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Very interesting new product out on the market called “FLUNADA” for cold and flu relief for people ages 4 on up!  It’s a nasal spray targeted to help you by helping your immune system do what it does best.

I heard about it through a nutritionist I follow, and snagged a coupon online for $3.00 off as well here.  Check it out – it might be of interest to you.

Learn about FluNada here.

I just knew you’d like to know about that today.  Hoping your week of JOY is going well this Advent.  Stop. Pause… reflect!!  What ways are you being healthy for Him this Christmas season??  (Yes, stress management counts!)

“And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”

Luke 6:31


Parental Obligation

Who didn't grow up on these bad boys?  At the end of the blog - check out the lovely ingredient list.  *face palm*

Who didn’t grow up on these bad boys? At the end of the blog – check out the lovely ingredient list. *face palm*

Watch out parents, this one is going to hurt.

But don’t worry, just know I’ve made countless mistakes myself, and continue to learn also.  Like the Flintstone vitamins I thought were SO good for my kids? (ack!)  Now we do Juice Plus and Animal Parade brands.

Before our family made some big changes 7 years ago, we were on a fast track with the Standard American Diet.  We ate out often, called “treats” things that were filled with artificial colors, flavors and LOTS of processed white sugar….  and our kids ate gummy fruit snacks, by the pound.  (How much fruit is in a fruit snack?  Exactly.)

Over the course of this transition and these changes, that started just with me…  I’ve observed something keenly interesting.

Often times, we, as parents, will work hard to get into shape, or lose weight or maintain health.  WE start paying closer attention to what they’re putting our body because we know it’s affecting us.

Is it nourishing for me?  Is it building my immune system, or feeding disease?  Is this FAT the right kind to feed my brain?

Meanwhile, who is being left behind?

You guessed it, often times…  The kids!

Our children are only products of what we place before them to eat.  If we buy them junk – they’ll eat it. 

They NEED trained to know what and why food is good or bad for you so in the future they can make educated decisions too.  They are forming habits that will stick with them into adulthood, and when they will also be parents.

So why is it, that we think things that aren’t good for “us” …   are “ok” for them to consume?

Is it because they’re young?  Do we think their tiny guts who are already (most likely) damaged from vaccinations and other increased toxins, can tolerate more??

Maybe you haven’t given it much thought at all.

Is it that the change seems like too much for the whole family to endure?  I’m certain that it’s not because your kids aren’t worth it…

For me, when my husband suggested we should change things like adding in a full breakfast, or switching to gluten-free, then grain free…  it all seemed over whelming.  How would I “make time” to do that?  I knew I didn’t have the time…

Each change has brought about its own set of challenges, that’s for sure.  But I look back and see how God was preparing our lives for this point.  Baby stepping us towards what the world would view as “drastic” changes for our health.

No one wants their child to feel left out, or to feel like they’re living in a bubble.  But the reality is, if you don’t have your health – it makes it difficult to function in life!  We couldn’t go anywhere when we were sick all of time, and the long-term effects were adding up.

My prayer is – is that soon this country will wake up to what is going on with our food supply and they will gradually demand something different – for the sake of our future generations.

I know we are educating our kids, so they can be the voice of truth and share with other.  We’ve made it part of our school learning – but there are so many ways to go about it.  Allowing your kids to get hands on experience growing a garden, assist in grocery shopping, or meal planning and cooking in the kitchen are all great ways.  We share documentaries and snippets on health with the kids too, so they get in on the learning as well.

Reprioritizing your life might just be what God is ordering.   It certainly has taught us what is important in life – and encouraged us to SLOW DOWN, and let go of stress in a big way.  Life on earth is short, take care of what God has given you.  Including teaching your kids to be healthy for Him.  No need to worry – God told us not to.  Just obey and He provides what we need.

Yikes huh?  Sugar, sugar, and more sugar.  Artificial colors galore, corn and soy.  At the very end is the vitamins...  I guess when they say "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!"  They weren't lying!

Yikes huh? Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Artificial colors galore, corn and soy. At the very end is the vitamins… I guess when they say “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!” They weren’t lying!

 Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear.  

For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.  Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them.

And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?

Luke 12:22-25

It’s a Lie – Pass It On!

This was at the bottom of my daughter's coconut cream pie treat the other day.  Challenging situations are God's BLESSINGS in disguise.  Thank Him for those blessings.

This was at the bottom of my daughter’s coconut cream pie treat the other day. Challenging situations are God’s BLESSINGS in disguise. Thank Him for those blessings.

It didn’t do my body good.  I bought the lie…  so I’m passing this on instead!

The recommended daily allowance from the USDA standard, is 3 cups a day of dairy.

I used to drink 3 – 12oz glasses of pasteurized skim milk a day…  all throughout growing up.  I remembering thinking families were strange of they didn’t have milk with a meal.  We always did.  It was my favorite part of the meal.

I drank loads of milk while pregnant too.  “Have to get my extra calcium you know!”

I could barely drink it while pregnant though, and with my second child – I got so sick from milk, it’s not a wonder why she too had issues with dairy from a very young age.  She was trying to let me know – “NO mom, it’s making me sick.”

When I got pregnant with my 6th child, and developed gestational diabetes – bells really started going off.  Maybe… just maybe – the conventional milk wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Each cup had 11 grams of sugar, and I was having 2+ cups a meal when possible.  (With diabetes comes carb counting – so that was almost 2 carb choices just my drink alone!)  Bad idea.  The milk had to go.  They encouraged me to drink 1 cup a day… that’s it. 

(Why again does it have SUGAR in it, oh that’s right – so we’ll become addicted when we drink it?  I guess sugar isn’t enough, they’re trying to add aspartame!)

At the time,  I thought my life might end when they told me to cut down on the milk.  I knew I liked other carbs better than milk alone – so I figured I would rather have graham crackers, than milk.

{Oh my Sara.  Another great choice and why diabetes nutritionists teaching you to MANAGE your disease, vs. heal you from your condition = job security}

That was 7 years ago… I stopped drinking milk altogether 2 years ago.  I have an occasional cup of coconut milk in a plant protein smoothie I make, but we actually stopped giving our kids milk too.

I know, it seems drastic – but I honestly can’t believe I FED that to them… knowing what I do now, about the lack of health benefits from milk.  (How many mornings did they start out with MILK, and cereal?  ack!!  Talk about NO nourishment!)

One of the main reasons we made the switch was because of some testing I had done last year.  First a bone scan… praise God – my bones were great.  No problem there from the undiagnosed celiac, despite not drinking milk for the past 7 years.  Secondly a mineral test was done, and my calcium in my system was off the charts – great!!

Currently, all I have when it comes to ‘dairy’ is a daily coconut yogurt, and for added calcium – bone broth throughout the week.  I’ve never taken a specific calcium supplement.

So where does my family get calcium?

* Bone Broth ( I make this at least once a week, and the kids slurp it up, after making soup I have left overs to make with veggies and I have some frozen as well)

* Vitamin D (we all take supplements, as well as cod liver oil, but also from SUNSHINE, 15 minutes in the sun equals 10,000 ui – thanks God!)

* Greens – like spinach, kale and bok choy

* Nuts

* Canned salmon (get a reputable brand that isn’t toxic!)

* Herbs

* Oranges

* Eggs

* Almond or Coconut yogurt and milk

Now in the defense of Raw milk movement with paleo,  (since I know lots of people tolerate it with no problems), we did try it for a time, and it continued to cause inflammation (within a day my son started wetting the bed and he and my daughter began coughing at night…  see how inflammation is systemic?)  They sure loved it – but for us, the casein isn’t tolerated.  This is often the case for many people, who have no clue that dairy is causing systemic inflammation.  That’s why people with auto immune disease are told not to consume gluten OR dairy.  Not a big deal to us – if we need “milk” – coconut milk is just fine.

Isn’t it funny when you learn things aren’t true that were impressed upon you as a child?  Always keep learning… don’t just take what is being told to you – even if the schools, or the government is saying it.  Search out the Truth, so that you can be Healthy for Him!

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  Not as the world gives do I give to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”
John 14:27

Mystery Solved, New Challenges Follow


I took a picture of this with my cell phone. It’s a simple moth. It was on my son’s shirt at the zoo – and a ray of light was hitting it “just so”. I thought it was a beautiful example of how looking at things in the right light, can make ANYTHING look beautiful. Even, a little moth.  Isn’t God awesome?

When we went on vacation in May, I did a really dumb thing.  I let myself run out of my adrenal support, for my cortisol levels.

Not on purpose, mind you.  Things happen in the month before a trip, finishing school and taking care of 10 people.  Sometimes I fail miserably.

Realizing I couldn’t find my exact supplement locally I went for something similar-ish at our local store, and it ended up being all wrong.  Within 3 days of our trip I was feeling really sick.  I thought it was the brown rice in the supplement, which, I’m sure was a lot of it at the time…  It was gluten, dairy, yeast, soy, and everything else free.

That one “minor detail” isn’t so minor to my body.

A quick trip to a larger store at our vacation destination, and I was set again.  I ran out of that supplement about 2 weeks ago…

So I switched back to my original support – PREvacation.

About the time I when on my birthday brownie binge…

So when I finally got things squared aware digestively, and my eye inflammation simmered down, and my legs loosened up…

Something was still – not quite right.

I felt like someone was pulling my shirt – all day long and it was getting worse.

They were pulling me down.  Making me sit.  Making me…*yawn*

SO. Tip-over Tired.

Three weeks post brownie binge, and I still wasn’t bouncing back.  In fact, I slept through my 4 hour dental appointment to get my fillings replaced.

Who does that?

Someone with chronic fatigue.  That’s who.

I’d force myself to go on runs with my husband, because I really wanted to go… but my body really wanted to sleep.

It seemed familiar in a way I didn’t want to recognize or visit again, but I knew sitting around wasn’t the right answer.

I had my thyroid checked again at my last appointment… no results there yet – but then I providentially stumbled upon some deep reading with auto immune protocol and herbs/spices…

Ashwagandha Root – is a Nightshade and should be avoided for auto immune protocol.

Adapten-All Supplements

Adapten-All Supplements

Thyroid Energy supplements.

Thyroid Energy supplements.

Hmmm.  I know that is in BOTH my thyroid and adrenal support…  but it didn’t bother me before.  WHY now?

So this is how it goes…  When you get knocked down from a sensitivity of one thing, it seems to grab a friend or two and throw your body down another flight of stairs.  This is the beauty of celiac disease and the “mind of it’s own” factor.

See why you shouldn’t “CHEAT”…?

So the supplements that helped me SO much for 6 months, are NOW, no longer an option.

Now was the time I wished there was a “Auto Immune Protocol” list for safe supplements… because this was getting a little crazy.  The list of what I can’t have is far out weighing any cans.

I messaged my doctor and told her my suspicions and inquired about the main things I should be looking for, throwing out some options of things I thought might work.  I’d just have to be more specific to make sure the Ashwagandha wasn’t IN anything.  I think we got it all worked out.  Help is on the way!

Amazingly…  once the Ashwagandha went away….

So did the fatigue.  

I’m still not 100% – but I’m feeling MUCH stronger each day… and it’s SUCH a blessing to know WHY.  Now, my poor family who waits until my stress support is in … pray for them.  Mom’s been a little crabby and has to get caught back up from that little set-back.  I think THIS time, I really have eliminated all things that could possibly cause inflammation.  I pray?

Did God make a mistake in making me?  No.  He did not.  He made me exactly how I’m supposed to be.  It’s my job to take care of the body He blessed me with as safely, and as naturally as possible, so I can be healthy for Him.

“For You created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.”

Psalm 139:13-14

Stop Right There!

Do you like fish?  Does this look like a good choice?

Do you like fish? Does this look like a good choice?

Yes, you!  I’m talking to you!
Do you know what you’re putting into your mouth?

Just a friendly reminder to read the back of any product you pick up and put into your cart.

I had a little mishap last week in regards to accidentally setting out some fish to thaw, and forgetting about them…  which made them – not so good to fix.


I HAD TO have fish (it’s a whole other story), and we don’t have good options locally…  this was going to be a challenge.

I finally found some frozen USA fish that had the only ingredient on the package was the fish… 

But not before finding some shocking things that was a great reminder of why #1 – we rarely buy foods in packages, and #2 – what the government allows in food in the name of “safe to consume”.

Um.  Carbon Monoxide?  This is poison to inhale... so how about if you're cooking it and it's expelling from the fish?  Suddenly no longer harmful?  Yikes.

Um. Carbon Monoxide? This is poison to inhale… so how about if you’re cooking it and it’s expelling from the fish? Suddenly no longer harmful? Yikes.

Clearly disturbing.

Apparently they add the Carbon Monoxide to give the meat “color”…  If you’re interested – read more about it here.

Needless to say, I won’t be making that mistake – ever.

Thankfully my mother-in-law graciously shared some fresh water fish (from family who caught and cleaned) where we know the source instead.  She just happened to have some extra in the freezer!  H-yVee did have some store packaged fish that was also USA and no additives.  Read those labels!!

“Why, my soul, are you downcast?
    Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
    for I will yet praise Him,
    my Savior and my God.”

Psalm 42:11

Cereal Killer


I grew up having cereal for breakfast almost every day.
Therefore, my kids also grew up having cereal each day for breakfast.
Many times more than one bowl was had – because, if you’ve noticed cereal doesn’t really fill you up.
Now we got rid of cereal only breakfasts when I got gestational diabetes 7 years ago… But I still hadn’t fully considered what cereal really was.
“Filler” is what many food blogs affectionately call it…
One of my autoimmune books broke down exactly how, even organic, cereals are made and basically showed why people who can’t tolerate grains should steer clear!
Basically the mix of (wet) ingredients are out into a big mixer then it’s puff-dried, made into all sorts of shapes.
Can you say – dead food?
And to think, that’s how I started my kids off in the mornings? No wonder we were starving by lunch time!!

Not to mention it stopped up their colons.

Now if we have cereal,
it is with a slew of other more substantial things. Eggs. Bacon, sausage, yogurt…


I also enjoy making cereal (Paleo Crunch is a favorite!)

We took a took a tip from Bob Harper on cereal mixing for a healthier, more digestable option.
So what we end up with some granola, some enjoy life flax seed cereal (available with chia too!) and then some organic GF cereal in their bowls!

Just one more way you can help your digestion – which is SO key to being healthy for Him!!

“From the fruit of his mouth a man eats what is good, but the desire of the treacherous is for violence. Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life; he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.”
Proverbs 13:2-3

Not My Friend


I love kombucha. I drink Synergy brand (passionberry bliss) almost daily, and I stock it by the case.

I’m pretty limited in my treats, so that’s my “one” thing.

So Synergy is my go to drink – but in have a few others which have less active probiotics – but taste really good. One is Wonder brand and the other is call Bucha brand.
Neither I have regularly. Until I went on vacation.
Well, as I prepared for vacation I had another small hiccup. My adrenal support that I take, called Adapten-All, ran out and I didn’t have a back up on hand.

Locally they had something with the main ingredient by NOW brand, I have other supplements by them – so
I knew they were gluten, dairy, yeast and soy free.

So by day two of what started to be another flare coming on and feeling like junk (brain fog, systemic pain, stiff legs, and not wanting to do a thing…

I decided to do a little digging on anything that had changed in my consumption.
The kombuchas and supplement came to mind…
Sure enough:
Green tea in the Wonder, black tea in the Bucha and RICE in the supplement.

I failed to read the fine print and I was poisoning myself.
NO can do.

It’s a great example how things that cause “minor” inflammation can piggy-back and really add up quickly – causing a toxic environment in your body.
My body can’t handle that anymore.
Proof that no matter how much my stress and supplements are “in line” my food “sensitivities” trump all and quickly throw me into an out of control auto immune response.

It’s always a learning process, even a year later. I recently buckled and bought some Neutrogena spray SPF for the kids – and within a day those with dermatitis herpetiformis were broken out and itching themselves raw on their hands, elbows and knees.

I felt terrible about it. (Glad they are forgiving!)

So you see… I still make plenty of mistakes.
Lesson learned.

“Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid.
The Lord, the Lord Himself, is my strength and my defense; He has become my salvation.”

Isaiah 12:2

Know Your Ingredients!

Here’s the fries we eat now.  We just wash and cut 3 sweet potatoes.  Put then on parchment paper, brush on some cold-pressed, organic olive oil, and bake them for 25 minutes at 400 degrees.  Delish.  My kids LOVE these, as does my husband!


When we first went gluten-free.  We bought these.  After all, they were gluten-free, and marked so on the label.  What could possibly go wrong?  Quick. Easy…


Here is what is wrong with MOST processed foods (foods in a package or at a restaurant), It’s the oils, and preservatives they put in to KILL the nutrition of a perfectly great sweet potato.

photo_Fries_backCanola oil, modified food starch… right there – two key ingredients that are BAD news for your body, and digestion.  (Read – chemically created GMO corn oil, and MSG) then you’ve got Sugar… (Dextrin), Leavening… again more MSG, and  food coloring (annatto) and more possible MSG.

You’re MUCH safer with an organic sweet potato, the olive oil and sea salt combo!  The only thing “quick” about those fries – is they’re going to quickly make you sick!

Just. Say. No.

It’s amazing how much my kids have learned in the kitchen now too – when kids understand why we eat the way we do,  they’re more willing to chip in and work as a team to get meals done.  My 13-year-old son leads the children to make a complete breakfast for 10 most days!  He is a HUGE blessing – and we are blessing his future wife with real life skills in the kitchen!

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”

2 Cor. 9:8

Saving Money – Eating Gluten Free

One of my all time favorite lunches.  Steamed asparagus with some chicken and bacon, and some *fresh* carrot orange juice!

One of my all time favorite lunches. Steamed asparagus with some chicken and bacon, and some *fresh* carrot orange juice!

I love my dad. He taught me the ability to make a dollar stretch if need be.

I never knew how much I would need those skills until I became the one footing bills for things.

Being smart about money was a gift that helped in college and in married life. As a wife of a retailer, we have good years, and bad. Early on, we weren’t able to save or predict those bad years – so we went without.

That’s what we’re supposed to do when we can’t afford things.

Figure out how to make money to make it work, OR go without.

With living and eating gluten free, a big concern seems to be price – that some how living this way is “a lot more expensive”, and people can’t afford it.

In reality, it is only certain products that are more expensive, and yes – you might have to reprioritize your life to make it work. I’m going to share a tip with you regarding Vitacost. I love this company because they offer many supplements that I get, and food products as well. While we don’t eat many processed foods, because of their expense – and knowing real food is more nutritious, we do like to have a few options.

First off – I got to If you don’t have an ebates account, you should. Even if Vitacost is the only place you shop online. (I’m sure it’s not). But any online shopping, you start at Ebates.

Because they will mail you a check quarterly in a rebate form, for your purchases that start there. Advertisers pay them to promote their brands, and in turn – part of that rebate is sent to the consumer. This is effective and cheaper for the stores than click-through advertising, plus it’s all in one spot!

So, often times I wait until I get a sale notification from that they’re having a sale. Last week they had a sale for 12% off. I also got another 12% rebate from ebates in my ebates account. On a $550 order, I saved almonst $60!

Last year I no clue what were the best prices of things, but now I have ball park figure amounts, so if you don’t either – don’t feel badly, we all start somewhere. But it’s helpful to know, so I know when to stock up on things!!!

I realize most people don’t spend $550. We don’t either honestly, but sometimes when we have a large supplement order, and we are preparing for vacation stock up – we do. But you get the point. Over time – the savings adds up.

Then you get a nice little check in the mail… which they call the “BIG FAT CHECK!”

In the mean time – if you can’t do perfect, try to do your best. Don’t beat yourself up. Negative stress isn’t healthy either!! Not everyone can eat everything organic at first. I totally get that. But cutting gluten out of your life is one of the biggest health decisions you can make. That is a decision you won’t regret.

Both Vitacost and Ebates have referral programs where you can earn $$ too, when your friends and family use your name of who sent them. Other great way to add to your bottom line and help others you love!

“In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will set your paths straight.”

Proverbs 6:3

Feeling Pretty? You Should!

(Yes! - Coupon codes at the bottom for red apple lipstick!)

(Yes! – Coupon codes at the bottom for red apple lipstick!)  Berried Treasure on top, HOT MESS on the bottom.  I don’t name them folks, I just wear them.  (But if you would like to get in on the naming fun, they hold contests and let their customers choose!  Get in on the fun on their Facebook page!)

While God challenges us to always be working on our inner beauty, because it radiates outside of ourselves – I always felt prettier INSIDE when I felt put together “outside”.
I’m sure most women can relate, it’s hard to feel pulled together when your hair isn’t having a good day, or if you’re having skin issues, or if you’re missing your favorite shade of lipstick because it’s missing from your purse!!

I never really took into an account what was in the make-up I was putting on my face – around my sensitive eyes, and certainly not around my mouth.  I just knew this – it needed to stay put, because my lips are small!

I also never had acne much… until I hit my 30s.  Then hormonally, it seemed like I had monthly break outs.  With the removable of sugar, gluten and dairy – and a balancing of my hormones… I no longer struggle in that way.

I also make sure all of the products I put on my face aren’t causing more harm than their worth!  (What is your acne telling you?)

RED APPLE LIPSTICK is one of my favorite make-up companies now.  They were also one of the first ones I tried last year, because I’m a sucker for GREAT marketing, and their product delivered – with a wide selection of products made me assume they were really caring about today’s woman.  Young, old, (middle-aged, ahem)…  The owner really seemed to care about his client no matter their age – every woman actually buying his products!

I also love that you can read what is in the products, it’s not some big (dirty) secret… because the products are listed and easy to find.

Personally my favorite aspect is that they last.  I love eye shadow that I don’t have to keep re-applying… and lipstick that keeps its color and is moisturizing!  Then there is their newest gloss line “Mint-2-Be” which has a natural fresh minty scent to it…  and again, if you ever ingest it – it isn’t harmful!! (interesting concept considering most paraben filled plastic make-ups make people sick, sick, sick – and they have no idea!)

Two of my favorite neutral lipsticks for summer are “SUMMER SANDS” and “FLIRT WITH ME”.  Summer sands has some SPF also, which is a great thing to remember as we’re out in the sun!

My favorite BOLD colors are “REBEL” (yes – instead of hiding – it’s a BOLD I feel pretty red!), “STRAWBERRY LIPS” and “SUNKISSED” for a mod-orange/red look.

My *favorite* lip glosses include the newest “HOT MESS” and “BERRIED TREASURE”,  ral “DIAMOND SANDS”, “NEW PEPPERMINT”

Here is a pic I took with  HOT MESS on.  Love this bright color for spring!

Here is a pic I took with HOT MESS on. Love this bright color for spring!

There is always a 20% VIP sign up on their front page – which is an awesome monthly coupon they send you … but ALSO they reward for word of mouth sharing too – so if you tell them I sent you – WE can both earn money off of our orders!  These are timed coupons – so while they won’t expire for uses, they DO expire by May. 31st, 2013.

All you have to do is put in my name: HEALTHY FOR HIM and one of these codes and you can save even more $$$.  If you love it, then they even have a trade in your OLD (poison) make up and you can get credits towards their safe make-up as well!! (How awesome is that!?!)

So without further blathering… read about why RED APPLE LIPSTICK is diffferent from other companies:

Go to

and save additional $$$ with any of these codes:




Now go SAVE!!  (And even if you don’t use my name… that really is ok by me.  I just love seeing people succeed at business who are truly looking out for other people.  Those are the ones who SHOULD be succeeding!  We vote with our dollars everyday people.  Make your votes count!)

“Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying:

‘To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!’ “

Rev. 5:13

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