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How Big Is Your God?


When you face struggles, do you often think about how BIG God is?
I do.

I think about how He holds time and the world and everything in it – in His hands.
I think of how no amount of worry changes His plans.
I think of the great peace He provides just being in His presence in prayer.

Because I live far away from my parents and siblings, sometimes it’s tough to not be able to “be there” physically like I once was when hardship comes up.
Right now, my mom is really sick. If you recall – she had a stem cell transplant 3 years ago and has been doing well. Exceeding every milestone with flying colors.

But she still has a compromised immune system and because they had to “redo” all of her vaccinations after her transplant – it takes a toll on someone like her, like it would a baby. She just finished those vaccinations ironically…
And then she got sick.
Within a matter of two days of this sickness, she went from having a fever to septic and with pneumonia taken by ambulance to the hospital where her oncologist is able to care for her.
I look out at the sky tonight and I am comforted that the sun I see, is the same sun my mom sees
I have to trust in God’s comfort for her and for my aching heart who longs to be with her.
I count my blessings for technology that allowed me to pray with her today, and for the Great Peace who gave me the words to say.
Please keep my mommy in your prayers. (We are never too old to need our mom!)

All Sorts Of Wrong


This is the top portion of a sign that a local business was promoting an “ALL YOU CAN EAT” BBQ BUFFET to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease.

You might imagine what happened, when I saw this pull up on my news feed this week.

Yep. I flipped.

Now let me just say, I know in my heart these people are only wanting to HELP. Which I commend – however, it makes this all the more sad. They’re going about it – ALL WRONG.

Most fund-raisers that involve healthcare causes in general – are NOT beneficial because they’re lacking nutritional education as THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY to healing and they’re claim is often a search for a cure.

People often think they’re raising money for “cures” – which is purely assisting the drug companies in their attempt to create another medicine that they can turn around and sell BACK to you. Not to mention, do they REALLY want to cure these diseases that bring them so much money? If they did – they would have cued in to healing nutrition and natural supplements a long time ago.

But the fact is – they would make NO money.

So while I’m picking on this ad specifically, this is one of MANY I see regularly.

It’s NOT right.

Let me share the top two reasons why this specifically is all wrong:

1. All you can eat buffet. What is this promoting towards someone who is struggling with an auto immune disease?

2. BBQ sauce – one of the top offenders for gluten, and MSG – BOTH toxic for anyones diet, let alone Parkinson’s Disease

So… low and behold – I posted this in their comments:

“Are your products gluten and MSG free?”

No comment.

The reply later given, was an apology that they would be serving “sliders” instead and they no longer mentioned a buffet.

I’m not sure how THAT was better (?) But perhaps they are made without their sauce or something? I’m not sure.

I’m just hoping it made SOME ONE think – something about “Pig Out For Parkinson’s” was wrong.

Diet should ALWAYS be considered first and foremost as THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect in healing the body – {in ANY health/disease/injury from inflammation/mental/ hormonal/cancer/etc. issue going on}.

I used to struggle with a heart attitude of being right for the sake of being RIGHT. I was RIGHTEOUS in my right-ness.


That is, until God convicted me that being RIGHT with Him, was more important than being “right”… just for the sake of “being right”.


So now I struggle…

Share what I KNOW is right? Or keep it in not to offend people?

The question came down to – would I want someone to tell ME the truth?

I care about people. A lot.

We are each created with a purpose, and designed with an eternal soul… so we SHOULD care about one another.

I know if people can avoid what I’m experiencing, if they head off their toxicity level before it creates some irreversible problems, or be knowledgable about their options regarding choices in healthcare and options in medicine – they too, can be healthy for Him.

So, know that it is through Him, that I share with you what I’ve learned, and what I struggle with. It’s not to brag, to promote myself or to gain anything really – it’s to simple share with you – so that you might be able to gain some health benefit with the information. If you choose to do nothing with it – that’s fine too – but my heart is lighter, knowing I at least shared what I know to be true.

Enjoy this clip from He has an amazing blog and story of how he over came stage 3 colon cancer through diet, and detox – refusing chemotherapy. Truly inspirational and right on the mark. My favorite comment from him – is about the hospital foods following his surgery – because it’s SO true. It’s CRAZY that in a place you go “to be made well” – their emphasis on nutrition is non-existent. Sick.

“The LORD sustains them on their sickbed

and restores them from their bed of illness.”

Psalm 41:3

Know Your Ingredients!

Here’s the fries we eat now.  We just wash and cut 3 sweet potatoes.  Put then on parchment paper, brush on some cold-pressed, organic olive oil, and bake them for 25 minutes at 400 degrees.  Delish.  My kids LOVE these, as does my husband!


When we first went gluten-free.  We bought these.  After all, they were gluten-free, and marked so on the label.  What could possibly go wrong?  Quick. Easy…


Here is what is wrong with MOST processed foods (foods in a package or at a restaurant), It’s the oils, and preservatives they put in to KILL the nutrition of a perfectly great sweet potato.

photo_Fries_backCanola oil, modified food starch… right there – two key ingredients that are BAD news for your body, and digestion.  (Read – chemically created GMO corn oil, and MSG) then you’ve got Sugar… (Dextrin), Leavening… again more MSG, and  food coloring (annatto) and more possible MSG.

You’re MUCH safer with an organic sweet potato, the olive oil and sea salt combo!  The only thing “quick” about those fries – is they’re going to quickly make you sick!

Just. Say. No.

It’s amazing how much my kids have learned in the kitchen now too – when kids understand why we eat the way we do,  they’re more willing to chip in and work as a team to get meals done.  My 13-year-old son leads the children to make a complete breakfast for 10 most days!  He is a HUGE blessing – and we are blessing his future wife with real life skills in the kitchen!

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”

2 Cor. 9:8

The Simple, Complicated, Truth

Always great info on eating yourself well from The Farmacy on facebook.  Live Probiotics are essential for daily health.  Watch the short video at the end of the blog to find out why!

Always great info on eating yourself well from The Farmacy on facebook. Live Probiotics are essential for daily health. Watch the short video at the end of the blog to find out why!

It took me a long road to get here.

But God lead me each step of the way.

This place of realizing how complicated, yet how simple our bodies are designed.

Complicated, in that each of us are different – the way something may cause affects to one person, versus another, in a malfunction sort of way.

Simple, in that healing the body – seems to come back to the same method – when you’re dealing with disease.

Why is that doctors have come up with so many different names of disease with a different type of pill or intervention for each one?

They’ve specialized and focused in on their “area” of study…

While I used to think this was a good thing – specialists focusing on one area – it’s actually proving the complete opposite.

Your body is a system. It works together… you don’t fix “one part” and ignore the rest in disease. Disease is systemic. Yet why do we focus on one part at a time vs. the whole system?

Chronic inflammation causes cancer. It’s the last stage in toxicity overload in our system but it doesn’t just spring up without a long term – on-going problem.

Do you think doing chemo or surgery to “remove” the cancer is going to solve the reason it’s there in the first place?


Inflammation starts in our gut, whether we feel it or not, and can be brought to any number of areas throughout our bodies.

Our joints, our arms (carpel tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow etc), our digestive system (GERD, celiac, crohns, diverticulitis), our gall bladder, kidney stones, appendicitis, migraines, fibromyalsia… Name it what you want, based on where it is.

Doctors have come up with countless names for diease and attempts to shut them up through masking-medicines.

But they keep. ignoring. THE CAUSE.

They keep duck taping it – and it keeps showing up, somewhere else. The ROOT of the problem is still there.

It’s why people have multiple auto immune diseases, and why they have cancer show up MULTIPLE TIMES even after they “beat it” (why chemo is not the answer is a whole other blog!)

The biggest “farce” of a disease (to me) is celiac disease. Yes. I said it.

Yep. Celiac disease is one of the worst “made-up” diseases there is.

I have it, and I still believe it to be true.

Not because the destruction isn’t very real – it is… It’s because damage to the gut/ or leaky gut – is the cause of EVERY auto immune disease and cancer. It’s just impossible to test and find the damage on everyone at any given point of “treating” their other ailments. Because celiac is difficult to diagnose in and of itself, it would be even MORE rare that they would back track and look for celiac, once one would have a diagnosis of something like Parkinson’s, or cancer.

Diseases don’t just “show up” in an area of the body.

The part they show up in, is the weakest part of you genetically – but it’s destroying all of you slowly – be sure of that.

The “CURE” for this made up disease called celiac – is eating grain free, possible even a GAPS diet or Simple Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), some call it revised Paleo or an auto immune disease protocol. At any rate, a purposeful focus on gut healing through diet – is essential.

It’s NOT a prescription drug.

Yet… doctors still tell those with celiac to go “just go gluten-free” and be well. It’s not always that easy. Most people still have problems – systemic inflammation because all grains have some type of protein – some type of gluten. It depends on how long you’ve had celiac disease – and where it is, and how much damage there is… and where that damage has lead to other problems.

For me – it’s caused multiple auto immune issues, some symptoms which are now – no longer reversible…

Waiting until someone is to the point where they can’t absorb any nutrition or have cancer and THEN calling THAT a problem – is a problem.

It’s a problem – LONG before that. But for some strange reason – the “doctors” seem to have this standard of complete destruction before action… and the band aids in the meantime are always some strange intervention. From prescription drugs, to daily Aleve, to taking out random organs… gall bladder? appendix? womanly parts? Again, never getting to the root of the problem.

Hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, diabetes (type 1 or 2), obesity, PCOS, the list goes on and on – the solution, is the same.

It’s diet.

Could it BE that easy?

YES. It can. (and it IS!) But the choice is yours to make for yourself and or your family. Be sick, and take medicine and get sicker… or eat well, and be Healthy for Him.

I leave you with two important tips – quality fish oil and live probiotics are SO important to a healthy gut. Here’s the reason why…

Enjoy this video on poop. (Yes, I went there – but this is really important information because it deals with your GUT health. Plus, my friend told me there is NO such thing as TMI after pregnancy and having children. #truth)

Oh and one last thing. April 17th was my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of being gluten free. My family went gluten-free shortly after that, and they eat limited grains. I went Paleo late last year, and refined Paleo for auto immune disease (no nuts, nightshades, sugar or chocolate) just this year to get my MS symptoms calmed down and prevent further progression – I noticed HUGE changes in my pain levels, less cramping in me feet and legs, better digestion, less inflammation in my head and eyes and I can’t remember the last time I had an MS hug. FINALLY a REAL solution to my systemic inflammation – was that refined diet through removing the food sensitivites my body didn’t like! All glory to God.

The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,
for the ears of the wise seek it out.”

Proverbs 18:15

No More Shots!

This delicious protein drink powder is the only one I've found that I can tolerate.  Without rice, soy, gluten, diary, or sugar.  AND it actually tastes good.  For real.  See the label at the bottom of the page!

This delicious protein drink powder is the only one I’ve found that I can tolerate. Without rice, soy, gluten, diary, or sugar. AND it actually tastes good. For real. See the label at the bottom of the page!

Recently the facility that our family doctor works for let go of their privileges at our local hospital.  What that meant was, if my children needed to have their doctor see them at the hospital – it couldn’t happen.  While we don’t PLAN to be at the doctor often – sometimes, accidents and events happen that we DON’T plan and the hospital is a necessity.

And for those times.  We wanted to be ready.

So, recently – we switched to a different family doctor.

One we knew that would respect our “less than conventional” way of doing things.

With that, we needed to do “well child visits” to get acquainted with the new office and their practices.  (Ironically, a few days later my son ended up sick – one BIG reason I despise well visit checks!)

At this visit – the children were measured, and weighed and the “medical protocol” was fulfilled with the Obama-care slew of questions that allows for 85% typing and about 15% really listening to the patient.

And then the records were reviewed…  and the vaccination reports were reviewed.  Several of the kids were due for shots.

We declined them all.  15 month shots, we were behind on, the 4-5 year shots before school?  No thanks.  Boosters for the DTaP? or tetanus?  Nope.

To preface this, I will say – I was a big believer in vaccinations.  Our kids always got the most necessary shots, for the most part – on time.

I didn’t question the system.

I heard of people like Jenny McCarthy, who is a huge advocate for autism awareness, and her speculation that vaccinations might have something to do with the rise in autism in this country.  (I thought she was a kook – you know, a quack!)

I ignored it…

My kids didn’t have autism.  (Except a few of them are on the spectrum, and do have social and behavioral disorders)

We were healthy…

No actually.  We were sick most of the time.  Depite having the flu shot every year – we had gotten the flu the past 4 years.

What went wrong?

Vaccinations were important.  I mean come on, the government REQUIRED them to enter school for “our safety”… RIGHT?

Then, I realized I was sick last year…

Then I realized the system is broken… and at best VERY crooked.

The more I learned about the system, and studies, and statistics…

The more I questioned, the more I learned…

Could vaccines be more harmful than helpful… and why?

The answer is yes, and here is why…

Vaccines are meant to create antibodies in our systems – if they create an antibody response, they are considered “effective”.  Unfortunately, as I’ve learned – antibodies don’t always do what they’re supposed to (hence, auto immune responses), and having antibodies from a vaccine doesn’t equal an immunity to a virus or disease, like the medical field promotes.

If that were the case, if vaccines created immunity – we would never need a booster shot.  Right?

That is called – a business.

These vaccines are preserved in solutions which contain many toxins.  They are given to all people – regardless of age, preexisting health conditions or inability to rid their body of toxins.  The range of effects that the preservatives alone can have on a person – are too numerous to count.

You read your food labels – RIGHT?  At least I hope you do.  Can you read a shot label before it’s injected into your child?  You’d be sickened at what is in them.

I considered my own family, and extended family.  I had a niece who began having blood in her stool a week after her MMR shot.  The doctors swore it couldn’t have been from the shot – but there is nothing else it could have been.  Her parents were told it was possibly leukemia, but thankfully later she was diagnosed with ITP instead, which was still serious, but a better diagnosis.  Still the stress was insurmountable for her parents, and the questions ensued for me.

Our 7th child got a second H1N1 shot and had a serious reaction within 15 minutes.

Ever want to feel helpless?  Agree to put a shot into your child, and then realize you can’t get it out – and they’re fading in front of your eyes.  A 12 hour fever of 104+ that wouldn’t budge with any OTC meds was our nightmare.  Truly horrific, and never forgotten.

Then there is our 3rd child who always seemed more lazy than the others.  She was late to stand, late to walk (19 months) and late to talk.  Socially she was different too,  she stopped nursing what seemed like over night – at 9 months… she didn’t understand discipline cues nor simple directions that one might consider common sense.   She didn’t tell me she loved me until age 5, with lots of prompting.  When she was in our local Parents As Teachers program, she met most of her milestones, but Aspergers was discussed.  High functioning autism.

I didn’t want to label my child.  I knew she was smart.

But I also knew, she was different – and we were going to have to work on some coping mechanisms for her future.

Then my next son had similar issues – but different.  Socially he was radically observant, but behavioral he was often short lipped without thinking and out of control with his level of noise and sound making – constantly.  Often unable to control his outbursts.

I noticed early on they comforted one another.  They both enjoyed “spinning” in a movable chair, or just freely in a circle and my husband and I joked…”Spin therapy is soothing to them.”  Neither liked change in plans, and freaked out something was out-of-order in a daily schedule.  Later, when I read on Aspergers, these are all classic signs.

As they’ve aged, and we’ve watched them develop, the differences have been more clear.  While BOTH are very bright – they both clearly have autism spectrum disorders. Removing gluten and dairy has helped them dramatically.  From rashes, to the “head shaking” feeling they said they felt – diet has made a difference, but there are more toxins built up in their systems that we are working on getting OUT through various methods – and we are praying for more improvements for them as well.

As questions swirl about why there is such a rise in autism, and auto immune disease, learning disabilities and cancer in this country… I can’t help but realize that SO many vaccinations given recklessly have played a huge role in this medical nightmare.

Demanding babies are given multiple shots before they leave the hospital, and the amount their given before age 2?  More than the healthiest person could handle.

How about the yearly “flu shot scare” that the media and drug companies promote?  It should be illegal.

True immunity comes from your body actually fighting off something itself.  You’re much better off building your immune system, instead of letting the toxins in a vaccine break your system down.

There is a separate court system just for vaccinations.  Yes.  This is true.  The drug manufacturers also have immunity from lawsuits caused from harm or even DEATH from vaccinations.  Do your research.

If you want to truly think through vaccinations – check out this video.  It’s one of the many that helped educate us about our decision to STOP giving our children shots and work on their immune systems instead.  This site offers books to read on the matter also.

Could you or someone you love have heavy metal poisoning?  Read here.

“But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am too young.’

You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you.

Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.”

Jeremiah 1:7-8


Paleo Coffee Cake – Divine!


Do you like cake for breakfast?  Man.  I used to LOVE cake.  Now I bake to SMELL cake – and I’m content with that.

No really. I am.  It’s so weird to me.

I asked God to take away the desire for things that made me sick – and He provides.

But, I do love making things that I know my kids and husband will love – AND that I know are actually a really good choice for them, vs. some processed gluten free (empty calorie-filled) junk!  (I actually make them this for a treat – not for breakfast…they think it’s a dessert.)

I present to you: cinnamon pecan coffee cake!

My kids were stunned that it is sugar, dairy and gluten-free!  It’s a paleo coffee cake from and we loved it!

Here’s the low down on how to get it done for more than a few people – {you KNOW I double it}, so here’s my doubled version for a 9×13 dish.


1 can of coconut milk

4 eggs

1/2 cup raw honey

2 tsp pure vanilla

2 cups almond meal/flour

2 cups hazelnut flour

1 cup arrow-root powder

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. salt



4 T. Cinnamon

1/2 C. coconut oil

6 T. Honey



3/4-1 Cup Chopped Pecan Pieces



Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Mix cake together, and pour into pan.  Mix swirl ingredients together and drop spoonfuls throughout cake – then swirl with knife – first up and back and then side to side to get desired look.  Lastly, top with pecans.

Bake 28-30 minutes and cool for 30 minutes before serving.


 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:

The old has gone, the new is here!”

2 Cor. 5:17

Depression? Or Are you Co-Co Nuts?

Coconuts and coconut oil have SO many health benefits.  Once thought to be a "bad fat" - this seed is great for your brain!

Coconuts and coconut oil have SO many health benefits. Once thought to be a “bad fat” – this seed is great for your brain!

What IS depression?

…and can prescription drugs FIX depression?

After being antidepressants at almost every specialist I went to see this past year, I began wondering just WHY I was being offered something that clearly was not my problem?

After all, none of the doctors I went to see were even psychologists. Why were they assuming I was depressed?

Desperate for answer?


Exhausted at the chase?

Of course.

But HOW and why did that equate into needing to take a medication that would have only masked the deficiencies within my system?

The answer is:

It didn’t.  It wouldn’t.  It couldn’t.

Over and over again, I would refuse to take these medications – because deep in my heart I knew I wasn’t depressed.

In my mind – depression was something where you didn’t want to get out of bed … not that you were in physical pain and you COULDN’T get out of bed. 

It was something where you didn’t have a will to live.

CLEARLY I had every reason to live… (I’m a princess of the King!  Come on!)

Although I’ve somewhat shaken off all that happened last year in an attempt to clear my mind…  it has obviously made me consider the process and helped me to recognize the concern for people who don’t know what else to do, so they DO question their sanity – or they continue to struggle… and rather than look at what their body might be starving of  … or look to an alternative doctor…

They take the pills.

These pills can have many side effects, not to mention, their lack of effectiveness and dangerous side effects.

It’s quite scary. 

Some people I know have attempted to go off of these meds, only to be hit with withdrawal symptoms of those who take illegal substances.

If you weren’t depressed before, you might be now.

Here’s some food for thought on the matter:  ALWAYS look at the side effects before you agree to taking a prescription medication.  ALSO, look into any nutritional healing before taking the medical route when it comes to how you’re feeling.

It’s HIGHLY probable your body is missing something that it needs – which can throw off hormones, your immune and endocrine system, your brain function, and cell regeneration… among many other things.

We are what we eat isn’t just a cute little saying – it’s truth.  When our body and brain are starved… it can have an effect on any number of aspects of our system.

This video interview from 60 minutes shares some interesting information regarding a book titled “The Emporer’s New Drugs”, where author and doctor Irving Kirsh shared about his studies involving antidepressants and the mildly depressed.

The number one thing that actually helped – was mild exercise.

There’s one clue on how I knew I wasn’t depressed.  I was getting plenty of sleep – and I WAS huge into exercise.

Praise be to God I didn’t take what they were selling! I would be that much further from being well.

Personally I believe the same types of toxicity that causes cancer and auto immune disease is the culprit for many neurological issues as well…  Do what you can to get it out of your life – so you can be healthy for HIM.

“If we are ‘out of our mind,’ as some say, it is for God,

if we are in our right mind, it is for you.”

2 Cor. 5:13

Another Break-Up, Bye-Bye Microwave

Most kitchens have a specific place "built" just for this appliance.  But is it really doing us ANY favors health-wise?

Most kitchens have a specific place “built” just for this appliance. But is it really doing us ANY favors health-wise?

It’s been on my heart for awhile.
I just felt untrue.

Like I was cheating.

The more I learned about how decietful this kitchen appliance was…

The more my husband and I decided that it should be out of our lives – for good.

But why? I mean… it seems like such a handy tool.  Right?

And for years … it was.

Pop food in, and in just a few minutes – food is warmed up and ready to be consumed.

But let’s break IT down (literally) exactly what a microwave does:

It heats food right?


It does more than that.

It heats food quickly – right?

Oh… but hold on just a minute…

Are you or were you ever a breast-feeding mom?  Did you ever warm up breast milk in the microwave?

Why did experts tell you not to warm it up in the microwave?  (other than it’s going to make it scalding hot in the middle and could burn a baby…)

It’s because it also KILLS the nutrition in food.

You can have some perfectly great, nutritious food….

and then you “nuke” it – and what do you have?

What I like to affectionately call:


Yep.  That’s right.

No nutrition.

Well, the same is true for any food you put in that magic machine as well.

You’ve killed any nutrition in that delicious food – just by pushing the “that was easy” push button.


So now we’re going to eat this “DEAD FOOD”… why?

Since we eat for nutrition and energy for our body – why would you EAT this food from the microwave?

If you’re having a moment like me… where you just want to face pop yourself.  Then feel free.  I know.  It’s pretty crazy to thinking about the purpose of what you’re doing – and what is actually going on.

So, for the past 3 weeks we’ve tried living without it – just to make sure we could do it.

(But, was it ever really a question? We really don’t eat JUNK frozen foods that you couldn’t just heat up on a conventional oven anyway… but I often heat up water or actually put cooked food in there to keep it warm while I’m cooking – great use, yes?)

All of our veggies we cook on the stove – and the same with left overs… super easy to warm on the stove, not to mention – much safer.  It take 10 minutes to put something on some parchment paper and warm it in the oven… and it doesn’t KILL the food!

Isn’t that a time investment our body deserves??

If you want to read more about the radiation that is emitted from the microwave – there is tons of information out there – here is an interesting article on the matter.

But yeah.  We’re over.

Or as Taylor Swift says… “we are never, never, never… getting back together!”

Check out this cute remix on eating healthy to this same tune.

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”

Proverbs 18:15

Saving Money – Eating Gluten Free

One of my all time favorite lunches.  Steamed asparagus with some chicken and bacon, and some *fresh* carrot orange juice!

One of my all time favorite lunches. Steamed asparagus with some chicken and bacon, and some *fresh* carrot orange juice!

I love my dad. He taught me the ability to make a dollar stretch if need be.

I never knew how much I would need those skills until I became the one footing bills for things.

Being smart about money was a gift that helped in college and in married life. As a wife of a retailer, we have good years, and bad. Early on, we weren’t able to save or predict those bad years – so we went without.

That’s what we’re supposed to do when we can’t afford things.

Figure out how to make money to make it work, OR go without.

With living and eating gluten free, a big concern seems to be price – that some how living this way is “a lot more expensive”, and people can’t afford it.

In reality, it is only certain products that are more expensive, and yes – you might have to reprioritize your life to make it work. I’m going to share a tip with you regarding Vitacost. I love this company because they offer many supplements that I get, and food products as well. While we don’t eat many processed foods, because of their expense – and knowing real food is more nutritious, we do like to have a few options.

First off – I got to If you don’t have an ebates account, you should. Even if Vitacost is the only place you shop online. (I’m sure it’s not). But any online shopping, you start at Ebates.

Because they will mail you a check quarterly in a rebate form, for your purchases that start there. Advertisers pay them to promote their brands, and in turn – part of that rebate is sent to the consumer. This is effective and cheaper for the stores than click-through advertising, plus it’s all in one spot!

So, often times I wait until I get a sale notification from that they’re having a sale. Last week they had a sale for 12% off. I also got another 12% rebate from ebates in my ebates account. On a $550 order, I saved almonst $60!

Last year I no clue what were the best prices of things, but now I have ball park figure amounts, so if you don’t either – don’t feel badly, we all start somewhere. But it’s helpful to know, so I know when to stock up on things!!!

I realize most people don’t spend $550. We don’t either honestly, but sometimes when we have a large supplement order, and we are preparing for vacation stock up – we do. But you get the point. Over time – the savings adds up.

Then you get a nice little check in the mail… which they call the “BIG FAT CHECK!”

In the mean time – if you can’t do perfect, try to do your best. Don’t beat yourself up. Negative stress isn’t healthy either!! Not everyone can eat everything organic at first. I totally get that. But cutting gluten out of your life is one of the biggest health decisions you can make. That is a decision you won’t regret.

Both Vitacost and Ebates have referral programs where you can earn $$ too, when your friends and family use your name of who sent them. Other great way to add to your bottom line and help others you love!

“In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will set your paths straight.”

Proverbs 6:3

Feeling Pretty? You Should!

(Yes! - Coupon codes at the bottom for red apple lipstick!)

(Yes! – Coupon codes at the bottom for red apple lipstick!)  Berried Treasure on top, HOT MESS on the bottom.  I don’t name them folks, I just wear them.  (But if you would like to get in on the naming fun, they hold contests and let their customers choose!  Get in on the fun on their Facebook page!)

While God challenges us to always be working on our inner beauty, because it radiates outside of ourselves – I always felt prettier INSIDE when I felt put together “outside”.
I’m sure most women can relate, it’s hard to feel pulled together when your hair isn’t having a good day, or if you’re having skin issues, or if you’re missing your favorite shade of lipstick because it’s missing from your purse!!

I never really took into an account what was in the make-up I was putting on my face – around my sensitive eyes, and certainly not around my mouth.  I just knew this – it needed to stay put, because my lips are small!

I also never had acne much… until I hit my 30s.  Then hormonally, it seemed like I had monthly break outs.  With the removable of sugar, gluten and dairy – and a balancing of my hormones… I no longer struggle in that way.

I also make sure all of the products I put on my face aren’t causing more harm than their worth!  (What is your acne telling you?)

RED APPLE LIPSTICK is one of my favorite make-up companies now.  They were also one of the first ones I tried last year, because I’m a sucker for GREAT marketing, and their product delivered – with a wide selection of products made me assume they were really caring about today’s woman.  Young, old, (middle-aged, ahem)…  The owner really seemed to care about his client no matter their age – every woman actually buying his products!

I also love that you can read what is in the products, it’s not some big (dirty) secret… because the products are listed and easy to find.

Personally my favorite aspect is that they last.  I love eye shadow that I don’t have to keep re-applying… and lipstick that keeps its color and is moisturizing!  Then there is their newest gloss line “Mint-2-Be” which has a natural fresh minty scent to it…  and again, if you ever ingest it – it isn’t harmful!! (interesting concept considering most paraben filled plastic make-ups make people sick, sick, sick – and they have no idea!)

Two of my favorite neutral lipsticks for summer are “SUMMER SANDS” and “FLIRT WITH ME”.  Summer sands has some SPF also, which is a great thing to remember as we’re out in the sun!

My favorite BOLD colors are “REBEL” (yes – instead of hiding – it’s a BOLD I feel pretty red!), “STRAWBERRY LIPS” and “SUNKISSED” for a mod-orange/red look.

My *favorite* lip glosses include the newest “HOT MESS” and “BERRIED TREASURE”,  ral “DIAMOND SANDS”, “NEW PEPPERMINT”

Here is a pic I took with  HOT MESS on.  Love this bright color for spring!

Here is a pic I took with HOT MESS on. Love this bright color for spring!

There is always a 20% VIP sign up on their front page – which is an awesome monthly coupon they send you … but ALSO they reward for word of mouth sharing too – so if you tell them I sent you – WE can both earn money off of our orders!  These are timed coupons – so while they won’t expire for uses, they DO expire by May. 31st, 2013.

All you have to do is put in my name: HEALTHY FOR HIM and one of these codes and you can save even more $$$.  If you love it, then they even have a trade in your OLD (poison) make up and you can get credits towards their safe make-up as well!! (How awesome is that!?!)

So without further blathering… read about why RED APPLE LIPSTICK is diffferent from other companies:

Go to

and save additional $$$ with any of these codes:




Now go SAVE!!  (And even if you don’t use my name… that really is ok by me.  I just love seeing people succeed at business who are truly looking out for other people.  Those are the ones who SHOULD be succeeding!  We vote with our dollars everyday people.  Make your votes count!)

“Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying:

‘To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!’ “

Rev. 5:13

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