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Food Trumps – Everytime

Check out this new bread from HyVee!  Gluten-free, soy free, GMO free, corn syrup free and only 90 calories a slice!! My kids are so excited to try it tomorrow!  Let me know if you had this before!!  (They make ccokies too from chia seed flour with the same standards as the bread!)  Hurray!! :)

Check out this new bread from HyVee! Gluten-free, soy free, GMO free, corn syrup free and only 90 calories a slice!! My kids are so excited to try it tomorrow! Let me know if you had this before!! (They make ccokies too from chia seed flour with the same standards as the bread!) Hurray!! ūüôā

I know people think¬†I’ve gone, perhaps a¬†little… quacky.¬† Maybe I¬†have.¬† What others “think¬†of me” may have bothered me, even a few months ago – totally doesn’t now.


Because I know…¬† (and I don’t want to say I know I’m RIGHT, because this isn’t about *me*, it’s about God, and His design of us.)¬†¬† I¬†can say,¬†I firmly know what truly¬†works… and it’s not “just works for me”…¬† It can totally work for YOU.

I’ve seen it now – over and over again… and I feel badly for people who still continue to CHOOSE to suffer and add-on more medicines, and additional auto immune diseases, even cancer.¬† It’s sadly predictable.

If you have auto immune disease or cancer, or you KNOW you have the genes in your family for asthma, thyroid disease, fibromyalsia, psoriasis¬†chronic infection, sinusitis, allergies,¬†lupus,¬†celiac, cancer, type¬†I or II diabetes¬†etc … or you¬†are on medication for either… listen up!

Removing gluten from your diet for life – is your first step towards health.


Because the main¬†glutens of the most popular grains¬†(which is a majority of what glutens are in foods, and spices, and sauces, and meat fillers, etc)¬†¬†are GMO¬†products… with a HUGE¬†PROTEIN that is destroying our guts.¬† While I understand the point of why GMOs¬†were created, and I’m confident that an extra-large protein that is too difficult for our bodies to digest, wasn’t even on the radar for the seed companies – believe me, they DO realize it now – and are attempting to change it.¬† (quietly)¬† It’s going to take at least 10 years to turn this freight train around, and in the mean time – we are getting sicker, and sicker.

I can tell you how it’s affected each of my kids differently,¬†my mother and father, my brothers, niece and nephew…¬†I can explain how people with RA, Thyroid problems, Parkinson’s… on and on – have felt MAJOR changes just by starting with STEP ONE – REMOVING gluten from their diets – completely.

Please.  I beg of you, to TRY IT for 30 days.

What do you REALLY have to lose?   (and what do *I* personally have to gain?)

It’s truly not about me, it’s about letting other people know before they get so sick they have permanent effects – like I do.¬† SO many auto immune disease symptoms can be reversed or eliminated if they are cut off at the source.

In a curious exploration, I visited a RA board on Facebook to see what they were talking about.¬† I was deeply saddened that the entire page was talking about what drugs they were on, and how long they had been on them.¬† Most had multiple auto immune disease issues… and NO ONE – not ONE talked about the TRUTH that this all resides in your GUT HEALTH.

It makes my heart so sad – because I KNOW a majority of the reason why they don’t know – is because their doctor doesn’t know.¬† If their doctor instructed them to go gluten-free – they would do it.¬† If their doctor tells them “this pill is what you need” – they will take that instead.¬† We want someone else to tell us how to be healthy, vs. thinking for ourselves.

I’ll be honest, I¬†had no clue how awesome designed our bodies – to rebuild and repair.¬†

I can tell you that in just a few months off of gluten – my son started growing like crazy.¬† He’s been growing a half an inch to an inch every month, and gained 25 lbs this year.¬† No more bumps on his arms, elbows or knees…¬† healthy as a lark.¬† I’m so thankful we realized this before missing his grow spurt time!!¬† Praise be to God.

The latest excitement came this week… when someone I know with Parkinson’s completed their first week gluten-free – only to realize… their tremors? ¬†Stopped.


Yes.¬† Incredible isn’t it?¬† I cried I’m so grateful.

Yet, I’m NOT surprised – I knew if they would give it a chance – they would SEE how much of an impact it will have.

The reason I know removing gluten can be SO powerful is because I know any amount of gluten in MY system – will trump everything positive I’m doing with supplements, and rest and recovering my body in a reverse manner.¬†

My food sensitivities are crazy powerful – and can knock me down for a week or more and shut off my digestion processes in a matter of hours.¬† Each time I’ve gotten accidentally glutenated has presented more auto immune symptoms that drag on and on¬†– and they’re down right scary.¬†¬†So why WAIT?

Once you remove gluten, you’re also able to see what other food sensitivities you might have – as well as begin to heal and repair your gut from the damage that has led to the auto immunity or cancer.

Would you then go BACK to the very things that made you sick?

Gluten is the first issues at hand, processed dairy is the next…¬† and then basically anything processed or with MSG (restaurants use a lot of this), as you get cleaner and cleaner – you’ll realize how poorly you had felt before!¬† It’s not a¬†trend, or a key to buying a¬†bunch of GF products or to live eating grain free¬†– it’s about eating REAL food, and making foods from nut flour – from scratch, so you KNOW what is in it and you can maximize your health!¬†

To go gluten-free – you really must pay attention to what you’re feeding your body – it could be making you very sick and creating a whole host of problems that is killing you – noticably or secretly.¬† Seeing a holistic or integrative facility will help you get to the SOURCE of your health issues and vitamin deficiencies,¬†will get¬†you back on track to health!

There is so much great information out there on turning off your sickness through revamping your gut health, and I’d be happy to help you in anyway I can by sharing what worked for me.¬† Dr. Mark Hyman has some great info¬†out there – check out his website, and tips on how to “EAT YOUR MEDICINE“.¬† These 7 keys to wellness were spot on for me.

God Bless!  He answers our prayers Рwe must be listening and willing to ACT!  Healthy for him.

“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
    your faithfulness to the skies.
Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,
    your justice like the great deep.
¬†¬†¬† You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.”

Psalm 36:5-6

Just One Little…K.I.S.S.

Dig out the root of the problem!

Dig out the root of the problem!

Oh the things we retain from college!¬† My public relations professor was unforgettable in so many ways.¬† His personality, his quirks… this sayings!

He was always encouraging us to write with the K.I.S.S. method – keep it simple stupid!¬† Which essentially made it easy to really keep the MOST important news at the forefront of any¬†standout press release.¬† (although, we don’t say the “s” word at this house!)

I’ve used this method when home schooling my children.¬† Some times, as adults – we just make things VERY complicated.

I’m totally guilty.

Obviously when you’ve learned something well, and it makes complete sense to you – you expect it to be easy for others also.¬† But most often, it’s not.

We all learn so differently – and our 8 children, from the two same parents, are a great testimony of God’s diverse plan in originality.

Because of all of the change our diets, we do spend a quite a bit of time reviewing just what is going on in our bodies – and why what is happening to mommy, we DON’T want to happen to them.¬† We want our children to have a solid understanding of just what food is and what it’s for, and what CAN happen!

Early on my children were teaching ME just how easy it was to go without food and goodies that we once thought were necessary, earned or expected!

After recently watching this fabulous video on how gluten effects EVERYONE, and how it triggers auto immune disease in HLA-genotypes specifically Рmy girls were discussing a few points and then drew the above picture.

“Why do people keep cutting off the top of the plant¬†and covering up their symptoms with drugs?” they asked.¬† “Don’t they realize you have to dig out the WHOLE root to remove the problem at the source?”

Great question.

I told them I think most people don’t realize that all disease begins in the gut – because most doctors don’t understand nutrition themselves.¬†¬† Many¬†don’t focus on natural ways to¬†keep toxins out of your body.¬† They treat symptoms – with drugs – that have other side effects, many unknown.

However my kids¬†cut to the chase and said they think it’s more about money and treating symptoms¬†vs. truly making someone well.¬† They said it seems like the¬†drug companies¬†want people to keep treating symptoms, and worsening their health for job security¬†– vs. the easier change of diet. ¬† I would hate to assume that.¬†¬†My assumption is easier for me to accept and retain hope for our healthcare system.

My husband’s toe and psoriasis skin¬†issues¬†are¬†a fabulous example of what is going on IN your body that you often can’t see.¬† Most people keep treating the rashes, or unsightly fungus with topical treatments, or in the case of his toe nail issues¬†– a high power drug that could have damaged his liver or kidneys.¬†(after a¬†one month¬†round¬† several years ago – he no longer took it, and of course it came right back – thankfully that drug was pulled off the market relatively quickly.¬† Some people aren’t so blessed – and have lasting consequences from these drugs, including death!)¬†

My husband has been gluten-free¬†and mostly dairy-free for 10 months, and his toe has grown out almost perfectly within that time!¬† His body no longer is fighting this chronic poison of gluten damaging his gut and slowly breaking down his body until something major finally shows up.¬† Once we eliminated the main problem – it’s amazing that the goes back to healing itself – as it was intended.

Please.¬† If you have issues with thyroid, depression, cancer, auto immune disease, asthma, chronic inflammation, sinusitus, allergies¬†– do you struggle with fatigue or migraine¬†headaches?¬† Have trouble with brain fog?¬† Do you not absorb vitamins?¬† Are you iron, potassium or magnesium¬†deficient?¬† Do you have a hormone imbalance, rashes or light sensitivity?¬† Trouble losing weight or getting pregnant?¬†¬† The list goes on and on and on¬†–¬†but you have signs in your genetics that gluten IS a problem and it’s possibly destroying your body.¬† There is no reason to have a celiac diagnosis to remove it from diet.¬† There are so many foods God made that you can enjoy – and regain your health and your life before it’s too late!

Rip out the problem at the ROOT system!

Personally – my favorite part of the video above, is the fact that our bodies should be viewed as a bagel.¬† The inside “hole” of the bagel is still the outside.¬† Our digestive system IS the outside of our body – and the food and drinks we put in should NOT pass to the inside of our body’s system.¬† When they do – that is what¬†creates havoc!¬† Spend the 20 minutes watching it – you’ll be glad you did.¬† The last 5 minutes is the best!

“For I am the Lord your God
    who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
¬†¬†¬† I will help you.”

Isaiah 41:13

What Do They Want?

Preparing for my vitamin IV on Wednesday.  They call it the "pick me up"... I'd say so!  I felt fabulous for the past 4 days.

Preparing for my vitamin IV on Wednesday. They call it the “pick me up”… I’d say so! I felt fabulous for the past 4 days.

I’ve felt written off and passed around from specialist to specialist with “no answers” worthy to chart – while clearly the answers seem very obvious to me to the whole time…

I almost have felt sorry for doctors, who rely so heavily on these blood tests for answers… and the patients who so desperately want to know what is going on so they can be well. ¬†I wonder if they would change how they did things, if they truly knew how much nutrition played into things…

Those videos I mentioned the last week… that doctor said when he went back to his original group practice – eager to help his patients get off of their medicines, and transform their lives, so their bodies could naturally heal – as God intended….

Most didn’t want to hear it.

They didn’t want to change.

They couldn’t afford any test that was out-of-pocket, and not covered by insurance… and often insisted they would rather have their prescription medicine, which WAS paid for by their insurance.

How sad that the things and people who can actually make us well, are NOT paid for by our insurance?  What is wrong with our country???

Do you know who pays for many of the studies that are done at hospitals… in the name of “advancing medicine”???

It’s the drug companies.

Do you think they’re looking out for your well-being above all? ¬†Or are they concerned with the bottom line, and selling products?

I noted that even the Chicago University Celiac Center was privately funded… ¬† and I thought – wow, that’s strange – when 97% of people aren’t diagnosed, you would think there would be money to FUND such an important illness.

But alas, you can’t own the rights to “proper nutrition”… and you can’t sell whole food vitamins in a patented format that would be a money-maker to the drug companies and medical doctors alike.

Food companies have gotten on board to fund some of the “search for a cure”… but ¬†still don’t quite understand that – when the cure is – avoiding the foods that make us sick?

I have also read some of the “negatives” about holistic medicine. ¬† That they want to sell you “their” supplements… Well for one, that has NOT been my experience. ¬†They have been VERY open with what I need – but never pushing me to buy things only “from them.”

Secondly, this low dose Armour I’m on for my thyroid… ¬†which most endocrinologists poo-poo. ¬†The sheet on the prescription states it has “no” negative side effects. ¬†Interesting… ¬†I wonder what the list is on Synthyroid?? ¬†Why again won’t doctors give it a chance if a patient is wanting it? ¬†Oh yes… that’s right – it’s not the money-maker, and perhaps you wouldn’t need it forever like you do Synthyroid?

Now, I realize – not all doctors are like this, and there are just as many out there that have no clue that they are making choices that have really bad consequences for their patients. ¬†I still shake my head when I think of my GI doctors telling me he would prescribe me some anti diarrhea medicine, following my endoscopy. ¬†Knowing that would have only masked things until I probably ended up with colon cancer, or continued poisoning my system with more auto immune disease issues searching for anything else, since “a professional” told me that wasn’t the problem. ¬†While he was a professional, he was professionally wrong in my case.

I look forward to sharing with you our latest decisions we need to make. ¬†We got two phone calls last week – one indicating my blood work from the learning hospital showed my ANA is up again. ¬†Now it’s 1:320. ¬†I was referred to a rheumatolgist… that I can’t decide if I’d like to see. ¬†What are they REALLY going to be able to do? ¬†Do I really need a diagnosis in my chart?

Another call was from an immunologist specialist my son visited 2 weeks ago… His grand plan of vaccines, medicines and testing made my head hurt… that was before I got his paperwork, where the doctor stated some elements of my son’s health history MAJORLY incorrect.¬† Chicago University did the same thing – I simply don’t think listening nor knowledge on nutrition and health is the strong suit. ¬†I’m thankful we live in America and have choices… This boy needs help with his immune system, and has made great strides already, since last May.¬†¬†He does not need more medicine and doctors appointments.

I’ve continued to feel well this week after my vitamin IV, and additional supplements. ¬†I had a bit of systemic pain today – in the morning and evening yesterday, with some fatigue…but I was also on my feet most of the day. ¬†I fought back and did an hour-long DVD with Bob Harper tonight. ¬†Bob always makes me laugh. ¬†I needed that. ¬†I’ve done one of those a week now… which is a huge progress for me since September. ¬†Praise God.

Please. ¬†Educate yourself as much as you can about nutrition and the symptoms you have if you are sick with auto immune disease, cancer, asthma or thyroid or other hormone issues… we truly ARE what we eat – and genetically it’s effecting our country in a BIG way.

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

Systemic Pain?

My favorite organic green tea.  Look for organic tea that is less processed, and contains NO foreign additives! (in your health food aisle)

My favorite organic green tea. Look for organic tea that is less processed, and contains NO foreign additives! (in your health food aisle)

When I say systemic pain… I bet those of you with it – know exactly what I’m talking about.

People like my husband, who didn’t have pain like that… wondered just what type of pain I was having, and he wanted to understand it better.

“Is it similar to being chilled to the bone?” he asked.

“Not quite…,” I said.

I tried my best to explain, that it’s not always the same… but there are similar issues with it, and certain triggers make it worse – leaving me curled up in fetal position or asleep in bed.

The two I know (for sure) that worsen things – are sunlight and cold. But some days, I wake up thinking… “what in the world did I do or eat yesterday? or the day before?”

USUALLY, the systemic pain precedes a day or evening of inflammation – although the inflammation is in my joints, the pain radiates through my body – into my muscles and bones and brings along a friend – frontal lobe headaches.

I’m certain it’s different for everyone, as we are all designed differently but for me, it reminds me of the radiating pain you can feel in labor when you’re in transition, only it isn’t focused on your uterus and back only. Similarly, it drains your energy, and makes you feel like you’re going to throw up as the flare worsens. Often times it starts in my upper back and shoulders or behind my eyes… so I feel this sensation in my throat, as if I could throw up because I just hurt everywhere and I can’t function. There really hadn’t been anything “like this” for me before – except labor or perhaps a migraine, but it’s worse than that. In labor, you at least have a relatively slow term goal, and a GRAND prize at the end! Not so much, with auto immune disease… as most are told this must be treated with medicine as it continues to worsen for life…

Because this pain was combined with my fatigue from my hypothyroidism issues, it was difficult to separate what was going on. Add in the chronic gut inflammation – and things have been a tangled mess. No wonder each “specialist” couldn’t figure out what was going on… especially when I’m missing that all important, “biopsy confirmed celiac diagnosis.” (please)

Overall, with the change in my diet and supplements, I’ve not had “as much” of this all at once. However, I recently visited the chiropractor and got adjusted – which might have released some tension, and build up, causing some of the systemic inflammation to be released into my system. I’m on day 4 since my adjustment, and today was a much better day.

So what do I do for the pain? I try to avoid taking anything unless I’m really struggling… and after I’ve tried all of the usual helps. Warmth, quiet, green tea… and then I turn to 2 Aleve. Some days it helps – and some days it can’t touch it. Since my diet change, and added supplements these “bad days”, are MUCH fewer. I no longer feel like “this is my life” forever. Praise God.

I go to the naturopath to review all of my test results from December, and I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to see what more progress we can make. I even signed up for a vitamin IV!

I read some reports on vitamin IVs being a fad in Hollywood, and medical professionals tried to say that they weren’t beneficial, “Unless you had gut issues that didn’t allow your body to absorb vitamins, since they are best absorbed through you gut.” BINGO. With auto immune disease being on the rise – should we really be surprised this is gaining in popularity? Several studies have shown that IV treatment filled with vitamin C has benefited cancer patients GREATLY throughout treatment or for their treatment, depending on the stage of the cancer.

I can’t wait! Oh wait… I already said that. But really… I can’t!!!

Healing your gut might take some time – and obviously I’d never consume gluten or dairy again – but praise God for true healing of my body from the damage that has been done over the years – thanks to celiac disease. Holistic medicine is a huge blessing, and God made our bodies to HEAL.

“And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus… Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Philppians 4:19,6-7

Countdown On!

This tasty treat was 2 cucumbers, a lemon and some parsley - JUICED.  Pretty GREEN and a great detox drink to help start boosting my liver.

This tasty treat was 2 cucumbers, a lemon and some parsley – JUICED. Pretty GREEN and a great detox drink to help start boosting my liver.

Bob Harper’s online group has really saved me from giving up on my workouts this last year.

Keeping it fresh with workout plans, and videos for “Living Fit” (one on one session examples) and “TEAM BOB” group workouts. ¬†Always great explanations, and usually 15-30 workouts. ¬†The library stays on there, so you can access them whenever you’re feeling like something fresh. ¬†Personally, I love it. ¬†There are also recipes, message boards, and tons of great insight and encouragement. ¬†I don’t utilize half of what it entails – it’s worth the investment to me.

One of the recent ones I loved was a 10 to 1 workout.  You need a set of weights, a kettle bell and a mat if you have one.  The moves were:

Thrusters (weighted)

Renegade Rows (push up with a weight pull)

Kettle Bell Swings (American style – all the way up)

Broad Jumps (mat length)

You do exactly what it sounds like – after a warm up, you start by doing each exercise 10 times, then 9, then 8, etc. ¬†So following 10 thrusters, you do 10 renegade rows, and so on… until you’re doing 1 of each rep, and have a cool down. ¬†It reminds me of a chipper – but something a little different for the W.O.D. (workout of the day). ¬†He has always been incorporating warm-ups of a half mile or mile. ¬†I have just been running in place while watching a quick show, or catching up on some news briefly – you really CAN run anywhere. ¬†No excuses!

I worked out 6 days in a row this week, that hasn’t happened in a while.

I even did a longer (hour-long) workout from Bob that I haven’t tried in a few months. ¬†I felt pretty good about that, and praised God for the progress He is making in my health. ¬†The multiskeletal pain is so much less, it’s insane. ¬†I feel like the “bleeding” as far as that is concerned, has stopped from increasing out of control.

I know it’s stress, and mineral/vitamin/food related – but I can tell you taking out those inflammatory foods that were wrecking havoc – due to leaky gut – makes me wonder how many people have mega fibro/chronic fatigue/auto immune issues with symptoms from various foods doing the same thing!!

I know – I wouldn’t have believed it either – until I experienced it…¬†

“And wherever He came, in villages, cities or countryside,

they laid the sick in the marketplaces and implored Him

that they might touch even the fringe of His garment.

¬†And as many as touched it were made well.”

Mark 6:56

Probiotics – When, Why and How Much?

YUM.  Here is some Guava Juice and recently started drinking.  I found it at HyVee in the health food area, or in our local food co-op store.  There are multiple flavors, but I've only tried two.  The others didn't appeal to me.

YUM. Here is some Guava Juice and recently started drinking. I found it at HyVee in the health food area, or in our local food co-op store. There are multiple flavors, but I’ve only tried two. The others didn’t appeal to me, this was hands down my favorite. ¬†Naturally fizzy, great probiotic and antioxidant drink that is low in calories too!

It’s been said for thousands of years – that all disease starts in the gut. ¬†I would believe that. ¬†The health of our guts – are extremely important. ¬†I’ve learned the hard way what leaky gut leads to… vitamin malabsorption, auto immune disease, thyroid issues, blood sugar issues, cancer, fibroids, headaches… the lists are endless.

When we had just 4 children, we seemed to have the stomach flu often. ¬†It was awful. ¬†Four children, ages 4 and under – you know what that means… rarely a toilet hit.

A good friend then shared with me that eating more yogurt daily would help keep the good bacteria from being over-run by the bad invaders…including YEAST which is fed by sugar. ¬† So we tried it – seven years ago we started. ¬†Truly, we have had FAR less stomach issues, {and even fewer when we realized some of the stomach issue were gluten related.}, and strep. ¬† However, I’m not sure the quality of the yogurt was doing much to stop the yeast over growth in my children’s guts and probably was a main factor in why our immune systems are completely shot.Yes, I’m certain the sugar in the yogurt wasn’t helping much at all.

The problem can be … the quality of the yogurt… or kefir¬†{click link to learn about KEE-FUR}, or acidophilus supplement.

A few keys are… it needs to be LIVE.

… so if you’re getting a supplement off of the shelf… and it’s not COLD –¬†it’s not live. ¬†You need to get something out of a cooler case. ¬†If you have an organic or whole foods type of store – they will be able to point you in the right direction.

The next is the AMOUNT of live bacteria. ¬†Billion sounds like a HIGH number, but 1 billion is on the extremely LOW end of what most people need. {those who are trying to heal a leaky gut, and or rebalance a gut after yeast over growth or antibiotic consumption – like ME} ¬†So if you’re eating a yogurt a day, and hoping that’s going to fix it … think again. ¬†We’re talking 50-200 billion a day for people needing to heal – which might take several months. ¬†After that, they can drop it back to 15-50, but might need that indefinitely. ¬†Most people who just took antibiotics now and then will need the 15-50 billion a day, and could settle back to a 1-15 billion on a day-to-day basis after things get turned around.

I know for me, being on TONS of antibiotics for multiple breast , ear and sinus infections didn’t help my gut matters… then my cross contamination issues – I know a high dose is necessary for me to get healing and rebalanced.

Currently, I’m trying 32-35 billion a day… and I believe that’s too low. ¬†I can tell a difference, which is awesome – but I’m ready to step it up. ¬†No more Mrs. Nice Girl… ¬†I want a healthy GI tract for 2013… and I believe I’m on the way.


Recently we had started having some of our children drink kefir daily. ¬†The key here is making sure we get an organic, gluten-free, dairy-free (although it’s from dairy, so that’s impossible…) ¬†ours is 99% lactose free and from our food co-op store. ¬†We mix a flavor with an original to lower the sugar content. ¬†So that said – make SURE you watch your sugars in anything like kefir or any probiotic or drink and look for the word RAW, or unpasturized.

I giggled recently at a “healthy” mainstream juice that touted it had just a “tad of sugar”… ¬†Oh… 28 grams of sugar. ¬†Holy Moly! ¬†Yikes! ¬†Pass. ¬†I still try to shoot for at or around 10 – max.

Probiotics boost immunity, can help your repair your immune system – lessening allergies/asthma, and aid in digestion as well {sluggish colon – give this a try!}… ¬†it’s definitely an area worth taking a look at when detoxing your system. ¬†Be prepared to spend $25 – $60 for something like this … but remember – once again, this IS your medicine. ¬†Only it’s not DESTROYING your body, and causing additional problems. ¬†It’s rebuilding your system.

40 calories, and only 7 gms of sugar.  Not bad.  Buying tip - my husband always says - when trying something new, go for what has sold the most - it's indicitive of what is the best choice.

40 calories, and only 7 gms of sugar. Not bad. Buying tip – my husband always says – when trying something new, go for what has sold the most – it’s indicative of what is the best choice.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Proverbs 18:21

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