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The Great Detector, Progress and Cancer Truths

This is a thermography camera.  Not scary at all.  Nothing touches you - nothing hurts you, or causes cancer, like mammography.

This is a thermography camera. Not scary at all. Nothing touches you – nothing hurts you, or causes cancer, like mammography.

I’ve made great strides since we last met.  God has been working on my heart, and mind and helping to show me new ways He created to heal myself.

First, myofunctional therapy.  It works.

I’ve learned to keep my mouth closed at night – through the various exercises I’m doing with my children.  At first, I thought it was a fluke… but a week later, I knew it was for real.  I was a believer.  My son has his appointment next month to get his tongue and lip untied as well, and after the first of the year – we’ll be looking at being expanded and braces… together.  I think our orthodontist finally gets that this isn’t about looks – as much as it is oxygenating our bodies, and restoring our health – for now and the future.

Check out how much MORE air is moved through your nasal cavity at night, while your mouth is closed.  God has a purpose in warming and filtering that air also.

Check out how much MORE air is moved through your nasal cavity at night, while your mouth is closed. God has a purpose in warming and filtering that air also.

Secondly, I talked to my ND about LND (Low dose Naltrexone – compounded), and Alpha Lipoic Acid.  They work together to help keep the stress I can’t control from taking over my health.  This couldn’t have happened at a better time.  I had been considering it for a long while – as the results with helping those with MS were pretty significant.  Within the first week, I noticed the back spasms I’ve had for years – were gone.  I’m about 3 weeks into it now – and they are still gone.  Praise be to God.  I’m on a low dose now – and I’m thankful that is working.  It’s a good sign – because as we all know, we simply can’t control all of the junk going on around us, and that really tanks my adrenals and my immune system.

Thirdly, after watching most of the Truth About Cancer series, I started taking Fulvic acid.  There is plenty of info out there, but here is a small bit of the benefits.  The doctor who shared about it said in all of this 8000 patients, he had never had a negative reaction to it.  That gave me a bit of hope – as I seem to react to everything.  So far, so good!  The doctor said he didn’t want it sound like a ‘Magic Bullet” or too good to be true – but I’ll admit – I’ve noticed a boost in energy, and my kids have seemed more level on it.  Not only does it gives your body essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it binds to toxins, and works as a chelator to metals and other things you don’t want inside of you.  The other cool thing is, it could have only been created in nature by something “like the flood”. 🙂 God knew we were going to mess things up, and He allows us a way to restore!  Praise be to Him.

Lastly, I had my thermography appointment in the midst of “breast cancer” awareness month.  I’ve noticed some changes in my left breast, and because I’ve had fibroids in the past – I just thought it would be smart to check up on things, for my future health.

The test was relatively simple, with the most difficult part being sticking my hands in ice cold water as a “challenge” to see if the spots in question still show up as being “fed”.  I was to get my results within a few weeks, and if everything was normal, I wouldn’t need to speak to the doctor.  I set my “phone appointment” – with the intent to cancel if all was well.

The weeks came and went… and I didn’t hear from my doctor.

I knew something had to have been in question – and deep down, I think I knew something was there all along.

Last week my ND confirmed my thoughts…  My fibroid showed up on the right side, and on the left side, near my other fibroid, there is an area in question, being fed vascularly.

She requested I get a sonogram, and I can’t remember much else she said after that…

I had some questions… we talked about my past issues on that side…

I always struggled with mastitis due to dense breast tissue, scar tissue and being lumpy.  Before my test, I thought maybe I was dealing with non-lactating mastitis…  that maybe some underlying infection in my breast was causing issues.

As I talked through things with my ND I became acutely aware of how I got to where I was.

My lack of regular cycle stemmed from not absorbing the right nutrients in my early teens and loading my liver with estrogen from the fake hormone therapy (BCP) at high levels.

The BCP never solved things with my irregular cycles and contributed  to the massive, fast growing tumors I had from ages 15 to when I went off at age 23 when married.
Having those 3 breast surgeries, to remove fibroids, led to scar tissue and combined with the lumps and poor diet, led to chronic mastitis.
That chronic inflammation and antibiotic cycle continued to break down my gut, thyroid and immune system.

Thyroid dysfunction is essential for cancer to grow.

So my chiropractor happened to ask me “when” I would get off of the Estro-DIM I was on.  I didn’t have an answer…  I assumed I would be on it … indefinitely.  He said, “but when your liver is functioning well, you should be able to get that out of your body.  You should be able to go off of it”

The wheels were turning, but I still wasn’t getting it.

So basically this estrogen, that continues to cycle and ramp up in my body is causing cancer to be fed in my left breast, and as my ND said, “We need to get that estrogen – OUT!”

So…  I set my appointment for a sonogram this week to see exactly what we’re looking at… and we’ll go from there.

My chiropractor suggested another saliva hormone (cortisol test) to see where my estrogen levels are.  If they’re still sky-high – perhaps an estrogen inhibitor for a time while I’m detoxing – could help me get over the hump.  Clearly my body hasn’t done it on its own yet.  I appreciate health-care providers who help weigh your options, and really do “get” natural healing.

I am not scared, I am thankful for the gift of this information, and the opportunity to help my body be well.

I know I’m in better shape than most.  Tackling a new diet doesn’t need to happen… but increased detoxing does.  Staying the course with de-stressing, exercise and sleep.  (Ok, so I still need more sleep!)

I’ve increased my juice in-take, been working on resolving negative emotions from relationships that destroy, and purposefully avoiding those who are toxic to my health. (Yes that’s number one when disease appears – negative emotions and stress destroy your immune system).

I know we all deal with things differently.  What works for some, doesn’t work for others…  I’ve learned over the course of the past three years, it’s easier for me to just not talk about things openly until I have a plan.    “Checking in” with people stresses me out.  I knew writing this all out would help me.  My mom and husband and kids know – and kids said this.  “I’m not a afraid mom, because I know that God will show you what to do.” 

They are right.

Not only that?  But a thermography shows more than a mammogram would have … maybe for years.  So I must assume I’m ahead of where I might be otherwise.

Until next time!

If you missed the Auto Immune Summit, or the Truth About Cancer series – please take the time to check them out.  SO much great information out there for us to help ourselves.  God is good.

And He said to him,

“Rise and go your way; your faith has made you well.”

(Luke 17:19)

The Gluten Summit

If you haven’t signed up for this FREE online summit, be sure you try to listen to some of this great info this week.  I’ve only had an opportunity to listen to 3 so far, but all have been great.

Have you signed up yet??  Today is day 3!!

The bottom line information I’m getting from some of the greats on the panel of speakers is that gluten cannot be digested by ANY human.  We shouldn’t be eating it… ever.

Is it because of the hybridization?  No, that’s not all of it…  gluten isn’t digestable, and the hybridization has just made it worse.  If you think about it, what did people eat over in the east before they came to America?

Rice!!  Rice is known for being easier to digest… that’s why people start babies off on rice cereal.  The breads and wheat that were used weren’t consumed like they are today.  People load up and store fat like there is going to be a winter of starving, but that never comes.

Has wheat saved tons of people in 3rd world countries?  Yes.  But in a society where we have choices to nourish our bodies, this shouldn’t be a choice anyone is consuming.

How does that make you feel? 

Well, I’ll tell you how it makes me feel….  it makes me feel pretty sick.  Sick for our farmers (whom I love and appreciate greatly!), and for the people consuming it daily who are continuing to destroy their bodies unknowingly.  It makes me want to shout out to them, and HELP them get well, through education and life-style change.

I just heard of yet another person with cancer, and another person with gut issues TODAY…  People are struggling with inflammation throughout their bodies, and doctors are QUICK to remove organs, vs. heal them  (yes, they CAN be healed!)

People are everywhere who need to hear how to get well.

Another interesting tidbit was that the mortality rate of someone with diagnosed with celiac disease (biopsy confirmed) is 37% higher, with just the bloodwork confirmed but not a positive biopsy, it’s slightly lower.  What about someone with non-celiac gluten sensitivity?  An astounding 78% increased mortality rate.  Almost double.  Holy smokes, right?  Here everyone thought the person with celiac disease was at the worst risk!

Dr. Marsh (who came up with the marsh rating systems of small intestine villi destruction for celiac testing), also stated the lawsuit issues of NOT treating people who clearly have problems from gluten, but perhaps they’re not showing up in the gut… because clearly it’s just as dangerous, if not MORE dangerous for those people, is very irresponsible.

What other types of problems can it cause?  Oh my…. it’s endless…  But a few that come to mind are heart issues, diabetes, hormonal and mental issues, as well as degenerative brain diseases.  It is tied to so much at this point – it’s a crazy amount of symptoms, that unfortunately most people think it’s ONLY felt in the gut.

Anyway, sign up today – learn some new things this week and feel empowered to share the good news of how

God designed our bodies to function and heal!  They TOO can be Healthy for Him!

“For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you.

We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through

all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives.”

Colossians 1:9

Some Different, Is Good!

Eating gluten-free, especially Paleo can feel mundane sometimes – unless you get out of your box.

This new cookbook I got from Paleo OMG (which I choose to say Oh, My Goodness… but do not love either), is the bomb-diggity.  It’s turned Paleo on its head and really come up with some different things for me to make for my family.  I love her recipes.

The good news is, she also has a lot of great ones online… so if you can’t buy the cookbook now – then definitely check out her website.

I’ve really enjoyed some of her different muffin ideas, and her meal ideas are also fabulous. (not for me, BUT definitely for my family!)

I thought I’d share a few of the muffins I’ve made recently (with a few adjustments, because … well… I’m just like that). 🙂  But the credit and ideas are hers… I just make it work for our family of 10.

Maple Pecan Crunch Banana Muffins (the topping makes these delightful, and they were a HUGE hit with my family!)  ** I did add a cup of coconut flakes, and a cup of almond flour.  I didn’t put the dates in the food processor, I just cut them up small instead.


Aren't they pretty??  My husband claimed they were some of the best muffins, EVER.  (That's a homerun!)

Aren’t they pretty?? My husband claimed they were some of the best muffins, EVER. (That’s a home run!)

Another favorite was a banana, chocolate chip, STRAWBERRY muffin.  I think I quadrupled this recipe and made 2 dozen.  The only changes I did was no flaxseed and I just chopped up the dates. again, vs. putting them in the food processor.  (Although I might start doing that because I have ONE child who swears she doesn’t like dates.  WHAT?  How can you NOT like God’s caramel???)

Our staples are EGGS and bananas in this house. We go through a ton.  Do you see why?  Great binders for Paleo eating!

Our staples are EGGS and bananas in this house. We go through a ton. Do you see why? Great binders for Paleo eating!

It's crazy how just adding strawberries into something can really trick your taste buds.  My kids were so excited about these muffins!!

It’s crazy how just adding strawberries into something can really trick your taste buds. My kids were so excited about these muffins!!

Right before they went into the oven.  My kids like "poofy" muffins - so I try to fill them up past the muffin cup top.

Right before they went into the oven. My kids like “poofy” muffins – so I try to fill them up past the muffin cup top.

WARNING:  One major thing I don’t like, and other have complained about, is her crass language through her blog and cookbook.  She’s young, immature, and I wouldn’t leave her cookbook out for your kids to read.  Personally I just skip her little blurbs and look at the pictures and recipes.

Happy Saturday!  We are entertaining a family of 7 tomorrow – so we’ll have 17 people here!! I can’t wait!  First on my list – make fruit kabobs!

“Finally, brothers,

whatever is true,

whatever is honorable,

whatever is just, whatever is pure,

whatever is lovely,

whatever is commendable,

if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise,

think about these things.”

 Philippians 4:8 ESV

Under The Influence…

Stocked up with all of our new favorites from Trader Joes.  Love the tea tree tingle shower wash and my new favorite is the stir-fry frozen veggie mix!

Stocked up with all of our new favorites from Trader Joes. Love the tea tree tingle shower wash and my new favorite is the stir-fry frozen veggie mix!

My husband made it home last week, with a slight deviation from where he should have landed.  Regardless, he was happy to be home!  We picked up his vehicle (2 hours away) a few days later.

An excuse to go to “the city” and refill our food stock was in the plan… as was a trip to Chick-fil-a for the kids.

I know, fast food isn’t good for us.  It doesn’t matter if it’s salad, and fruit… and the waffle fries… wow.  They’re really good.  Chick-fil-a is usually really great about not cross contaminating our food.

I usually order a salad, but because I can’t have dairy – they custom make it, from scratch.

Well, my salad was brought to me and it was the wrong salad.  No big deal, they would get the right one.

Then they brought me the right salad type, but with cheese… again I reminded the server (who appeared to be management on duty, though I had never seen him at this one before), and he said, “No problem”.

What my sons heard him say, and what I missed him saying was…”We’ll just take that cheese off of there.”

BIG mistake.

I’m not sure who made this salad, or who took the cheese off – but I got glutenated in a big way.

Unfortunately I also had to drive home as the increasingly debilitating effects kicked in.

First we had to drive to the airport – and I fell asleep on the way there.  It’s never a good sign you fall asleep immediately after a meal…

I took some tumeric when we got to the airport – this usually helps me, but the “slight dusting” seemed to have the head shaking qualities of a major effect… I was ready to drive.

Things went from bad to worse pretty rapidly, and I focused on staying awake, and being able to see.

Haloing of the headlights coming towards me, headache and eye swelling were among the first effects.  I was just. so sleepy.

I turned my AC down… and then again… and then again.  I was holding steady at 63 degrees in the car, and lots of talking to my kids to keep me on task.

I shook my head a lot in desperate attempt to refocus and stay awake.

After 2 hours we arrived at home and I just hurt everywhere.

The joint pain, brain fog and eye swelling pain continues 4 days later, although I know it’s getting better.  My digestive system completely stopped working as if someone poured cement into my stomach.

I countered this with fresh juices, warm Braggs and lemon water, spinach smoothies and Kombucha.  I needed this out of my system – as I could tell it wasn’t moving on its own!

How soon do you think I’ll be eating at Chick-fil-a again?  This is why eating out can be so dangerous.

This server’s “quick fix” made my body drop down a few notches.

I know.  I shouldn’t have been driving in that condition.

I knew we needed our vehicle home – and I had 2 children with me.  My husband, in our big van, had the other 6.  Options were nonexistent and I knew freaking anyone out wasn’t going to get us home faster.

I was more than upset when we returned home, and emotionally exhausted.  Everything hurt.

Frustrated with the server, with people who “forget” that this is a major issue… not a fad.  For my body – which is at this point, can have reactions like that, which last like they do.

In my quiet time with God that night … He spoke to me with a reminder that MY inadequacy presents me with a continual choice – to depend on Him, or live in despair.

I choose to depend on Him.

A grateful heart is what protects us from negative thinking.  I need to be thankful for this opportunity for constant dependence on God, and His plans in all things.

I have to keep doing all I can to share with others, who are willing to listen, why gluten is so dangerous and why protecting the health for your gut is essential!

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Colossians 4:2

Stuffed With Stuffing…

I read that these chips were one of the TOP TEN gluten-free favorites for consumers…. so I had to get some for the family to try out. My husband said they’re perfect – the after-taste is refried beans… So if you like that flavor – these are worth a try!!

I used to love stuffing.

What’s not to love?

Bread – Good.

Butter – Good.

Spices – Good.

Yes, there are other ingredients in the traditional Thanksgiving dish..  but the holiday wouldn’t be the same (for me) without it…  so I knew I had to get to work… because the 99 cent box of Stove Top, wasn’t an option this year.

I’ve been on the hunt for the recipe that looked the most like the one I might enjoy.  I ended up with a dish off of… with a few modifications.

I started with a whole loaf of UDI’s GF bread… and cut the entire thing into 1/2 inch pieces – and toasted those pieces in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, turning every 2-3 minutes.  IT was actually REALLY easy, but I’m sure with anything it can be easy to ruin too…. by not toasting the bread enough or putting too much broth in too quickly.


– 1 loaf of UDI’s bread cut into 1/2 inch squares and toasted at 400 degrees for 10 minutes

– 4-8 TBSP butter (earth balance, or smart balance)

2. c. Chopped Onions

1 c. chopped celery

1 cup fresh mushrooms

1/4 – 1/2 c. minced parsley

1 tsp. sage

1 tsp. thyme

3/4 salt

1/2 tsp. black pepper

1 cup – 1 1/2 cup chicken stock

Pour toasted bread into large bowl, melt the butter over medium high heat.  Add the onions, celery and mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes.   Stir in the parsley and spices and in toasted bread and toss until well combined.

Stir in stock until the stuffing is lightly moist, and turn to low to soak in for 3 minutes.  Stir again, and check consistency.

Voila! 🙂  YUM!  It was 10 thumbs up at this house and really painless over all… and now we KNOW what is in the stuffing we’re eating!  Here’s to being healthy for HIM!

“May the Lord smile on you.” 

Numbers 6:25

Off to the Doctor…

My folder gets thicker and thicker, and I feel more and more prepare to explain myself.

Today I travel to another long-awaited appointment… and I am filled with hope. Pray for answers for me!

I thought I’d update you on my eye. Wednesday will be 3 weeks with uveitis… I’m down to steroid drops 3x a day. It’s definitely not gone, and probably aches the same, but visually – the redness looks better. It’s the swelling inside, that we can’t see that is concerning – they say. From what I’ve studied on the matter, it seems most people have flare ups from discontinuing treatment too soon – and it comes back worse, and sometimes won’t leave.

I am willing to be patient.

Each morning I wake up and can feel this “haze” over my eye…. like someone has been scratching it with sand paper. The entire eyeball aches, and it appears a red filter clouds me from seeing true color from it also – but is definitely improved over all. I thought I’d share the progress with you. Warning, the image after the first week is freaky – only because my eye is dilated.

(and I’m not wearing make-up! Gasp!) Hey, you were warned!

You can definitely see less red on my most recent picture… however the swelling is about the same. It doesn’t hurt to the touch, and I can tolerate a lot more light in my eye for limited amounts of time. That’s huge progress in a short time. I know that raw apple cider vinegar has been helping!!

Several times I’ve felt as though I was getting it in the other eye as well… so far, so good. Just achy, and fatigued. I’m sure it’s just part of the empathy the other eye experiences. It’s definitely a blessing NOT having the eye dilated… it’s amazing how that tires your eyes and letting that much light in causes chronic headaches. Praise be to God for the progress made!

Patience, patience, patience. (repeat) All in His time.

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world;

and this is the victory that has over the world – our faith.

Who is the one who overcomes the world,

but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?”
1 John 5:4-5

Auto-Immune Attacks

The main difference in a gluten sensitivity, and celiac disease – is the fact that celiac disease is an auto-immune disease.

Meaning – your body attacks itself.

When it’s celiac, your body is attacking the gluten as if it’s a virus, and attacking your body in the small intestine… but because auto immune disease is systemic… it can affect other parts of your body as well with inflammation issues.  Hence, the 350 symptoms that can be tied to celiac disease specifically.

It’s one of the reasons why some doctors who understand auto immune disease recommend that you cut out gluten.  Period.

Gluten is an inflammatory … and if you ingest it, and have the genes for auto immune disease… it WILL increase inflammation in some part of your body.  

This constant stress on your body, when you have gluten issues, bogs down your immune system in other ways…

Which then, makes you prone to infection, viruses AND other auto immune diseases.

See how this works?

So the reaction from ingesting gluten, isn’t one that always causes an immediate reaction, like an allergy would – it’s more of one that pops up… or slowly builds up and destroys, it waxes and wanes… and it can take a while to improve also.

Those of you who have had babies, you know your hair thickens when you’re pregnant… and it also thins out when begin ovulating again, after giving birth.  My baby is now 2 years 10 months.  I stopped nursing her 10 months ago… and my hair, is still. falling. out.

This is a normal handful when I’m running my hand through my hair while styling – hair is just falling to the ground in droves during this.

At first, I thought it was the stress of celiac getting ramped up at the beginning of the year – but it continued thinning.  My feather that I usually wear in my hair has come out every month without fail, which never happened before this…

When I finish – I empty out my brush – and I have a small hairball animal. Neat huh?

And then there are my eyes…

I always have light sensitivity in bright sun light (like, “hurt your head it’s painful to be outside” – sensitivity), but this weekend – something more hit me.  I felt like my eye was going to explode when any sunlight hit it.  I kept my eye closed, and tried to stay calm.  I could literally feel my pupil expand and contract.

I kept sunglasses on, and it helped with keeping my eye close.  Once the sun went down – it wasn’t nearly as bad…  but it throbbed inside my lid.  It didn’t appear super red.  But the veins did follow the pain.  It felt like I was punch in the eyeball with no bruising or pain on my eyelid.

You can see some redness from the veins to my retina area.

Fast forward to Wednesday night… the pain was back again – the pain was worsening – the pressure was intense.  No itching, no drainage… just terrific pain and now redness.  When I woke up Thursday unable to really open my eye without feeling like someone was digging an ice-pick into my pupil – I decided I needed to see the Dr.

By God’s grace, I got right in – and the Dr. went down the list of possibilities… possible conjunctivitis, sty?  Nope….  NO fever, no other illness.  Hmmm…

He numbed my eye – which hurt, but mostly was stinging.  {don’t worry it sounds much worse than it is – it’s done by EYE DROPS not a needle!}  He then dyed my eyeball yellow to look at it under a special light…he couldn’t see anything significant… but suspected something more.

After having me read a chart to determine I could see ok…  He sent me across town to my eye Dr. who had a special machine to take a deeper look at my eye.

The Dr. there looked and looked… he listened to me talk about celiac disease, the coffee I had a week prior… he looked some more.  I held my breath and lots of reporter’s headlines popped into my head… regarding the possibility of what he saw.  The seriousness of his tone showed me it wasn’t good news.

“What you have is called Uveitis (said as it looks: U-V- itis).  We can treat the symptoms, but the cause of this is often auto-immune related when you have no other infection, it’s inflammation in your retina,” he said.  “You need to be patient with this clearing up so you don’t have a relapse, and you need to take it easy.”

Um.  Take it easy?

Yes.  That’s what he said.

So I got drops to keep my eye dilated (which should help with the pain of the eye trying to dilate, because your eyes work together.  When the good eye is dilating, even the closed eye will react, causing more pain if it’s only covered up), and steroid drops to decrease inflammation…

He needed to see me again in a few days…

BUT…In a few days is soccer for 6, and snacks for 2 teams, and 8 kids to the fields, and, and , and – I really didn’t have time for an appointment for myself…

But he made it CLEAR, I needed to see him for sure – Saturday morning.



Do you know how cool you feel wearing sunglasses around all day…   inside?  Well…  if you don’t…

You feel VERY cool…

God even blessed me with a very cloudy afternoon which helped some.  Thank you God.

Oh that coffee.  I could kick myself.

The blessing in all of this – is this:  It’s helped me to be extra loving to my kids.  Which I should be everyday.  They’re a gift.  I feel like I’ve stared at them more…  and memorized their little faces and hands, as I stroke them and tell them how special they are, how much I love them, and how proud I am of them.

Our eyes are a gift we often take for granted…  being able to see, is one gift I’d rather not lose…  but in the event that I would lose my eye sight some day,  I can and will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to see all the beauty God created around me, especially my children.

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to read on this condition… but from the sounds of it, it can become chronic in auto-immune disease patients.  It’s the 3rd leading cause of blindness.  Ironically, I had never heard of it before.

Off to take it easy today… God bless your weekend!

“I consider that our present sufferings

are not worth comparing

with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

Romans 8:18

Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity/Intolerance and Our Family

Our kids had a full bag of activities for their appointment day! They were happily working away while waiting their turn!

I thought I’d share the run down of issues of what gluten sensitivity looks like in our family.  It goes beyond our immediate family, into our extended family – but for the purposes of what we talked about in Chicago, at the University of Chicago Celiac Center – we’ll just focus on us.

Most of these symptoms have gone away when gluten left the building.  Even things we didn’t even realize were caused by consuming gluten or using products with gluten in them.

Any time we are cross contaminated NOW, some know within 15 minutes, others a few hours, others a few days.  What we have noticed is that things seem to start some symptoms have been there forever, and others have gotten worse as the children approached puberty ages.  Heading this “run away train” off – is our main goal as studies show the earlier celiac is detected, the less overall damage it can do, including add-on other auto immune diseases we are genetically predisposed to have – given the right environmental triggers.  We realize we can’t prevent everything, but this has helped us FEEL so much better!!!

We don’t feel like something we have chosen, but that God has chosen for us.  We don’t see it as a burden, but a blessing.  It’s not easy, but we embrace the challenge.  The facts are, when you are gluten intolerant – consuming gluten causes inflammation in various systems of your body.  It bogs down your immune system… and causes major health issues and auto immune diseases across the board.

So here you go – HERE is why our family is happily gluten-free – many of these symptoms have resolved, and are tied to gluten intolerance or celiac disease.  I am dealing with the most permanent effects, and you can see our desire to want optimum health for our family, given the diversity of symptoms:

My Husband: HLA-DQ8+, Psoriasis, fatigue, joint pain, frequent heart burn and stomach aches, colic as a child and random “gas bubbles” in his chest.

Myself: HLA-DQ2, Constipation/Diarrhea, eczema, suspected DH, PUPPS rash during pregnancy, migraines, ataxia, bloating, gas, costochrondritis, involuntary muscle cramps in feet and sides, foggy brain, delayed and random cycles, fibroid cysts, mouth sores, frequent illness, chronic sinus infections, and light sensitivities.

#1 –  Failure to thrive as a baby, Colic, reflux/spitty, dermatitis, slow eater, costochrondritis, involuntary muscle cramps in feet, mouth sores, DH suspected rash on elbows/knees, short stature/slow growth/onset of puberty, lazy eye, at ataxia, chronic croup, Low IgA, brown staining on teeth.

#2 – lactose intolerant, constipation issues from birth even when breastfed to 13 months,   short stature/slow growth, mouth sores, DH suspected on elbows, feet, hands, and knees. GI issues – stomach constantly hurts, anxiety, anemic, Low IgA,brown staining on teeth.

#3 – aspergers behavior, ataxia, stomach aches, headaches, short stature, vision issues, DH suspected on knees and elbows, Low IgA, brown staining on teeth

#4 – aspergers behavior, ataxia, stomach aches, mouth sores, migraines, DH suspected on knees and elbows, psoriasis, low IgA, brown staining on teeth

#5 – asthma symptoms, rashes, often throwing up, extremely thin for height, fatigue, anemic, light sensitivity, brown staining on teeth

#6 – rashes/eczema, losing weight, chronic diarrhea, spoon-shaped nails, low IgA, thin for height, extreme fatigue, anemic, light sensitivity, brown staining on teeth

#7 – Chronic croup, insomnia, respiratory issues/asthma, high fevers, severe reaction to H1N1 vaccine, extremely low IgA, IgG, and IgM, brown staining on teeth

#8 – Born at 36 weeks, extreme tonsilitis at age 1.5, allergies, eczema, brown staining on teeth

For the younger children, who don’t display as many GI issues, or the ones with respiratory issues, we have been so thankful how much this has helped keep them off of antibiotics, and sleep better all the way around.  Praise be to God.  Please share how getting RID of gluten has helped you be healthy for Him!

“I, I am the Lord,
    and besides me there is no savior.
I declared and saved and proclaimed,
    when there was no strange god among you;
    and you are my witnesses,”declares the Lord, “and I am God.”

Isaiah 43:11-12

Best. Pancakes. Ever.

And YES… of course they’re gluten-free!

When my family (vote count = 10) says they’re the best pancakes INCLUDING pancakes before we were G-FREE… then you KNOW they’re the best around.

1,2,3 Gluten Free – is a great brand across the board, I haven’t met a baked good that isn’t good from them.  They deliver deliciousness… and everything I’ve had has been fortified, so it’s worth the price!  GREAT quality.  (No, I’m NOT paid to say that, it’s truly my opinion).  They put multiple recipes around and inside their boxes… which is another little added bonus!

Inside this box is where I found the tip on making pumpkin pancakes with their mix.


They were so good – they didn’t need ANY syrup.  We added some enjoy life chocolate chips….  because, well – chocolate goes with everything…

May your weekend include something PUMPKIN!

** We get 1,2,3 Gluten Free pancakes from Dillons, or  online at  You can also get them directly online.  Our Hy-Vee also has some products, but not currently the pancakes.

**** We make it with 3 cups of mix, 1 can of pumpkin, 1 T cinnamon, 3 eggs, and 1 1/2 cups of almond milk. Add chocolate chips and a bit of water as needed to reach the consistency you desire.

“And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom,

and the grace of God was upon him.”

Luke 2:40

Are You Hungry?

I spent more time thinking about cooking in the fall… so I was delighted when my new Paleo Slow Cooking cookbook came today!  Lots of great gluten-free options for fall… so I can’t wait to share some new favorites with you!  Lots of meals, soups, stews, and roasts!  Yummo!

How about..  are you Hungry for Change?

If you missed this in the spring – Hungry for Change (the movie) is fabulous, and it’s free right now until Saturday.  (10.6.12)  I’ve watched a lot of information on food, and health – but this one stopped me from even drinking my “occasional” soda – to never again…  as well as rethinking MANY aspects of our daily diet.  It transformed my mind further than I had been pushed – in the midst of the craziness that was happening inside my body.  God must have known I needed to see it!  Please make the time to see this – you will be SO glad you did.  Even consider – if you’re sitting at your computer, and doing other things – just play it in the background and LISTEN.

In the name of God changing the seasons for us – to offer variety, consider the change He’d like to offer to you in making better choices for your health, and your future – by healing – INSIDE out.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…”

Eccles. 3:1

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