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Mystery Solved, New Challenges Follow


I took a picture of this with my cell phone. It’s a simple moth. It was on my son’s shirt at the zoo – and a ray of light was hitting it “just so”. I thought it was a beautiful example of how looking at things in the right light, can make ANYTHING look beautiful. Even, a little moth.  Isn’t God awesome?

When we went on vacation in May, I did a really dumb thing.  I let myself run out of my adrenal support, for my cortisol levels.

Not on purpose, mind you.  Things happen in the month before a trip, finishing school and taking care of 10 people.  Sometimes I fail miserably.

Realizing I couldn’t find my exact supplement locally I went for something similar-ish at our local store, and it ended up being all wrong.  Within 3 days of our trip I was feeling really sick.  I thought it was the brown rice in the supplement, which, I’m sure was a lot of it at the time…  It was gluten, dairy, yeast, soy, and everything else free.

That one “minor detail” isn’t so minor to my body.

A quick trip to a larger store at our vacation destination, and I was set again.  I ran out of that supplement about 2 weeks ago…

So I switched back to my original support – PREvacation.

About the time I when on my birthday brownie binge…

So when I finally got things squared aware digestively, and my eye inflammation simmered down, and my legs loosened up…

Something was still – not quite right.

I felt like someone was pulling my shirt – all day long and it was getting worse.

They were pulling me down.  Making me sit.  Making me…*yawn*

SO. Tip-over Tired.

Three weeks post brownie binge, and I still wasn’t bouncing back.  In fact, I slept through my 4 hour dental appointment to get my fillings replaced.

Who does that?

Someone with chronic fatigue.  That’s who.

I’d force myself to go on runs with my husband, because I really wanted to go… but my body really wanted to sleep.

It seemed familiar in a way I didn’t want to recognize or visit again, but I knew sitting around wasn’t the right answer.

I had my thyroid checked again at my last appointment… no results there yet – but then I providentially stumbled upon some deep reading with auto immune protocol and herbs/spices…

Ashwagandha Root – is a Nightshade and should be avoided for auto immune protocol.

Adapten-All Supplements

Adapten-All Supplements

Thyroid Energy supplements.

Thyroid Energy supplements.

Hmmm.  I know that is in BOTH my thyroid and adrenal support…  but it didn’t bother me before.  WHY now?

So this is how it goes…  When you get knocked down from a sensitivity of one thing, it seems to grab a friend or two and throw your body down another flight of stairs.  This is the beauty of celiac disease and the “mind of it’s own” factor.

See why you shouldn’t “CHEAT”…?

So the supplements that helped me SO much for 6 months, are NOW, no longer an option.

Now was the time I wished there was a “Auto Immune Protocol” list for safe supplements… because this was getting a little crazy.  The list of what I can’t have is far out weighing any cans.

I messaged my doctor and told her my suspicions and inquired about the main things I should be looking for, throwing out some options of things I thought might work.  I’d just have to be more specific to make sure the Ashwagandha wasn’t IN anything.  I think we got it all worked out.  Help is on the way!

Amazingly…  once the Ashwagandha went away….

So did the fatigue.  

I’m still not 100% – but I’m feeling MUCH stronger each day… and it’s SUCH a blessing to know WHY.  Now, my poor family who waits until my stress support is in … pray for them.  Mom’s been a little crabby and has to get caught back up from that little set-back.  I think THIS time, I really have eliminated all things that could possibly cause inflammation.  I pray?

Did God make a mistake in making me?  No.  He did not.  He made me exactly how I’m supposed to be.  It’s my job to take care of the body He blessed me with as safely, and as naturally as possible, so I can be healthy for Him.

“For You created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.”

Psalm 139:13-14

Don’t Be A Jerk-y!


Or at least, don’t EAT poor quality jerky!  You are, after all, what you eat!  (Have you ever thought about that?  How the food you eat affects your cell structure – and in turn ultimately are the building blocks of  who YOU are?  Deep thoughts…)

You want to make sure your jerky is MSG-Free, and Gluten-Free as well as a quality source.  Are spices an issue for you?  Anything that says “Natural Flavors” = dangerous, and most likely are a hidden MSG source.

It’s important, especially when traveling to be able to have a quality protein source on hand – as most of the time you can find some quality fruit to get you by!  Especially if you’re eating Paleo, or AIP (Auto Immune Protocol), you need to have a majority of your calories in good fats for your brain.  Pack some avocados, some coconut oil, and some jerky!

Here are where we get some of our top favorite jerky in this family:

Steve’s Paleo Goods (we like the grass fed stix and Steve’s Paleo kits as well)

US Wellness Meats (the plain sticks are AIP friendly!)

Golden Valley Natural Organic Beef Jerky (we get these at Vitacost, black pepper and BBQ are my family’s favorites!)

Please do share if you’ve come across some other great options!  (I will recommend lots of things from Steve’s Paleo Goods…  my daughter loves their cinnamon granola, and I just bought her some more bars!)

May I also just say that I’ve been thankful for my close relationship with Jesus?  I AM so thankful for His unfailing love for me, even when I fail PLENTY.  These challenges in my life have brought me closer to the One true God, in a way I never imagined.  I’ve learned a lot about my strength in Him and through Him.  He has never let me down, disappointed me or “not showed up” when I needed Him most.  He points me in the right direction, blesses me with people who have helped me get fight for my health.  He hears my cries, knows my pain, and has a purpose in it all.  He is my best friend!!!

“For I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Galatians 1:12

What Is a Promise?

I took on the challenge of cleaning a few things in my closet this week.

It’s a challenge because I (might) have too many things in there.

I’m not a hoarder but I’m a keeper.  (positive self-talk)
I have lots of jewelry from when I was little, and a teenager… as well as some special pieces, passed down from my mother and grandmothers.

As I began examining the rings in one box… some observances came to mind about promises and commitments in general.

When I looked at the rings I had collected… some from past relationships, both of my grandmother’s wedding rings… I thought about the sizes of the diamonds, and how – it didn’t seem to matter how big that center diamond was back then, in fact – they were actually…. SMALL.

Very small.

Both of my grandmother’s wedding rings were smaller than the promise rings I had received when I was a teenager…

And YET, that didn’t seem to make a lick of difference in the promises and commitments they made to their husbands.  Both of my grandmothers were devoted, and committed to their husbands – until death did they part, and their husbands were faithful and committed to them as well.

You see, it was that commitment to each other, and God – that mattered most.

Not the size of the diamond, or what the ring looked like at all. 

Hard to imagine in today’s world.  For me, anyway.

Looking through those rings also made me think about God’s promises to us, and His plans in adverse circumstances we encounter.

You see, I had a pretty rough week last week.  While my mercury is  now all out of my mouth (praise God!), and my smile is looking great, I’ve been dealing with the consequences of those brownies with raw cacao,  and my immune system is in the dump.

I ended up getting a cold, and losing my voice for almost a week.  My ear pain and headaches were exhausting and my energy has been almost nonexistent.

Then I tasted a bite of an auto immune “safe” pretzel that I made Saturday night, and my eye is now all red and has been swelling as well.

Sometimes I’m just tiredas I know you are too, just from the day-to-day struggles I have in life.

I’m tired of having to take so much time to buy, and prepare everyone’s food, and planning everything “just so” when I can’t even eat 95% of what I make… and never being able to eat out for a night off.

I get tired of having to justify why I’m sick or explain why me “having celiac” isn’t as easy as “just eating gluten-free” and being well.

Sometimes I’m tired of explaining why I don’t want to go through the western medicine process of getting a diagnosis for other auto immune diseases… as if  knowing how many spots I have on my brain will help me be well?

But then I stop.  I stop my pity party, and my frustration within the circumstances God has placed me in… and I thank Him.

I know I would have never had the opportunity to share His love, grace, and mercy in such a way… had I not been blessed with this struggle.  I know I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be forced to SLOW DOWN and say NO… to so many things – so that I could say YES, to the Lord and His plan for our family.  I know in my heart no one can or needs to understand what I’m dealing with – except God.

I think of God’s promises in this battle for my health, and I rest in His peace.  I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.  Doing exactly what He wants me to do.  I’m not missing anything He doesn’t want me to do – nor experiencing anything outside of His desires for me.  It really doesn’t matter what it “looks like” to anyone else.

THAT is an awesome promise, from an awesome God.

Here’s to keeping up the fight, for being healthy for Him!  Whatever that fight looks like for you.  He never promised easy, He just promised He would be with us each step of the way!


“Blessed be God, who has given peace to His people Israel just as He said He’d do. Not one of all those good and wonderful words that He spoke through Moses has misfired. May God, our very own God, continue to be with us just as He was with our ancestors—may He never give up and walk out on us. May He keep us centered and devoted to Him, following the life path He has cleared, watching the signposts, walking at the pace and rhythms He laid down for our ancestors.

“And let these words that I’ve prayed in the presence of God be always right there before Him, day and night, so that He’ll do what is right for me, to guarantee justice for His people Israel day after day after day. Then all the people on earth will know God is the true God; there is no other God. And you, your lives must be totally obedient to God, our personal God, following the life path He has cleared, alert and attentive to everything He has made plain this day.”

Kings 8:56-61


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