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GF On The Road

Our biggest hurdle on our trip – was figuring out a way to eat, so we didn’t get glutenated… and let me tell you – we were blessed.  We only had one episode – although we can’t pinpoint exactly who, what, where and when… but we had some delicious foods, and everyone was fed – so I call that…


Each day the kids had sandwiches.  They eat a lot less bread, and a lot more fruit and veggies – but this was an easy meal.  Whoever said making sandwiches in the van, for 9 out of the 10 of us – isn’t FABULOUS – is TOTALLY missing out.  I became very efficient in my lap kitchen preparation – and everyone was happy.

One major blessing that I didn’t consider – is KROGER stores exist in the Dallas area.  Hurray – I was familiar with them, and their BOARHEAD meats/cheeses…. many of which are clearly labeled GLUTEN FREE, and the kids LOVE them.  It was nice to fill my cooler up and not wonder – is there gluten in this?

Great selection of GLUTEN FREE meats and cheeses at our Dillons - affliated with Kroger Stores.

We ate out a Chick-Fil-A a lot too.  Did you know they have the healthiest kid’s menu around??  Grilled nuggets, fruit bowl (and it’s good fruit too!), and drink option.  Their fries are gluten-free – because they’re cooked in a dedicated “fry” frier.  (No cross contaminants with breaded foods!)  I’m not a big FRY person, but it was vacation – and yes.  I had some.  (Did I mention I did workout??)

In the words of my favorite 3-year-old… “Mmmmmm Tasty!”

We also found a great pizza place that served amazing pizza with organic ingredients and even offered a GF menu!  The kids were SO delighted to have “pizza out”.  I even ordered “no cheese” on part of my pizza – and it was incredible.  The people at Palio’s were fantastic.  The staff even brought me the label off of their meat – so I could verify that it was gluten-free.  Great service.

Palio’s Spinach Pizza… Yummo! The kids gave it 16 thumbs up!

My kids were thrilled to enjoy some GF pancakes as well!  The Original Pancake House offers gluten free pancakes on their menu, and were great about making shelled scrambled eggs.

Ever wonder what made the omlettes and scrambled eggs so light and fluffy? (And caloric?)


So we just had them make us some fresh ones separately, and everyone was happy!  Our family ate 33 pancakes, 2 bowls of fresh fruit and 10 scrambled eggs… not a drop of food was left behind!

My daughter showing off how many pancakes she tucked away. She must have a hallow leg!

As for me, I ate a lot of salad, and it was FUN.

No really, I mean that.  It was fun to eat, and not feel sick!  Praise be to God.  We had an amazing trip!

Here is my salad from the Whole Foods store buffet. Perfection!

“And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

Colossians 3:17

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