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Food Trumps – Everytime

Check out this new bread from HyVee!  Gluten-free, soy free, GMO free, corn syrup free and only 90 calories a slice!! My kids are so excited to try it tomorrow!  Let me know if you had this before!!  (They make ccokies too from chia seed flour with the same standards as the bread!)  Hurray!! :)

Check out this new bread from HyVee! Gluten-free, soy free, GMO free, corn syrup free and only 90 calories a slice!! My kids are so excited to try it tomorrow! Let me know if you had this before!! (They make ccokies too from chia seed flour with the same standards as the bread!) Hurray!! ūüôā

I know people think¬†I’ve gone, perhaps a¬†little… quacky.¬† Maybe I¬†have.¬† What others “think¬†of me” may have bothered me, even a few months ago – totally doesn’t now.


Because I know…¬† (and I don’t want to say I know I’m RIGHT, because this isn’t about *me*, it’s about God, and His design of us.)¬†¬† I¬†can say,¬†I firmly know what truly¬†works… and it’s not “just works for me”…¬† It can totally work for YOU.

I’ve seen it now – over and over again… and I feel badly for people who still continue to CHOOSE to suffer and add-on more medicines, and additional auto immune diseases, even cancer.¬† It’s sadly predictable.

If you have auto immune disease or cancer, or you KNOW you have the genes in your family for asthma, thyroid disease, fibromyalsia, psoriasis¬†chronic infection, sinusitis, allergies,¬†lupus,¬†celiac, cancer, type¬†I or II diabetes¬†etc … or you¬†are on medication for either… listen up!

Removing gluten from your diet for life – is your first step towards health.


Because the main¬†glutens of the most popular grains¬†(which is a majority of what glutens are in foods, and spices, and sauces, and meat fillers, etc)¬†¬†are GMO¬†products… with a HUGE¬†PROTEIN that is destroying our guts.¬† While I understand the point of why GMOs¬†were created, and I’m confident that an extra-large protein that is too difficult for our bodies to digest, wasn’t even on the radar for the seed companies – believe me, they DO realize it now – and are attempting to change it.¬† (quietly)¬† It’s going to take at least 10 years to turn this freight train around, and in the mean time – we are getting sicker, and sicker.

I can tell you how it’s affected each of my kids differently,¬†my mother and father, my brothers, niece and nephew…¬†I can explain how people with RA, Thyroid problems, Parkinson’s… on and on – have felt MAJOR changes just by starting with STEP ONE – REMOVING gluten from their diets – completely.

Please.  I beg of you, to TRY IT for 30 days.

What do you REALLY have to lose?   (and what do *I* personally have to gain?)

It’s truly not about me, it’s about letting other people know before they get so sick they have permanent effects – like I do.¬† SO many auto immune disease symptoms can be reversed or eliminated if they are cut off at the source.

In a curious exploration, I visited a RA board on Facebook to see what they were talking about.¬† I was deeply saddened that the entire page was talking about what drugs they were on, and how long they had been on them.¬† Most had multiple auto immune disease issues… and NO ONE – not ONE talked about the TRUTH that this all resides in your GUT HEALTH.

It makes my heart so sad – because I KNOW a majority of the reason why they don’t know – is because their doctor doesn’t know.¬† If their doctor instructed them to go gluten-free – they would do it.¬† If their doctor tells them “this pill is what you need” – they will take that instead.¬† We want someone else to tell us how to be healthy, vs. thinking for ourselves.

I’ll be honest, I¬†had no clue how awesome designed our bodies – to rebuild and repair.¬†

I can tell you that in just a few months off of gluten – my son started growing like crazy.¬† He’s been growing a half an inch to an inch every month, and gained 25 lbs this year.¬† No more bumps on his arms, elbows or knees…¬† healthy as a lark.¬† I’m so thankful we realized this before missing his grow spurt time!!¬† Praise be to God.

The latest excitement came this week… when someone I know with Parkinson’s completed their first week gluten-free – only to realize… their tremors? ¬†Stopped.


Yes.¬† Incredible isn’t it?¬† I cried I’m so grateful.

Yet, I’m NOT surprised – I knew if they would give it a chance – they would SEE how much of an impact it will have.

The reason I know removing gluten can be SO powerful is because I know any amount of gluten in MY system – will trump everything positive I’m doing with supplements, and rest and recovering my body in a reverse manner.¬†

My food sensitivities are crazy powerful – and can knock me down for a week or more and shut off my digestion processes in a matter of hours.¬† Each time I’ve gotten accidentally glutenated has presented more auto immune symptoms that drag on and on¬†– and they’re down right scary.¬†¬†So why WAIT?

Once you remove gluten, you’re also able to see what other food sensitivities you might have – as well as begin to heal and repair your gut from the damage that has led to the auto immunity or cancer.

Would you then go BACK to the very things that made you sick?

Gluten is the first issues at hand, processed dairy is the next…¬† and then basically anything processed or with MSG (restaurants use a lot of this), as you get cleaner and cleaner – you’ll realize how poorly you had felt before!¬† It’s not a¬†trend, or a key to buying a¬†bunch of GF products or to live eating grain free¬†– it’s about eating REAL food, and making foods from nut flour – from scratch, so you KNOW what is in it and you can maximize your health!¬†

To go gluten-free – you really must pay attention to what you’re feeding your body – it could be making you very sick and creating a whole host of problems that is killing you – noticably or secretly.¬† Seeing a holistic or integrative facility will help you get to the SOURCE of your health issues and vitamin deficiencies,¬†will get¬†you back on track to health!

There is so much great information out there on turning off your sickness through revamping your gut health, and I’d be happy to help you in anyway I can by sharing what worked for me.¬† Dr. Mark Hyman has some great info¬†out there – check out his website, and tips on how to “EAT YOUR MEDICINE“.¬† These 7 keys to wellness were spot on for me.

God Bless!  He answers our prayers Рwe must be listening and willing to ACT!  Healthy for him.

“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
    your faithfulness to the skies.
Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,
    your justice like the great deep.
¬†¬†¬† You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.”

Psalm 36:5-6

It’s The BIG – Little Things

My BIG-Little find at the Iowa State Fair was this awesome Tupperware bowl I’ve had my eye on for a while. This houses up to 42 cups of my mixed flours for the gluten-free bread I make! Make in bulk and ready to go!

You know how something little can make or break your day?

Someone says the right… or wrong thing.

Someone gives you the right… or wrong look.

Someone shows up… or doesn’t.

It’s crazy how some days the “tone” of our entire day can be either enhanced or destroyed in a matter of minutes, glances, or few words.

You wake up on time, well rested… and your children greet you, happily with smiles…


You’re running late, forgot to plan breakfast, and everyone is taking out their tiredness on you…

Which day would you choose?

IF you could indeed, choose the day?

I don’t really need to ask – do I?

Since a lot of our day and how we handle those “things” that can come up – is our perspective…

Let’s consider how we view our day, in light of how God views us.

With constant grace, mercy, and love!

I’m making an effort to go to bed earlier, to drink more water, and to count my blessings TWICE each day. ¬†After all, everyone hears enough about the negative everywhere else in our world. ¬†All of these things contribute to me being Healthy for Him each day.

Try shining His light wherever you go today!

“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

Colossians 3:14

In Search of the Perfect…. LOAF!

Is smaller bread really a problem? It’s more in line with what we should be consuming calorie-wise anyway!

When my gastrologist told me that having my family go gluten-free would be like having 8 kids and homeschooling – he was so right on.

Be prepared for “un-asked-for” commentary and lack of understanding.

Similarly to how people have all of the un-asked for answers on when you should stop having kids (ignore God’s calling), or how you should raise your family the “right way” (ignore God’s calling), people love to question how you’re feeding your bodies as well.

(Although I’m not sure why this bothers people if they’re not the ones responsible… ¬†eternal value in that? ¬†Life’s greatest mysteries…)

“How on earth will you get the grains you need?”


I wonder… how did Adam and Eve manage to make it without loaves of bread each week, when they didn’t have a Wal-Mart?

What’s that you say?

Did God have an over-sight?

Of course not. ¬†He doesn’t make mistakes.

Maybe bread wasn’t needed to survive? ¬†Shocking, I know.

Did I mention that we have asthma, allergies,¬†cancer, celiac, schizophrenia, ADHD,¬†migraines, irregular periods, infertility,¬†fibroids, allergies, joint swelling, GI issues (IBS),¬† anxiety, fatigue, vision issues,¬†depression, neuropathy, ataxia,¬†and thyroid issues in our family… {yes, that and more – it goes¬†on and on} – that can all be tied to gluten sensitivity genes – triggered by the consumption of gluten, which breaks down your system?

If you don’t – and you don’t see a need to change, then don’t change your life.¬†

Simple. As. That.

But if you do… then one might see why we’d make the change after finding out what our DNA shows and living with the destructive effects of it.

One of the things I knew would be a transition for our family was the bread. ¬†Our kids ate sandwiches almost daily… and where was the bread going to come from? ¬†Did we need bread? ¬†I wanted bread. ¬†I mean, I wanted THEM to still have bread…(I don’t even eat it!)

Now, making bread isn’t anything new. ¬†LOTS of people made their own bread, by hand, for years… {before bread makers existed}. ¬†Some even STILL grind their own grain today… but the difference in today’s world – is often time. Making the time for what is important to you.

Life is at warp speed – and anything that might slow us down is viewed as an inconvenience, vs. the blessing God truly intends it to be.

So while making bread isn’t the easiest of choices, for us – I prefer to bake my own when possible.

Let’s be honest, gluten-free bread IS different.

If you’re trying to make gluten-free bread, just like white/wheat bread from the store – forget it. ¬†It’s different.

It’s not different bad – it’s just different.¬† If it doesn’t make you sick, then that is different GOOD. ¬†Right?

The loaves are shorter, the bread is denser…. it’s definitely best fresh – {but not too fresh (or warm) or it won’t slice right.} ¬†It’s difficult to save and it dries out more quickly because it’s fresh bread… ¬†After refrigerated, it hardens quickly.

Any parent who is feeding lots of children, can understand the difficulty that might come in that.

Impossible? ¬†No way. ¬†Would I have it any other way? ¬†Heavens, NO. ¬†But a bit challenging none-the-less. ¬†Definitely different from the quicker,¬†“self-seeking convenience” the world sells us.

I had a few criteria as I’ve been baking bread:

#1 РTASTE.  It must taste good.

#2 – It must rise well.

#3 РIt must be a good texture Рnot crumbly!  (Cut thick or thin and able to spread peanut butter on yo!)

I also am a little bent towards it “looking” darker because in my mind – “darker” is a whole grain goodness. ¬†{Am I brainwashed or what?}

Whole grains. ¬†Whole grains. ¬†Whole grains… ¬†that doesn’t have to mean whole WHEAT.

Since I don’t eat the bread, I must go off of my husband and children’s opinions. ¬†According to them – here is my “PERFECT” gluten-free loaf – so far.

THE PERFECT GLUTEN-FREE BREAD (a work in progress)

Р1 Tablespoon xanthan gum

– 1/3 cup millet flour

– 1/2 cup potato starch

– 1/2 cup teff flour

–¬†1 cup brown rice flour

– 1 cup sorghum flour

– 1 package active dry yeast

– 3 eggs (I put these in a bowl of warm water while I get ingredients out)

– 1 Tablespoon RAW apple cider vinegar

– 1/4 cup cold pressed (organic) olive oil

Р1/4 cup raw honey

– 1 & 1/2 cups almond milk (room temp)

Place wet ingredients in bowl and whisk until frothy.  Pour into bread maker.

Whisk dry ingredients together with yeast and spoon over wet ingredients evenly.

Use gluten-free setting or 2 rises, and 2:25 minutes baking, medium crust.

When bread is finished – drop out of pan and allow to cool on cooling rack for 20-30 minutes before cutting.

** I like to mix bulk flours together in a big tub for the week (often mixing 4-6 times the amount) – so they’re ready to go, and the process is easier. ¬†Then I can just scoop out 3 & 1/3 cups of total flour mix, add yeast and xanthan¬†gum and I’m ready to go! ¬†I try to make my bread the night before I need it – so I’m not stressed in the morning if I need it by lunch time!

“Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His face always.”

Psalm 105:4

We Broke Up…

Here it is! The first, of hopefully many, sandwich bread loaves! The kids ate it up and said it was super soft and yummy! (But not too soft, spreadable things didn’t make it crumble!)

It was a sad day.

Well, not really… I was prepared for it, but he wasn’t.

It was my Schwann’s man.

I had planned to call him before¬†he came over… but I never seemed to get that done.¬† The next thing you know,¬†he’s in my¬†neighborhood and at my door – ready to take my order.

“I am so sorry, we aren’t going to be buying your food anymore, we have celiac disease,” I said.

“WOW.¬† What IS that?” he questioned.

“Basically we can’t have wheat, or gluten, things connected to that,” I simplified the answer so he wouldn’t be more overwhelmed than he already appeared to be.

“Oh wow…. that’s like, in EVERYTHING!” he stated.

“Yeah….,” I said.

“So, that’s like a WHOLE lifestyle change then.” he processed more information out loud.¬† “That REALLY stinks.”

“There are worse things,” I said.

There was a long silence… as if he was in denial that it was over.¬† He even tried to see if I would bend the “rules”… not quite understanding the magnitude of the disease.

“Some of my diabetic customers still order ice cream though, even though they shouldn’t,” he said, as if to encourage me to be unfaithful to my diet.

“Yeah… it’s not really something you can knowingly cheat on, and feel well.¬† It destroys your body, and I can’t function,” I proclaimed.

“Wow… okay.¬† Well, I guess this is good-bye?” he said.

“Best wishes with your future and sales!” I said.

With a hand shake and a head shake, he was off.

I felt badly dumping him like that.¬† It never feels good to dump people, when they don’t see it coming –¬†especially, and when they’re as nice as my Schwann’s man was.

But alas, it had to be done.

Back to my clean start….

** {I realize we could probably have some ice creams from them, but I ate a life-time supply while pregnant with my 5th child.¬† We’ll leave it at that.}

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and¬† death shall be no more,¬† neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.‚ÄĚ

Revelations 21:4

I Will Never…

LEARN to stop saying I’ll never…apparently!!

When I was 19 I swore I never wanted to have children.¬† I hated men.¬† I think I just hated the world at that point… broken-hearted, angry,¬†and lost for the future I thought I had planned… immaturity… whatever it was, I said it.

God heard me.

NO doubt in my mind He was going to break me of all selfishness and self-willed spouting…

Did I learn?


I continued on saying, “I will never…” and every TIME it’s come back to bite me.

I’ll never drive a mini-van.

I’ll never home school… (those people are WEIRD you know?¬† What about socialization!?!)

I’ll NEVER drive a BIG van, it’s like a school bus… (does our vehicle REALLY define us?¬† How shallow of me!)

I will NEVER bake bread. (isn’t that some home schooling rite of passage?¬† We wear jumpers and bake bread.¬† I won’t say it – but I don’t own a jumper.)

Here it is. My bread making machine. *Gulp* The first loaf is in the maker… I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Here¬†I am… making bread… eating crow, and laughing at God.

Oh Lord Рwhat a sense of humor you have.  I am SO very wrong, and your ways are far greater than I ever imagine.

In my small hopes of my future, I am SO thankful you laid a greater plan… and love me more than anyone could.

With 8 children, with homeschooling, with providing us a vehicle to be together safely, as our family has grown (and I have grown in maturity), and YES… with the possibility to make bread my children can eat and be healthy.¬† We eat a lot less bread, and I personally don’t eat it at all… but I’m glad I know exactly what is IN this bread (we do love Udi’s bread though).

Thank you Lord – for loving me, and listening to ways I need broken.

“Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our¬†God is a consuming fire.”

Hebrews 12:28-29

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