All Sorts Of Wrong


This is the top portion of a sign that a local business was promoting an “ALL YOU CAN EAT” BBQ BUFFET to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease.

You might imagine what happened, when I saw this pull up on my news feed this week.

Yep. I flipped.

Now let me just say, I know in my heart these people are only wanting to HELP. Which I commend – however, it makes this all the more sad. They’re going about it – ALL WRONG.

Most fund-raisers that involve healthcare causes in general – are NOT beneficial because they’re lacking nutritional education as THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY to healing and they’re claim is often a search for a cure.

People often think they’re raising money for “cures” – which is purely assisting the drug companies in their attempt to create another medicine that they can turn around and sell BACK to you. Not to mention, do they REALLY want to cure these diseases that bring them so much money? If they did – they would have cued in to healing nutrition and natural supplements a long time ago.

But the fact is – they would make NO money.

So while I’m picking on this ad specifically, this is one of MANY I see regularly.

It’s NOT right.

Let me share the top two reasons why this specifically is all wrong:

1. All you can eat buffet. What is this promoting towards someone who is struggling with an auto immune disease?

2. BBQ sauce – one of the top offenders for gluten, and MSG – BOTH toxic for anyones diet, let alone Parkinson’s Disease

So… low and behold – I posted this in their comments:

“Are your products gluten and MSG free?”

No comment.

The reply later given, was an apology that they would be serving “sliders” instead and they no longer mentioned a buffet.

I’m not sure how THAT was better (?) But perhaps they are made without their sauce or something? I’m not sure.

I’m just hoping it made SOME ONE think – something about “Pig Out For Parkinson’s” was wrong.

Diet should ALWAYS be considered first and foremost as THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect in healing the body – {in ANY health/disease/injury from inflammation/mental/ hormonal/cancer/etc. issue going on}.

I used to struggle with a heart attitude of being right for the sake of being RIGHT. I was RIGHTEOUS in my right-ness.


That is, until God convicted me that being RIGHT with Him, was more important than being “right”… just for the sake of “being right”.


So now I struggle…

Share what I KNOW is right? Or keep it in not to offend people?

The question came down to – would I want someone to tell ME the truth?

I care about people. A lot.

We are each created with a purpose, and designed with an eternal soul… so we SHOULD care about one another.

I know if people can avoid what I’m experiencing, if they head off their toxicity level before it creates some irreversible problems, or be knowledgable about their options regarding choices in healthcare and options in medicine – they too, can be healthy for Him.

So, know that it is through Him, that I share with you what I’ve learned, and what I struggle with. It’s not to brag, to promote myself or to gain anything really – it’s to simple share with you – so that you might be able to gain some health benefit with the information. If you choose to do nothing with it – that’s fine too – but my heart is lighter, knowing I at least shared what I know to be true.

Enjoy this clip from He has an amazing blog and story of how he over came stage 3 colon cancer through diet, and detox – refusing chemotherapy. Truly inspirational and right on the mark. My favorite comment from him – is about the hospital foods following his surgery – because it’s SO true. It’s CRAZY that in a place you go “to be made well” – their emphasis on nutrition is non-existent. Sick.

“The LORD sustains them on their sickbed

and restores them from their bed of illness.”

Psalm 41:3

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  1. I had a person tell me once that they appreciated what Christopher Reeve was doing raising money for a cure for neurological diseases, but that it did nothing to help people now. Which made me think about it for the first time. Which is more helpful, to throw money at finding a cure that may not come in our lifetime or our children’s lifetime or to spend the money on programs to educate and support health and wellness or maybe to support building more sidewalks and ramps so everyone can be more mobile?

    • Did you know that many of the effects from MS, Parkinson’s, any number of auto immune diseases can be reversed? Nerve cell regeneration is one of the slowest, but you CAN – once you know what your inflammatory and health issues are. The body truly will heal itself, because it was created to heal. That is never mentioned, just like nutritional healing for cancer is not spoken of. These diseases are big business for these medical institutions and practices. Until our minds are renewed with this knowledge and we reject what mainstream is putting out there – we will continue having a healthcare nightmare and be the sickest country taking the most
      Prescription drugs.

  2. While you are right, most of your posts are written in a righteous air. Lots of bold all caps that makes you not sound very nice. But that aside –

    How are people going to learn about healthy diet without awareness of disease? The fact that people even talk about illness openly is a huge step forward. You could use it as a chance to educate people, but without the event no one’s thinking about it at all, and they’re probably still eating MSG food anyway. Just my two cents – I love your blog and your subject, but it’s hard to read so many posts so full of negativity.

    • Thanks for your input. I’m very passionate about my experience! πŸ™‚ Anyone who truly knows me, realizes I’m not trying to be righteous in anything – other than Christ. This blog is for me, a journal of sorts – where I can vent, and express my experience. I can see how, if one didn’t know me, they might view things otherwise. I suppose that is the limitations of the internet. God bless your weekend! πŸ™‚

  3. Sara, (this may be more for Rachel than for you), but HEAR ME when I say, your blog is NOT FULL OF NEGATIVITY! You have been a wealth of information to many and more importantly, sharing and making others aware of what you are learning b/c of what you’ve been through and are going through. Criticizing what you choose to put in bold and caps, and saying it makes you not sound very nice, NOW COME ON, does one not have anything better to do! I pray this does not stop you from continuing to write for those who do appreciate what you have to say, whether in bold or caps. It never crossed my mind that your writing is in a “righteous air” or not nice. I know the internet has limitations, but we all MUST NOT READ MORE into what is written when you don’t know the person nor have ever walked their shoes. And, don’t read it if you think its negative. Rachel, if you see this, forgive me, I mean NO harm to you, but please, be careful what you write next time, as OPINIONS are just that. Sara, thank you for all you have taught my family and myself. God is using you in ways you can’t even imagine. Blessings to your healing and keep on sharing. Sincerely, Carol

    • Thank you so much for your support Carol. You have taught me a lot too. I love how God uses all of our struggles to let us know we aren’t alone, and that He has a greater purpose in everything we experience. Thanks again!! (hugs) πŸ™‚

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