Big-Time Preparations


What does it take to plan a trip for our family?
A little bit of work.
A little bit of planning.
A whole lot of food!

So before we packed up to leave our vacation home, I had a few preparations in get lined up:

– 6 lbs of chicken to slice and fry in olive oil
– 6 lbs of bacon to bake in the oven
– 2 dozen Paleo muffins (morning glory and banana chocolate chip).
– 10 dozen apples sliced, bagged and sprinkled with vitamin C powder. (To keep from browning!)
– 1 lb of mini carrots cut into halves
– chopped celery and broccoli for snacking.
– 1 large bag of grapes, cleaned and cut into smaller bunches.
– 1 dozen mandarin oranges cleaned and bagged.
– a dozen gluten-free cookies to bake.
– two large salads for me with cut veggies and chicken.
– plenty of coconut and almond yogurt and chia seed (gotta keep the digestion going so we all stay healthy!)
– Sandwich bread, engine 2 wraps,
pb and Applegate Farm meats for sandwiches.

Traveling with our food all prepared helps cut down on stops and that’s a blessing for everyone! I can’t believe the time we used to waste just parading into a restaurant and paying double for substandard food! Just one more way we keep it Healthy for Him! (And keep ourselves from getting sick!)

“When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
    for all of them are clothed in scarlet.”

Proverbs 31:21

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