One Week – No Eggs!

Yes, that's a lot of vitamins!!!  Vit B complex, ProOmega, Lycopene, Gingko, and my Multivitamins.

Yes, that’s a lot of vitamins!!! Vit B complex, ProOmega, Lycopene, Gingko, and my Multivitamins.

Well, I’ve made it… one week, no eggs!!

Surprisingly, it’s been a lot easier than I thought.

When you don’t anything baked, or grains – how difficult can it really be?

Exactly.  Not very.

I did miss them in the mornings, but I’ve just had to be more creative to get my protein.  I went with making some pastured pork sausage patties.  A little thyme, rosemary and pepper, served with some cauliflower “rice” steamed in bone broth, and my staple cabbage/carrots.  I usually have some coconut yogurt as well.

Mid-morning I have a juice, and lunch a salad with some protein.  Snack is some figs or a piece of fruit and then veggies and more protein for dinner.

Honestly, I’ve been feeling really great.  I added back in my iron supplement, and I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in several months.  I’ve felt accomplished enough to cleaned several “hot spots” in our house in the past week…  which was happening every blue moon around here.

The KEY for me is this – when I’m feeling well, DO NOT to over do it.

It’s so tempting to start pushing things – like my bedtime, and my workouts, or say “yes” when I really need to focus on keeping my head above water…  and then next thing you know – I’m back to square one, stressed, a hormonal mess and wish I would have slowed down and kept my eyes on God.

Bible study couldn’t have come with a better this week than this:  Your worth is NOT in what you do, it’s in Him alone.

I was so guilty of trying to do too much… for a good reason – helping others.  However, when the “cost” is saying “no” to my family, and myself and my health – it wasn’t healthy.  Now I have to purposefully focus on keeping my stress level low, keeping my sleep in check, and continued time in prayer and fellowship with God – keeping me grounded and at peace.  It’s a daily battle, but one I feel like God is helping me stand up against.

Some people who don’t understand auto immune disease or disease in general may wonder why eating like “this” has to be so specific or particular – some might even venture to say you’re idolizing food, or your health…  trying to live forever.

I couldn’t disagree more strongly.  Trying to live, and take care of the body God blessed you with – is hardly an easy choice or a form of idol worship.  It is quite the opposite.  For me, I was being defiant to God – not wanting to slow down and “think” about what I was putting into my body and my family’s bodies.  I was stuck in a world of go, go, go… and thinking that we simply “couldn’t” make this work in today’s world because it was TOO different and surely God didn’t want my life to be THAT different.

Shame on me for doubting God.

It took me a while to learn empathy for diseases like this.  What a better way to learn, than through experience?  For those who assume it’s idol worship to fight disease with diet – just know they are simply limited in their understanding of what you’ve gone through and learned.  Pray for them, and educate them when they ask.  Hopefully one day they won’t have to learn the hard way.  There are SO many people out there who healing their bodies through diet, and never look back – eating to LIVE.  The systemic inflammation that gluten, conventional dairy and grains cause are undeniable – and it’s only a matter of time before the truth is mainstream.

If you’re starting an Auto Immune Protocol Paleo Diet, or you are thinking about trying to seal and heal your gut against disease – you might want to consider this cookbook.  It is available through Lisa’s website, or hopefully they will print it again soon.  There are also some ebooks available, as well as the Paleo Mom’s website – and she has some fabulous ideas also to help you get through this challenging time.  If you are on facebook, there are lots of support groups as well where you can hear other people’s tips and encouragement as well.  Do what YOU need to do to be Healthy for Him.

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,”

James 1:19

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