Forever Changed


The world we live in is, in some ways, unfortunately predictable.

We assume that the government looks out for our best interest, that people with degrees in their fields are the experts we can rely on.

Through my blog I’m able to see places my blog is mentioned or linked to.  Recently I saw it linked to a Weight Watchers site message board… so I decided to click on the link and read a little bit about why someone had referred some one else to my blog.

Well low and behold it was a thread about MS.  The person who started the thread was venting about how someone tried to suggest looking to gluten intolerance and other sensitivities for the root source of the MS.

The said person was clearly upset that this helpful, loving person had made this claim – suggesting that something could be done, when she stated that it was “tough enough” having this disease and how insensitive this person was.

To give this fellow MS person some credit – doctors claim that no one knows what specifically causes MS, and they’re simply following what the doctor ordered.

But fill me in, when was it that we became VICTIMS in this society?  Why do we think that everything is genetic, or inevitable, or should be blamed on someone else?  Is it because we’ve heard it enough times?  Is it because taking out organs seems more reasonable that stopping the source of inflammation.

Think about it.  Back surgery, sinus surgery, eye surgery, taking out a gall bladder, an appendix, part of your colon… the list is endless.  All in the name of chronic inflammation!

While each person is so very different, we  DO know toxicity causes malfunction in the body, and the biggest toxicity we encounter daily (if we’re not purposeful)- is FOOD.  Gluten (with his huge genetically modified proteins) is such a common inflammatory for the gut and encourages leaky gut, and celiac disease – of COURSE it’s a major contributor as to why the body is malfunctioning in the case of ANY auto immune disease, cancer, behavioral issues and beyond.  We know countless other major toxins – from fluoride, to vaccinations, antibiotics, to mercury fillings and cleaners!   Once our guts are damaged – enter in countless food and environmental sensitivities, allergies and asthma. We are bombarded – daily.  (And this is NORMAL to us, why?)

What concerned me most about the thread… was there was only one other person who stood up for the helpful, loving person who tried to help.  They referred them to my blog about it being “all in your head” – because clearly gluten causes major neurological issues for some people (me, and those with MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and so on).  Meanwhile, others were encouraging this person to get their employer involved, and how that was crossing the line.

ONE person even stated how “these crazy people” who think disease is tied to food, claim you can treat cancer that way…

It literally broke my heart to read it.  (and because it was a closed discussion, I couldn’t post – or believe me, I would have chimed in with encouragement for her to read more of my blog , share other blogs and see a naturopath soon!)  Apparently that is the world we live in.  The one that wants a pill to fix everything, who believes chemo kills cancer but doesn’t harm their body, causing more cancer and killing the very immune system they need to battle cancer?

WAKE UP WORLD!!!   It’s true! You CAN treat all of these ailments with FOOD and natural supplements…  in fact, that’s the BEST first option there is to healing your body – but you need direction.  Especially if you’re eating a “Standard American Diet” – (SAD) – it’s going to be quite a change, but believe me – your health is worth it!

The quote on the picture above reminds me of the gospel message and Truth.  Once you know – you can’t NOT know... you’re accountable to God.

The same applies to health, and healing toxicity by feeding our bodies real, life food.  Now that I know… I can’t ignore the information God has blessed me with and make the choices I did before… or I will never be well.

How do we really think we get sick in the first place?  Do we honestly think everything is “just” genetic without triggers and environmental factors?

I had someone tell me today they were on a medication they had been on for 10 years, and that it was genetic, and no big deal.  The big deal is – the drug causes heart disease.  They simply thought walking more and eating more veggies would “fix it”…

Isn’t that a lofty thought?

I wish that because I worked out about an hour 5-6 days a week, and was fit and healthy and eat well – low carbs, low-fat… that some how *I TOO* would have been healthy.  We are SO far away from healthy in our country, we don’t even comprehend it.  For those people – who aren’t seeking… I often don’t know where to even begin.

Similarly to the gospel message to an unbeliever when their foundation is unbelievably different.

When God presents the opportunity.  I don’t stay quiet – I plant a seed.  I mention what I know… and PRAY for their desire to seek and learn more.  *similar to witnessing, right?!  What a blessing and a lovely opportunity to share the gospel and to explain what God created for us in food… for HIS best!

He is so good, and I am forever changed – again, and again.  Praise be to God.

 For those who choose not to listen and remain ignorant?  We pray for you – I was there once too.  He didn’t give up on me.

Here’s a recent study on gluten sensitivity and MRI findings.  Just for those with MS who are seeking real answers.

“But now, Lord, what do I look for?
    My hope is in you.”

Psalm 39:7

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  2. Thanks Sonda! 🙂 When I read others who suffered similarly – the #1 theme I notice is how most of these people found out who their true friends were… because they were abandon when they experienced these health issues and struggled. Socially, it was so isolating. Praise God for the internet because I think that has helped people, #1 be their own doctor when need-be, and #2-connect with others who share in their suffering and ‘get it.” I’m thankful for you!

    • Thanks Dear one– I admire you & your talents– & gifts– & what a terrific Mother you are– to your family also!!! I again agree with you– there are sooooooooo many MCS sisters I have through the internet because many of them– don’t have a lot of other people in their lives– & lots of sharing–of ideas– information & hope & understanding & even prayers for each other!!!!

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