Recovering Our Children (Part One)

Not just my children.  Our children.

There is another generation of children coming up… and the environmental factors are thick.

We’ve started a process with our children… it’s a recovery process, to help them reach optimal health.

It seems to be the next logical step in our health journey, maybe not to some, but to us.

We’re starting with the most obvious kids.  The ones that clear fall on the autism spectrum.  A term I wasn’t comfortable with when our P.A.T. educator mentioned it.

A word: Aspergers. 

“I won’t label my children.  They’re just unique,” I thought.  We homeschool.  I don’t need a label.

Some similarities like their father, I could easily excuse them as … “Normal for them.”
It was wasn’t until this process … of learning about our bodies that God so creatively designed, that I began to embrace.  There is more there.

There is much more, I knew. 

For my daughter, a sudden turn of events that I recall most vividly at 9 months old.  Tipping her back to nurse her, as she bit me and stared angrily.  Not like the baby I had been nursing the past 8 months.  An easy to please child, good sleeper and well natured.  Suddenly very lazy, refusing to walk and often crying for no reason for long periods of time.

Walking finally at 19 months, she seemed to never understand discipline.  Again, a blank stare, as if to never comprehend my simple words of instruction.    A sensitive head to the touch, and specific textures might push her over the edge.  She didn’t say, “I love you” to me, until 5 years-old, when prompted again and again.  I thought she lacked “common sense”, yet she met all of the “mile markers” in learning.  Clearly she could read, work with numbers… and was intelligent.  Listening was a struggle, as was big picture comprehension.  Why did she seem to defy me?  I knew hearing wasn’t a problem.  Was it listening?

As I learned more about this process… it is now clear to me how things went wrong, and how I had contributed to her well-being from pregnancy until now.  Apparently your odds go up after you have a child with autism.  1 in 5 will could have it.  Unless the  health of the mother is improved, the genetic effects are increasingly possible.  If those stats are anything like the celiac statistics, all of my younger 6 children are on the spectrum, and my guess is – to some degree, yes.

The recovery process started last week when we visited the holistic clinic I patient with.  Screening in a series of “games” played out, and much talking for over an hour to break down just what clues we have into where on the spectrum they fall, what makes them tick, and how to recover them.  A series of testing, for metals, food sensitivities (food cytotoxins) and missing amino acids was on the list.  The questions that I filled out prior to the appointment and the doctors’ questions also, helped me realize I was on the right track.

“Does she shrug their shoulders a lot?” she asked.

I nodded.

She loves to spin, and peels her skin… a creative child that can play the piano backwards with her hands behind her.  She loves animals, baking and crafts.  Making up stories and words…  She is certainly, unique…

She kept prompting her with questions and compliments that would be a normal lead in for a child to respond with a smile, or a “thank you.”  My daughter stares ahead.

“Was your pregnancy stressful?  Do you remember anything specific?”  the doctor asked.

“We were building our house,” I answered.  “I also had two other children ages 2 and 1.  I don’t remember anything specific.”

I could have been exposed to a number of things.  Stress though…. yes.

We talked about how important is that first year of life… what was hers like?   Had she been on antibiotics, which shots she was given? …her flu shot, of course.  We never used to miss a flu shot.

I mentioned the shots, the turn of events I could remember and how I didn’t know what was personality to “let be” and what I could truly help her with, empathy, love and emotions.  To help her left brain connect more with her right brain so she could get those common sense cues she seemed to be missing.

She gave her a series of exercises to work through each day, they take about 5 minutes total, and they will change every few weeks.  She gave her an adjustment, and we talked about the energy of the body and how stress effects them as well.  She even mentioned how her thyroid could be off, just due to the break down that happened in her diet from then on.

I’ve said it before, but we tend to look at the straw that broke the camels back.  But it’s never just “one straw” … nor is it one thing.  I believe our kids are poor methalytors of toxins, just like myself.  I think those toxins come in all forms in our environments, some more profound than others.  Cleaners, food additives, vaccines, food and then there are the things that break down the gut and don’t allow good elimination of toxins – antibiotics, stress, lack of sleep/exercise…  The bombardment of assaults on our kids in this day and age is … horrific.

We treat it, and accept it as normal.

Because we hadn’t fasted before our appointment mid-morning, we are doing our fasting blood workfree, I have high hopes that this will be one more step in the direction of being healthy for Him.

Praise and glory to God, for the doctors who desire true healing for these kids.  I pray for more parents to know the truth about the gut/brain connection, and those contributors that can devastatingly alter our children.  There IS hope.

Some might wonder… do I feel guilty for feeling like a contributed to the problems within our children?  I really don’t.  I can’t.  I know this has all been a learning process, and we can’t do better, until we know better.  God has used this entire struggle for His glory and honor, and we are greatly blessed by that.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good,
    for His steadfast love endures forever.”

Psalm 136:1

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your Family– Blessings to you all!!!

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