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The Day We Shut OFF Our WiFi


I’ve been digging deeply, since I wrote last.

My circadian rhythm has been off for as long as I can remember.  Sleep is essential to healing, and your immune system.  I know this.

But how do you turn that train around when you have tried EVERY. POSSIBLE. TRICK?”

Or had I?

Turns out my myofunctional therapist… knows people.  When we talked about my breast imaging, and what I was working on, during a Skype appointment, she said she wanted to suggest some reading for me.

“Ok…” I thought.  “What could this be?”

Never stop learning.

It turns out the concept of Quantum Health (food, water, light magnetism) – wasn’t super far from what I had been doing… but I was missing some KEY elements of how to measure, and really make the adjustments needed, because I figured I needed to understand how toxic my environment was, to mitigate it.  What were my problems?  How could I fix them?

It started with reading many blogs by Jack Kruse, and RE-reading them.  It was so deep I was looking up words and trying to really get a handle on what was being said.  Living in state of confusion most days, this isn’t easy.  But the hope is, your mind becomes clearer – and indeed, it has.

While Jack and I don’t share a common foundation of the beginning of the world, I can appreciate his knowledge and foresight on the topics of what our ancestors have done, and what we’re doing differently.  I can appreciate learning about what our cells need – and have a deeper understanding of just how we were designed the way were.


Did you know that we were born to be fat burners… and that never changed?  It’s true.  We were born needing DHA for our cells …. and the only two place to get that DHA – is breast milk, and sea food.

So, we’re designed to be fat burners… what changed?  If you’re living in the Paleo realm, then you might know where this is going…  because it’s against all of the grains.

We were meant to eat carbs (fruits and veggies) when they were local and in season.  We were meant to store up for winter, and then basically eat less, and sleep more.  We would end up leaner, as we were designed.

Instead, what do we do?  The opposite.  We eat a ton in the winter, we don’t sleep more, and most people gain weight… because you’ve got all of these “holidays” in the middle of our lean season.

Most people have been raised and have eaten to be Leptin Resistant, or insulin resistant, because they burn sugar for fuel, instead of fat.

I’m now eating eggs and sardines for breakfast…(yes, for real, this is what my body needs) and sometimes paleo bacon. 🙂  I don’t eat snacks – and I focus on being FAT burning.  The first few days were hard – but it’s glorious now – and it makes so much more sense.  My liver was having issues – because I have done this to my liver.  Sugar for fuel always catches up for us… I don’t really eat fruit any more – occasionally some berries – mid-day.   Yes, I’m still eating amount 9 cups of veggies a day, and I’m also eating seaweed, and kelp, and lots of fish.  My children still eat our grass-fed beef, some chicken, and fish also.

We have many every food accessible in every season … but is that the best thing for us?  Here’s what it taught me – no.

Did you ever wonder why time seemed to go slowly as a child, and quickly now as an adult?  It’s because of our telomeres – and how they effect how we age.  Read about them here.  Being fat-burning is the best for your long turn health – and yes, as they lengthen – time slows down.  Amazing, but true.


We’re dehydrated.  As a nation we’re dehydrated for a few reasons.  The biggest reason is EMFs are making us dehydrated, and in order to get a positive charge from our water that our body is needing, we need quality water – like spring water.  What do most people drink in this nation?  Chemically laden bottled water, and fluorinated water.  If you look at fluoride on the periodic chart – you will see it carries a negative charge…  so, it’s depleting the body.  With the amount of EMFs most people are exposed to daily, we would need to drink 1-2 gallons of water – daily.  This is a bit more than the 8 glasses that is suggested.


We are bombarded by blue light.  Our retina is connected to the hypothalamus in our brain – telling our brain, “hey, it’s morning…. or hey… it’s night-time…”  Instead, our brain is being told that it’s never night, so our body never needs to make it’s own melatonin.

Most people, in their walk to get well, start supplementing with melatonin.  I did.

The problem is, that’s only masking the problem – I needed to get down to WHY my body wasn’t making melatonin, and that had to do with blue-light, and my circadian rhythm.

How much are we told to be afraid of the sun? I’m making sure I’m getting a minimum of 15-30 minutes a day in full sunlight.

Our body needs first morning light IN our eyes to reset our clock.  It needs bright light in our eyes during the day.  Raise your hand if you put your sun glasses on when you’re outside.

Me too.  But I don’t any more.  I want my brain to get the right signals!  So the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is go outside… look at the sun, and do some grounding.

Which brings me to the last element of this issue…


We don’t spend enough time connected to the earth.  If you think about how God designed plants – they are always connected to the earth, and are growing – reaching up to light.  While we are mobile, we still need to be periodically connected to the earth – and most people (me included) always has on rubber soled shoes when they’re outside.  They’re not sticking their feet in the grass and the mud.  They’re not picking up the electrons the need to help de-magnetize their body/cells.  It sounds voodoo, but what I’m about to share with you next – is going to start blowing your mind, like it did mine.

Could electricity actually be the major equation on why our body is malfunctioning, in a way that is causing mutations, and an inability to open food proteins?  Read this.

We removed our cell phones from our bedrooms about a month ago, to start learning how to NOT have them be the last thing we saw, or the first thing we saw upon waking.

Next, we finally got out the EMF meter I had purchased 6 months ago, before really understanding EMFs.  I was doing my devotional one night, and I just had this idea to measure the things in our bedroom.  My lamp on my nightstand.  It was nothing concerning.  My husband’s fan, always placed on my side of the bed.

Off. The. Charts!!!

We promptly removed it from the room.

That night, I dreamed.

I haven’t dreamed in years.  I never dream – unless I’m really sick, or pregnant.  I just thought it was me.

Clearly that’s a sign that you aren’t reaching the level of sleep you need – where dreams are made and repair to your immune system takes place.

I had slept with a fan (because of my husband) since we were married.  Seventeen years.

Picture this.  I’m sleeping, and my body is in recharge mode.  Only, I can’t recharge – because the fan is literally robbing me of electrons.  It’s crazy – but true.  I have consistently been sleeping and dreaming for over a week now.

Next, we have been trying to figure out my triggers for narcolepsy.  I have been trying to pin point if it was a food – all along.  But I thought once I figured the sleep at night issue out, it might resolve itself.

It turns out –  I knew I felt bad while driving my vehicle, especially longer distances… I would literally NOT be able to keep my eyes open – and I would need a nap when I arrived.  I felt unplugged.  Zapped.

Because I was.

It turns out vehicles have various levels of EMFs.  The drivers seat is always the worst-  and the more bells and whistles, the worse it is also.  Sunroof? Power seats and windows?  Seat Heater? GPS? Blue tooth?

Yep.  Bluetooth actually turns your car into a microwave, just like WiFi turns your house into a microwave.  Ever seen a steak cooked in a microwave?  The more cell phones tuned into the WiFi – they are like antennas, strengthening the current.


Guess who the steak is?

Yep.  IT was me.

Blue tooth option – OFF.  ALL electronic car options – off.  Phone on person?  In airplane mode.

The WiFi we begun shutting off at night, what a difference that has made… and today – we shut our WiFi off.  Period.

I can tell you I pick up my phone a lot less – and my body is like…. “Wait.  What?  Where did THIS energy come from, and where is my chronic headache?”

Then there are a group of people called the EMF refugees.  Google that.

While I could bore you more about the dangers of laptops, and dirty electricity, and how the body stops being able to unfold proteins to process food – causing more food intolerances –  I’ll spare you today.

Like I said, never give up learning.  Life is a classroom… and things aren’t always as they seem.

I will say I cried that first night that I slept.  I get pretty emotional when God over runs me with His love and provision, and answer to prayer.  Pray for others to have ears to hear.  Why have we walked and run so far away from the design He created – in the name of intelligence, moving forward and technology?

We have opportunity to change our environment, and others don’t.  Think of work environments, and living arrangements.  EMF effects worsen with altitude. Think of those people who fly often – who don’t know how to mitigate these effects.  Imagine the close confinements of apartment living, and hotels.  Think of how many WiFi routers you can pick up – in any given place you are…  then consider the effects.

When is enough, enough?

There are reasons people stop losing weight on Paleo, why dieting doesn’t work, and why our kid’s generation is going to be labeled generation RX…. leading the charge (pun intended) is our environment.  What are you going to do to change yours?
If you want to know more about how things like Smart Meters, how your smart appliances are “talking” and constantly sending out signals, and more… read on.

“There is no creature hidden from His sight

but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.”

Hebrews 4:13


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