Birthday Brownies

“Are you excited for tomorrow mom?” my 3rd son inquired of me yesterday, face all aglow.

“Why do you ask honey?” I questioned back as I was busy tending to dinner preparations and had my mind on other things.

“Because it’s your BIRTHDAY!” he exclaimed.

“Oh.  That.” I said, as I continued cooking dinner.

“She’s NOT excited for her birthday, because she can’t even have cake!” reminded my 2nd son.

I couldn’t help but giggle at the perspective of my children…

Maybe they were right… maybe the idea of no cake made it seem less like my birthday.  Maybe I could avoid turning a year older altogether?

At least they remembered…

I just explained that with it being father’s day, and our busy week – it wasn’t going to really be MY day, and that was ok too.  (Enter in the wah-wahs)  Honestly, I’m just thankful to be alive and on the path to keeping me healthy .

THAT is what I’m celebrating this day.  Thanks be to God!!

Since we still have left over ice-cream cake from my 3rd daughter’s birthday this week, I didn’t feel the need to make them more cake for my birthday…

But I did feel motivated to whip up something that would be the least of all evils for me – in case I wanted to splurge and have a BITE of it.  We’ll see how I feel about that tomorrow.

Birthday Brownies…

Yes, that means they’re chocolate.

I’m not supposed to have chocolate, but since getting some of my fillings out – I haven’t tried it, Errr… tested it to see if anything has changed.  (I know I really shouldn’t ever have it – but again, I’m pondering a bite.  Maybe I will just smell them… but if I change my mind – they will be ready?)

Listen to me justify.

I would say nuts, nightshades, grains, and soy bother me most… so after much searching, I came up with this from and I renamed them birthday brownies for my selfish:


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil or coconut butter
  • 1/2 cup raw cacao
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/3 honey (or omit)
  • 3/4 cup coconut palm sugar
    1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1 cup shredded coconut

** I added enjoy life chocolate chips – just because I’m naughty like that – always.

8×8 pan or 7×9, 325 degrees, for 35 minutes.

They smell good anyway…  Mmmmmmmm. Warm brownies.

Enjoy my “birth verse” today… as we must put on our armor of God everyday!!

  “…take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.”

Ephesians 6:16

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Wondering where you got your fillings out? I’ve been researching!!

    XOX Those brownies sound delish!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Happy Birthday. I hope it is a great year to come for you.


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