Created By Him

My name is Sara.

I’m a mom to 8, a wife to one, and a follower of Christ.

I didn’t set out to have 8 children – in fact, at the age of 19 I told my mother I knew I never wanted children.

I was done having kids at 2,4,6…  we have 8.  God has a sense of humor.

I was NEVER going to homeschool.

Guess what? We homeschool.

I was determined that we would NEVER drive a huge van.

I cart my crew in a 15 passenger and I’m so thankful for that vehicle (and its precious cargo!)

I also didn’t care much for excercise… and eating healthy – after I had 4 children.  I figured, while having kids and being so busy – what’s the point?

Then I got gestational diabetes with my 6th pregnancy in 2005 – and I finally started listening to what God was trying to tell me.

Sometimes, I stop and listen… and ALWAYS I am blessed when I do.

I loved how eating well and how exercising make me feel….

BUT, in 2012, when I stopped nursing our youngest – my hormones took me on an unforgettable ride and my adrenals dumped causing my thyroid to go hypo.  It led me to unlocking the medical mystery that I have had undiagnosed celiac disease since I was very young, which was leading to MS for the past 5 years!! (All of our children as well as my husband have major gluten sensitivity, or celiac issues as well.)

Because auto immune diseases are tied to one another – if you don’t get to the source – you’ll continue have multiple diseases.  For me, it led to – uveitis, connective tissue disorder, hypothyroidism, and countless MS symptoms.  

After a year of specialists and additional stress (to the point I couldn’t get out of bed!), I abandoned the search for a western medical diagnosis and masking symptoms in attempt to focus on living healthy for my future.  A naturopath doctor was the key to putting me on the road back to health, and healing.  Food has been my medicine – as I attempt to be well, and I have made HUGE strides – medicine free.  I believe God blessed our family with these challenges – to help others who are seeking to live healthy instead of masking symptoms with medicine.  We are grateful for this gift!

I want you to be encouraged, and blessed by living “HEALTHY FOR HIM!” 🙂

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” – Psalm 139:14

** DISCLAIMER:  I write for fun, and to encourage others to seek REAL answers for their health.  I am not a doctor, nor an exercise expert.  Please always consult your doctor before starting to exercise or beginning any drastic change in your diet.  If you feel you’re not being heard by your doctor, find another one who will listen.  There are lots of fantastic doctors and experts who will help you, don’t give up!

  1. I’ve just nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award for 2012! Just go to for more details. Congratulations!

  2. You remind me so much of myself, also a follower of Jesus, with MANY health issues. I don’t have any kids…yet. However, I’ve had many doubts about whether my husband and I should even try to have kids, as I’m overwhelmed with my current conditions, and worry I’ll pass those things onto my kids. With a lot of prayer, and a little maturing, I’m starting to realize I don’t trust God the way I’m commanded to, and I may have to give up my selfish agenda.

    In my generation, it seems like being “childless” is becoming the new way for those who want to help control overpopulation; that, and it makes it easy to travel the world. Haha 🙂 I used to think of God’s command to be fruitful and multiply as just an Old Testament command to help grow the population, but God never told us to stop increasing in number. I think there’s always room for more Godly individuals in this world. He will provide the strength we need every single day. God Bless!

    • Thank you for sharing allergychic. I don’t know what we would have done had be known all we do now. I would hope we would feel the same trust in God’s plan. We just feel blessed that He saw fit to give us any children, but we know it is a miracle and a gift. I try to think of it as, we are all “imperfect”… and God designs us for His purpose. Being open to children and His blessings – no matter how they’re packaged, is the key. No one understands how my kids feel – more than my husband and I… and they drive me to learn as much as I can to help them as they grow and develop. With God’s direction, hopefully their outcome will be even better!! God bless your journey as well!

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. To receive your reward, check out this link

  4. I’m so glad I found your blog! 🙂 We have much in common. If interested, I would love to send an email. Blessings!

  5. Hi Sara,
    I am on my own health quest and truly believe I have celiac disease, although I was tested via an endoscopy as negative a few years ago. After countless other doctors telling me nothing was wrong despite by alarming symptoms, I began to avoid gluten, and am now full Paleo which helps my symptoms a lot… its actually the only way I can feel remotely normal! How were you finally properly diagnosed? I really dont want to have to eat gluten again to get diagnosed, but I also would like proof!

    • Kate, I actually gave up on getting diagnosed through
      western medicine. I did genetic testing through a lab called
      enterolab to confirm my HLA
      halo-type. I was HLA-DQ2 positive, which is what 95% of people with
      celiac disease have. It’s also a gene common with many auto immune
      diseases. It doesn’t “confirm” celiac in the sense of western
      medicine, who wants you to have a positive biopsy… however, I had
      read and experienced enough to know it was EXTREMELY dangerous to
      continue eating gluten when you have issues with it, and I had
      gotten very sick from even slight cross contaminations. For me,
      gluten continued destroying my gut lining, added more food
      sensitivities, and broke my gut barrier to the point I was having
      brain damage and systemic pain from not processing vitamins, amino
      acids and enzymes needed to function. I had read in an article from
      “Living Without” about this couple – both doctors, who both had
      celiac disease, and the guy was tested YEARLY for 10 years, showing
      symptoms the whole time – but it wasn’t until that last biopsy that
      they finally found it. WHO wants to wait until they are dead or
      with colon cancer to be “diagnosed”? Your small intestine is huge,
      and it’s sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack.
      Unfortunately MY GI doctor performed the test incorrectly as well,
      he took ONE sample instead of the needed 8-10, and it was from the
      wrong area as well. He told me “he didn’t see anything”, which made
      the specialists at the University of Chicago Celiac center baffled.
      Personally, I needed to figure out how to live – and that is why I
      gave up one trying to get a piece of paper. I knew what was going
      on – I need someone to help me to stop it. A naturopath is who
      helped save my life. My undiagnosed celiac, and lack of absorbing
      vitamins had led to MS – and I was aggressively going downhill.
      Paleo is your best bet. If you’re still having problems, due to
      leaky gut – then GAPS or SCD, or auto-immune Paleo are good
      options. Everyone is designed so differently, and lots of different
      foods (which are normally great) can make someone really sick when
      they have a leaky gut. Your goal should be to heal your body – not
      to search for a diagnosis. That’s my opinion. I pray you get the
      information you need to be healthy for Him. (hugs)

  6. Wow, thank you for such a prompt and detailed response! I am currently on the paleo autoimmune protocol plus avoiding alcohol and coffee in order to heal what I believe is a now leaky gut from going off the diet for the past few months. I did Gfree for a year with some improvement, then paleo for a few months but then stupidly went back to the SAD after being told I didnt have Celiac so didnt need to avoid so many foods. After 5 months of regular eating, my symptoms got so bad I ended up in the hospital, where they just ran basic lab work and sent me on my way. My stomach was so distended my sister who is a nurse was extremely concerned (the hospital was convinced I was pregnant. Ha!) Going back to paleo for the past month has truly been a life saver for me, but I guess I would like some kind of diagnosis for peace of mind, as my family has been so concerned seeing me go through such problems without any kind of reason. I am going to look into the enterolab test and continue with the autoimmune protocol. Thank you so much!

    • I completely understand that stomach bloating. I always looked as real months pregnant, and it’s so painful. I’m glad you’re back to paleo/auto immune. I will pray you get the answers you need to realize this is too serious to eat gluten again! Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  7. Kate i’m starting to make gluten free bread for my family but wondered about the gum in recipe can i omit it?

  8. Hi Sara – I arrived at your blog after doing an image search for “dermatitis herpetiformis elbows”. (Your one child’s elbows after gluten-containing sunscreen exposure reminded me of how mine used to look sometimes.) Anyway, then I went to this page and saw your mention of how everything went haywire after you stopped nursing your youngest…this really hit home for me. I have one child born when I was into my 40s, whom I nursed longer than is typical…so by the time I finally weaned him completely I was 46…and it seems like that is when most of my problems started (at least in an obvious way). At that age, I’m sure perimenopause was a contributing factor, but it’s still interesting to think about how the hormonal impact of weaning may have been part of the bigger picture. Glad I found your site… will continue to look around and see what else I learn! 🙂

    • Susie, that is amazing. I just love how God protects His children through pregnancy and nursing! My largest ago between kids was 22 months and I got SO sick right up until I got pregnant again. I hope you find some helpful information. Thanks for sharing your story!!

  9. I am so thrilled to find your site! I’m a homeschooling mom of 5 (in the process of adopting more) and I struggle with cooking three meals a day plus snacks for a large family. I googled “large family paleo” and here you are! I can’t wait to read more of your posts, but I love what I’ve read so far. Thank you for the inspiration!

  10. Good to hear from you Tiffany! 🙂 I will check out your blog as well! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Do you have a facebook page for your blog?

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