Healthy Gifts

My birthday month is upon us!

I know, I’m an adult, I shouldn’t care about my birthday… but I do.

You see, ever since I was a child – having a summer birthday was a sort of downer. We never got to celebrate during school, and I didn’t see most of my friends. I can count on a few fingers the friend parties I had… and to make matters more depressing for a selfish child (as I was) – I had to SHARE the day frequently with my DAD….

Yep, it fell on Father’s Day often… and wouldn’t you know it – this year it does also.

We have a lot of celebrating going on the week of my birthday too, (which is another reason why it needs to last an entire month.) Our anniversary, (15 years!) and our 5th child’s birthday also fall in the same week with father’s day. It’s a busy week with lots of blessings!

Alas, I am a big girl – and I get over things pretty easily now… but years ago, before God truly took my heart and reminded me that a day to celebrate Him creating me isn’t all about ME. (Nor is it about my husband finding this perfect gift to show me how much he loves me… While that’s a pleasant thought, It’s not the point. It’s truly about HIM and the thankfulness I have in all circumstances. I might have let Hollywood dictate how my husband should be adoring me… this is no longer is that the case!)

After Christmas this year – when my husband asked me what I “wanted”… I told him all I wanted was to be WELL again. That was right about the time I was led to my naturopath – which was the best investment we ever made into my health future! I suppose for my birthday month, it will be present enough to get all of these amalgams out of my head!

Speaking of great gifts, this year I wanted to come up with something special for my Father-in-Law who recently went to a gluten-free diet. I found a great gift basket from Steve’s Paleo Goods, and I got some snacks for us to try as well! Grass fed jerky, dried apples, and paleo crunch cinnamon granola for my grain-free daughter!! Yum!


I love gift giving, and I’m all about healthy food gifts this year. I’ve been buying lots of cookbooks for gifts, gift cards for organic produce and we got both of our parents a year of fruit from Harry and David. What a blessing for the people who already have it all or don’t need any more “stuff”! Invest in their health and encourage those you love!

Keeping it healthy for Him!

“That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love,

and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding,

to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Rather, and of Christ;

In who are hide all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

Colossians 2:2-3

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