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Recovering Our Children (Part One)

Not just my children.  Our children.

There is another generation of children coming up… and the environmental factors are thick.

We’ve started a process with our children… it’s a recovery process, to help them reach optimal health.

It seems to be the next logical step in our health journey, maybe not to some, but to us.

We’re starting with the most obvious kids.  The ones that clear fall on the autism spectrum.  A term I wasn’t comfortable with when our P.A.T. educator mentioned it.

A word: Aspergers. 

“I won’t label my children.  They’re just unique,” I thought.  We homeschool.  I don’t need a label.

Some similarities like their father, I could easily excuse them as … “Normal for them.”
It was wasn’t until this process … of learning about our bodies that God so creatively designed, that I began to embrace.  There is more there.

There is much more, I knew. 

For my daughter, a sudden turn of events that I recall most vividly at 9 months old.  Tipping her back to nurse her, as she bit me and stared angrily.  Not like the baby I had been nursing the past 8 months.  An easy to please child, good sleeper and well natured.  Suddenly very lazy, refusing to walk and often crying for no reason for long periods of time.

Walking finally at 19 months, she seemed to never understand discipline.  Again, a blank stare, as if to never comprehend my simple words of instruction.    A sensitive head to the touch, and specific textures might push her over the edge.  She didn’t say, “I love you” to me, until 5 years-old, when prompted again and again.  I thought she lacked “common sense”, yet she met all of the “mile markers” in learning.  Clearly she could read, work with numbers… and was intelligent.  Listening was a struggle, as was big picture comprehension.  Why did she seem to defy me?  I knew hearing wasn’t a problem.  Was it listening?

As I learned more about this process… it is now clear to me how things went wrong, and how I had contributed to her well-being from pregnancy until now.  Apparently your odds go up after you have a child with autism.  1 in 5 will could have it.  Unless the  health of the mother is improved, the genetic effects are increasingly possible.  If those stats are anything like the celiac statistics, all of my younger 6 children are on the spectrum, and my guess is – to some degree, yes.

The recovery process started last week when we visited the holistic clinic I patient with.  Screening in a series of “games” played out, and much talking for over an hour to break down just what clues we have into where on the spectrum they fall, what makes them tick, and how to recover them.  A series of testing, for metals, food sensitivities (food cytotoxins) and missing amino acids was on the list.  The questions that I filled out prior to the appointment and the doctors’ questions also, helped me realize I was on the right track.

“Does she shrug their shoulders a lot?” she asked.

I nodded.

She loves to spin, and peels her skin… a creative child that can play the piano backwards with her hands behind her.  She loves animals, baking and crafts.  Making up stories and words…  She is certainly, unique…

She kept prompting her with questions and compliments that would be a normal lead in for a child to respond with a smile, or a “thank you.”  My daughter stares ahead.

“Was your pregnancy stressful?  Do you remember anything specific?”  the doctor asked.

“We were building our house,” I answered.  “I also had two other children ages 2 and 1.  I don’t remember anything specific.”

I could have been exposed to a number of things.  Stress though…. yes.

We talked about how important is that first year of life… what was hers like?   Had she been on antibiotics, which shots she was given? …her flu shot, of course.  We never used to miss a flu shot.

I mentioned the shots, the turn of events I could remember and how I didn’t know what was personality to “let be” and what I could truly help her with, empathy, love and emotions.  To help her left brain connect more with her right brain so she could get those common sense cues she seemed to be missing.

She gave her a series of exercises to work through each day, they take about 5 minutes total, and they will change every few weeks.  She gave her an adjustment, and we talked about the energy of the body and how stress effects them as well.  She even mentioned how her thyroid could be off, just due to the break down that happened in her diet from then on.

I’ve said it before, but we tend to look at the straw that broke the camels back.  But it’s never just “one straw” … nor is it one thing.  I believe our kids are poor methalytors of toxins, just like myself.  I think those toxins come in all forms in our environments, some more profound than others.  Cleaners, food additives, vaccines, food and then there are the things that break down the gut and don’t allow good elimination of toxins – antibiotics, stress, lack of sleep/exercise…  The bombardment of assaults on our kids in this day and age is … horrific.

We treat it, and accept it as normal.

Because we hadn’t fasted before our appointment mid-morning, we are doing our fasting blood workfree, I have high hopes that this will be one more step in the direction of being healthy for Him.

Praise and glory to God, for the doctors who desire true healing for these kids.  I pray for more parents to know the truth about the gut/brain connection, and those contributors that can devastatingly alter our children.  There IS hope.

Some might wonder… do I feel guilty for feeling like a contributed to the problems within our children?  I really don’t.  I can’t.  I know this has all been a learning process, and we can’t do better, until we know better.  God has used this entire struggle for His glory and honor, and we are greatly blessed by that.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good,
    for His steadfast love endures forever.”

Psalm 136:1

Do You Have Estrogen Dominance?


Do I ever have that.

I mean, I knew I HAD that … but I didn’t realize just how badly I had it.

If you don’t know what that means, or why you should care… let me set this up for you.

First, the symptoms:

Painful periods, PMS (wow, yeah, it’s not normal), fibroids, breast cancer, endometriosis, weight gain, sore/tender breasts, heavy bleeding/clotting with periods, ovarian cysts, low thyroid function, PCOS, hair loss… need I go on?

But why?  How do we get estrogen dominance?  Well, like with most breakdowns in our bodies – there are various things “causing” this hormonal imbalance, and there are LOTS of things you can do to protect yourself and your daughters.

Birth control pills, Soy, conventional dairy, being Overweight/obese, xenoestrogens that are shaped like estrogens and contribute to our problems. (chemicals in cosmetics, pesticides, plastics, pollution, STRESS, liver congestion, deficient in Vitamin B, too much coffee). These MAJORLY clog up our hormonal pathways, causing way too much estrogen that can’t filter out in our bodies!

{I think I had most of the problems at one time or another.  I was on birth control pills from age 14-23 to stop “break through bleeding” – they just kept putting me on stronger and stronger doses, until I was on the strongest dose.  It never did stop the breakthrough bleeding.}

What can we do to help this issue of estrogen dominance?

Well the first thing is diet, because that is something you’re directly putting in your body multiples times  day…  you might imagine that a Paleo diet would be ideal for your health, avoiding inflammatory grains, refined carb and sugar, vegetable oils, coffee and alcohol, and eating lots of cruciferous vegetables is essential.  For detoxing methods,  I take milk thistle daily, dry brush, drink juice, eat beets and love broccoli!  Pooping regularly.  Yes… I said it.  Seriously – you need to be going 2-3 times a day,  if you’re not – you’re not regular and all of those toxins are just being absorbed back into your system.  Yuck.  The digestive system shouldn’t be holding on to your stool for 24 hours.  Look at your beauty products (from make-up to shampoo) and cleaners – what chemicals can you get rid of?  Stop putting these on your face and on your skin day after day.  Your stress level is also key – so exercise regularly, and sleep 7-8 hours a night. (This is so key to healing our body!)

Personally, I also take Estro-DIM (2x a day, once mid-morning, and once mid-afternoon).  This past week, my husband’s bottle of Adapten-All (great support for adrenals, if you aren’t avoiding night-shades) got mixed up with my supplement, and I was taking the wrong thing.

What happened? 

I was a wreck.

I simply felt out of control, jittery, full of anxiety and emotions I couldn’t handle.  I used to feel this way before I knew I was pregnant, it was probably from the hormones shift – but it was NO fun at all.  It was down-right scary!  I hated myself when I got like that.

I realized just HOW bad my estrogen dominance was… and how much work I still need to do!

I had a little talk with my naturopath about this out of control feeling when I’m not on my Estro-DIM accidentally, so we could figure out what else needs to be done.   I also shared how much I just LOVE “not caring” and not getting stressed about the silly, little things.

In the next sentence asked when I would desire to “make lists” again….

She cocked her head and looked at me.  “This is very interesting…” she commented.

She then went on to explain that “list making” and this desire to be in control is a coping mechanism I have created to FEEL in control, or feel good about myself…  That while I equate that with being organized, or more “like me” that perhaps this NEW me, that still can get things done without “constant lists” is ok too… because…

It’s a HEALTHIER me.


Talk about earth shattering for me.

Here I was hoping I would desire to do this, make my lists.  I was even making that the measuring stick of a portion of my health and recovery…  and all the while, I’m really LESS stressed, and healthier WITHOUT the lists. 🙂

Not that I’ll never make lists again… but it did shift my way of thinking regarding “when I feel good about myself”, and what exactly being “like the old me” means.

Meanwhile, I have put tape on the top of our supplement bottles so that confusion will not happen again.  My whole family thanks me.

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings,

because we know that suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character;

and character, hope.

And hope does not put us to shame,

because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”

Romans 5:3-5


Erroneous Theories


My husband and I were talking about all of the ways God has transformed our lives in the past year.  A lot has happened.  We compared it to our erroneous theories of parenting, before we had children.

You have lots of children… and no more theories.

I suppose I had a lot of ignorant theories about different ways people lived! Experience is the best teacher!

Here are just my top 8 things I had my eyes opened to on health topics this past year.

1. People that eat organic foods… are… well…. strange or snobbish.

I couldn’t figure out why someone would want to spend “more money” for ugly fruit, or smaller vegetables?  It didn’t make sense.  Either they were just ignorant, or liked wasting their money.  Pesticides-smeshticides.

It never occurred to me that perhaps that is their best choice for their health, due to their diseased state, and inability to handle toxins.  I didn’t get that GMOs meant larger proteins and cross reactivity in the gut and was changing our DNA.

2. Health food stores smell funny.

They all sort of had that same… strange smell.  Right?  Well, ironically now… I really enjoy that smell.  It’s calming and comforting to me.  You know the smell I can’t stand?  Wal-Mart.  All I think when I’m in there (and it’s RARE I’m in there) is … “How much plastic and toxins are in this one building?” It’s not a holier than thou attitude, but rather one of sadness of the state of our country, and that the majority of people consume so many toxic products from there!

3. Doctors try to help you be well.

Wow.  I was really far off on this one.  Most western medicine doctors try to help you treat your symptoms when it comes to disease.  Pain medications, steroids, antidepressants, etc.  They do not wish to help you figure out why there is breakdown in your body.  The easy answer seems to always be. “We just don’t know what causes __________” (fill in the blank).  Ironically, functional medicine doctors teach you the ways the body breaks down, and they offer real solutions for YOU to work to rebuild your health.  Who knew there would be accountability in health, vs. blaming genetics, and counting on drugs?

4. Cancer is the worst possible diagnosis, most often, a death sentence.

Before I understood toxicity, and how that body heals, I really used to believe this.  I couldn’t imagine that there would be ways to combat something as scary as cancer!  Now I just see it as a sign your body is really in an unhealthy state and you need to make radical changes to allow it to heal.  Chemo on  the other hand, causes more cancer…  and now when I see people going through chemo without addressing what caused the cancer in the first place, I feel saddened… because I’m wondering just where the cancer is going to pop up next.  Eg. Most breast cancer patients that undergo chemo and don’t change their lifestyle?  End up with brain cancer.

5. If I get breast cancer, I will just take my breast tissue out and get implants!

Putting a foreign object in our body, that causes our body to fight against (think auto immune state)  isn’t the best idea for someone who is trying to restore health and it’s really NOT a good idea for anyone.  Again, it saddens me greatly that this is the push in our society, and I fell prey to this idea as well.  I applaud Suzanne Somers who has made it possible to do stem-cell breast augmentation (with your OWN breast tissue, grow a new breast).  If I did something with my breast tissue, this would be the route I would go.  But an unnecessary surgery doesn’t appeal to me.  Thankfully my current fibroids have shrunk and changed dramatically since changing my lifestyle.  Praise God!  It’s amazing what the body can do, when it has the ability to do it!

6. Eating less gluten is helpful, vs. drastically going gluten-free or Paleo.

Actually, gluten isn’t digestible by any human.  No one should be eating it.  Even if you don’t feel reactions yet from it, you shouldn’t be eating it, because it’s breaking down our bodies.  A microscopic amount can cause damage for several months simply because our bodies cannot digest it.  If you’re not ready to go gluten-free…  then gluten-lite is a huge waste of your time, money and energy.  It does nothing to benefit you or stop systemic damage.  I wish that wasn’t the case…but, it’s true.

7. Going gluten-free/dairy-free/Paleo is a fad.

I didn’t understand it.  I again, thought similarly to the organic foods…  waste. of. money.  Not to mention the common stereo-types surrounding the gluten-free junk foods: gross, tasteless, overpriced.  Gluten-free isn’t a buzz word – nor is Paleo.  Most people live this way because they realize they are sick, and this is the only way they feel well or can function.  I certainly didn’t radically change how our family of 10 eats to make some political statement, because I love spending hours upon hours in the kitchen, or because I love socially never being able to eat out, go to friend’s houses, etc.  We do this, because we noticeably feel SICK from eating gluten, grains and dairy.

8. Gluten can effect _________.

This is endless.  I didn’t realize that cutting out gluten could take away the fungus on my husband’s toenail bed, that he’s had for years.  I didn’t know my kids who weren’t growing would see huge growth spurts.  I didn’t realize that the changes in their behavior would be so drastic!  I didn’t realize that the inflammation from gluten and other food sensitivities could cause effects of inflammation in my varicose veins, in my child’s issues with asthma, with my child’s issues with bed wetting, with my FILs Parkinson’s symptoms, with my MS symptoms….I know people who it’s completely reversed their RA, or their thyroid problems, or their seizures, or their acne, their blood pressure issues, or diabetes, or their anxiety and depression, and the lists go on and on and on.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.

A man reaps what he sows.”

Galatians 6:7

Someone Needs You.

Drawn by my 3-year-old.  What do I notice?  I'm happy.  So I don't have any legs in the picture....  What a difference a year makes.

Drawn by my 3-year-old. What do I notice? I’m happy. So I don’t have any legs in the picture…. What a difference a year makes.

Could you be a messenger that God is using to help someone else?

I had several messengers last year.  People who God put in my path to help direct and guide me to where I am today.  They went out on a limb, for me.  The information has been priceless, and the strength and understanding I simply couldn’t have gotten on my own.

No.  It was definitely sent from God.

Now I find myself constantly reaching out to others…  trying to help guide them too.  Realizing that they too, are just like I was… often struggling along in the western medicine realm searching for answers, but only coming up with short-term plans that never addressed the root of the problem.

They see a symptom, and take a medicine. That’s how we’ve been trained in this country…

Headache?  Tylenol.

Muscle Aches? Aleve

Fever?  Motrin

Then you get into the diseased state.  Where the inflammation has led to more of a break down, and the guns get bigger… prescription drugs.

But is that how God designed our bodies?  Our healing?


We are to take away the things that caused the inflammation and breakdown in the first place.

It may not seem easy.  Nor is peeling off the layers of an onion.  Sometimes it’s suffering, and a struggle to make change.  After all, the break down in our body, didn’t happen overnight either.

But it’s a worthwhile process, that will lead to true healing of your body… or essentially allowing your body to heal itself as it was designed.

Isn’t that all we wanted to begin with?  True healing?

I find myself wishing I traveled along with books under my arms – and websites to send people to when I hear of newly diagnosed cancer patients, or people who have stickers regarding their auto immune disease on their car…  But I do reach out when I can… If I have a glimmer of hope that they might be interested.  If they are sick enough to hear.

I do reach out even when it’s uncomfortable, and I have friends of friends that send people to me to ask questions and I’m THANKFUL and grateful to help point anyone in the right direction.  I do it because it’s important… and it could be the only truth someone hears, regardless of what they think of me.  The messenger.

We may have genetics that lean towards the “breakdown” in a certain part of our body.  That’s true…  but we HELP that along, or stop it in its tracks based on how we live.

Cancer, and disease doesn’t just happen, and things like removing our breasts completely won’t make it go away better or prevent it from happening.  (In fact, I CRINGE every time I read stories like this, and I wish these people and access to truthful information about cancer.  These poor women, need to know the truth!!)

Disease has to do with our life style and how we live everyday. What toxins are we exposed to, what are we eating, and what are we ABSORBING?  Are we missing essential vitamins, essential amino acids or enzymes to process our foods?  How much sleep do we get?  Do we live with chronic stress or unforgiveness?  Do we exercise and release toxins?  If no, then certainly based on genetics, your body is going to breakdown or feed cancer cells… but that is not your destiny if you choose differently.

These are the things we can CHOOSE to change to allow our bodies to heal… just as God designed.  That is the truth.  Healthy for Him.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Romans 5:8

Gotta Have That Crunch!


For me, that crunch comes from freshly made Kale chips, or carrot sticks…  I am unable to have nut made crackers and things like that.  I do make homemade graham crackers often.  Elena’s Pantry has my favorite recipe!

But my husband has always been a grand snacker.  Mr. Crunchy-Crunch!  He loves crackers.  We’ve tried some almond crackers from Julian’s Bakery that are good, but his favorites are Skinny Crisps.  First found at Whole Foods, they’ve become hard to find and which resulted in us buying them online!


These Paleo friendly snacks are gluten, egg and dairy-free, soy and casein free as well.  They are vegan, and contain no hydrogenated oils!  They come in a variety of flavors, so we bought some of each!  The kids love the brownie and cinnamon crackers, and my husband and boys love the plain janes, whole shebang, and the white sesame crackers (especially with soups!).


So there you have it!  A few cracker snacks you might not have to always make from scratch!  Here’s a picture of the ingredients of the cinnamon crisps.


**  I accidentally posted this before I was ready earlier this week!! I didn’t have my pictures or verse uploaded.  I guess I thought I was going to have more time than I did.  It’s still my busy season, so hopefully soon I’ll be able to write more frequently, I have a lot of to say.  (You have been warned!)  I’m sharing these verses with you because it spoke to me on people who are harsh, rude or ignorant on the information you might be sharing with them.  Love them anyway.  Remember that at one time, you too were ignorant to the truth and it didn’t make the Truth, less of the truth for someone to share it then either.  God bless your weekend!

“Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh. For it is commendable if someone bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because they are conscious of God. But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it?

But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God.

To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.

 “He committed no sin,     and no deceit was found in his mouth.”

When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.   “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” For “you were like sheep going astray,

”but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.”

1 Peter 2:18-25

The Gluten Summit

If you haven’t signed up for this FREE online summit, be sure you try to listen to some of this great info this week.  I’ve only had an opportunity to listen to 3 so far, but all have been great.

Have you signed up yet??  Today is day 3!!

The bottom line information I’m getting from some of the greats on the panel of speakers is that gluten cannot be digested by ANY human.  We shouldn’t be eating it… ever.

Is it because of the hybridization?  No, that’s not all of it…  gluten isn’t digestable, and the hybridization has just made it worse.  If you think about it, what did people eat over in the east before they came to America?

Rice!!  Rice is known for being easier to digest… that’s why people start babies off on rice cereal.  The breads and wheat that were used weren’t consumed like they are today.  People load up and store fat like there is going to be a winter of starving, but that never comes.

Has wheat saved tons of people in 3rd world countries?  Yes.  But in a society where we have choices to nourish our bodies, this shouldn’t be a choice anyone is consuming.

How does that make you feel? 

Well, I’ll tell you how it makes me feel….  it makes me feel pretty sick.  Sick for our farmers (whom I love and appreciate greatly!), and for the people consuming it daily who are continuing to destroy their bodies unknowingly.  It makes me want to shout out to them, and HELP them get well, through education and life-style change.

I just heard of yet another person with cancer, and another person with gut issues TODAY…  People are struggling with inflammation throughout their bodies, and doctors are QUICK to remove organs, vs. heal them  (yes, they CAN be healed!)

People are everywhere who need to hear how to get well.

Another interesting tidbit was that the mortality rate of someone with diagnosed with celiac disease (biopsy confirmed) is 37% higher, with just the bloodwork confirmed but not a positive biopsy, it’s slightly lower.  What about someone with non-celiac gluten sensitivity?  An astounding 78% increased mortality rate.  Almost double.  Holy smokes, right?  Here everyone thought the person with celiac disease was at the worst risk!

Dr. Marsh (who came up with the marsh rating systems of small intestine villi destruction for celiac testing), also stated the lawsuit issues of NOT treating people who clearly have problems from gluten, but perhaps they’re not showing up in the gut… because clearly it’s just as dangerous, if not MORE dangerous for those people, is very irresponsible.

What other types of problems can it cause?  Oh my…. it’s endless…  But a few that come to mind are heart issues, diabetes, hormonal and mental issues, as well as degenerative brain diseases.  It is tied to so much at this point – it’s a crazy amount of symptoms, that unfortunately most people think it’s ONLY felt in the gut.

Anyway, sign up today – learn some new things this week and feel empowered to share the good news of how

God designed our bodies to function and heal!  They TOO can be Healthy for Him!

“For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you.

We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through

all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives.”

Colossians 1:9

Can It Really Cause That?


You’ll have to forgive me.  I have had one of those days where I just want to scream.

I read a story about a shooting on Iowa State University’s campus.  The young man who was shot 6 times and killed, was running from police, and from the sounds of it, he hadn’t had an easy life.  He had battled mental issues this whole life.

I was over hearing another conversation last night about seizures, and testing.  A family member of mine was having seizures so severely and frequently they were hoping to “reenact” them and study them – so they were inducing them on purpose, and were prepared to cut into her skull.  Of course she’s on medicine to help stop them.

Why am I about to scream?

I’m about to scream because I’ve seen and heard SO many effects of a poor diet, and lack of nutrition – and what that leads to year after year.  I’ve seen the behavior changes from out of control, and depressed, to medicated, and then self-medicated.   Needless surgeries happen, chemo drugs are given, mid-life crisis is an epidemic, marriages needlessly end, people are ruined, and hopeless.

I’ve seen it, I’ve lived much of it either myself or those I love…  and I’m now living the other side of it.

Why do I care you ask?  I mean, MY family is better off…. right?

But what about all of those other people out there?  What about people who don’t have access to good food, or information?

Thanks to Obama now lots of people have health insurance.

Great, right?

Fabulous for some things, not for disease-care, and that’s seems to be treated as the biggest victory.

More SICKcare.  More over priced disease-maintenance that causes further problems.  One more step away from getting to the root of problems at a great expense…

Now the health care I DO get?  It isn’t even covered by insurance because it’s actually making me healthy.

Healing your body inside out takes time, and it takes energy, and money – but honestly, it shouldn’t be so hard.  Our country has made it difficult.   All of their education, and fancy food standards have brought people to an all-time low health status.  High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, life-threatening allergies, behavior issues…

With cheap foods and the cheapest care being the easiest to access, it’s not a wonder people choose the easy route where there is no chance for them to choose otherwise, and many don’t know any better.

I wonder if that kid who was shot had been on a great diet from an earlier age, maybe he wouldn’t have needed medicine, or had the desire to self medicate later on?  Maybe.  Just maybe this would have been a different ending.

I think of my brother, labeled ADHD as a child, medicated with multiple allergy shots and drugs growing up, and eventually falling prey to self medicating… which has altered his mind and habits and future…

Why is it so difficult to understand what our foods and toxins are doing inside our bodies and how we can improve our bodies to process what we do encounter?

We watch people struggle and die from mental illness, depression, schizophrenia, Alzhimers, Parkinson’s, on and on and on.  People are told that there nothing more they can do.  Vitamins deficiencies aren’t addressed.  Healing the gut?  Nope.  Make sure you get your shots, especially that FLU shot.  Otherwise, you will be shunned. (read this!)  Then they add in more medications to “slow” the diseases, which in turn cause other side effects, often worsening the disease.


It really is.

Can food sensitivities, and gluten REALLY trigger these things?  YES.  They can be major contributors to disease, and cause mental and hormonal affects daily… they lead to hormone imbalances (including your thyroid) and cancer.

It seems so clear to me, and I know I’m not the ONLY one.  Why can’t our “health care system”, that a majority of people use, acknowledge this?  Is it that big of a business that it’s worth just letting people suffer and die vs. think out side of the box?  What are we feeding people in hospitals?  What are we feeding people in elder-care?  What are we feeding ourselves and our children on a daily basis??

I’ll never forget when I had a trigeminal nerve attack from my sinusitis over 4 years ago.  We were on vacation.  I would wake up fine, but by mid-morning… I was having vertigo, vision problems, photophobia and headaches… they would worsen again in the afternoon and start to lessen as the sun went down.  Looking back, it’s clear to me now – it cycled with the meals I was having!  The allergies, caused by leaky gut, were worsening my systemic inflammation with each meal…   It was ME who kept making it worse.  I just didn’t have a clue.

I went through the normal western medicine testing… MRI, meeting with specialists… almost setting up a surgery!!  (thankfully I ended up pregnant, which saved me from the premature surgery push!)  Ironically, addressing the food sensitivities has addressed the sinus issues. 

They’re gone!

I can’t help but hope God must be coming back soon.  Is this truly our advancements for disease in healthcare?

What are we really doing to help others know how to be Healthy for Him?

“They had Peter and John brought before them and began to question them: ‘By what power or what name did you do this?’

Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them: ‘Rulers and elders of the people!

If we are being called to account today for an act of kindness shown to a man who was lame

and are being asked how he was healed,  then know this, you and all the people of Israel:

It is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead,

that this man stands before you healed.  Jesus is

‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone.’

 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven

given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

Acts 4:7-12

A Little Hope Goes A Long Way!


I like jewelry with meaning.  Special pieces that speak a reminder to me each day.  I got a necklace a couple of years ago that had Cor. 12:9 imprinted on it:

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

It encouraged me each day that even though things were going as I had hoped,  God was using that situation to grow me closer to Him.

Then last year I got the “BE STILL” necklace, which I love.  It encouraged me when I didn’t know the answers as to WHY I was feeling so horrible, why I hurt all over, and why I was falling asleep each time I sat down.  God knew what He was doing…  I just needed to be still, trust Him and stop pushing for my way.  (There is definitely something to be said for slowing down, and learning about things, vs. rushing into things in health and disease.)

This year I ordered a necklace charm with my word of the year: HOPE.
It was my Hope in Him that got me to my naturopath, and helped me to be open to natural healing.

My hope is in the Lord.
My hope isn’t in my strength, wisdom or perfection in eating, despite the importance of all 3 to keeping me functioning.  IT definitely wasn’t in doctors or their medicine they offered.

Ultimately,  I’m not in control.  God is.  My job is to do all I can on earth to take care of the body He has blessed me with.

I also have hope of things to come, besides my eternal Hope.

My hope isn’t that at some point I can stop eating “like this”, and eat like a majority of people do.  My hope is for others to understand what food is doing to them, especially the current state of our food sources – and that they might make positive changes, before they experience it the hard way – when it’s no longer an option.

Chris Beat Cancer had some great words of wisdom last week about educating others on natural healing.  There are those who want to know, and listen eagerly and make huge strides in health, there are those who don’t know, but want to know… and then there are those who simply don’t want to know and don’t want any responsibility.

He said he doesn’t bother trying to help or change the minds of group #3.  I totally get that.  I know plenty of people who soak up the knowledge like a sponge and put it into action, others who try to make simple changes in the right direction, and still others who cling onto natural healing is a myth or something only “quacks” do.  I know it’s ignorance, but knowing I was there once before too – I can’t help but try to reach those people also!

Personally I’ve heard and read countless cases or numerous auto immune diseases and cancers or inflammation reversed or healed through natural support and nutrition.  I’m not talking “CURE” as in “going back to the way things were” – because that word really is pointless by the time you’re living with disease.  I’m talking about living in a way that promotes health for your future and reversal on much of the damage, allowing your own body to heal itself, the way God designed.  Unfortunately, there is such a large majority of people who don’t “get it” that it’s down right scary for some people to go against the grain, especially within the medical system where every patient = lots of money.  (Listen to an interview of what this Amish girl had to do to decline chemo!)  I have to remind myself of which country we live in.  It’s INSANE.
Back to natural healing – It’s totally possible.  WE just have to take accountability and DIG for what is causing our illness (and no, it’s not just food!) – and in this day and age, that’s asking a lot of people.  A majority of people would rather pass the buck or have someone else tell them what to do.  It’s much easier to “blame genetics”, keep doing testing for a diagnosis, or simply take a pill vs. take responsibility and change your lifestyle.  It’s easier to do what everyone else does in the name of “I’m just too busy.”  It’s easier to say, “I can’t afford these changes…” but at the same time how many times do we eat out a month?  Get snacks at the gas station?  Drink a latte from coffee shop?  Spend money on junk food or other needless items?

Yes it takes some sacrifice… and some desire to change – but I have no doubt that our heavenly Father provides a way when there is a will… and He will show you that way.  Each small change adds up.  We need to all do what we can to be Healthy for Him.  Until our final breath.

It might not be easy, but He never promised easy.  If you’re too busy, you might be…  TOO busy.

“A time is coming and in fact has come when you will be scattered, each to your own home.

You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:32-33


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