Eating Organic, The End-All, Be-All Answer



Not quite.

I’ve covered why we eat organic.  Do I think everyone should eat organic?  Well, what I know is – it really isn’t possible.  There wouldn’t even be enough food for everyone to eat as many fruits and vegetables as we should be eating.  (Concerning?  Maybe in the heat of an environmental crisis, and believe me – the thought has cross my mind).

What WOULD happen if I couldn’t get the foods we need?  Well, I would get very, very sick.  I would have to try to eat something to survive, but it would be killing my brain in the process, until I could get the food I need.

Many of the people whom I have met online that eat similarly to me, do so, because they’ve heard it will help their symptoms.  Many have already tried medications, for years… and have gotten sicker as a result.  Steroids and the chemo drugs used to treat many auto immune disease do not help matters.

But is FOOD the only answer?

What made me ponder this deeper was an article floating around Facebook last week.  Several of my “nurse friends” and others in “the field” of western medicine had shared it.  Maybe you saw it too. It was an article about vaccinations and how this particular mother grew up on all organic foods, and a ‘clean’ lifestyle… never vaccinated, etc…  but was doing things differently for HER children, and why.   I felt it was a toss in the face of those of us who feel passionately against vaccines, but I chose to read it – with an open mind.

I came away from the article with many more questions, vs. answers.  I shook my head at the ideology of the article that somehow eating organic and “clean” means you will always be healthy, and that apparently you’re a fool.  You can read the article “Growing Up Unvaccinated” here, and then come back and read what I have to say are the flaws of her reasoning.

First of all, her mother raised them on “all organic”.  I’m not sure why, but I’m going to guess her mom had a reason, which is never stated.  Perhaps she had some diseases of her own, and knew SOME of the benefits, but not all.  This type of lifestyle is generally one of less stress and toxins.  If her father was an art teacher and her mother a ballet teacher – I’m picturing some free spirits.  This is only part of the equation.

Secondly – did they eat gluten, or dairy?  The woman claims she was so sick all of the time, yet it doesn’t matter how clean you eat – if you’re still going to consume things that are inflammatory destroyers to your system.  Gluten and dairy are the first offenders, then nuts, nightshades, and any number of food sensitivities.  She says she took so many antibiotics, that she had a resistance to them.  Um…. I’m not sure of many “crunchy” people who I know of who use antibiotics so readily.  They’re gut killers.  Something doesn’t add up.

Thirdly, environmental toxins.  I wonder if she had a work-up from a holistic doctor to figure out why her immune system was so poor.  While this is extremely sad, and cannot be blamed on one thing – again, you can eat as cleanly as possible, and then dye your hair, live by fields filled with pesticides/drink it in your water, etc.  There are so many elements into the health and functioning of your body than can be assumed by organic living.  Eating clean is just ONE element.  Similarly, not just one element change makes you ‘healthy’.

(side note, it does concern me  how people can be freakish about organic lifestyle, and then turn around and do something repeatedly unhealthy which adds to their demise – hair dye alone, beauty products, cleaners, etc…)

Finally, just as she had a the choice to give her children vaccines, I appreciate our choice to NOT risk damaging our children any further.  A shot doesn’t ensure that you’re not going to get sick…. in fact, that’s only part of the fallacy.  For every person out there who claims “autism and auto immune disease isn’t caused by vaccines” – I shake my head.  “It’s just genetic” they say.  Well guess what?   Everything that we have that is genetic, like autism – also has environmental factors that makes things better or worse, turns gene off or on.  Some reactions are immediate, and some reactions continue to be an inflammation that causes disease over a period of time, weeks… months after the shots or exposure.  Diseases are made better or worse with environmental toxins (food, air, water, and things that are put into our blood stream like formaldehyde and fetal tissue from aborted babies, etc)  Again, we have the choice to take that risk, or not.  For that, I am thankful.  Then there is our court system, specifically for vaccination damage, that also says differently.  Every time they have to award money to another person being harmed by vaccines.  Every time you get vaccinated, some of the money you pay, goes into that account that helps those who are damaged.

For us, the decision to not vaccinate anymore isn’t one to try to throw it in the face of anyone else.  It’s our choice, to protect our children, whom we are responsible for, while building their immune systems to fight viruses and disease.  THAT seems like the best choice for us.  I also want to support and encourage others who wish to do the same.  It’s so ironic the fear-mongering that goes on regarding someone doing something differently that benefits them.  Some how it’s viewed as selfish or ignorant.  Personally, I don’t really care – I know God knows our heart on the matter.

We used to be scared of getting sick, because we spent a majority of the time sick.  One cold always meant croup and asthma attacks for our 5-year-old…. followed by sinus infections for everyone.  Ironically, I don’t feel that way any longer.  The viruses she talks about getting – I’m not scared of, and I think it’s silly to be scared.  While we don’t purposefully go out to collect germs, we do purposefully build our immune systems to be prepared to deal with germs.  There is no need to be scared, because when we get sick again – we know it’s actually GOOD for our bodies to fight these things and build immunity.

(There is a reason why they’re injecting viruses into cancer patients… it kills those cells!)  So a healthy, robust immune system is the answer for us!

So while she was a 19-year-old mom making choices after “getting educated”, I’m a 38-year-old mom of 8 seeing the effects of the choices we’ve made and doing things differently after realizing the TRUTH of sick-care and western medicine…  (and still filtering out the fluoride, but the rest of that stuff… come on, really?  Did she believe in unicorns too?)

Just because you don’t follow the ‘system’ doesn’t mean you can’t think.  I’m starting to see the most “educated” people, as some of the least intelligent.  Being “cruel” by not vaccinating?  Quite the opposite.  The stories she describes of being in the doctor’s office, and being sick – was us…. before we drastically changed things.  When the immunologist suggested we just “try that again” (meaning another vaccination) on my son that had a severe reaction with the H1N1 shot….  I knew we were done with western medicine “specialists” and vaccines.

I suppose she’s right, it’s a lot about personal experience.  I don’t believe in “luck” anyway.  To each his own.

We’re living healthy for Him!

“For the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.”

Proverbs 24:20

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