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Organic – What’s that REALLY Mean?

A lot of politicking goes on regarding food.  I read snarky comments from well-meaning farmers and consumers alike down playing all of this “organic” food and healthy-talk.  Chipotle recently made this ad which has a lot of people up in arms about them bashing farmers.  Personally, I saw it as a thoughtful ploy to help people realize what eating products, and processed foods, and fast foods is doing to our lives… and while Chipotle isn’t organic, nor am I able to eat there, I appreciate their gesture in encouraging others to eat real food.

Back to the word ORGANIC…  what does that word even REALLY mean?

Is organic food really just over priced, “less than perfect” looking food that is truly no different?  Or is there something special behind the label organic that holistic doctors and natural healers have insisted on to heal the body and optimal health for years?

If organic, THEN why?

A friend shared a new documentary “In Organic We Trust” with me and I was excited to look it up and check it out.  I know what I’ve learned about organic, but I also am always open to hearing more – if nothing else, maybe it would help me explain it to others!

The term organic farming means that those farms are trying to mimic what God has provided for us in the growing and raising on their food, that means that health is returned to the soil – and the focus is on the least amount of damage to the environment, the animals and the consumer.

It actually wasn’t until 2002 that USDA took over the standards for organic labeling.  Much of it is regulated by non-profit, and private organizations.  To be “Certified” to sell and USDA organic labeled product, you must meet 4 requirements:

1. Three years transition of the soil from conventional farming to organic.

2. Certified by USDA agent.

3. Annual Inspection of farm and practices.

4. Only specific allowed substances and practices in farming.

CANNOT USE: Irradiation, Sewage Sludge (others can?  Ick!), and or Genetic modification (NO GMOs, very important!)

For organic meats and eggs, this also include NO antibiotics used on the animals.

The complaint normally “thrown around” is that the food isn’t magically “more nutritious”, and pesticides are still used… so WHY would you pay more?  But the truth is, there are studies on both sides of this case – clearly lower toxicity is better for the body, as are NO-GMOs.  Oh, and the “pesticides?”  they are strictly limited to naturally occurring elements or the least harmful to the environment or consumer… so again – it’s clearly NOT the same.

Does this mean we should stop asking questions because it’s regulated by the government?  Actually – NO WAY.  In fact, we need to be extra caution of that term “organic” and use our head when buying food products that carry this label.  There are plenty of cheap, unhealthy and processed products (namely, cereal – and other grains) which “just because their organic” does NOT make them a good choice.   However, with BIG labels buying up smaller organic brands – it’s becoming more about BIG BUSINESS and less about philosophy.

So the bottom line?  Buy and prepare REAL organic food.

WHY is it SO expensive?  Well actually the gap between organic and conventional food is starting to shrink.  More people are seeing organic as a more viable option for their family.  They buy what they can, and what they can afford – which is truly, better.

But in the defense of the organic farmers, THEY are charged extra by the government to run their farms – and shouldn’t be the other way around?

Aren’t we trying to limit the chemicals like organic-phosphate pesticides, which damage the brain and central nervous system?  What do I know?  These things are foreign to the body – and it’s not a wonder that they contribute to the deterioration of one’s health and toxicity.

So when people ask me if I’m “wasting money” buying organic…  I shake my head.  NO.  Organic is safer and healthier over all especially because our family has problems with methylation of toxins.  If you cannot afford all organic produce and meats, then buy the most important things that you can organic – prioritize.  They have handy lists of the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen.  Make educated choices for you and your family.

For a behind the scenes look at the marketing concept behind Chipotle’s ad and app/game – check this out.


” Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord,

not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.

It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”
Colossians 3:23-24


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