Friend or Foe?


Christmas time and the holidays can be a real source of stress for people with food issues.  It’s usually much safer NOT to eat, than to consider the risk of getting sick.

For me, I’m always concerned about getting sick somewhere away from home – and because the issues attack my head… more importantly, wondering how I will drive home.

Yes, it’s safer just not to eat.

So, what about those parties where everyone can bring food… and it seems like a good idea – because you can just bring something that is safe for you. Right?

Well, the probably is usually the same issue at any buffet line, or group gathering…  cross contamination. 

Recently our girls had a tea they were invited to with their friends.  It was group gathering where each person brought something to share with the group, a fruit, a veggie or a baked food of some sort.  Since we were supposed to feed 20 people, we bought 2 large veggie platters, each with a dip (gluten-free, dairy-free and one was nut free, and AIP safe).  Each dip had its own spoon, and we had some tongs also.

At first the people in charge of the food were just placing everything on the same table… obviously not aware that crumbs from one can get on another – and whamo… someone is sick.  Thankfully someone who “gets” our situation got another table for our food… only it was put at the end of the food line.  Again, an issue – because with plates full of gluten-filled food, they would be approaching our veggie platters.  I came up with the idea to place the foods at the front of the line – so that they would be able to stay safe, and I kept the cookies and fruit I made for the girls at our table – separate.

It’s a fine line between “protecting” your food, and then making people have complex about touching your food…  We wanted people to feel welcome to take it, but at the same time, keep ourselves safe.

The girls were just thrilled to feel more “normal” and go through the line…. something they rarely get to do.  I just wanted to stay on top of the situation, so they weren’t questioning the safety of the foods, and whether or not they would be sick later.

For the most part, it went really well.  Almond dip ended up on the tongs for the veggies so they were getting mixed in with all of the veggies – making those a unable to be eaten by myself, and the tongs unusable… but over all – not a big deal, because I was looking for it and they didn’t make their way to another plate or anything.  It was well worth the effort for the smiles on my girl’s faces.

“That was the best tea ever… don’t you think mom?” They celebrated afterwards.

“Yes, I do…” I answered.

My job was complete!

Here are the dips we used.  AVOCADO DILL DIP, (Green one), and then an Almond Butter “Fruit” dip (that we used for veggies too and used less coconut milk so it was thicker).


” A scoffer seeks wisdom in vain, but knowledge is easy for a man of understanding.  Leave the presence of a fool, for there you do not meet words of knowledge.”
Proverbs 14:6-7

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