Time Saver or Slow Killer?

One of the things we get from our food-coop is fruit in bulk!  So thankful for the option!  We eat a lot of apples!!  An apple a day... keeps the doctor away!

One of the things we get from our food-coop is fruit in bulk! So thankful for the option! We eat a lot of apples!! An apple a day… keeps the doctor away!

I wanted to bring back up the subject of a microwave, because this seems to be a misunderstanding, even among many health blogs I read.  I never understand how I can be reading something where someone is super concerned and fine tuned in their diet…

and then they use the microwave.


I get it.  It’s easy… it’s fast…

But honestly?  Nine months later and I don’t miss mine a bit!

A few months ago someone inquired about us not having a microwave… someone who overheard the conversation and piped in, “Well, they’ve realized that they don’t really put off much radiation… they’re perfectly safe.  We even had a family member test how many radiation it was putting off, and it wasn’t harmful to stand by it.”

This woman’s husband is actually a doctor… so of course she seemed educated on the matter.  I didn’t need to try to change her mind, clearly she felt like she was doing the best she could, and had the right answer.  I didn’t expect her to know all I had read, or knew on the subject.   I did speak up that the radiation to the food that was warmed up (nutrition killed), molecular changes, etc and she didn’t know much about that.  Other than, she “couldn’t live without it.”

I remember thinking the same thing.

We used to use ours all the time.

It’s amazing how, once you present something as “not an option”… how you really don’t need something any more at all… I didn’t need it before either – I only thought I did.

Well a couple of things happened recently that I wanted to share with you, because I thought they were worth mentioning.

One was, a podcast I listened to with a nutritionist from the gluten-summit, who talked about a study she had done with people who had compromised immune systems – and those who had food warmed up or “cooked” in the microwave.  They were low on WBC (first immune fighters) and also anemic (low iron in their blood).  Any guesses as to why?

The nutrition was killed in the food they ate (read more about that here)… and their bodies weren’t able to function like they were designed to do.

The other point, our chiropractor brought up in regards to nutrition being killed, and molecules being transformed during the “heating” process is quite concerning…  because I used to warm baby food up in the microwave… ALL THE TIME.  But he was talking about his son’s science project that he had him do, to teach him the effects of microwaved food.

He took 3 plants with no other variables, other than the type of water they were given, and lined them up, watering them each day.  The first plant got room temperature tap water, the second got microwaved water that had been cooled to room temp, and the third got rain water-cooled to room temp.

Well guess what happened? 

The rain water did the best for the plant, and the plant with the microwaved water…. died.

So we’ve seen things being passed around between Facebook, and email regarding putting your cell phone in the bra, and the increased chance in breast cancer… with a phone next to the skin of your breast.  Consider eating food with radiation and mixed up molecules that have killed the nutritional value.   Don’t think for a minute that microwaving your food “isn’t a big deal” … because it totally is.

Even hospitals recognize not warming up baby’s water for “milk” or formula in the microwave, and they know plastics aren’t good in the microwave either..  there is reason for this, as it kills the nutritional value.  Why is this important for babies and suddenly NOT for our other children, and ourselves??

I don’t know about you… but my body needs ALL of the nutrition from my food it can get, or why bother eating??

Nourish your body – healthy for Him.

“He will prepare the people for the coming of the Lord.”

Luke 1:7




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