Just A Virus?

About a week ago I saw a link in a health blog I frequent.  It was on autoimmune disease, and vaccines.  I was curious.

The “lecture” was 2 hours long.  Whew….  I about passed when I saw that.

Instead, I decided to break it up, and watch it…. and I couldn’t stop.
Everything in it started to be one more piece of my health puzzle… and reiterated things I had read/heard on things such as the history of vaccines, diseases and … then a surprise part about the killing of JFK.

Did you think Lee Harvey Oswald was just some random guy?
This isn’t some conspiracy theory issue either…  it actually has some legit information, that is definitely worth your time and attention.

If you’re sick yourself, or you have children – watch it.  Seriously – make the time, break it up – and watch it.  (warning: not for rookies)  If you still think western medicine is always looking out for your best interest, you might not be able to stomach the history of things…because for YEARS they’ve been saying that vaccines are safe, and don’t cause disease issues.  They publish studies to prove this and make it appear as fact.  But for me, and our family’s experience – it made perfect sense.  For instance, my last daughter, and her NOT having the Varicella (Chicken Pox Virus) Vaccine…  she is the ONLY one of my kids who doesn’t have eczema – and I know that’s partly why.  All of my other kids are chronically fighting some virus that triggers an auto immune response on their upper arms, and that’s only ONE that I can see.  I’d hate to imagine what is rolling around in their bodies!  But I know that I’ll be doing what I can to build their immune systems!!

One of the main issues in the lecture is talking about the ingredients in vaccines… starting with the polio vaccine.  You know, the vaccine which claimed to get rid of polio and save the world? It’s not so neat and tidy.

Once you realize that the viruses, animal tissue, and human fetal tissues (Yes, for real) are IN the vaccines – it’s easier to understand what is happening.  My mother had a stem cell transplant.  With it, she developed “graph-vs-host” disease.  It’s where your body attacks the other DNA in your system… because it’s foreign.  It’s otherwise known as an auto immune disease, as your body is ‘attacking itself’.  So the KEY to getting your auto immune disease to stop killing you, is to stop the virus!

Western medicine has known for years that viruses cause cancer.  The SW-40 virus, that was in the original polio vaccine has caused a LONG list of cancers in otherwise “healthy” people.  It has only been recently that they’ve tried to name the HP Virus and then create a specific vaccine for this virus, however any veterinarian will tell you that cancers are named by the virus that caused it.  They KNOW.  The unfortunate thing is, most people (a LARGE majority), already have these viruses lying dormant in their system from exposure, or being passed on from their mother… its’ a very common, viruses are easily passed.

Yet, that doesn’t stop the push of this very dangerous HPV vaccine in the promotion of “stopping cancer”… which it doesn’t do.  A healthy immune system stops cancer from growing.  Cancer needs a toxic environment to grow… and adding more toxins into your system through vaccines doesn’t even remotely make sense. 

Now the part that really mattered to me – the viruses that cause auto-immune diseases and cancer…  most of them were Herpes viruses.  There were 8, with specific ones tied to specific auto immune issues – including Multiple Sclerosis.

Human herpes virus 6 (HHV6) – it causes roseola (a viral disease-causing high fever and a skin rash in small children) and a variety of other illnesses associated with fever in that age group. This infection accounts for many of the cases of convulsions associated with fever in infancy (febrile seizures), it’s tied to mono, and graph-host disease as well.  They know it attacks the brain.  ISRN Virology published studies in 2013 talking about the inflammation of the brain that it causes.

SO this lovely virus lies dormant, until the immune system is compromised…  Which in my case, and MOST people of today – who consume a SAD (Standard American Diet), is likely compromised through leaky gut/celiac – courtesy of mega proteins in our GMO grains, over use of antibiotics, stress, lack of sleep and any other number of toxins in our environments.  My leaky gut, led to a malfunction of my entire immune system… and I believe it was those malfunctions that led to MS.

So there it is.  Attack the virus specifically, and get rid of the virus that is making you sick….  however, how do you do that?

One thing that was mentioned was an Anti-VIral diet.  Ironically, it sounded almost identical to the revised Paleo diet I’m on for Auto Immune.

NO:  Sunflower seeds, brown rice, chocolate, almonds, pecans, peanuts, wheat, gluten, oatmeal, soybeans, corn, millet, onions, brussel spouts, sesame seeds, split peas, wheat germ, caffeine, and walnuts.  (It forgot night shades, which are another thing I can’t tolerate – that cause inflammation… but at any rate, VERY similar!)  Apparently, these things are high in Arginine, which is not good if you’re trying to get rid of a virus…  which could also explain why they cause me systemic pain and inflammation!

Anyway.  Very, very interesting information that again, is good to know and continue on researching.  Right now I’m reading on things like L-Lysine that helps target this HHV-6 specifically!  Every little bit helps – Right?

Of course it does, when you’re striving to be healthy for Him!

“But now thus says the Lord,
he who created you, O Jacob,
    he who formed you, O Israel:
“Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by name, you are mine.”

Isaiah 43:1

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