Erroneous Theories


My husband and I were talking about all of the ways God has transformed our lives in the past year.  A lot has happened.  We compared it to our erroneous theories of parenting, before we had children.

You have lots of children… and no more theories.

I suppose I had a lot of ignorant theories about different ways people lived! Experience is the best teacher!

Here are just my top 8 things I had my eyes opened to on health topics this past year.

1. People that eat organic foods… are… well…. strange or snobbish.

I couldn’t figure out why someone would want to spend “more money” for ugly fruit, or smaller vegetables?  It didn’t make sense.  Either they were just ignorant, or liked wasting their money.  Pesticides-smeshticides.

It never occurred to me that perhaps that is their best choice for their health, due to their diseased state, and inability to handle toxins.  I didn’t get that GMOs meant larger proteins and cross reactivity in the gut and was changing our DNA.

2. Health food stores smell funny.

They all sort of had that same… strange smell.  Right?  Well, ironically now… I really enjoy that smell.  It’s calming and comforting to me.  You know the smell I can’t stand?  Wal-Mart.  All I think when I’m in there (and it’s RARE I’m in there) is … “How much plastic and toxins are in this one building?” It’s not a holier than thou attitude, but rather one of sadness of the state of our country, and that the majority of people consume so many toxic products from there!

3. Doctors try to help you be well.

Wow.  I was really far off on this one.  Most western medicine doctors try to help you treat your symptoms when it comes to disease.  Pain medications, steroids, antidepressants, etc.  They do not wish to help you figure out why there is breakdown in your body.  The easy answer seems to always be. “We just don’t know what causes __________” (fill in the blank).  Ironically, functional medicine doctors teach you the ways the body breaks down, and they offer real solutions for YOU to work to rebuild your health.  Who knew there would be accountability in health, vs. blaming genetics, and counting on drugs?

4. Cancer is the worst possible diagnosis, most often, a death sentence.

Before I understood toxicity, and how that body heals, I really used to believe this.  I couldn’t imagine that there would be ways to combat something as scary as cancer!  Now I just see it as a sign your body is really in an unhealthy state and you need to make radical changes to allow it to heal.  Chemo on  the other hand, causes more cancer…  and now when I see people going through chemo without addressing what caused the cancer in the first place, I feel saddened… because I’m wondering just where the cancer is going to pop up next.  Eg. Most breast cancer patients that undergo chemo and don’t change their lifestyle?  End up with brain cancer.

5. If I get breast cancer, I will just take my breast tissue out and get implants!

Putting a foreign object in our body, that causes our body to fight against (think auto immune state)  isn’t the best idea for someone who is trying to restore health and it’s really NOT a good idea for anyone.  Again, it saddens me greatly that this is the push in our society, and I fell prey to this idea as well.  I applaud Suzanne Somers who has made it possible to do stem-cell breast augmentation (with your OWN breast tissue, grow a new breast).  If I did something with my breast tissue, this would be the route I would go.  But an unnecessary surgery doesn’t appeal to me.  Thankfully my current fibroids have shrunk and changed dramatically since changing my lifestyle.  Praise God!  It’s amazing what the body can do, when it has the ability to do it!

6. Eating less gluten is helpful, vs. drastically going gluten-free or Paleo.

Actually, gluten isn’t digestible by any human.  No one should be eating it.  Even if you don’t feel reactions yet from it, you shouldn’t be eating it, because it’s breaking down our bodies.  A microscopic amount can cause damage for several months simply because our bodies cannot digest it.  If you’re not ready to go gluten-free…  then gluten-lite is a huge waste of your time, money and energy.  It does nothing to benefit you or stop systemic damage.  I wish that wasn’t the case…but, it’s true.

7. Going gluten-free/dairy-free/Paleo is a fad.

I didn’t understand it.  I again, thought similarly to the organic foods…  waste. of. money.  Not to mention the common stereo-types surrounding the gluten-free junk foods: gross, tasteless, overpriced.  Gluten-free isn’t a buzz word – nor is Paleo.  Most people live this way because they realize they are sick, and this is the only way they feel well or can function.  I certainly didn’t radically change how our family of 10 eats to make some political statement, because I love spending hours upon hours in the kitchen, or because I love socially never being able to eat out, go to friend’s houses, etc.  We do this, because we noticeably feel SICK from eating gluten, grains and dairy.

8. Gluten can effect _________.

This is endless.  I didn’t realize that cutting out gluten could take away the fungus on my husband’s toenail bed, that he’s had for years.  I didn’t know my kids who weren’t growing would see huge growth spurts.  I didn’t realize that the changes in their behavior would be so drastic!  I didn’t realize that the inflammation from gluten and other food sensitivities could cause effects of inflammation in my varicose veins, in my child’s issues with asthma, with my child’s issues with bed wetting, with my FILs Parkinson’s symptoms, with my MS symptoms….I know people who it’s completely reversed their RA, or their thyroid problems, or their seizures, or their acne, their blood pressure issues, or diabetes, or their anxiety and depression, and the lists go on and on and on.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.

A man reaps what he sows.”

Galatians 6:7

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  1. Love the quote at the top of your blog. So true.

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