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Food Trumps – Everytime

Check out this new bread from HyVee!  Gluten-free, soy free, GMO free, corn syrup free and only 90 calories a slice!! My kids are so excited to try it tomorrow!  Let me know if you had this before!!  (They make ccokies too from chia seed flour with the same standards as the bread!)  Hurray!! :)

Check out this new bread from HyVee! Gluten-free, soy free, GMO free, corn syrup free and only 90 calories a slice!! My kids are so excited to try it tomorrow! Let me know if you had this before!! (They make ccokies too from chia seed flour with the same standards as the bread!) Hurray!! ūüôā

I know people think¬†I’ve gone, perhaps a¬†little… quacky.¬† Maybe I¬†have.¬† What others “think¬†of me” may have bothered me, even a few months ago – totally doesn’t now.


Because I know…¬† (and I don’t want to say I know I’m RIGHT, because this isn’t about *me*, it’s about God, and His design of us.)¬†¬† I¬†can say,¬†I firmly know what truly¬†works… and it’s not “just works for me”…¬† It can totally work for YOU.

I’ve seen it now – over and over again… and I feel badly for people who still continue to CHOOSE to suffer and add-on more medicines, and additional auto immune diseases, even cancer.¬† It’s sadly predictable.

If you have auto immune disease or cancer, or you KNOW you have the genes in your family for asthma, thyroid disease, fibromyalsia, psoriasis¬†chronic infection, sinusitis, allergies,¬†lupus,¬†celiac, cancer, type¬†I or II diabetes¬†etc … or you¬†are on medication for either… listen up!

Removing gluten from your diet for life – is your first step towards health.


Because the main¬†glutens of the most popular grains¬†(which is a majority of what glutens are in foods, and spices, and sauces, and meat fillers, etc)¬†¬†are GMO¬†products… with a HUGE¬†PROTEIN that is destroying our guts.¬† While I understand the point of why GMOs¬†were created, and I’m confident that an extra-large protein that is too difficult for our bodies to digest, wasn’t even on the radar for the seed companies – believe me, they DO realize it now – and are attempting to change it.¬† (quietly)¬† It’s going to take at least 10 years to turn this freight train around, and in the mean time – we are getting sicker, and sicker.

I can tell you how it’s affected each of my kids differently,¬†my mother and father, my brothers, niece and nephew…¬†I can explain how people with RA, Thyroid problems, Parkinson’s… on and on – have felt MAJOR changes just by starting with STEP ONE – REMOVING gluten from their diets – completely.

Please.  I beg of you, to TRY IT for 30 days.

What do you REALLY have to lose?   (and what do *I* personally have to gain?)

It’s truly not about me, it’s about letting other people know before they get so sick they have permanent effects – like I do.¬† SO many auto immune disease symptoms can be reversed or eliminated if they are cut off at the source.

In a curious exploration, I visited a RA board on Facebook to see what they were talking about.¬† I was deeply saddened that the entire page was talking about what drugs they were on, and how long they had been on them.¬† Most had multiple auto immune disease issues… and NO ONE – not ONE talked about the TRUTH that this all resides in your GUT HEALTH.

It makes my heart so sad – because I KNOW a majority of the reason why they don’t know – is because their doctor doesn’t know.¬† If their doctor instructed them to go gluten-free – they would do it.¬† If their doctor tells them “this pill is what you need” – they will take that instead.¬† We want someone else to tell us how to be healthy, vs. thinking for ourselves.

I’ll be honest, I¬†had no clue how awesome designed our bodies – to rebuild and repair.¬†

I can tell you that in just a few months off of gluten – my son started growing like crazy.¬† He’s been growing a half an inch to an inch every month, and gained 25 lbs this year.¬† No more bumps on his arms, elbows or knees…¬† healthy as a lark.¬† I’m so thankful we realized this before missing his grow spurt time!!¬† Praise be to God.

The latest excitement came this week… when someone I know with Parkinson’s completed their first week gluten-free – only to realize… their tremors? ¬†Stopped.


Yes.¬† Incredible isn’t it?¬† I cried I’m so grateful.

Yet, I’m NOT surprised – I knew if they would give it a chance – they would SEE how much of an impact it will have.

The reason I know removing gluten can be SO powerful is because I know any amount of gluten in MY system – will trump everything positive I’m doing with supplements, and rest and recovering my body in a reverse manner.¬†

My food sensitivities are crazy powerful – and can knock me down for a week or more and shut off my digestion processes in a matter of hours.¬† Each time I’ve gotten accidentally glutenated has presented more auto immune symptoms that drag on and on¬†– and they’re down right scary.¬†¬†So why WAIT?

Once you remove gluten, you’re also able to see what other food sensitivities you might have – as well as begin to heal and repair your gut from the damage that has led to the auto immunity or cancer.

Would you then go BACK to the very things that made you sick?

Gluten is the first issues at hand, processed dairy is the next…¬† and then basically anything processed or with MSG (restaurants use a lot of this), as you get cleaner and cleaner – you’ll realize how poorly you had felt before!¬† It’s not a¬†trend, or a key to buying a¬†bunch of GF products or to live eating grain free¬†– it’s about eating REAL food, and making foods from nut flour – from scratch, so you KNOW what is in it and you can maximize your health!¬†

To go gluten-free – you really must pay attention to what you’re feeding your body – it could be making you very sick and creating a whole host of problems that is killing you – noticably or secretly.¬† Seeing a holistic or integrative facility will help you get to the SOURCE of your health issues and vitamin deficiencies,¬†will get¬†you back on track to health!

There is so much great information out there on turning off your sickness through revamping your gut health, and I’d be happy to help you in anyway I can by sharing what worked for me.¬† Dr. Mark Hyman has some great info¬†out there – check out his website, and tips on how to “EAT YOUR MEDICINE“.¬† These 7 keys to wellness were spot on for me.

God Bless!  He answers our prayers Рwe must be listening and willing to ACT!  Healthy for him.

“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
    your faithfulness to the skies.
Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,
    your justice like the great deep.
¬†¬†¬† You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.”

Psalm 36:5-6

Ahhchoo! Allergies & Your Gut


It’s amazing how quickly beautiful weather can turn into allergy season in the mid-west.¬† We had an 85 degree day on Friday, and suddenly my allergies were switched into high gear!

I’m originally from Iowa.¬† I didn’t really struggle with environmental¬†allergies much growing up.¬† Then I moved to Kansas, and the first spring here was pretty bad.¬† After that though, I had baby, after baby, after baby… and the allergies went away.¬† Then, like all other things that fell apart hormonally, digestively and the like – the allergies returned.

It should make complete sense to me now – WHY and HOW allergies are tied to our guts, and immune systems.¬† My nautropath actually wrote on this as well here.¬† {You know how things used to see really quacky some how totally make sense?¬† Yes, that’s health and our bodies for me!¬† Thank you Lord, I get it!}

But back to allergies… mine came in full force, and I was scrambling… because I didn’t have all of the things I got together in one¬†place¬†{remember, it’s SO key to PREPARE so you don’t return to your old bad ways, that are harmful to your body, vs. building your immune system back up!}¬† The good news is… I *DID* at least have them.¬† Thanks to my armpits flaring up, I also had a few things out, I just had to recall the rest.

So¬†the picture above¬†is what works for me when I have an allergy attack (it’s similar to a major cold coming on, and ironically someone on Facebook¬†said they had an asthma attack with allergies as well).¬† Do you think people are more likely to just “grab an inhaler” or “shoot some Nasonex up their nose”?¬† I am guilty.¬† I unknowingly did it too.¬† NOW, I know that isn’t the best for me… and it was probably one more contributor on why I’m where I am.


There are plenty of SAFE. NATURAL. OPTIONS… that God made.¬† Things that don’t contain a bunch of chemicals and steroids that suppress my immune system in a negative way.¬† I just had to be willing to invest in learning and proving it to myself.

So here is what I did:

1.  SHOWER & use your NETIPOT.  Get all of the allergens OFF of your skin and hair and flush them out of your sinuses. (and wash your sheets more regularly this time of year!)

2. ELDERBERRY + ZINC lozenges,¬† These are huge – so I just take half at a time, and I can have up to 3 a day.¬† They have an ingredient in the particular brand I use that is “questionable” among those with auto immune disease.¬† “Echinacea”.¬† I haven’t had a problem with it so far though, and the research I’ve done on it – says, use with caution knowing what happened to (3 select cases where) others who took it (along with other auto immune prescription drugs), and claim to have had a reaction from this.¬† So, for what it’s worth… be aware of what you’re putting in your body.

3. QUERCETIN¬†with BROMELAIN – to promote health histamine levels and “help manage” seasonal discomfort.¬† (my husband and I get a chuckle that none of these herbal supplements are allowed to make claims like the box-store brand, filled with chemicals¬†things can… insanity.)

4. CINNAMON & RAW HONEY – I just squirt about a¬†tsp in a bowl and mix in a few shakes of¬†cinnamon and swallow it up. ūüôā¬† It’s AMAZING how much¬†even that helps.


Over all, I would say with sinus drainage –¬†FOR ME, the¬†cinnamon/honey helps for minor to medium issues, the Quercetin¬†with Bromelain helps with inflammation and allergies and the Elderberry and Zinc really POUNDS DOWN that allergy flare up!!

If you battle allergies also,¬†I hope you can find something natural that works for you as well to keep you healthy for HIM!¬† I pray someday, I don’t have to deal with this.¬† It’s been amazing to see my husband’s transformation with his allergies.¬† Years ago, he was always fighting them – but with improved gut flora, he barely had one flare last season.¬† Thanks be to God for the gift of information and health.


“Do not¬† withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”

Proverbs 3:27

Sick People Get Sick

Important news about labeling and Gluten-Free foods.  A perfect example why there needs to be an across the board standard. :)

Important news about labeling and Gluten-Free foods. A perfect example why there needs to be an across the board standard. ūüôā

This time of year I read a lot of sharing of people who are sick and tired or being SICK and tired.

I remember always being sick…

Oh boy do I remember those years before I got the auto immune effects this year. We had bouts of chronic pink eye, strep throat that would never go away, and sinus infection after sinus infection… colds and bad allergies were a given, and croup popped up uninvited regularly. Lots and lots of antibiotics and over the counter medications (that’s a WHOLE other topic).


I felt like most of those parents/people…

“Well, it’s cold and flu season… every body gets sick.”


Food allergies, environmental allergies, chronic sinus infections, and respiratory issues – hereditary right?

The more I’ve learned about our bodies and immune system, I strongly disagree.

Sick people get sick. THAT is who gets sick. Something is going on in your body when you get sick over and over like that – and your body is speaking.

Believe me – WE were a sick family… and little did we know, that is WHY we were always sick! Realizing NOW and how that could have been prevented or decreased dramatically is heart wrenching for me. But at the same time – I’m SO grateful to know now, and be able to encourage others who struggle and have an opportunity for my children to rebuild their immune systems.

Our bodies are designed to heal and repair on their own… IF our body is being fed what it needs through proper nutrition (and I’m NOT talking about the Standard American Diet, S.A.D. for short), and if it’s able to process everyday toxins (without being over loaded) through proper rest and destressing. Being SICK shouldn’t be the epidemic that it seems to be.

When I’ve read testimony after testimony of patients being cured (symptom free) of auto immune diseases, and things like asthma – it TOTALLY makes sense.

When you heal the whole body – health is restored! Just. Like. That.

Does that mean people never catch a virus? No. But it does mean that when a body truly heals, it cannot heal selectively; all problems seem to disappear. Many people that start out going gluten-free see benefits 6-12 months after ahearing to the new lifestyle –¬†things they had no idea were tied to gluten destruction in their gut.¬† As your gut heals and repairs, your body is also able to fight to heal and repair OTHER ailments they “normally” wouldn’t have a chance against,¬†and¬†medicines are no longer overused!

Before all of this happened, I had no clue that people could choose to do nautral options to treat diseases, like cancer. Because the number one treatment of cancer is chemotherapy, I just assumed that was the best choice. ¬†After all, it’s what all of this “search for the cure” funding goes to right?

I didn’t know that it actually destoyed the entire body/immune system and further more CAUSES cancer until I saw some Dr. Oz. special where they had a visual of a man taking a sledge hammer to a doll house – in an attempt to shut off one light in one of the rooms. There by destroying the ENTIRE house i nthe process. It was truly shocking.

Why do you think so many people with breast cancer, later end up with brain cancer? So within a few years of chemo, their body is completely throwing in the rope. To think, there are actually people who DENY chemo and treat their bodies to Gerson Therapy or holistic treatment of Vit. C infusion with an organic diet – would have been TOO far out for me before. But there are multiple examples of 10, 20… 30 years later – THOSE people still manage or cure their cancer (depending on the stage that it in) and the survival rate of other cancer patients is much lower… and yet we consider it “risky”¬† and embrace chemo as the educated choice?

The facts are, we all have cancer cells within our bodies… they’re just waiting for the right environment to explode into action on. Don’t give them a reason to breed! Don’t be a sick person and purposefully make 50% or your food real, LIVE food (not from a box, and perferably organic). Keep striving to live healthier for Him.

With that said, I need some rest and restore. I hope you have had a low stress weekend as we SPRING ahead together. Thanks for His peace. God bless!

“He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams.”

Psalm 23:2

Junk Oils and Oil Swishing

What oils are you cooking with?  Could you be damaging your health further?

What oils are you cooking with? Could you be damaging your health further?

What do you suppose is the number one oil consumed in America?  My best guess would be canola oil.  Made from corn, it seems as though it would be a good oil, right?

Think again.

Like much of our over processed food products and ingredients these days – canola oil is a chemical creation, vs. a natural occurring one.

The¬†products¬†named¬†“Canola Oil”¬†were derived from¬†the words “Canada and low acid”.¬† Neither of which has a negative impact, considering that the oil is actually from the rapeseed, and those seeds were toxic and¬†had industrial purposes.¬†¬†Rapeseed oil was banned for consumption in 1956 by the FDA.¬† In the 70s they¬†bred new¬†rapeseed to lower the erucic acid and renamed it… CANOLA OIL.

Sounds pretty natural and safe, don’t you think?¬† Start turning around those boxes¬†– and¬†just SEE what’s in there.¬† Canola oil is an effective pesticide, and it’s IN our food.

We threw all of our Canola oil OUT last year.  I started cooking with cold-pressed organic olive oil, organic unrefined coconut oil, organic flaxseed and applesauce as well.

The less processed your oil is, the better it is for you.¬† Coconut oil itself has MANY healing properties.¬† Good for skin, hair, and detoxing… It can kill of yeast, bacteria and viruses.

Many people who suffer from neurological disorders, including depression and anxiety,¬†also suffer from a LACK of good fats in their diet or the ability to absorb them.¬† Those essential HEALTHY¬†fats are what is needed for¬†muscle control and brain function.¬† Coconut oil has been used to treat patients with¬†Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

The list is endless really (read more ideas here).

Our latest 5 gallon bucket of Tropical Traditions.  A Christian company that delivers and excellent product.

Our latest 5 gallon bucket of Tropical Traditions. A Christian company that delivers an excellent product.

What I love about it, is that I can use it for cooking at high temps without it hurting the structure of the oil (grease pans, or in recipes)¬†– or harming myself, and I can use it in baking instead of a chemically created toxic – “oil”.

Most recently I learned that it can be used for “oil pulling” or “oil swishing” to detox your body of unwanted¬†bacteria, fungus, viruses or other toxins – AND possibly decrease tooth decay!¬† Pretty neat and easy to do (read here)!¬† I’m going to try it out!!

For those of your who are leary of the word FAT period… remember that the reason why FATS sometimes¬†don’t process well, is¬†because¬†they’re often¬†eaten with CARBS.¬† You can imagine how this might be a digestive, and insulin resistance nightmare.¬† Keep your healthy fats with your raw vegetables and don’t over eat carbs¬†– even¬†healthy, fiber-filled carbs!¬† The calories in / calories out – still applies.

“So let us run the race that is before us and never give up.”

Hebrews 12:1

Just Say No!

Here is my mid-morning and mid-afternoon line up of supplements.  These don't include my daily or before bed vitamins.  Are they hard to take?  No.  I feel like I'm giving my body a treat.  "Rebuild body!  Go!"

Here is my mid-morning and mid-afternoon line up of supplements. These don’t include my daily or before bed vitamins. Are they hard to take? No. I feel like I’m giving my body a treat. “Rebuild body! Go!”¬†About 15 minutes after I take them, I feel this calm come over my body.

You remember that unforgettable slogan from the 80s that Mrs. Reagan birthed?

It was simple, to the point…

Unfortunately, statistically experts¬†showed that it didn’t work.¬† Drugs and alcohol consumption continued to increase – and prescription drug abuse¬†became mainstream in many schools.

Apparently just saying NO wasn’t as easy¬† of a reply when drugs were being offered.

Currently, we¬†live in a society that there seems to be¬†a magic pills for every ailment, and every disease has its drug of choice to make your body “work” again.

The cure?

Often times these medications can help people, in some areas, for some time.¬† The downside to these pills is they often also have lasting effects that are equally as harmful.¬† While, often patients are simply following what their doctors orders are,¬† assuming that their doctor is looking out for their best interest – in a sense – they’re letting go of responsibility when being under-educated in the matter.

Honestly it seems that unless you have a debilitating illness with no cure, or something like cancer – most people don’t take their diagnosis serious enough to make the necessary dietary changes to be well.¬† We often blame our genes for our biological predisposition to things, instead of owning how WE contribute to the demise of our health.

{Gluten-light, or cutting out “most” gluten¬†– doesn’t cut it.¬† It just doesn’t.¬† The issues it causes are systemic.¬† You may never feel them in your gut.}

Take for instance, if¬†your doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure – and that¬† by changing your diet 100% of the time, you could avoid medication… and reverse the effects…¬† You might laugh, and call him a quack.¬† Insurance doesn’t cover you to eat mainly live foods, and it’s not easy to watch your sodium intake.¬† Maybe you don’t want to change the type of stress you hold in –¬†because you have the attitude that something is going to kill us all, being so aware of our foods and toxins is a waste of time?

Essentially – you’d rather¬†hand over your responsibility of your health care – to someone else and call it good.

That’s totally your call.

But for me, my wake up call this year was this:

The most important decision maker … was ME.¬†

I had the right to refuse whatever it was they were selling.  I had the right to refuse to see a specialist, or test.

I needed to JUST. SAY. NO.

I didn’t need to allow them to make me feel like I was wrong – when no one knew my body and what was going on – more than me.

So as my appointments drug on, and I began to think about what my END to my means really was, I realized that most of the books and studies I read said they would start me on a steroid or another prescription called Plaquenil.

As I prayed one night just crying out to God… WHAT should I do?¬† Did I really want to be on a drug to function for the rest of my life?¬† Was THAT going to get to the root of my problems?¬† Would it be ignorant to NOT take the prescriptions offered?

The¬†answer for me… was NO!

I had looked through the drug options.¬† I knew my symptoms¬† None of them seemed like a great road.¬†¬† Several¬†auto immune disease drugs induce lupus because they were enzyme inhibitors.¬† (Ironically, I’m already having those issues – thanks to my leaky gut issues – lacking enzymes and¬†essential amino acids leads to lack of proper function and auto immune diseases)¬† They told me I didn’t have lupus (at this point), why on earth would I want to risk that?

I didn’t.

I wouldn’t.

I was done!

Suddenly, I didn’t really care WHAT I had was¬†called.¬† I didn’t need a name for my “connective tissue disorder” – as I felt I already knew where my body was heading, blood test proof or not.¬† My ANA titre knew, I could feel it – and I decided to make the LEAP to take my life back before they slapped me on the back with telling me what my life was going to be like for the next 40-50 years, if that.

Since then, I have read countless of encouraging¬†stories of others with multiple auto immune diseases also… stepping out in faith, and trying a GAPS diet, or a Paleo diet, or an Auto-Immune Protocol diet… and feeling their way though what foods made them sick – and saying NO to drugs.¬† Many have been on multiple scripts for years and now feel better than ever!

Personally, for me, the naturopath was the easiest and quickest way to get me turned around – but depending on where you are in your body’s destruction from food and toxins – maybe the elimination process works for you.¬† You know pretty quickly when foods don’t like you.¬† The problems can occur when it takes several days for the effects to build up or take hold – and by then you may have added in another new food.¬† It’s much trickier than I imagined.

Just this past week I learned another valuable lesson.¬† I¬†started a¬†new organic vitamin from Rainbow Light.¬† It’s a vegan vitamin, in all other ways it was safe for me to take.¬† In all other ways, means – within a few days of starting it – all of my chronic fatigue symptoms started back in.¬† I felt like I was going crazy with brain fog and confusion.

It was my mid-cycle and I was tired, and grouchy and unmotivated.¬†¬†By day 4 my eye was swelling again and it hurt.¬† I didn’t know if it was a combination of my hormonal shift and the vitamins, or what was going on… things were back sliding quickly and I began feeling frustrated after feeling¬†unstoppable for several weeks.

I immediately removed the new vitamin from my daily intake, and went back to my safe, tried-and-true Juice Plus.  Chronic fatigue again disappeared.  I called Dr. K and had a great chat about what was going on.  We added in a herb (Vitex) to help me mid-cycle and she talked to me about taking turmeric incase I get in an uncomfortable inflammatory state again.

It felt good – figuring out what was going on… recognizing it and making the¬†changes to change my body’s response.

I suppose that’s why I speak out so strongly about gluten.¬† It’s the reason that toxins take hold of me so quickly – and I’m thankful I can FEEL it.¬† But for everyone¬†like ME out there?¬† There are countless people who AREN’T feeling a¬†thing, but the¬†damage is just the¬†same¬† – and they’ve treated their “symptoms” for years because no one told them their gut health was a mess.

It’s why my body has¬†psycho¬†auto immune responses to foods and drinks.¬† I don’t want other people to live this tight rope.¬† If I could have done it all over again – of course I would have made the necessary changes years ago before my body got to this point!

There is truth in the statement that you can have everything in the world, but without your health?  You have nothing.  Invest wisely.

“There is no fear in love.¬† But perfect love drives out fear,

because fear has to do with punishment. 

The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

1 John 4:18

Bone Broth Is In The Air

Here's a celery flower for you in case yesterday left you empty handed.  I just love the way God designs every detail.  Living food is so beautiful!

Here’s a celery flower for you in case yesterday left you empty handed. I just love the way God designs every detail. Living food is so beautiful!

So, how was your Valentine’s day?¬† Romantic?¬† Predictable? One-of-a-kind?¬† Whatever type of day you had… I hope that you were able to reflect on the giver of Love – and His ultimate gift to us, His valentines.

On a day that¬†was often filled with disappointment for me¬†(because I happened to marry someone who wasn’t blessed with thoughtful gift giving skills, but IS gifted with qualities that I rate of eternal value so I have learned to get over myself)…¬†I truly had one of the best Valentine’s days ever.¬† I’m thankful for my health soooo much, and my valentine has been there for me¬† “in sickness” this past year – that it filled me up to bless HIM with some extra special gifts this year!

So what did we spend our Valentine’s day doing this year?¬† First of all, I *love* Valentine’s day… I normally dislike hearts (as in, the shape of a heart)… Valentine’s day and this season is the exception.¬† I spent the morning with the kids baking crust-less apple pies¬†to share with each other and¬†their grandparents after lunch, and I prepared a big batch of bone broth to start saving back.

Why would I want to make bone broth?¬† <—-( some great reasons why bone broth should be part of our everyday diet, and how to make it – however there is loads of information all over the internet.¬† If you have auto immune issues, this should be a staple – if not, and you use broth – you should be making it simply for the nutritional difference.¬† We ARE what we eat!)

If you’ve never made bone broth (like me), then you might be thinking – “why on earth would you do that, when you can just go to the store and get organic, yeast-free, free-range chicken broth?”

You¬†might be shocked to know, as I was… that the nutritional¬†value in ANY store-bought bone broth….



You remember the saying, “Chicken soup heals the soul”?¬† Well, unfortunately it doesn’t have any healing properties¬†if it’s not home-made¬†from organic chickens/meat source¬†– because none of the store-bought¬†brands contain the nutrients in a homemade bone broth and they’re loaded with preservatives to keep their shelf life long.¬† Another “boxed”or canned¬†dead food that truly is best in its living state.

You also¬†might be shocked to realize that even those delightful organic “broths” you can buy can LEGALLY put MSG in them, even if they state, “MSG FREE”.¬† How can that happen?¬† It’s hidden in other things, like “natural flavors”.¬† The law states as long as the MSG is less than 50% of those natural flavors – then voila!¬† Skirt the issue.

I felt sick!

I had no idea… I assumed I was purchasing something of quality that would help HEAL my leaky gut.¬† I was sadly mistaken.

After the 8 hours of simmering, I strained all of the bones and vegetable pieces out this way.  Worked like a charm and I have 3 huge containers of bone broth ready for soup making or recipes calling for broth!

After the 8 hours of simmering, I strained all of the bones and vegetable pieces out this way. Worked like a charm and I have 3 huge containers of bone broth ready for soup making or recipes calling for broth!

So, I went old-school – and started making my own!¬† It’s super easy, and the nutritional value for your digestive system and immune system is wonderful.¬† Truly, a natural healer.¬† It’s great to keep on hand – or in the freezer if you have space.¬† My mom had a great idea to put them in ice-cube trays and then you could bag them up easier.¬† I might try that the next time!¬† (Thanks Mom!)¬† I know my husband ‘s grandmother would have been proud.¬† It’s one more thing this past generation rarely did, in the name or “rush, rush, rush…”

It’s clear that in our effort to cram more thing into our lives, we’ve lost a lot of the essential importance in our lives… and definitely in the HEALTH and quality of our lives!

But, like most people – you don’t slow down until you’re forced to.

I am so grateful I have had to slow down.¬† I no longer get stressed that I can’t do it all.¬† Besides, God didn’t design me with the expectation of doing it all anyway!

Have a great weekend and start boiling up the bone broth for our cooking and nutritional needs!  I want you to be healthy for HIM also!!

¬†“Christ will make His home in your hearts as you trust in Him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong!”¬†¬†

Eph. 3:17

From Your Skin – Into Your Blood

Dessert Essence moisturizer is good stuff.  It's inexpensive too.  I got this at Vitacost, but most whole foods store carry their brand.

Desert Essence moisturizer is good stuff. It’s inexpensive too. I got this at Vitacost, but most whole foods store carry their brand.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body.

Protecting you, and all of your other organs, is its main function.

There is a common misconception that what we put on our skin can’t possibly effect us the way the food effects us – because we don’t eat it.

It’s true – your body absorbs things in our gut and distributes them… and this can cause damage in our gut or throughout our body as a direct result.

But what if it only takes 26 seconds for something on your skin to absorb into your skin and into your blood steam… ¬†would you consider more closely about what you’re putting on your skin?

Words like “parabens” didn’t mean much to me, even a year ago. ¬†I knew studies had shows this particular named item in cancer cells… but I figured – I’m sure there are a lot of toxins in cancer cells. ¬†Right? ¬†Why would that matter specifically?

As my eyes have been opened and my mind has been stretched with more knowledge than I could have cared less about just a year ago… ¬†I feel much differently now – because it’s affected me personally. ¬†I’ve been sick enough.

Mineral Fusion is another gluten-free, cruelty-free brand I had been wanting to try.  I got this at Natures Grocer, but it's available online as well.  A "safe" SPF for spring!

Mineral Fusion is another gluten-free, cruelty-free brand I had been wanting to try. I got this at Natures Grocer, but it’s available online as well. A “safe” SPF for spring! I also got a bronzer from them called “Sparkle” – because who doesn’t need a little sparkle??

I read a health article in magazine recently that said it was “not necessary” for people to be aware of “gluten” and parabens being in their make-up, because they would not be ingesting it. ¬†However, we know that gluten can cause systemic inflammation – so obviously putting it on your skin, can very well be an issue. ¬†We should certainly be aware of what we’re putting on our face, skin and obviously on our eyes, and mouths!

I've been using some Ecco Bella (color: Natural) for some stronger coverage - to go with my bare minerals powder foundation.  So far - no major break outs.  I have some of their lipsticks too.

I’ve been using some Ecco Bella (color: Natural) for some stronger coverage – to go with my bare minerals powder foundation. So far – no major break outs. I have some of their lipsticks too.

Currently I use a lot of Red Apple Lipstick products on my eyes and lips – and I love their stuff. It’s high quality, it’s long-lasting – and that’s important to me. ¬†Not to mention they are real people (a small business) – and you can tell they care about the products they’re producing for people they sincerely care about. ¬†(They sent me an awesome book on make-up styles for Christmas as one of their loyal customers – I *love* surprise gifts like that!) ¬†Plus, I just LOVE make-up. ¬†Have you figured that out yet?

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith,

who for the joy set before Him endured the cross,

scorning its shame,

and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

Hebrews 12:2

What Do They Want?

Preparing for my vitamin IV on Wednesday.  They call it the "pick me up"... I'd say so!  I felt fabulous for the past 4 days.

Preparing for my vitamin IV on Wednesday. They call it the “pick me up”… I’d say so! I felt fabulous for the past 4 days.

I’ve felt written off and passed around from specialist to specialist with “no answers” worthy to chart – while clearly the answers seem very obvious to me to the whole time…

I almost have felt sorry for doctors, who rely so heavily on these blood tests for answers… and the patients who so desperately want to know what is going on so they can be well. ¬†I wonder if they would change how they did things, if they truly knew how much nutrition played into things…

Those videos I mentioned the last week… that doctor said when he went back to his original group practice – eager to help his patients get off of their medicines, and transform their lives, so their bodies could naturally heal – as God intended….

Most didn’t want to hear it.

They didn’t want to change.

They couldn’t afford any test that was out-of-pocket, and not covered by insurance… and often insisted they would rather have their prescription medicine, which WAS paid for by their insurance.

How sad that the things and people who can actually make us well, are NOT paid for by our insurance?  What is wrong with our country???

Do you know who pays for many of the studies that are done at hospitals… in the name of “advancing medicine”???

It’s the drug companies.

Do you think they’re looking out for your well-being above all? ¬†Or are they concerned with the bottom line, and selling products?

I noted that even the Chicago University Celiac Center was privately funded… ¬† and I thought – wow, that’s strange – when 97% of people aren’t diagnosed, you would think there would be money to FUND such an important illness.

But alas, you can’t own the rights to “proper nutrition”… and you can’t sell whole food vitamins in a patented format that would be a money-maker to the drug companies and medical doctors alike.

Food companies have gotten on board to fund some of the “search for a cure”… but ¬†still don’t quite understand that – when the cure is – avoiding the foods that make us sick?

I have also read some of the “negatives” about holistic medicine. ¬† That they want to sell you “their” supplements… Well for one, that has NOT been my experience. ¬†They have been VERY open with what I need – but never pushing me to buy things only “from them.”

Secondly, this low dose Armour I’m on for my thyroid… ¬†which most endocrinologists poo-poo. ¬†The sheet on the prescription states it has “no” negative side effects. ¬†Interesting… ¬†I wonder what the list is on Synthyroid?? ¬†Why again won’t doctors give it a chance if a patient is wanting it? ¬†Oh yes… that’s right – it’s not the money-maker, and perhaps you wouldn’t need it forever like you do Synthyroid?

Now, I realize – not all doctors are like this, and there are just as many out there that have no clue that they are making choices that have really bad consequences for their patients. ¬†I still shake my head when I think of my GI doctors telling me he would prescribe me some anti diarrhea medicine, following my endoscopy. ¬†Knowing that would have only masked things until I probably ended up with colon cancer, or continued poisoning my system with more auto immune disease issues searching for anything else, since “a professional” told me that wasn’t the problem. ¬†While he was a professional, he was professionally wrong in my case.

I look forward to sharing with you our latest decisions we need to make. ¬†We got two phone calls last week – one indicating my blood work from the learning hospital showed my ANA is up again. ¬†Now it’s 1:320. ¬†I was referred to a rheumatolgist… that I can’t decide if I’d like to see. ¬†What are they REALLY going to be able to do? ¬†Do I really need a diagnosis in my chart?

Another call was from an immunologist specialist my son visited 2 weeks ago… His grand plan of vaccines, medicines and testing made my head hurt… that was before I got his paperwork, where the doctor stated some elements of my son’s health history MAJORLY incorrect.¬† Chicago University did the same thing – I simply don’t think listening nor knowledge on nutrition and health is the strong suit. ¬†I’m thankful we live in America and have choices… This boy needs help with his immune system, and has made great strides already, since last May.¬†¬†He does not need more medicine and doctors appointments.

I’ve continued to feel well this week after my vitamin IV, and additional supplements. ¬†I had a bit of systemic pain today – in the morning and evening yesterday, with some fatigue…but I was also on my feet most of the day. ¬†I fought back and did an hour-long DVD with Bob Harper tonight. ¬†Bob always makes me laugh. ¬†I needed that. ¬†I’ve done one of those a week now… which is a huge progress for me since September. ¬†Praise God.

Please. ¬†Educate yourself as much as you can about nutrition and the symptoms you have if you are sick with auto immune disease, cancer, asthma or thyroid or other hormone issues… we truly ARE what we eat – and genetically it’s effecting our country in a BIG way.

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

Probiotics – When, Why and How Much?

YUM.  Here is some Guava Juice and recently started drinking.  I found it at HyVee in the health food area, or in our local food co-op store.  There are multiple flavors, but I've only tried two.  The others didn't appeal to me.

YUM. Here is some Guava Juice and recently started drinking. I found it at HyVee in the health food area, or in our local food co-op store. There are multiple flavors, but I’ve only tried two. The others didn’t appeal to me, this was hands down my favorite. ¬†Naturally fizzy, great probiotic and antioxidant drink that is low in calories too!

It’s been said for thousands of years – that all disease starts in the gut. ¬†I would believe that. ¬†The health of our guts – are extremely important. ¬†I’ve learned the hard way what leaky gut leads to… vitamin malabsorption, auto immune disease, thyroid issues, blood sugar issues, cancer, fibroids, headaches… the lists are endless.

When we had just 4 children, we seemed to have the stomach flu often. ¬†It was awful. ¬†Four children, ages 4 and under – you know what that means… rarely a toilet hit.

A good friend then shared with me that eating more yogurt daily would help keep the good bacteria from being over-run by the bad invaders…including YEAST which is fed by sugar. ¬† So we tried it – seven years ago we started. ¬†Truly, we have had FAR less stomach issues, {and even fewer when we realized some of the stomach issue were gluten related.}, and strep. ¬† However, I’m not sure the quality of the yogurt was doing much to stop the yeast over growth in my children’s guts and probably was a main factor in why our immune systems are completely shot.Yes, I’m certain the sugar in the yogurt wasn’t helping much at all.

The problem can be … the quality of the yogurt… or kefir¬†{click link to learn about KEE-FUR}, or acidophilus supplement.

A few keys are… it needs to be LIVE.

… so if you’re getting a supplement off of the shelf… and it’s not COLD –¬†it’s not live. ¬†You need to get something out of a cooler case. ¬†If you have an organic or whole foods type of store – they will be able to point you in the right direction.

The next is the AMOUNT of live bacteria. ¬†Billion sounds like a HIGH number, but 1 billion is on the extremely LOW end of what most people need. {those who are trying to heal a leaky gut, and or rebalance a gut after yeast over growth or antibiotic consumption – like ME} ¬†So if you’re eating a yogurt a day, and hoping that’s going to fix it … think again. ¬†We’re talking 50-200 billion a day for people needing to heal – which might take several months. ¬†After that, they can drop it back to 15-50, but might need that indefinitely. ¬†Most people who just took antibiotics now and then will need the 15-50 billion a day, and could settle back to a 1-15 billion on a day-to-day basis after things get turned around.

I know for me, being on TONS of antibiotics for multiple breast , ear and sinus infections didn’t help my gut matters… then my cross contamination issues – I know a high dose is necessary for me to get healing and rebalanced.

Currently, I’m trying 32-35 billion a day… and I believe that’s too low. ¬†I can tell a difference, which is awesome – but I’m ready to step it up. ¬†No more Mrs. Nice Girl… ¬†I want a healthy GI tract for 2013… and I believe I’m on the way.


Recently we had started having some of our children drink kefir daily. ¬†The key here is making sure we get an organic, gluten-free, dairy-free (although it’s from dairy, so that’s impossible…) ¬†ours is 99% lactose free and from our food co-op store. ¬†We mix a flavor with an original to lower the sugar content. ¬†So that said – make SURE you watch your sugars in anything like kefir or any probiotic or drink and look for the word RAW, or unpasturized.

I giggled recently at a “healthy” mainstream juice that touted it had just a “tad of sugar”… ¬†Oh… 28 grams of sugar. ¬†Holy Moly! ¬†Yikes! ¬†Pass. ¬†I still try to shoot for at or around 10 – max.

Probiotics boost immunity, can help your repair your immune system – lessening allergies/asthma, and aid in digestion as well {sluggish colon – give this a try!}… ¬†it’s definitely an area worth taking a look at when detoxing your system. ¬†Be prepared to spend $25 – $60 for something like this … but remember – once again, this IS your medicine. ¬†Only it’s not DESTROYING your body, and causing additional problems. ¬†It’s rebuilding your system.

40 calories, and only 7 gms of sugar.  Not bad.  Buying tip - my husband always says - when trying something new, go for what has sold the most - it's indicitive of what is the best choice.

40 calories, and only 7 gms of sugar. Not bad. Buying tip – my husband always says – when trying something new, go for what has sold the most – it’s indicative of what is the best choice.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Proverbs 18:21

Mercury and Metals – Toxic?

Interesting blurb from Jan. 2013, WORLD magazine.

Interesting blurb from Jan. 2013, WORLD magazine.


We know they’re everywhere…

But to what extent are they harming our health… ¬†and should we really consider them when our health is failing?


I recently watched a video from a health conference held last fall. ¬†The conference had several experts, who talked about several toxins… metal toxins were just part of the equation. ¬†I just had no idea the seriousness of the matter – and if you don’t either, or think this doesn’t apply to you. ¬†LISTEN UP.

It was quite a reality check for me… ¬†and the more I thought about it – I really felt sick. ¬†Now granted, I’m not letting it consume me, as I’m still in God’s hands. ¬†But I’m on track to do what I can to help get these metals OUT of my body – and be more considerate of my children as well.

Imagine this – the blurb above talks about the threat of mercury (cased in a thermometer mind you) – putting a school on LOCK DOWN… because they government knows of the dangers of this very serious metal causing very drastic destruction. ¬†It’s extremely unhealthy. ¬†In fact, studies show that the only toxin that recreated Alzheimer’s to occur in brain cells … was, in fact – mercury.

Dangerous?  For sure.

Well, the M.D. in the video I watched talked about how special precautions must be taken to remove a mercury filling from your mouth… how even breathing in the mercury can be very damaging, and how the government would come in an arrest the dentist if he just put that in the trash. ¬†SPECIAL precautions must be taken to ensure it’s properly disposed of… ¬†And yet… it’s supposedly “ok” to have those fillings in your mouth?

I have 8 of these fillings in my mouth. ¬†One was redone about 3 years ago … but I never remember special precautions being taken.

So, toxic to be in the open air, but no longer toxic to be IN my head – right by my brain?

Here was another realization for me…

Does the word thimerosal ring a bell? ¬†It’s a mercury-containing organic compound. ¬†A “preservative” that is used in many drug products… ¬†and again, the FDA states that it’s safe.

I remember the big hub-bub about it … as we’ve immunized our children for their shots “on-time”… and I remember when they removed it from most brands of immunizations – but I didn’t realize, they then put this in the flu vaccine.

I’d like to think that we didn’t have any adverse reactions from thimerosal… ¬†But then – as the speaker was talking about the autism connection, and behavior spectrum disorders – I began to think of my two children, who clearly have behavior spectrum disorders. ¬†I began considering my one daughter specifically – and her friend, who is very similar to her – in “odd” ways – that we’ve often joked they are sisters.

What do they have in common really…. besides birthdays??

Oh, only that it’s highly likely they received the SAME dose/batch of vaccines around the same times. ¬†My son, just 13 months younger… again – different symptoms, but similar issues… also has a peer around the same age – with similar behavior spectrum struggles… ¬†again – what did they have in common? ¬†Vaccines.


You can see why I suddenly felt sick.

The idea that I had possibly “done” something in effort to keep my child well – made me ill. ¬†Mainly because the struggles we still have today might have been prevented, if this “FDA approved” thimerosal wasn’t given to them.

The good news is – it’s not in most infant/toddler vaccines now.

The bad news? ¬†It’s in most of the flu shots given today (not the flu-mist, it’s never been in that)… and as you’ve noticed – there has been an extra big push the last few years for getting the flu shot for everyone – ages 6 months and up…. even making it FREE, or a panic situation to get one!

Well, this is the first year we haven’t gotten it. ¬†We have had one for the past 13 years… making sure we’re all covered of course. ¬†The last 3 years – we still all got the flu…. which after discovering we had low IgA – made sense. ¬†The shot was actually doing nothing helpful – it was actually MORE harmful to us.

If you want to check out what the FDA says about the “safety” of this mercury preservative… you can read about it. ¬†I don’t write this to scare you – but I certainly was glad to know. ¬†Trace amounts, or not – you’re putting it directly into your blood stream…

Why on earth would this be considered a good practice in the name of health – and exactly HOW do they measure effects on infants who can’t talk? ¬†By the time most parents know what has happened – they’re told it’s genetics, or that they have “no idea” or “no way” to track what could have caused things. ¬†I don’t know about you – but I don’t think that’s good enough.

I remember specifically when it seemed my daughter changed… and I never knew why my son was so angry – for realizing it was behavior spectrum issues. ¬†Autism has been on the rise in the past 30 years. ¬†Just one in 10,000 in 1970… ¬†now 1 in 88. ¬†Check the stats here.

Is that only because we’re better at diagnosing??

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been anti-vaccine, other than having some issues with my niece getting ITP from her MMR at age 1… and my son having a serious reaction from the H1n1 vaccine… My kids have gotten their shots – for the most part, on time. ¬†I think it’s a different story – when it happens to YOUR child. ¬†But if you’re in the minority, and your doctor tells you – it’s a non-issue, most likely – you’ll believe him/her.

I did.

“Our fathers disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, that we may share in his holiness. No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”
Hebrews 12:10-11
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