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The Time is NOW!

The weather is getting cooler and we need more indoor options for working out.  DVDs are a great answer!

Bob Harper has all of his awesome workout DVDs on SALE on his website right now.  Each one is $7 or less… so NO EXCUSES!  I probably have every one of them – except a beginner workout that he has.  [and that’s not to say it’s not a great workout, I have some friends who own it – and they amp it up with heavier weights and advanced moves, and it’s a great addition to their library – they only get annoyed that he keeps saying “this is a beginner workout!”]

I snagged the “Bob’s Workout” DVD, as well as his new extreme workout with the sale…

The “My Workout” came this week.  It’s a workout DVD to show what Bob does personally on a regular basis.  It’s broken into two 30-minute workouts (which is nice – to have options!) and/or you can do it all as one workout and play it combined.  I will tell you that I never stopped moving on either workout – and I missed that interval “break” that I’m used to … but it was nice – to have a shorter workout option that busts a move!

That said, I’m NOT looking forward to playing it as one workout, but I’m sure I’ll do that soon enough, when I’m feeling wild and crazy.

How can you NOT love pain that you know is results?  Yes?

So check them out – I would highly recommend any of them, but if you have specific questions – ask away!

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  – 1 Thess. 5:16-18

Time To Be Sick?

Wow, school has started for us and activities and life are in full force!  BUT that doesn’t mean it’s time to let off of the gas of exercise and being healthy for HIM!

In fact, it’s probably MORE important to be making my health a priority…  so I don’t get SICK!

Speaking of which, for the most part, we’re a pretty healthy family.  Last year was like most, we got our flu shots, got the occasional cold…

and then my husband went on his weekend business trip, with little sleep and lots of work – and brought us back Influenza A.

Thanks honey.

I drink a little of this each day. Some people don't like the taste - but this is my favorite flavor - combined with some TRUE orange (natural water flavor)

First my 8-year-old got it, and then *I* got it, and by the next day… the rest of the kids had it too.

You know how kids bounce back relatively easily?  We adults…. not. so. much.  He was so sick for over a week.  It took me a few days to get coughed on, but eventually I got it too.

Thankfully I was able to drag myself to the Dr. and he was pro-IV fluids to get me rehydrated.  He said that while I wasn’t DEhydrated that would give me the boost I needed to get over it more quickly.

I’d say so!  A few hours in the hospital, and the next day…. I felt like new.  Which was a lot different from how my husband felt for a good week.  I give the IV fluids credit… but I also think being in shape, good rest, and being in good health also played a big part as well.

When I was pregnant with diabetes, I got every cold or flu bug the kids had – and several I’m sure I spread…  That’s really common with diabetes, and I can see why.  Your immunities are way down as your body is struggling to function!   Honestly for the past several years I had been the one to drop first – while my husband stayed strong.  Ironically, this past year has been my BEST year of health since college!  Praise God!

I know a lot of it has to do with eating right, being in shape AND… being properly hydrated…  So if you’re struggling with your health.  Take a look at what you’re feeding your body!!  Consider ways you can be healthy for Him!

* You’ve probably heard of Airborne drink tablets for keeping your immunities boosted.  You mix them with water, and drink up!  I tried that after my husband got sick with Influenza A.  I felt like I was going to throw up.  Someone then mentioned Emergen-C to me.  I figured I could try that…  Emergen-C works like Airborne BUT (in my opinion) is a lot easier to drink, especially in Tangerine or Super Orange flavoring!  I often split it into two drinks  (half a packet) per 32 oz, and then 2 of my True packets per 32oz.  YUM – for something different… Great after exercising!  It’s definitely cut down how long my colds have lasted!!

“For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities–

all things have been created through Him and for Him.” – Colossians 1:16

Nothing is Off Limits!

Have you tried these WASA brand crispbreads? They are cracker like and very tasty! A great add on when you have an all protein/veggie meal.


You read correctly.  NOTHING is off-limits.

Isn’t that freeing?

Once you realize that you’re not bound to being legalistic about food… and you have the education to back your decisions… you can can breathe again.

What if someone told you could NEVER have birthday cake…  Ever again.

How would you feel?

Would you start thinking about birthday cake….?  About how much you LIKE birthday cake… and how you were hoping to share some cake at your son/daughter’s birthday party, or your anniversary, or a wedding celebration and NOW you can NEVER…

Have it.


I’ll tell you what.  I’m not perfect.

I’m thankful God doesn’t expect perfection – even in eating.  BUT…That also isn’t a “get out of jail free card” either.   When I go on vacation, my convictions from God, on health, go with me… they STICK with me at all times.  I don’t suddenly hit a day where I eat “anything I want” and stuff myself crazy full.  I just never desire what some might consider a “free day” like that.  God did that.

What God does want is our best… every day.

When Danna Demetre (Scale Down) mentioned that “no food is forbidden” it was freeing.  What happened when Eve was told the fruit on the tree of knowledge was forbidden?

If we think something is forbidden, we start a cycle of potential idol worship and suddenly food has control over us.  We can become fearful of eating the wrong things… to the point that it consumes us!

As Christians, we are not full of fear.  We are FULL of faith!  Everyday is a free day.  YOU are free in Christ!!

If no food is forbidden, then suddenly it was MY choice to say no to the foods that weren’t good for me. I saw what foods with poor nutritional value  did to my body, and I felt it.  It was not some “list of rules” that made me feel bound and gagged.  I was driven by my accountability to God, and my desire is to please Him.

If there are things you’re consuming that aren’t God’s best… then you need to lay them at His feet.  Pray for Him to help free you from the bondage of whatever that vise may be.  It’s between YOU and Him.

Education is the key to helping you make better choices… don’t use ignorance, to what is in food, as an excuse to consume whatever you want… “because you’re going to die anyway…”   Instead, enjoy the freedom that we can have treats and eat in real life without guilt.  Strive to do better each day, eating the things HE has made for you to enjoy!

Glorify God in the body… in all ways that you can.  It all matters – to Him.

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” – 3 John 1:2

Burn, Baby Burn…

Time to put on those shoes and feel the burn! I can't help but break into the Disco Inferno song! Burn baby burn... (picture from

I love a good burn.

No.  Not a sunburn, although I do that quite easily…(Thank you very little age spots!)

I’m talking about AFTERburn.  The calorie burnin’ benefit you get after you exercise that sticks with you!

What is actually going on in your body, is that your increased heart rate from exercising is requiring your body to need more oxygen for a longer period of time and burns double the fat.  AND not only THAT, but depending on the type and intensity of exercise you do,  the afterburn can benefit you up to 40 hours after your work out!!  How awesome is that??

So you don’t need to feel like you “have to” work out an hour each day.  You are actually getting a great benefit for working out 20-40 minutes each day, rather than 1 hour 2-3 times a week!  Now it’s true, the longer you work out, especially after the 30 minute mark, you ARE going to burn more of that stored energy (FAT)… So if you CAN work out longer a few days a week…. then make that a priority and make that happen!

When you turn muscle into fat through purposeful exercise, you end up with more lean muscle… and muscle burns more calories each day in your body…

Not to mention that aerobic exercise helps with…

– lowering body/belly fat

– increasing your cardiovascular strength

– helping your immunity

– speeding up your metabolism and energy levels

– helping you to release GOOD hormones. (AWESOME – yes?)

Who doesn’t want all of those benefits??


God certainly made us to MOVE!

When you work out multiple days in a row, your calorie burning machine is soaring and all of the benefits I mentioned before continuing to do your body good!  You want to keep that metabolism ramped up, and continue feeling as good as possible, for as long as possible!

Do you see why I’m more focused on what I can do EACH day, instead of trying to figure out which days I’m taking off?  Why wouldn’t I want to maximize my efforts?  It’s ALWAYS easier to figure out a day to take off, then to justify squeezing in a workout at 10pm or after…   Yet if 11pm is all I have, and I’ve made that commitment to work out – I follow through.  My commitment is to God.

That said, don’t feel badly if you can’t workout everyday… you have to do what works for your schedule, but it’s KEY to make its a priority or it isn’t going to happen.  Some people are morning people.  I am not.

BUT…  I read that we MAKE TIME for what is important to us…  (and that goes for ALL areas of our life!)  Be HONEST.  With yourself and with God!  Make your health a priority and a worship to Him!

One comment I hear a lot is, “Buuuut I don’t want to get BULKY!”  Honestly, don’t get super concerned with getting too bulky.  This was a main concern of mine too early on (especially in my arms and upper legs), but what may at FIRST seem like “bigger” legs and arms, is only going to help you burn more fat and calories in the long run…  so it could happen short-term, for a long-term benefit.  (and it’s not a good excuse to not move!)  So just use lighter weights, do more reps, and lay off the muscle enhancer shakes – and you won’t look like a body builder!  We can’t spot remove fat… we have to burn overall body fat, and whittle away at the areas that need toning.

Sorry.  I know.  But that’s just the way it works!

Something that helped me after I got a handle on my BMI and recommended calories through that, are equating how much exercise would burn off a certain amount of calories.  In my mind, it was what something was “worth”… and then *I* would decide if a food was worth it before I consumed it.  So be sure you’re getting educated on everything you’re putting in and allow that afterburn to benefit you for the long haul!

” I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”  – Psalm 139:14

That’s It! Have me Committed!

Let's talk vending machines... WHY don't they have any decent options? What would you pick if these were your only options?

That’s right, I’m turning myself in!

In a world that takes commitment and sacrifice to others lightly, the Bible contrasts that with a God who is full of grace, mercy, and never-ending love.  The statistics for marriage are grim, including in the church… and I believe a lot of it has to do with lack of TRUE commitment.

One must ask – WHO is your commitment in life to?  Who is your Authority and Creator?

If you think you’re committed to yourself… or someone else alone – that’s not going to get you very far.  Marriages and commitments in general fail miserably when the joint commitment is to anything other than God.  Whatever that other “thing”, be it a friend, spouse, program or whatever can become your idol.  Most of the time it’s actually self…  as in SELFISHNESS, pride, and the like.  We want to “believe in ourselves”… do what “makes us happy”… you’ve heard it all before…

Maybe you’ve believed it and didn’t even realize what you were being sold.  Often times we think it’s harmless or a catch phrase.

WRONG.  It’s an idol – and if we’re not careful we believe it.

When it came to my health… it was certainly going to  have to be an iron clad commitment.  I had to be convicted that it would be a commitment worth making to God… just like in a marriage.

After all, without a commitment to God…  was going to be too easy to cheat, or fall of the wagon…

Times are going to be tough.  Things are going to challenge you to look another way… (Mmmm… that extra cookie looks good, who is it going to hurt – right?)  You’re going to have to fight to stay on the narrow path of righteousness for the sake of your commitment…  and know in your heart the Truth of the consequences of your choices.

That’s right.  The only way this is going to work is if you commit your way unto the Lord.

I mentioned I attended a photography seminar this past weekend.  A lot of what I learned was marketing information, and I just eat that stuff up.  I love being able to apply what I learn to so many different areas of life – and share with others, and other businesses little nuggets of inspiration to help them thrive as well.  I truly get excited about seeing others succeed in Him too.  Well, one of the areas that was discussed, was in regards to goals.  There were some statistics shared from the American Society for Training and Development that stated the following in regards to succeeding in your goals.  Watch how the number changes based on what is done with your goals.

1) DECIDE to make a goal – 25% success rate

2) SETTING A TIMEFRAME to complete your goal – 40% success rate

3) DEVELOP A PLAN by writing it down and how to get there – 50% success rate

4) COMMIT the goal to someone – 65% success rate

5) ACCOUNTABILITY appointment with someone – 95% success rate

Whoa!!   Do you SEE that??

So you can see your odds increase in being SUCCESSFUL in your goals the more you invest in that commitment.  If your commitment and your accountability is to God… do you think He is going to be on your side?  Of course!!  He wants what is best for us!!

“Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust Him, and He will help you.”  Psalm 37:5

I AM Beautiful.

Read about how Stephanie realized just how beautiful she is… Her transformation allowed her to shed 25 lbs (since last fall) along the way – NOT dieting! She has been transformed INSIDE – out.

Say hello to Steph... she's been transformed inside OUT!

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am a perfect………………..


I have been a perfect pear for as long as I can remember. Yes, I have saddle bags, thunder thighs, a bumpy dairy air!

For years I would look at my body in disgust.

Why couldn’t I just chop those saddle bags off?!?!

I suffered from a low self image about my body and was determined to do something about it! Overweight and
highly frustrated, I turned to running 9 years ago. I have been running ever since, but guess what???

Those saddle bags came right along with me.

It wasn’t until I read Scale Down: Live it Up by Danna Demetre that I realized that
running alone wasn’t going to change me the way I needed to be changed. I needed to put down my old self and put on God.

I needed to put God’s Truth first and to stop telling myself lies. I squared off with those lies and I replaced them with the

I am beautiful!

I am wonderfully made!

I am loved! I am designed for a purpose!

I meditated on Psalm 139:14 for a good month before it began to transform my mind in Him, and I still meditate on this gem today!

You see, I have always exercised, but I forgot to give God the glory for how He made me.

I forgot the #1 thing, God.

I still have saddle bags, but they’re much smaller and I still run, but now with more purpose. Now I see me as BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, and
HEALTHY for Him!

So if your struggling right now with how you look, I challenge you to tell yourself the truth, just as you are right now!

You ARE beautiful!!

You ARE wonderfully made!!

You ARE loved! You ARE designed for a purpose!

Memorize Psalm 139:14. Say it to yourself as you look in the mirror. Put on the lens of God and know that you are His and you

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Psalm 139:14

It’s a Curl… It’s a Press…Where’s My Weights?

Love me some Bob Harper! This is one of my favorite workout DVDs from

My husband and I have done enough Bob Harper videos, his voice often rings in our ears … and we find ourselves saying “Bob-isms” often, as well as giggling during workouts when we know what part is coming next.


I said giggling… While working out.

Working out can actually be FUN.  It can be something you look forward to.  I actually think my body craves it now…

THAT.  Is crazy to me.

I have always enjoyed working out really, but my perspective is definitely been revamped over the years.  It wasn’t as easy to move when I got so big.  It hurt my knees, and I got out of breath quickly.  As I chipped away at my excess weight, I focused on what God was doing to my heart – spiritually and physically.

In one of Bob’s “Super Strength” workouts he mentions that the heart is the most important muscle of the body.  God also says a lot in His word about our spiritual heart… together, I knew BOTH needed a good workout – daily.

I didn’t want to be working out to bulk up or just be working out to hit some short-term goal though… I work out because I CAN and  I know God made this body to move!  I want to see what it can do, to bring Him glory.

If you’ve ever not been able to move, or struggled with health issues that have been a set back, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s a blessing to be able to move.  Each day – I try to consider that for what a gift it is, and put that movement into a workout.

Sure, I take a day or two off a week, but…

I don’t schedule it in to “look forward” to a break.  Rather, I embrace each day that I wake up thinking – awesome, TODAY I can move… what am I going to do to workout??

I don’t think “I have to work out 5 days this week…”  I actually don’t keep track as far as each week, but rather focus on each day.  If I have day that I didn’t get enough sleep or we have a busy day, I just make an extra effort the next day… It ends up being about 6 days a week, some weeks 5.

I don’t hold onto guilt if every week doesn’t look the same, or I get sick, or we have to travel, or my workout wasn’t as long… or, or, or…  That’s all a part of life.  I pick back up where I can, and I do what I can… remembering WHO I’m doing it for.

I love that I can work out with my husband, and even if we don’t always work out together, that we can encourage one another as we strive to be healthy for Him.   Sometimes that extra push, (or SHOVE) from a workout partner, a child, or friend is that extra encouragement we need to get moving on any given day.  It’s good to have someone to share with, to laugh with, and celebrate with…

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. 
See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”  – Psalm 139:23-24

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