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G-Free Tortillas or Pizza Crust

I wanted to share with you this delicious flour we tried when we had our HyVee “G-Free” birthday party last month.  The dietician shared a recipe that can be used for either tortillas, OR pizza crust.

Plus, its super simple – love that!

The Domata flour was from Hy-Vee.  It was $13.37 where we live, for the 4lb bag.

Gluten Free Flour Tortillas

(makes 8 tortillas that are gluten and casein free)

– 2 cups gluten-free all-purpose flour mix

– 1  1/2 tsp. xanthan gum

– 2 tsp. organic sugar

– 1 tsp. salt

– 1 cup warm water

* Add dry ingredients to a large mixing bowl and mix thoroughly with hands

* Add cup of warm water to bowl and mix in dry goods with hand, until it is no longer dry

* Separate the dough into 8 pieces and roll each piece into a ball.

* Sprinkle a clean, flat surface with a bit of rice flour and then roll your dough ball into a roughly circular shape.  If these are tortillas, make them thin as possible.

* If this is a pizza crust, oil up hands and spread crust into desired shape.  Bake for 10 minutes at 350, then remove – and add toppings as normal, then bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

* If this is for tortillas, throw thin shapes onto hot griddle with oil and let cook 1 minute or until it has started puffing up, and making some brown spots, flip and cook other side.

* Slide cooked tortilla onto a waiting plate and repeat until all are done.


“Come, follow me,”   Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Matthew 4:19

Processed Food, That Doesn’t Process.

We have this little running joke at our house.  It stems from a trip we took in our first year of marriage.  My husband’s family owns retail stores, and we used to travel to a yearly convention, where we set up shop for a week.  Meals were scarce – as were bathroom breaks… we stood on our feet a lot!  We ate TERRIBLY back then.

When we stood in line at a Burger King for breakfast… Yes, I said Burger King and breakfast – together. *YUCK*  One of the menu items to order was a mini-cinnamon roll set of 4, in  box made for a hamburger no doubt.  As the orders were placed, the staff person kept saying “CINNA-MINI” into the microphone, to let the back “cooks” know to put another round in the microwave.  {That way they were nice and FRESH you know.}  Yeeeeeeeah.  Not. So. Much.

Ever wonder why you feel so poorly after eating fast food? We saw this at the HS conference in April. It’s 5 years old… Makes you wonder how your body is supposed to “use” stuff like this and process it – after we consume it?? Just say no.

Anyway… the whole mono-toned “CINNA-MINI” makes me giggle…  but the idea of what we ate or what was in that food, makes me a little sick to my stomach.

I used to LOVE cinnamon rolls.  Our local bakery made the best.

They probably still make the best, I just don’t eat them… obviously.  I stopped eating them 6 years ago when I stopped eating many cake-like breads.  However, my kids still REALLY wanted some cinnamon rolls – and I wanted to make that happen for them.  I present to you – gluten-free cinnamon rolls in cute little muffin cups! (I’m sure you can make these with whole wheat/white flour too…)


3/4 cup luke warm water
2 packages active dry yeast
3/4 cup almond milk
3 T sugar
2 T canola/grape seed oil
1 tablespoon honey
3 1/2 cups gluten-free all-purpose flour (I used Almond flour mix by Gluten
Free Mama)
2 t. salt
1 t. baking powder
1/4 cup GF carbonated water
3/4 cup sugar
3 T. ground cinnamon
1/2 cup gluten-free or organic butter, cut into 12 squares
Pecan halves (optional)

Preheat over to 375 degrees. Grease 12 muffin cups. Set aside. In a large
mixing bowl, stir lukewarm water into yeast until dissolved. Add milk, 3 T.
sugar, oil and honey and mix well. Let stand for 5 minutes.

In a small mixing bowl, combine flour, salt, and baking powder. Add flour
mixture to milk mixture and beat until combined. Stir in carbonated water.
Fill muffin cups only HALF FULL with a glob of dough.

In a small bowl mix 3/4 cup of sugar with cinnamon. Sprinkle batter in
each cup with about 1 Tablespoon sugar mixture. Top with square of butter.
Fill with remaining batter.

Use a skewer or knife to make a swirl at the top of batter in each cup. Top
with remaining sugar mixture. Bake 20 minutes or until golden brown. Top
with pecan halves if desired. Serves 12.

Stressed OUT??  Someone IS listening.  Talk to Him!

“In my distress I called to the Lord; I called out to my God.   From His temple he heard my voice; my cry came to His ears.”

2 Samuel 22:7

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