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How Big Is Your God?


When you face struggles, do you often think about how BIG God is?
I do.

I think about how He holds time and the world and everything in it – in His hands.
I think of how no amount of worry changes His plans.
I think of the great peace He provides just being in His presence in prayer.

Because I live far away from my parents and siblings, sometimes it’s tough to not be able to “be there” physically like I once was when hardship comes up.
Right now, my mom is really sick. If you recall – she had a stem cell transplant 3 years ago and has been doing well. Exceeding every milestone with flying colors.

But she still has a compromised immune system and because they had to “redo” all of her vaccinations after her transplant – it takes a toll on someone like her, like it would a baby. She just finished those vaccinations ironically…
And then she got sick.
Within a matter of two days of this sickness, she went from having a fever to septic and with pneumonia taken by ambulance to the hospital where her oncologist is able to care for her.
I look out at the sky tonight and I am comforted that the sun I see, is the same sun my mom sees
I have to trust in God’s comfort for her and for my aching heart who longs to be with her.
I count my blessings for technology that allowed me to pray with her today, and for the Great Peace who gave me the words to say.
Please keep my mommy in your prayers. (We are never too old to need our mom!)

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