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Trans-Fats Don’t Budge!

When we got back from vacation this week, we had to replenish our supply of produce!  My husband under estimated my haul, and only brought one cooler.  Whoops!  At least with fresh produce - you KNOW there is no trans fats!!

When we got back from vacation this week, we had to replenish our supply of produce! My husband underestimated my haul, and only brought one cooler. Whoops! At least with fresh produce – you KNOW there is no trans fats!!

The word “trans fats” used to be “thee” word on the label to avoid in previous years…before we realized MSG, gluten and others were an issue for us…   we knew  trans-fats  were BAD NEWS.

But, what are they exactly and why are they so bad?  Are they like MSG?  Are they still in processed foods, but HIDDEN?  Have food producers have just gotten around fence by implementing a secret gate?

What are trans fats?

They are fatty acids that disrupt cellular functions.  This is their greatest danger.  Essentially,  they start messing with cells – which in turn, starts disturbing every part of your body.  It’s not an immediate reaction, but a build up of destruction that takes place over time.

The human enzyme (lipase – which breaks down the fats in our body), is ineffective against trans fats.  This means, they stick in our blood stream longer, causing plaque formation in your arteries, and here is the worst part:

Once in your cell membranes: TRANS FATS CANNOT BE REMOVED.


In addition, when the integrity of the cells are damaged to the point the cell membranes can’t interact chemically as they are supposed to, the body’s immune system may no longer recognize them.  There are studies that show how trans fats settle into brain cells and the myelin sheath.  This obviously worsens auto immune diseases like MS and fibromyalgia.  They can also affect the brain in a way that it depletes your body’s stores of omega-3 which is an essential fatty acid needed for brain function.

A good example is looking at the disruption trans fats can have on cell membranes, which makes them interfere with insulin receptors that control blood sugar – obviously, this would worsen diabetes.

Are They Still In Processed Foods?

YES.  Even if the label states: “Trans Fats = 0 grams” –  The FDA only requires food companies to list trans fat content IF the food contains .5 grams or more per serving.  So, if it lists .49 grams?  You got it…  “0 Trans Fats” are listed.

What To Look For?

If you’re curious as to what some KEY words are in  label reading of a product – the FDA website has a warning from the US Dept. Of Health and Human Services against these words:


Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil’

Food products that generally contain trans fats are the following:

crackers, cake mixes, granolas, margarine, cupcake and cake icings, fried foods, Cool Whip, potato chips, hot chocolate mixes, cookies, pizza dough, frozen snacks (burritos, pizza, pot pies), Crisco, fast food, microwave popcorn, soups, ice cream, packaged cheeses, doughnuts.

Why the FDA lets them in our food at all – is a mystery.  For an association which is supposed to keep our food supply “safe”, they are certainly falling short in countless areas, and people continue to get sicker and sicker in this nation.

Remember our body NEEDS fats.  Your brain needs fat.  Just the right ones – from butter, lard, meats, nuts and coconut oil.  NOT from the chemically “created” trans fats from “products” and processed foods.  The easiest way to avoid these things – is to simply  eat real food!

One side note.  I was recently told, by another random blogger (not someone who knows me personally) that I come across as angry, and that wasn’t helpful to people.  I just want you to know – that while I had a terrible experience that I share – for those who don’t know me – I’m not an angry person.  I am so grateful to God that He has helped me through this process, and is continuing by my side.  I don’t think I’m extra special – I’m a sinner who listen when God was speaking.  I faithfully prayed and God put people in my path to help me.  I’m blessed with resources to be able to read many books and discern information that I know others don’t always have access too – THAT is why I share what I do.  It is not because I want to elevate myself above anyone.  I know those who know me, know and understand my heart.   Sure I don’t trust western medicine when it comes to treating disease, but there are plenty of good things that modern medicine has provided to people.  I simply feel and think differently because of my experience.  It doesn’t make me better than anyone – but I do hope you too can find this peace of understanding that you are much more in control over you disease and your health than you realize – and it often resides within what your body is needing from your diet and the choices you have made in the past – than it does your “genes”.  A holistic doctor or naturopath is an excellent start on the road to healing vs. living with a diagnosis or masking symptoms!  God Bless!

“For I gave them the words you gave me and they accepted them.

They knew with certainty that I came from you, and they believed that you sent me.”

John 17:8


** Much of this information was revised info from an amazing book called “AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE – THE CAUSE AND CURE.”  I highly recommend this book, it is filled with great information.


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