Life Has Choices


This delicious chocolate layered cake was from the Against All Grain cookbook.  SO yummy.

This delicious chocolate layered cake was from the Against All Grain cookbook. SO yummy.


Well it’s been since June that I’ve made a really poor decision.  I was due.

That’s really not fair.

In my defense, my doctor asked me recently if I had “tried” nuts again…  and I hadn’t.

A bite of birthday cake seemed like the logical answer.


Chocolate, almond nut flour, eggs, honey…  what could possibly go wrong?

It was ONE bite.


And it smelled sooooo good.  SO good.

Vanilla icing nestled in 3 layers of chocolate/chocolate cake and topped with a chocolate butter cream/meringue frosting.

The kids had rated the cake a 10.  My husband, watching me work hours on the cake encouraged me to try “just one bite.”

Within 10 minutes I felt my chin starting to hurt like a breakout was on the verge.  The remainder of the evening my head felt like it might explode and my eyes were swelling.  I felt, quite simply, SICK and so tired.

It was one bite too many.

The next day followed more of the same…  pain, aches, swollen eyes, and a grouchy disposition, brain fog.

The cyst on my chin let me know it was in the for long haul.  We’d be friends at least a week.

Boo!  Hiss!!

I’ve read it can take up to 3 years to heal and seal your gut.  I’m sure set backs don’t help that situation much.

I’d call it a cheat, but I made a choice.

It was a choice to see where my body was in the healing process while celebrating my son’s 7th birthday.

“Not there yet,” it spouted back at me.

“I’m listening,” I answered.

I made my second birthday cake in less than a week, my 3rd child turned 11.  This time a chocolate bundt cake with chocolate fudge drizzle.

It smelled amazing…

As I chewed my dates, I pretended they were chocolate cake.

It works for me!

My body was much happier with that.

We started a new Bible on having true JOY in God through counting our blessings.   I’m grateful that my body knows and can tell me when something is making me sick.  It truly is a blessing and a gift.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

Psalm 19;14



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