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Should Everyone Eat Like ME?

My 9 year-old drew a picture for my 3 year to color the other day.  HE said it was me.  With a spatula in one hand for cooking and a piece of broccoli in the other hand.  (And you know, I wear a tutu everyday, who doesn't?)

My 9 year-old drew a picture for my 3 year to color the other day. HE said it was me. With a spatula in one hand for cooking and a piece of broccoli in the other hand. (And you know, I wear a tutu everyday, who doesn’t?)

One might imagine the passionate comments that come with eating as “strangely” as we do.  When you go “against the grain” (pun intended) you’re bound to get funny looks, strange comments, and curious questions from well-meaning people.

“Have your children ever tried a chicken nugget before?” one person asked when they realized we didn’t eat fast food.

Because you know, clearly I would be depriving them of a complete life experience if we didn’t eat fast food (?)

You know, we DID eat fast food – for YEARS.  My kids do not miss it one. bit.

It often makes me wonder just how we’re formed our “standards” in eating, and what is acceptable and what is not.  When it’s ok to eat clean, and when it’s not.  It’s almost ironic that how our family eats is viewed as so abnormal by many, when you look at how God designed food and it’s purpose in our lives as it “passes through” to nourish (or poison) our bodies.

One of my favorite comments was this; “You just expect everyone else to eat like you, as if somehow THEN all of the disease in the world would magically disappear.”


Yes.  And No.

I don’t think FOOD is the only problem going on when it comes to disease, and toxicity.  I simply think it’s the MAIN thing you can conquer first, because it’s something you’re doing daily – several times a day…. and your gut is the key to your immune system.

Since I eat auto immune Paleo protocol, with such restrictions to heal and seal my gut – and prevent further MS symptoms, I certainly DO NOT expect or think everyone else should eat “just like me”.  I truly don’t.

I thought the comment was so “out there” that I mentioned it to my chiropractor with a giggle.  He said, “Well technically yes, I bet 95% of disease would be non-existent if people ate organic, and Paleo based.”

You know what?  I got what he was saying – and he was right.  I should have maybe embellished to the comment made – but I think I was so dumbfounded at the attack, because I knew in my heart, had I not be forced to eat this way – I wouldn’t have chosen such a drastic approach.  God just allowed me to see the connection, and make the choice to make changes needed.

Choose to eat Paleo?  I can definitely see that, but not Auto-Immune Paleo… no one chooses that with no reason, right?

I often hear how a certain auto immune disease or ailment wouldn’t benefit from Paleo like some (like Type I Diabetes, or something like Parkinson’s disease)…. I don’t believe that’s true either.  I think ALL of them can benefit from Paleo.  The reasons are – disease starts in the gut, and that gut needs healed, and a low inflammation diet forever.

That’s what Paleo is.

There are foods beyond gluten and dairy that are continuing to damage their bodies – and until those are addressed, no amount of medicine in the world is going to stop the progression of more auto immune diseases or stop you from cancer taking over in your body.  Your immune system will always struggle.

It’s the gut leaking that leads to all sorts of malfunctions including (but limited to) – vitamins not absorbing, amino acids and enzymes missing from your system – these lead to things that affect all of your organs, and cause feelings like anxiety, or hormone imbalances, systemic inflammation and eventually cancer – which can “pop up” ANYWHERE in your body – from your sinuses, to your neck, to your gall bladder, your heart or you knees!

So when people hear that catch-phrase “gluten-free” or Paleo, there are reasons deeply embedded as to why it helps people with a HUGE variety of symptoms ranging from anywhere in the body – from gut, to heart, to your brain.

I’ve heard, read, and experienced so many different success stories myself – that it sometimes blows me away how doctors can’t promote this to their patients as a first line of defense vs. pills, or worse yet – risking further damage.

Any one with auto immune disease will usually share numerous auto immune diseases an symptoms that they have.  The reasons why they have more than one, (and why they overlap) is because once that gene expression is “turned on” in their body, if the root of the cause (leaky gut = trigger = stress + gluten) is not addressed, the switches will just keep malfunctioning… and your health will continue to deteriorate.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?”

Just know I felt the same way.  Had my OB even mentioned that my PUPPS rash was an auto immune disease…  perhaps I would have done a little digging 13 years ago?

Maybe not.  All in God’s timing – right?  Do what you can NOW to be Healthy for Him.

“What then? Shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace? By no means!”

Romans 6:15

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