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Something is Fishy

Women are generally good at comparing.  Some comparing is good, other comparing can be very destructive.

We get good at comparing prices while shopping to save money…

We often un-righteously size up against the world, to see if we measure up…

We can even compare our children to others their age, to see if they are on the right track… completely forgetting each child is designed differently – with a purpose, just like we are.

We compare workouts – and wonder if we could burn more calories, in less time… 

One thing that IS important to compare, is the quality of vitamins and supplements you’re taking!!

ProOmega on the left is my NEW fish-oil supplements.  The Naturemade brand I used to get, were from Target.

ProOmega on the left is my NEW fish-oil supplements. The Naturemade brand I used to get, were from Target.

When I went to the naturopath, they suggest you bring all of your supplements with you to the appointment.  In the past, with a medical doctor, I had gotten good at having the info written down – so they could plug it into their computer.  I see the pros of this – making sure you’re not getting too much of the wrong things, or that some supplements don’t cause issues with other medications, etc.  However… the medical doctors haven’t ever really analyzed the quality of the vitamins and supplements I was taking.

When I took my supplement in to Dr. K, I took all of my bottles in – as suggested.  She looked over each one, and took notes… again talking to me, not just plugging into a computer.

She noted right away that my fish-oil had half of the needed Omega-3s in my 2-soft gel daily dose.  Essentially, I would need to take 4 a day to get what I needed…   and it started to make me wonder what was in the other supplement.


Previously I was making sure the fish-oil was burp-less (the bottle on the right), and didn’t have gluten, or artificial junk.  I just assumed that it was the dose I needed…. not reading into the fine print.

The fish oil supplement that Dr. K recommended actually had WAY less ingredients, and more Omega 3s, which is what I needed!!  Yes, the new ones (Pro-Omega) are more expensive… of course…vs. the Target brand – but again I want to be putting quality supplements in!  {I ordered them off of}


I still take two – I’m just getting double the Omega 3s!!  Supplements are my medicine, so it’s worth it to get it right!!

They are in NO way fish – and I never burped fish.  My TIP is to keep them in the refrigerator.

Why should you be taking fish oil supplements?

For me, with inflammation and digestion issues – they’re super helpful.  Also, I don’t really like fish – I’ve tried eating it… but alas, the supplement route is best for me.  I know I’ve mentioned that I can already tell an improvement with taking those trigger foods out of my diet a few weeks ago… and now this… is also helping a great deal too.  Each piece is helpful in helping me to get back on track to being healthy for Him!

“Offer right sacrifices and trust in the Lord.”

Psalm 4:5

Oh, It’s Nothing…

This new brand of GLUTEN-FREE baked good showed up at few weeks ago. We made the chocolate cookies and they were a hit! Everything they offered was GF and DF except the corn bread. Enjoy!

or maybe it’s something … or nothing.

Well… I mean… I know it’s SOMETHING, but will we find out what that ELSE that SOMETHING IS –  before this year ends???

Dr. E’s nurse called, the day before Thanksgiving.

Just like she said she would.

As she began reading off the lack of information the latest batch of blood results showed, she got to my ANA test, and explained how my levels were elevated…

and how that can be something…

or nothing.


{You have to love these blood test results that seem to shape the future tests, and these steps that MAY or MAY NOT end up affecting everyday of the rest of our lives.}  Right?

Similar to celiac, these blood tests can be helpful – or worthless… and it’s certainly isn’t foolproof.

One false negative or positive, and lead you in a different direction – missing the problem altogether.  Fabulous.

We finished up the phone call, after she said we were waiting on a few other tests – that might point us towards lupus or sjorgrens…  I think what she thought would be a stressful call of letting me know carefully (as to not upset me), left me with hope that we might eventually have answers – and I am in NO WAY depressed from that.

Obviously I’ve already embraced that SOMETHING is clearly wrong…  and I just want to know what that is.

I’ve done well NOT to jump to conclusions, but only learn about the certain auto immune diseases (out of the 80 that exist) that matched my symptoms.  The Dr. has suggested what her suspicions reside with – I want to know a little bit about what this all could mean.  Naturally, we have curiosity – and I just want to be on a road that isn’t continuing to crumble.

First of all, values of an ANA test – aren’t really a quantitative answer in blood testing.  A higher number doesn’t indicate “worse” vs. a lower number meaning “better” or fewer symptoms.  Basically, it means more of a positive or negative… and a reason to dig deeper.  The nurse said – it doesn’t always mean auto immune disease… but it’s good indicator of.

What I read later was… if you had no other symptoms of lupus or sjorgrens or others, then a positive doesn’t mean much as far as having active auto immune disease.  However, if you’re having symptoms that line-up with the test – then the test means a bit more… {again, to point you into further testing.}

Personally, Sjogrens makes the most sense to me – as far as what goes with celiac, and what lines up my symptoms that revolve around my head/neck/eyes/lymph nodes – as well as fatigue, and breathing issues.  While I knew what it was in the back of my mind, I didn’t REALLY know much about it.

Then I watched this.

While I realize it could very well NOT be this either – because often times AI issues over lap with one another, and I realize they want to know what they’re dealing with exactly to best treat you, and monitor you…  and I appreciate that…

It’s just – there is something of comfort to listen to someone else who feels similarly and who “gets” it – and NOT feel so alone in your lack of energy, drive, motivation and capability.  If some top athlete can get struck down with this, and a year later – by God’s grace – revamp her life and health to be an Olympic champion and rock star the following year…

I can be well again, too.

God gives me hope.

Hope for answers, and health – and NOT feeling like cement, who doesn’t care… who hurts all the time… and who is always tired, chronically thirsty and over-all sick.

And you know I’ll do whatever in my power to get there.  By God’s grace, and will – I will be well again.  I look forward to that.

So… I wait!  I’m getting good at that.

If you are struggling with getting answers on why you are sick, and suspect it might be auto immune related, here are some TIPS on how to get the help you need.

“What do workers gain from their toil?  

I have seen the burden God has laid on the human race.  

He has made everything beautiful in its time.  

He has also set eternity in the human heart;

yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

 I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy

and to do good while they live. 

That each of them may eat and drink, 

and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.”

Ecclesiastes 3:9-13

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