Reflections By My Daughter

Last semester, my children were studying the food pyramid in some of their online courses.

This was quite a challenge… given that Paleo stands the food pyramid on it’s head.  Minimal fats?  How about a majority of healthy fats?  Sorry food pyramid, our bodies prove – you’re wrong.

So, in wrapping up this lesson, my daughter was assigned to write about the food pyramid, and instead – I told her she could write a short essay about the truth about food and disease, however she wanted.

Imagine my giant smile when I read her essay.

“An autoimmune disease called Celiac, is ‘rare’ according to doctors. Many people have problems throughout their lives and doctors only give them medications. Celiac disease is when your body can’t tolerate gluten.  Some people react to crumbs, but others react to bites of whole wheat bread, because it depends on how much it has destroyed your stomach. Gluten can cause the stomach to crack and make holes. This is called leaky gut.

There are a variety of symptoms. Dermatitis herpetiformis is bumps that can form anywhere on your skin. They itch like crazy!!!  A few other common symptoms are tummy aches, diarrhea, behavior issues, and cramps in your legs.  Some can even have asthma.  My sister had asthma, but as soon as we went gluten-free, it completely went away.  She hasn’t ever eaten another asthma pill!

Removing gluten from your diet will help your body heal itself. Still, after people go gluten-free, they may still have problems! But why? Based on the level of destruction in your gut lining, your stomach can react (auto immune reaction) to different things that aren’t gluten, but it thinks that they are. Eating Paleo will help. The Paleo diet removes all grains, dairy and sugar because they are inflammatory foods.

But what if you  still have problems? Going to see a medical doctor might not be the best idea.  Often times, they want to give you pills and unnecessary surgeries that won’t get to the root of the issues.  Drugs are not the right way to heal your body. they just get rid of the symptoms.  All doctors are not like that.   A naturopath doctor is better.  They want you to learn and heal your body naturally.  Instead of pills, they recommend vitamins and supplements and teach you how to heal your body inside-out.

Gluten is unhealthy for us. Period. Yes, people have used grains to fed people in third world countries, but since it is mass-produced and there is an abundance of it, they use it. We are not what we eat, but what we absorb.  Gluten is not absorbed in our stomach, and that is why it causes so many problems.  We cannot digest it.   It is like glue, and our stomachs can’t break it down. More and more people are learning the truth because people are brave enough to stand out from the crowd and help others.”

Ahhhh…. warms my heart.  It’s amazing your perspective – when you experience something first hand.  (and boy has she ever!)

  I can’t wait to see how God might use her!

” Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth,

before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say,

“I have no pleasure in them.”
Ecclesiastes 12:1

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  1. Excellent, Dara!!

  2. Bless her heart!

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