Hope. One Word.


My word of the year: Hope.

It stemmed from my lack of hope that plagued me throughout 2012.  Then finally starting down my alternative healthcare journey in December, following the week of Advent that started with HOPE.

I need to cling to Him.

That branch that God lets out to us… that one that says, “I AM here.  Hold on.”

It couldn’t have happened at a better time.  I was finally ready to try anything.

Before then, my hope was in doctors, in the field of western medicine… and in finding a diagnosis to know how to “treat”.

The more fruitless appointments I had with specialist after specialist, the more certain I became of “names” for what I was feeling – the more I realized I didn’t NEED that down on paper.  I needed to take responsibility for the necessary changes to heal my body – INSIDE OUT.

Our symptoms are just our body crying out.  I recently heard a functional nutritionist say our bodies can’t talk – so they “cry” by showing us symptoms.  It’s our symptoms that help diagnosis us… but that’s all wrong.  Our symptoms should be our sign that our body is unhappy and something needs to change.

But when and why have our ideas on trouble shooting health issues changed?  When my children were babies and couldn’t talk – they cried when they were unhappy.  Determined to stop the crying, I would see if they were




over stimulated…

I didn’t drug them up and ignore them.  Right?


Yet western medicine tells patients:  “You have crohns, take this.  You have colitis, take this.  High blood pressure?  Take this.  You have cancer, take this.”

If you have any type of a disease, there is a breakdown in your body that needs addressed.   You might have to DIG, but it’s basically tweaking these top 4 issues in your life:

  1. Giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal and maintain health. (The Paleo Diet is a great start, but figuring our food sensitivities are a must – let food be your medicine!)
  2. Making sure our bodies are able to utilize and transport oxygen. (Many people are low on Glutathione, and Co-Enzyme 10 at the cellular level, making it difficult for your cells to transport oxygen throughout your body!  Supplements help me as well as regular exercise.)
  3. Eliminate as many toxins and poisons as possible. (Household chemicals and beauty products are the worst, but STRESS and emotional baggage counts in a big way too!)
  4. Improve your digestion and your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. (Diet, Probiotics, sleep and exercise!  You should be pooping 2-3 times a day, but at the very least – every day.)

This is the type of list I’ve been working on this year.  Foods – adding in foods high in nutrition and went from a gluten-free home to a Paleo lifestyle.  Oxygen – from supplements, and trying to sleep with my mouth closed so I get more oxygen while I sleep has been a plus!  Progress.  Toxins – we have totally revamped our beauty products, and any “cleaners” in our house, as well as I got my amalgams all out of my head, and did chelation to remove metals from my system and we stopped getting vaccinated.  Emotional stress just including eliminating people or feelings that drug me down.  Digestion – I’ve been working steady on this since Feb. when I switched to the Auto Immune Protocol Diet, and I started taking MSM, and increased my Magnesium and Vit. C…  I take probiotics, enzymes, HCl and eat lots of kraut and Kombucha daily!  I also had my hormones balanced – Estro-DIM and Armour Thyroid helped in those areas.

Yes, I’d say this whole past year – has been one of Hope.  It’s honestly felt like a year long Advent season for me.  As God drew me close – so I could hear Him…  I was blessed with more time with Him, my husband, my family – and things of eternal value.  The transformation of health has been secondary to the spiritual blessing He continues to give.  May you be blessed with a reflection and transformation that helps you to be Healthy for Him.

“but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.”

Isaiah 40:31



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  2. Thanks Sonda!! I know you’re living the life too!! 🙂

  3. Hope keeps us going when nothing else can.

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