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Depression? Or Are you Co-Co Nuts?

Coconuts and coconut oil have SO many health benefits.  Once thought to be a "bad fat" - this seed is great for your brain!

Coconuts and coconut oil have SO many health benefits. Once thought to be a “bad fat” – this seed is great for your brain!

What IS depression?

…and can prescription drugs FIX depression?

After being antidepressants at almost every specialist I went to see this past year, I began wondering just WHY I was being offered something that clearly was not my problem?

After all, none of the doctors I went to see were even psychologists. Why were they assuming I was depressed?

Desperate for answer?


Exhausted at the chase?

Of course.

But HOW and why did that equate into needing to take a medication that would have only masked the deficiencies within my system?

The answer is:

It didn’t.  It wouldn’t.  It couldn’t.

Over and over again, I would refuse to take these medications – because deep in my heart I knew I wasn’t depressed.

In my mind – depression was something where you didn’t want to get out of bed … not that you were in physical pain and you COULDN’T get out of bed. 

It was something where you didn’t have a will to live.

CLEARLY I had every reason to live… (I’m a princess of the King!  Come on!)

Although I’ve somewhat shaken off all that happened last year in an attempt to clear my mind…  it has obviously made me consider the process and helped me to recognize the concern for people who don’t know what else to do, so they DO question their sanity – or they continue to struggle… and rather than look at what their body might be starving of  … or look to an alternative doctor…

They take the pills.

These pills can have many side effects, not to mention, their lack of effectiveness and dangerous side effects.

It’s quite scary. 

Some people I know have attempted to go off of these meds, only to be hit with withdrawal symptoms of those who take illegal substances.

If you weren’t depressed before, you might be now.

Here’s some food for thought on the matter:  ALWAYS look at the side effects before you agree to taking a prescription medication.  ALSO, look into any nutritional healing before taking the medical route when it comes to how you’re feeling.

It’s HIGHLY probable your body is missing something that it needs – which can throw off hormones, your immune and endocrine system, your brain function, and cell regeneration… among many other things.

We are what we eat isn’t just a cute little saying – it’s truth.  When our body and brain are starved… it can have an effect on any number of aspects of our system.

This video interview from 60 minutes shares some interesting information regarding a book titled “The Emporer’s New Drugs”, where author and doctor Irving Kirsh shared about his studies involving antidepressants and the mildly depressed.

The number one thing that actually helped – was mild exercise.

There’s one clue on how I knew I wasn’t depressed.  I was getting plenty of sleep – and I WAS huge into exercise.

Praise be to God I didn’t take what they were selling! I would be that much further from being well.

Personally I believe the same types of toxicity that causes cancer and auto immune disease is the culprit for many neurological issues as well…  Do what you can to get it out of your life – so you can be healthy for HIM.

“If we are ‘out of our mind,’ as some say, it is for God,

if we are in our right mind, it is for you.”

2 Cor. 5:13

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