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Hormone Disruptors?

Whatever became of my rash?  It finally healed - a week later.  This lotion was very vital in me healing.  It says "ACURE" brand - and honestly... it was awesome lotion.

Whatever became of my rash? It finally healed – a week later. This lotion was very vital in me healing. It says “ACURE” brand – and honestly… it was awesome lotion.

Are you bombarded with toxins everyday that are actually hormones disruptors?
Yes. You are.  (and this is NO April Fool’s JOKE)
You might not even be aware of the toxins in your plastics, make-up, and soaps.
Yes… a main ingredient “triclosan” is actually in antibacterial soaps and toothpaste!  It’s a pesticide, and is known for causing bacterial resistance and health issues… but the FDA still declares it “safe” to use in cleaners and soap humans put on their hands before eating (in the name of being CLEAN?)

A better question might be – why is it declared SAFE?

It’s not necessary, and it’s a highly over-used marketable term to sell something that is “anti-bacterial”. I’ll admit it – I fell for it, for years. But no more!  Our children’s immune systems were in the tank… and there are lots of reasons why.
Then there are parabens, and phthalates in our make-up, and beauty products… and BPA, a chemical contained in plastics from food containers to toys children put in their mouths (recycle #7 if you’re checking your plastics) and BPA is also in can linings, unless labeled otherwise.  Chances are, unless you’re aware – you’re consuming it regularly.
Again, the FDA and several other “food companies” declare these are “SAFE” to consume… that they uphold the nutritional value and quality.  Interesting that it’s the same GMO pushing companies that delcare their food and products are “completely safe” also…  They might have a hand in their clearly ‘bent’ studies.

Why does the health condition of our nation prove OTHERWISE?

Why are cancer cells shown with many of these specific toxins, and auto immune disease (hypothyroidism specifically) and cancer on the rise and issues like infertility are such an issue?

Random chance from these “completely safe” products?

Remember, it’s not just ONE thing that is making people sick – it’s LOTS of things that have change in the past 50 years specifically… within our diets, and within the environment.

This study from Dateline NBC was an encouragement to me personally (please watch the video).  It showed that, once again – common sense seems to out prove the “professional” who declares something isn’t a problem, that clearly is.  Apparently he hasn’t gotten struck down with his auto immune disease symptoms yet.  Thankfully the reporter in this short segment “gets it” and is willing to make changes for her family and daughters.

That’s all it is people – being aware.  Making changes.  You have to start somewhere…  Clearly things need to change!

Healthy for Him!

“In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver,

but also of wood and clay;

some are for special purposes and some for common use. 

Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes,

made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.”

2 Tim. 20-21

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