Stretching Pennies Eating Gluten-Free


I always get asked how I make things work financially with how we eat.

Isn’t that expensive?

Honestly, there are lots of ways you save money when you stop buying JUNK.

There are plenty of ways you’re saving money when you’re not stopping by for a pop here, or a treat there, and you never eat out.

So is it REALLY expensive?  No, it’s just a totally different way of thinking.

I read an awesome tip this week… and I wish I could remember where so I could give credit to whoever mentioned it… but they were discussing your crock pot doing lots of work for you busy moms who are trying to feed their family well, along with ways to save money!

Two of my favorite things!!

So, I followed their tips this weekend, and I made a roast one day (bone attached), and left the liquid in the crock afterwards.  I added the bones and scraps back in, added a bit more water and put it back on high over night.

The following day, I strained it for broth to save for SOUP for our next meal!  I’m going to brown some grass-fed hamburger and make some potato and veggie soup with mega-nutrients and flavor!  Yay me!

(Not to mention that’s a super easy way to make bone broth – because you can do it with various meats on the bone.  Instead of getting bone-less skin-less, chicken breasts, which are more expensive, get the GOOD stuff on the bone and provide your family with supplies for TWO meals instead with more quality nutrition!)

Keeping it Healthy for Him and saving money to boot!

I also wanted to share that along the struggle of doing things “differently” than the majority, you’re going to come up against opposition.  Don’t be afraid to take those opportunities to educate others about why you’ve made the choices you have.  Don’t get upset if they don’t understand or agree with you, you don’t need their permission to be on a different path.  Be thankful for our differences in God, and embrace any opportunity to teach if someone is asking to learn.  It’s not upsetting to me if everyone doesn’t get why we do what we do…  God never promised easy but He’s with me every step of the way!  Thanks be to Him!!

“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, 

slow to speak, slow to anger; 

for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”

James 1:19-20

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