Why It Works!

A typical salad for me, on the auto immune disease protocol diet.  Carrots, radishes, pastured eggs, organic chicken, beats, greesn and pickles (Bubbies brand).  YUM.

A typical salad for me, on the auto immune disease protocol diet. Carrots, radishes, pastured eggs, organic chicken, beats, greesn and pickles (Bubbies brand). YUM.

Happy July!!!  I hope this finds you well, and ready to celebrate much this week!

I recently bumped into a nutritionist at a local grocery store.  She asked me about my health and I explained to her the large strides I’ve made in being well, since switching to the auto immune disease way of eating.

“It’s like Paleo… but without nuts, seeds, chocolate, nightshades, coffee…,” I answered.

Her shocked expression led to believe she had never heard of the Auto Immune Disease protocol diet (AIP), “What CAN you eat then?  That doesn’t leave much!” she touted.

She’s right.  It doesn’t leave much…

But it works! (here is some information if you want to know what you can eat/buy when you go shopping)

But WHY does it work?  How does it work to help stop auto immune disease symptoms?

Why can it work across the board for so many different auto immune diseases?

Well, in 2009 a study showed that leaky gut – or gut permeability leads to auto immune disease.  It’s not my opinion – it was a study (apparently not well-known) that showed that.

But obviously that is why any holistic or natural dietician will recommend cutting out gluten first and foremost  It IS the main trigger, and environmental cause.

To me that says…  EVERYONE who has auto immune issues.. whether it’s hypothyroidism (yes, that’s an auto immune disease), or asthma, allergies (food or environmental), MS, Parkinson’s, Lupus, RA…. the list is endless…HAS a leaky gut, or celiac disease.

This idea that celiac disease is “rare” is simply NOT true.  

It’s not rare.  It’s more likely RARE that they find it, before it completely takes on a mind of its own.

They seem to have “specialized” so many of these auto immune diseases into specific categories – so they can treat each individual symptoms with a completely different drug regimen.  But in all honesty – do they go and check someone, who they’ve diagnosed with MS – to see if they have CELIAC disease?


Because they would focus on those specific symptoms – and how to mask those specific symptoms with their plethora of drugs.  Not to mention the testing of blood “needed” to get to the next test of an endoscopy (that MOST family doctors would do to rule out something that is killing someone slowly) …  Do we really believe with such an inaccurate standard of testing, we are going to be able to find the damage needed to prove celiac/leaky gut?  Enough that we’re willing to put our lives, and our family’s lives on the line until they start being honest, or get this figured out?

Most who get this figured out – aren’t.  Their proof in what happens in their lives, trumps any medical testing or diagnosis search.  (Many times that, in and of itself, is a very expensive game – that costs time and money people don’t have to spend on searching -only to be served with drugs as a Band-Aid solution!)

Are you curious as to WHY they can’t find the celiac and why 97% of people walk around not realizing they have it (or more do, the specialists just haven’t labeled them, and they’re healing themselves!)  It’s because they’re testing doesn’t work for many who struggle with gluten issues, and the others aren’t being tested!  If you have chronic inflammation ANYWAY – remove gluten – just try it as a start.

 Case after case of people with lupus, MS, RA, Parkinson’s – reversed through a change in the diet.

The diet works, because God designed our bodies to heal – and when we remove the triggers and toxins… IT CAN.  Glory and honor to God!

** That said, food mistakes still trump, and while I’ve been making huge strides in detoxing my body – I’m still suffering chronic fatigue issues from my brownie mishap 2 weeks ago.  While it’s out of my system, it just doesn’t immediately stop the systemic effects.  Most of the affects are in my legs currently – from pain, and irrational burning sensations on the soles of my feet, to feeling like things are crawling on my legs – all nerve related.  Any guesses on when I’ll try another brownie???

“Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

Galatians 1:10

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  1. Amen– Amen– Amen– you always share such great information—I am reblogging a usual— thanks for the information!!!!! Keep up the good work– Happy 4th to your family!!!!!

  2. Thanks Sonda for your constant encouragement, and understanding. I feel similarly when you talk about MCS. I have always had sensitivities to scents, but it’s so much more intense now. I truly feel for you. We’ve eliminated candles, perfumes, and anything but essential oils from our home… I feel sick when I’m around people laden with chemicals!! 😦

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