were under the radar – caused by WHAT?

There was a time that I didn’t eat well, nor pay attention to my toxin load.  I drank a 32 oz of pop a day for several years and slept 4-5 hours a night.  I ate lots of sugary treats, drank skim milk and ate out often consuming junky oils and MSG.  Even when I was eating healthy, I was eating things that weren’t feeding my body the nutrients it so desperately needed and my body wasn’t able to absorb any of it anyway.  I was clueless really

How must I eat now?

Night and day difference.

My husband said last night, “Honey you basically have to eat like you’re fighting off cancer, for the rest of your life.”

He’s exactly right.
The choice is health, or sickness for me.  There is really no choice to get to the root of the problems.  Food is my medicine.

The one thing people with auto immune disease, cancer and autism have in common is a lack of ability to get rid of toxins easily.  They hold onto them and they produce about 50% less glutathione that a normal person.  Glutathione is what your body makes to help rid your body of toxins.  The amount your body makes, decreases with age.  With the up swing of toxins in our lives today – in the environment, foods, sprays, cleaners, vaccinations, etc. – it’s not a wonder we have so many diseases on the rise in the country despite the “best health care” in the world.

Once a person realizes they have an auto immune disease, or cancer – they should be flooding their body with nutrition – for the remainder of their lives.

They should never go back to the way things were.  Short term satisfaction will come at a price I’m not willing to pay.

Unfortunately, the “treatments” offered in disease care, focus on getting you back to your “normal” life as quickly as possible, not how you got there in there first place.

That’s WHY you can’t go back to your old ways of living, because of your body’s predisposition to malfunction in the way it did – and it will happen again and again if you continue doing what you were doing before.  It just pops up somewhere else.

So what changes have I had to make to my diet?

It’s easier to tell people what I can eat, than what I can’t.  I can have most veggies, and some fruit – and so far pastured eggs – I can tolerate.  I can eat organic/grass-fed meats, but limited.  I can eat and drink coconut milk and water.  That’s it.

No sugar, no coffee/tea, no chocolate, no yeast, no dairy, no gluten, no seeds, no soy, no nuts, no nightshades….  you get the point.

We are all dying, from the day we are born on earth.  I don’t wish to add any more days to my life, than God has ordained, that’s not why I do this.

HOW I choose to live those days – is very important to me because I can see how it relates to my health.

The things I don’t eat – cause problems for me either digestively, or with chronic inflammation – systemically.  (Either in my eyes or my hips/legs/feet, and they induce cramping such as MS “hugs” which can take my breath away.)

Eating things that make me sick – continues to destroy my body, and it’s something I’m acutely aware of.   Even a trace amount of gluten makes me very ill digestively and neurologically, so it’s not a chance I’m willing to take by eating out any more.

It is the myelin sheath that is harmed – or rebuilt, depending on what I eat.  Cell and nerve regeneration – is possible… it’s just a slower process, and I’m fine with that.

I find encouragement in others who also used FOOD to be well.  Dr. Terry Wahl’s essentially went on a Paleo diet, including 9 cups of vegetables a day.  (That means she juiced as well as ate veggies to get that many servings in).  She was able to also eat nuts, nightshades and seeds…  to reversed her secondary progressive MS.

Technically, if I read her book and attempted HER way of doing things.  I’d still be having symptoms, and wondering why?   It’s a very healthy way of eating, after all.  But it comes down to this – her way was “close” –  but God designed me differently.

I basically eat the way Gerson Therapy suggests, with less juice.  I try to have 2-3 glasses of juice a day, and just flood my body with nutrients and detox my body as much as possible through various methods.  ** I do eat limited animal protein because I notice I feel really poorly with adrenal fatigue when I don’t.

I think that’s why the Gerson Therapy, or Auto Immune Protocol diet works SO well in reversing disease and symptoms.  It’s because once you eliminate any potential food issues – you can really begin to see the things that are causing you issues, and it takes such a great toxin load off of your system.

Next week I begin getting my amalgam fillings out.  I’m confident this will just be one more step in the right direction for me, and I look forward to the opportunity to do this.  I’ve heard lots of good things, especially searching on MS patients who saw great improvements after realizing mercury poisoning was a contributor to their MS.  I see it as just one more toxin I need to detox from –  to be healthy for Him.

Thank you God, for the gift of food.

“Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.’ “

Genesis 1:29








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