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Another Break-Up, Bye-Bye Microwave

Most kitchens have a specific place "built" just for this appliance.  But is it really doing us ANY favors health-wise?

Most kitchens have a specific place “built” just for this appliance. But is it really doing us ANY favors health-wise?

It’s been on my heart for awhile.
I just felt untrue.

Like I was cheating.

The more I learned about how decietful this kitchen appliance was…

The more my husband and I decided that it should be out of our lives – for good.

But why? I mean… it seems like such a handy tool.  Right?

And for years … it was.

Pop food in, and in just a few minutes – food is warmed up and ready to be consumed.

But let’s break IT down (literally) exactly what a microwave does:

It heats food right?


It does more than that.

It heats food quickly – right?

Oh… but hold on just a minute…

Are you or were you ever a breast-feeding mom?  Did you ever warm up breast milk in the microwave?

Why did experts tell you not to warm it up in the microwave?  (other than it’s going to make it scalding hot in the middle and could burn a baby…)

It’s because it also KILLS the nutrition in food.

You can have some perfectly great, nutritious food….

and then you “nuke” it – and what do you have?

What I like to affectionately call:


Yep.  That’s right.

No nutrition.

Well, the same is true for any food you put in that magic machine as well.

You’ve killed any nutrition in that delicious food – just by pushing the “that was easy” push button.


So now we’re going to eat this “DEAD FOOD”… why?

Since we eat for nutrition and energy for our body – why would you EAT this food from the microwave?

If you’re having a moment like me… where you just want to face pop yourself.  Then feel free.  I know.  It’s pretty crazy to thinking about the purpose of what you’re doing – and what is actually going on.

So, for the past 3 weeks we’ve tried living without it – just to make sure we could do it.

(But, was it ever really a question? We really don’t eat JUNK frozen foods that you couldn’t just heat up on a conventional oven anyway… but I often heat up water or actually put cooked food in there to keep it warm while I’m cooking – great use, yes?)

All of our veggies we cook on the stove – and the same with left overs… super easy to warm on the stove, not to mention – much safer.  It take 10 minutes to put something on some parchment paper and warm it in the oven… and it doesn’t KILL the food!

Isn’t that a time investment our body deserves??

If you want to read more about the radiation that is emitted from the microwave – there is tons of information out there – here is an interesting article on the matter.

But yeah.  We’re over.

Or as Taylor Swift says… “we are never, never, never… getting back together!”

Check out this cute remix on eating healthy to this same tune.


“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”

Proverbs 18:15

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