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I Got…. Nothin’!

Thanks to some good friends – we were able to make more fresh apple sauce tonight! Fruit is such a great gift to share, and friends are a blessing from God!

Remember how I used to get sinus infections… at least once a month, basically?

Well if you don’t remember, I did.  It was horrid.

It made me talk funny, and breathe funny, and sleep terribly.  I’ve struggled with them for years, but definitely worse since I moved to Wheat-Valley.  Ahem, I mean – Kansas.

With the rag weed startings to bulk up, and FALL ALLERGY SEASON – I’m interested to how my husband will do THIS allergy season, as compared to before we went of gluten.  So far, so good.

I’ll tell you what – I don’t miss taking antibiotics on a regular basis, (especially since they mess with my gut even further… )

They’re still in my refridgerator.

Why?  I don’t know.  Apparently, I am in disbelief.  After 16+ years of having them on hand – it’s hard to let go.

BUT,  I don’t miss the sinus headaches I used to get so badly!!!

Bye-Bye gluten.  You are no friend of mine!

[GLU-TEN]… acts like GLUE in your sinuses.  It’s true.

Even if you don’t have GI symptoms, but you have problems with sinusitis, ear infections or migraines…  You might have gluten sensitivity.  Just give it up for 30 days, see how you feel – it might be just what you need to get healthy again!

My husband reported feeling “better than he ever has” while traveling to a higher elevation this past week.  We don’t believe he has celiac… but he does have the genes for both gluten sensitivity and predisposal for celiac, should he continue to eat gluten.  He also has several relatives with GI issues, or inflammation issues…

Normally when he travels, he eats out a lot, is run down, and so feeds the cycle…  he loves to bring back some bug from his market.

This year – he went and got some fruit, turkey, carrots and peanut butter… and between his snack foods and that REAL food – he was good to go!  He even ran 3 times while he was out there – once for 8 miles!  So proud of him.

(And SO thankful he feels well…)

I’m sure dropping gluten has NOTHING to do with the cycle being reversed.  *wink*

“They speak of the glorious splendor of Your majesty—
    and I will meditate on Your wonderful works.”

Psalm 145:5

Let’s Talk Headaches

A couple of years ago, my friend turned me onto this ministry. Finally this summer I got a bracelet as a reminder. Check it out online or on Facebook. Fabulous videos and encouragement of God’s great power in all situations – even ones we consider impossible. God first, in all areas of our lives.

If you’ve never had a migraine, it might be difficult for one to describe… as everyone experiences things differently.

Tunnel vision, your head in a vice, many people have light sensitivity, as well as vomiting with their migraines…

But, could what you’re eating be causing them?

For me – I have no doubt in my mind gluten and celiac disease was a main source of my migraines.  I didn’t have them consistently when I wasn’t pregnant – but often in the summer.  I had major light sensitivity, and as I’ve mentioned before – chronic sinus infections, which often led to migraines – and stress.

The only thing that works for me to “cure” a migraine is a quiet, dark room – and TIME to sleep.

They always seemed to hit when something important was going on… another trigger with gluten intolerance and celiac disease = stress induced.

Sure can make it difficult to look forward to things MOST people get amped up for, when you have a sense of dread lurking!

Pregnancy was another major migraine trigger for me, so throw in some hormones into that equation as well.  With my 7th pregnancy, I had just come off of one of the worst active celiac periods I had in between pregnancies.  The GI symptoms seemed to transition into massive vertigo, always feeling cold and daily migraines.  (It sounded like a thyroid that was a bit off – yes?)  I tried almonds to help me… and it did help some… but my head was miserable for most of that pregnancy…

and then… it continued after I had that child.  The sinus infections… the headaches… they would come and go on a monthly basis.

We travelled to Ohio that spring, for our annual family vacation.  I had no idea that the valley we stayed in was known for the “worst allergy spot” in the country…  until after our experience.

There had been a lot of rain, and rain always triggers my allergies… add in the chronic sinusitis, and WHAMO!

Every day of that vacation it would come on … after breakfast about 10am….  I thought it was the sun, or the moisture, fatigue?…  (OR how about the gluten filled PANCAKE breakfast?)   By the time the sun went down… and evening set in – about 11pm, I would begin to feel better… until the next day.  Each day got progressively worse, and I tried to fake it so the kids could have fun… but I was truly miserable.

I began having this stroke type of feeling, but only on my left side of my face.  I was taking 600 mg of Motrin, and nothing was touching this pain.  At one point, in a parking lot I had to have my son guide me – pushing a stroller to our car – because I had lost my vision – my migraine was so severe.

It was very concerning.  I tried to shake it off and function. “I’m just tired…” I thought.  But, I knew something more was going on, and truthfully – I was REALLY concerned.  Denial is a beautiful thing.

When we returned home, the Dr. ordered me an MRI, and got on me for not calling him sooner.  (Did I mention I’m stubborn?  We probably should have gotten some help before that point, agreed.)

{Looking back, I actually started feeling ill before we left.  I felt like all of my teeth on my left side of my face had cavities, my gums hurt.  I suspected a sinus infection.  I took some antibiotics before we left…apparently that didn’t knock it out.  Hindsight is always 20/20}

The MRI showed what the Dr. suspected – severe sinusitis, which was causing swelling on my trigeminal nerve.  That nerve –  by your ear, controls the receptors in 5 points different points on one side of your face.  Mine was the left trigeminal nerve.  So you can see how inflammation on it, can make you have headaches, bother your vision, and affect your jaw as well.

About that time, we discovered I was now 5 weeks pregnant with our 8th child… so the surgery they were wanting me to have… was out of the question.

Ironically… if I would have been told, “You have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease” – years ago, I wouldn’t have progressed that far with my migraines, and chronic sinus issues, and I obviously am FINE without that terrible surgery, which only further masks the source of the problem!  Thank you Lord, for protecting me from that.

Now migraines can obviously have various triggers.  (I have friends who also have to stay far away from MSG, and aspartame – which is a good thing to stay away from anyway.  But it’s similar to gluten – you have to really be diligent in reading labels, and knowing what key words you’re looking for.)  If you suspect MSG is a possible source for your headaches, this is some good information.

It all comes down to the more natural the food source – the BETTER for your body.  KNOW what you’re putting in.

MANY of our health issues are self-induced, and then we mask them with drugs in this nation, in the name of short-term “feeling well.”  We need to be as educated as possible to heal our bodies inside OUT!

Each step in that RIGHT direction, is a taking us closer to being healthy for Him!

“Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.”

Romans 12:9

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